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QunQun Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is QunQun?

QunQun is a social community platform that depends on blockchain technology. Users can make their subject community and get tokens from the reward pool by activity or submitting content to the community. The individuals from every independent community can follow each other, similar to others content, remark, transmit, and forward interesting substance simply like on other internet based life accounts, for example, Twitter. Users can join the community by registering on their mobile phones. Every user will be given a one of a kind computerized personality and an advanced wallet.

qunqun homepage

Develop Group

A one-stop arrangement is given by the platform where an interesting community can be made without edge

Shared User

The cross-site interaction in the platform allows users to visit different networks and exchange individuals with interest in the community


The token incentives are given to users from the reward pool when they take an interest on the platform or contribute to different networks in the platform.


Community managers can get token incentives when they work their networks. Further, the community that has high action will be sold at a higher price to investors.

qunqun system

How QunQun Works

The platform gives a community exchange market whose fundamental information, for example, income information, POA, user scale, and action are openly recorded on the blockchain that gives the confirmation to esteem identification of the community. The people group that have high movement will have an opportunity to be sold later.

The platform monetary framework that uses the token incentives diminish the operating limits of the networks which allows others to startup and thrive and get their profits using eco-utilization and income.

The framework gives reward tokens as proof of action for every community in the wake of calculating its action in view of the users, posts, legitimate DAU and other related data. As proof of contribution, the framework likewise offers token to every community by calculating the community contribution in view of conduct data.

To advance substance course and empower social development of the networks, QunQun offers a passing account framework where individuals can find different networks and if they are interested in the substance of such a community they can share it using the transmit work.

qunqun client

Engineering Of QunQun

The QunQun engineering comprises three layers: the customer, community, and the underlying design.

The customer is comprised of the terminal items given by the platform to take care of users demand, for example, H5, Android, or IoS. The community will set up the required parts to give RESTful API

The underlying design is comprised of smart contracts on the Ethrereum blockchain platform. The smart contract will give information on networks in the platform, allow for the creation and buy of networks.

qunqun tech

The QunQun Token

The token alluded to as QUN is the main payment mechanism that can be used on the QunQun platform. The token will likewise be used to buy networks and will be the main from incentives given to the community contributors and makers of high-quality substance. QUN tokens will likewise be used for the buy of paid substance and outsider applications. Users can likewise use the tokens to buy virtual games and merchandise on the platform. Sponsors can additionally pay for their promotion on the Qun platform using the token.

What can QunQun do

QunQun platform gives an innovative Social Community. Like a self-ruling “Twitter”, every community is independent of each other. Individuals in the community can perform dynamic release and follow with each other. All powerful release of individuals can be gathered on the in-site open Timeline direct in community.

qunqun features

Community exchange

Community managers can obtain Token incentives consistently by operating their own community. Plus, the community esteem can grow up with the change of user scale in community. QunQun gives a community exchange market. The key information of every community, for example, POA, income information, user scale and action are recorded on the blockchain openly as a confirmation for esteem identification of the community. The people group with high action will have an opportunity to be sold at higher prices.

qunqun products

What’s QunQun?

QunQun is a blockchain-based incentive community platform. On QunQun, users may make their own topic community on the QunQun Platform with no coding or arrangement. Individuals can obtain QUN incentives from QunQun incentive pool by operating their own community on the QunQun Platform, or participating in the contributions of different networks.

With a specific end goal to advance the community ecosystem, another community will be produced like clockwork after the formal online opening of the QunQun Platform, and anybody can make an initiatory community by paying to the QunQun Platform a community platform toll in QUN (the initial price for such toll would be 49.99 QUN). Every community has a one of a kind entryway plate (Keyword), which is advantageous for the entrance and memory of community individuals. The responsibility for will be recorded by blockchain account book and can’t be altered. Networks can be exchanged openly in QunQun market.

qunqun explained

Prouduct highlights


Community managers will have the capacity to obtain QUN every day by managing and operating their own particular community. The estimation of a community would develop with the increase in number of users. The QunQun Platform would likewise give a community exchange market. The key information of every community, for example, proof of action, income information, number of users and action of users will be recorded on people in general blockchain as confirmation of the esteem created by every community. Networks with high movement will by and large bring higher prices.

