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Potcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

PotCoin is a secure digital cryptocurrency went for the cannabis industry. Find out how PotCoin plans to work today in our review.

What Is PotCoin?

PotCoin (POT), found online at, is a digital money intended to encourage transactions within the legitimate cannabis industry. Like other digital tokens, you can send PotCoins through the internet in a simple manner.

Today, PotCoins are available on numerous major bitcoin exchanges, including Poloniex and Bittrex. You can hold PotCoins in your “PotWalllet” digital wallet. As of October 2017, one PotCoin is worth about $0.06 USD. The cash has a market top of $14.02 million.

The cash was first introduced in January 2014.

Notwithstanding functioning as a wallet for consumers, PotCoin has decentralized banking infrastructure and a payment arrangement.

“Using PotCoins,” explains the official site, “industry individuals will realize significant cost savings, versatility, and unparalleled undertaking security.”

In light of that, how about we investigate what kind of advantages you can appreciate with PotCoin.

potcoin homepage

How Does PotCoin Work?

PotCoin, as other digital tokens, is a shared cryptocurrency. It’s an open source programming project released under the MIT/X11 permit. Initially, the money was for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to Litecoin – it was essentially a marijuana-themed variant of Litecoin, worked as a fork of Litecoin-QT. The main changes over Litecoin were a shorter block age time, a faster halving plan, and an increased greatest number of coins.

Entertainingly enough, the initial block reward was set at 420 PotCoins, in spite of the fact that that number would later be sliced down the middle.

PotCoin turned out to be more one of a kind in August 2015 when PotCoin changed to POSV (simply like Reddcoin). Today, PotCoin continues to use the POSV proof of stake framework. It has a block time of 40 seconds and a block reward of 210 PotCoins.

There’s an aggregate most extreme supply of 420 million PotCoins.

Today, PotCoin isn’t overseen by any focal specialist. The center development team continues to add to the project, and is currently seeking out organizations in Canada (the engineers’ home country) and internationally.

potcoin explained

PotCoin Features And Benefits

PotCoin offers the greater part of the following features and advantages:

Instant exchanges, allowing you to finish transactions instantly finished the internet

Proof of stake blockchain technology based on a secure, worldwide, and straightforward platform

Low fees, including lessened processing and security costs and increased development/versatility

No chargebacks for shippers

The most effective method to Use PotCoin

For Consumers

It’s anything but difficult to use PotCoin. Here’s the essential procedure:

Stage 1) Pick a wallet. We said PotWallet up above, although different wallets are available. It’s allowed to make a wallet, and it can be setup in minutes. Visit for a full rundown of wallets for Android and work area operating frameworks. As of now, PotWallet is available for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Stage 2) Get PotCoin through an exchange, or by selling goods or services online.

Stage 3) Spend, stake, or store PotCoin. PotCoin uses a proof of stake mechanism, which implies you can earn cash by holding onto PotCoin in your wallet.

By staking your PotCoins, you can earn a yearly interest rate of around 5%. When you stake your PotCoins, your PC turns into a functioning hub on the network. You get a reward in the type of extra PotCoins.

potcoin features



For Businesses

Legitimate cannabis-based businesses can acknowledge PotCoins through the PotCoin trader entryway. The vendor entryway is focused towards authorized makers, dispensaries, or any individual who offers cannabis-related items. Obviously, any vendor can acknowledge PotCoins paying little mind to their industry.

A portion of the advantages of PotCoin, notwithstanding using a frictionless money with low fees, include a guide listing on’s guide. will in the end feature a guide of all businesses that acknowledge PotCoin, albeit comparative maps have just been made by outsiders online.

potcoin packages

About PotCoin

PotCoin was released in 2014. The designers made PotCoin with the mission “to empower, secure and encourage the legitimate cannabis community’s transactions by creating an exceptional cryptographic money.”

They portray the project as “a community run exertion, by community individuals for community individuals.”

Notwithstanding leading the development of PotCoin, the association has kindhearted goals in mind. They have a PotCoin Donation Fund where they offer back to marijuana-related associations and foundations. Up until now, initiatives have included the Snoop Youth Football League, the Cannabis Health Service, and the FRAXA Research Foundation.

