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QBTC Review – Exchange Guide

The QBTC platform has combined the predominant attributes that exist in Quantum Chain, and from this, they have possessed the capacity to introduce the specific intense technology to the Bitcoin chain for the simple first time. It has been considered by numerous that it is an incredible innovation that the QBTC has created.

What is QBTC?

The company has been founded on the center perfect of the blockchain technology and BTC. From this, the organizations have considered a distributed ledger and furthermore the smart contract strategies that will help in building an establishment of human trust. Subsequently, the platform ought to be in a situation to eliminate the trading hindrances that tend to exist and increase the trading productivity in the market; therefore, this will significantly affect the real economy.

Accordingly, this will allow individuals to relinquish the copious pay rates and instead center around working on the blockchain procedure upheaval; this is with expectations of doing something that will help in changing the world.

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QBTC Digital Asset Trading Platform Crypto Exchange Features

The QBTC has a few features that it is prepared to offer its ravenous investors who are looking to roll out an improvement on the planet. A portion of these alluring features the platform can give are as follows.

The Platform Facilitates For A Quick Trade

The platform has been composed in a route there is a smooth trading background for every one of the users, it is all on account of their productive matching framework. But this isn’t all as they can offer an agreeable and smooth digital resources trading framework, to ensure changes run flawlessly.

The Platform Is Reliable And Safe To Use For All

The company has a Veteran specialized team they have set up in addition to a SSL encryption certificate, so you are guaranteed that your investments have been remained careful from the preying programmers on the web. It has likewise incorporated the Google two factor verification and has a distributed framework set up.

But the company has not halted here with your wellbeing as there is a hot and chilly wallet that has been isolated, this is to guarantee the security of your funds consistently.

An Excellent And Experienced Technical Team

The company has additionally utilized the best workforce the market can offer; it is because the company comprehends to take care of business they need to guarantee user information and even the wellbeing of funds should start things out. They are extremely lean about their wellbeing capacities and furthermore the market integration.

Supports Multiple Languages

As investors have been spread over the globe, the platform has guaranteed they can oblige all with the use of different dialects activity interface. It will assist the different users with finishing their digital resources transactions much smoother and speedier.

There Is A QBTC Cell Phone Client

The platform has possessed the capacity to pull in different customers around the globe, likewise these various customers use either Android or the IOS programming. Accordingly, the Cell Phone Client has been composed in a way it can support both, you should simply download it and begin enjoying spot trading, proficient K-line, and real-time market.

qbtc app


Trading fees

QBTC doesn’t charge different fees between takers and producers. Their fee model is instead something called a “level fee model”. For investors who like to get existing requests from the request book, this may be an appealing trading fee model.

QBTC’s level fee is 0.20%. This is in line with – even marginally below – the worldwide industry normal. Worldwide industry normal is ostensibly around 0.25%.

Withdrawal fees

Numerous exchanges have aggressive trading fees but then hit you in transit out with their withdrawal fees. Suppose you have achieved your investment goals and you are looking to buy house with bitcoin. So as to buy that house, you have to withdraw the funds. Also, while doing along these lines, the exchange can compensate for its low trading fees by charging you high withdrawal fees when you’re mostly out the entryway.

QBTC charges a withdrawal fee amounting to 0.001 BTC when you withdraw BTC. This is anything but an aggressive withdrawal fee as such, but it’s anything but an obstacle one either. You could state that it is in line with industry normal.

Deposit Methods

At QBTC, you can deposit through both wire exchange and credit cards. This can be useful particularly for more up to date crypto investors.

The facts might confirm that the applicable card you need to deposit from should be from a specific nation. Regardless of investigating this issue, we have not possessed the capacity to find a response to it. Accordingly, we ask you to frame your own particular opinion on this if the accessibility or non-accessibility of credit card deposits is important to you.

Trading Accounts and Conditions

A Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, QBTC is certifiably not an unadulterated section level exchange, although CNY exchanges likewise appear to be empowered. The platform additionally encourages dynamic altcoin trading with rather outlandish coins. Trading at this exchange is for nothing out of pocket, however the withdrawal fees are somewhat powerful.