Incentive mechanism

QunQun has set up a unique ecosystem incentive mechanism which uses the local Token (QUN) of the QunQun Platform as the main mechanism for the payment of incentives. A twofold layer incentive mechanism in light of the remarkable (POA) + POC (Proof of Contribution) calculation is figured on the platform and used to incentivise the members who make contributions to development of the community and ecosytem.

The Incentive Pool framework would play out a count of incentive distribution at regular intervals. According to the estimation result, QUN incentives will be consequently distributed to the individual wallet of every member.


As the extraordinary capacity of the QunQun Platform, the “Transmit” work is an essential capacity to realize cross-site work.

As the individual from a community, users may at present view the substance of different networks. Subsequent to finding different networks on the QunQun Platform, users may peruse through different networks as voyagers in view of the “passing account framework”. Users who are interested in substance of a community and who need to impart it to different individuals from their own particular networks may use the “Transmit” work (just available on the QunQun Platform) to share the substance and maker to their own networks.

The transmitted substance will be shown on the off-site Timeline.

qunqun transmit


With the reason for improving the operational effectiveness of every community, the QunQun Platform furnishes every community with plenteous instruments used for community development and task.

To improve the elements of community, make greater entertainment channels, and additionally to initiate the community, the site-ace/administration team may include or open the important applications according to the community’s necessities.


QunQun Platform is conceptualized by the original individuals from the founding team of Qihoo 360 and Huajiao Live.The team is great at creating Internet items which surpasses desires.

qunqun team


At introduce, QunQun has obtained the foundation investment of Bo Shen, Li Xiaolai, INBlockchain, Node Capital, Patrick Dai, JLAB, Yi Capital, Aplus, Timestamp Capital et cetera.

QunQun was propelled in 12/01/2018. It uses the Ethereum agreement (as of now proof of work, will be proof of stake later on) strategy for accord, and depends on the N/A calculation. QunQun’s objectives include QunQun is a totally new incentive community platform in view of blockchain technology. On QunQun, users can undoubtedly make their own particular topic community without encoding and deploying, and obtain additional tokens from the reward pool through operating it or submitting substance to the networks..

Will QunQun achieve, supplant, pass or overwhelm bitcoin?

At exhibit QunQun is trading at 0.00000324 BTC. With a specific end goal to achieve Bitcoin’s present price of $15000 USD it would need to develop by 30,864,197.5%. If we expect QunQun continued to as it has in the most recent month – with a price change of – 117.28% it would take NAN years just to achieve Bitcoin’s present price. To surpass bitcoin will take longer.

qunqun roadmap

How To Buy QunQun?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy QunQun. This section will help you to know how to buy QunQun and where to buy it. You will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy it. I’ll help you out in this matter. At the moment it isn’t listed on many valuable exchanges. However, you can check this list of exchanges to know more.

Is QunQun a decent investment? Is it safe to put my cash into QUN?

No, it’s anything but a ‘decent investment’ to buy QunQun, and given the market unpredictability it is certainly not sheltered either. We would ask you to not to think about buying or trading QunQun as an investment but absolutely hypothesis.

It is certainly conceivable to benefit from an increase in the estimation of QUN – and if you short the coin you may even benefit from a crash in the market.

However with such a great amount of uncertainty in the market all the better you can do is make an informed figure with regards to the course of the price or the state of mind of the market. If you’re not informed on the fundamentals that is truly near a bet.

Keep in mind, your capital is in danger.. Trading conditions can change whenever without earlier notice. Buying, holding or trading is a high hazard action that may incur significant misfortunes over a brief timeframe

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