Furthermore, QBTC offers multi-signature cool wallet for BTC stockpiling and uses Two-factor verification (2FA).

QBTC Advantages

Conceivably works with fiat (CNY)

Although it professes to use USD Tether and CNY Tether, it appears that QBTC really works with Chinese Yuan, as the trading sets on the Coinmarketcap site are with CNY, and not CNYT. This is likely because of the ICO boycott in the nation which likewise involves a few limitations on the action of crypto-exchanges, and the use of fiat monetary standards specifically.

Plus, on its site is said that its services may require ledger information. Along these lines, apparently Chinese bank exchanges are acknowledged at QBTC. That being stated, one of the most effortless approaches to enter the universe of crypto is with the section level organizations accepting credit cards.

Zero trading and deposit fees

While for nothing out of pocket deposits are normal in the crypto industry, most exchanges charge trading fees. Some of them differentiate the fees depending on whether users go about as market “takers” or market “producers”.

At QBTC the two deposits and exchanges are for nothing out of pocket, which is a significant preferred standpoint. Remember that likely there will be a type of costs related with CNY bank exchanges, although we couldn’t find such information on the exchange’s site.

Extensive variety of altcoins recorded

At the season of writing this, QBTC has recorded in excess of 40 coins. The rundown of coins includes: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, QTUM, MONA, ETC, VTC, GXS, SC and some less known coins. They are exchanged against USDT, CNYT and Qcash (QC). As a matter of fact, the most effectively exchanged sets are GXS/CNY and BTX/CNY.

Generally decent platform, mobile apps available

Although the platform given by QBTC is nothing outstanding in the crypto-section, it appears to be moderately pleasant, with fundamental trading and volume diagrams, a useful request book and trading history window.

The exchange likewise offers mobile apps for the individuals who want to exchange from their telephones.

qbtc services

QBTC Disadvantages

Trading mainly against Tether coins

Most exchanges offer trading against Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are the biggest by trading volume and most prominent digital forms of money. QBTC, then again, gives trading against USDT and CNYT, digital resources which are evidently upheld by fiat money (US dollars and Renminbi, individually). However, the circumstance around the Tether coins isn’t too clear. Fears have been raised that the Tether company doesn’t really hold enough U.S. dollars to back all the digital coins available for use.

A Chinese company, registered seaward

QBTC is worked by Cupid Network Technology LTD, a company which is clearly situated in and focused on China. While there is an extraordinary interest for crypto trading in this nation, there are additionally some very disturbing administrative news and bits of gossip that the government will boycott cryptocurrency sites out and out.

What troubles us considerably more is that Cupid Network Technology LTD is really registered seaward. We have cautioned our perusers different occasions of seaward forex specialists. The same applies to seaward exchanges.

No use gave

The absence of margin tradingis not a noteworthy imperfection, as just a couple of real exchanges give this usefulness. Then again, some forex intermediaries offer cyptocurrency margin trading, so if you require use, look at the link below.

Note that these specialists offer Bitcoin trading in the type of Contracts For Difference (or CFDs), which differs significantly from trading on a crypto-exchange. The two kinds of trading have their points of interest and drawbacks, however. Read this post for additional information.

High withdrawal fees

QBTC has a somewhat uncommon pricing model. While most exchanges charge trading fees amounting to a normal of 0.2%, and some little withdrawal fees (like 0.0004 BTC), QBTC does the inverse: it charges 0.20% on withdrawals in any cash, while trading is free.

qbtc market


QBTC is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, which appears to likewise acknowledge international customers. Trading is then encouraged mainly with USD Tether and CNY Tether, which appear somewhat shady, but we presume that it really works with fiat (Chinese Yuan). It supports a great deal of altcoins, including some fascinating ones, but they are not openly exchanged against BTC, ETH or other prevalent digital forms of money.

Using QBTC is moderately low cost, although its pricing model is somewhat uncommon. Likewise, we very loved its trading platform, although it isn’t completely available in English.

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