PotCoin was propelled in January 2014 by three business people from Montreal. The money was propelled at precisely 4:20pm on January 21. The three designers go by the online pen names, Mr. Jones, and Smokemom 514, albeit two of the designers later uncovered their ways of life as Joel Yaffe and Nick Iversen (both recorded as fellow benefactors and engineers).

In June 2017, PotCoin stood out as truly newsworthy after ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman made an outing to North Korea where he was photographed wearing PotCoin logos.

potcoin about

What is the coin’s motivation?

The recently authorized Marijuana industry has gotten out for its own particular distinct digital currency; PotCoin was intended to empower, secure and encourage the Cannabis community; medicinal and recreational alike. At each level of the Cannabis industry, users can confide in PotCoin to loan believability and steadiness because of the power of vast numbers. (BitcoinTalk)

What issue does it solve?

Potcoin looks to make for simple transactions in the consistently growing sanctioned Cannabis industry. They are working towards having Potcoin turned into the standard for transactions involving cannabis and tries to empower the cannabis community all in all. As cannabis has quite recently started to wind up lawful again in the USA, where once it was illicit not to develop cannabis, there’s a stigmata surrounding growing and using it now. That makes for precarious circumstances with customary payment processing organizations and banks, also the fees which Potcoin additionally tries to help by removing them from the condition.

potcoin platform

Who are the designers?

Joel Yaffe – Founder and CEO – He has held office in no less than two other fruitful organizations, and, where he was straightforwardly in charge of their prosperity.

Russ Thomas – CIO – He has 21 long stretches of involvement in Information Security, Financial Services, and Start-Ups.

Scratch Iversen – Co-Founder – He has more than 13 long periods of involvement in the most recent technology in configuration, marketing, advertising, branding, user encounter, visual computerization, user interface outline and cross-platform application creation.

Alec Rochford – Director of Sales in the USA – He has proficient involvement in sales, business development, and enhancing associations with customers.

What are the coin’s future undertakings?

Potcoin tries to wind up the standard of payment and make consumer faithfulness in the cannabis community. Potcoin likewise looks to broaden validity, steadiness, and security to the consistently growing cannabis community.

Potcoin has a toll free number, 1-844-POT-COIN, and also a Merchant Program to allow new organizations to start accepting Potcoin. Right now, 37 organizations are recorded in their Merchant Directory. Potcoin likewise has some useful and supportive marketing attempts. They offer “Show preemptive kindness” through which allows for swarm funding through Potcoin. Their featured project is at present “Bolster Cannabis for Fragile X Syndrome”. Delicate X Syndrome is a hereditary disorder that is the most far reaching single-quality cause of a mental imbalance and inherited cause of intellectual incapacity particularly among young men.

Another couple incredible open doors you may be interested in are their designer program and envoy program. Envoys help to get the message out about Potcoin by talking to nearby dealers about accepting it.

potcoin roadmap

No Marijuana Support from Big Banks

Despite the fact that a couple of states have legitimized it, it is as yet classified as a Schedule 1 substance, putting it in the category of heroin and LSD. Timetable 1 essentially implies it has no medicinal esteem and is highly addictive. US banks can’t work with venders and buyers. They can’t bolster or be a payment portal for any cannabis store which would be a government wrongdoing. This leaves the entire industry to rely on money. As we as a whole know, money is helpless to burglary and in present day times, is only an inconvenience to bear. You have to call an exceptional outsider company to come take your money to the bank and it turns into a problem to be careful.

Potcoin gives an answer for this by being the main completely devoted digital cash and a financial framework in entire that caters the marijuana community.

Constraints from Growing

Potcoin is genuinely restricted starting at now as its users are marijuana stores and buyers, a little community in itself. People in general nature of the blockchain technology powering the Potcoin is likewise a worry to a portion of the users. This would be anything but difficult to do as such since the vendors are extremely constrained in number. However the good news is that cannabis is for the most part not going to be bought with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptographic forms of money but it takes too long to exchange and the fees are too high. This implies your weed will cost increasingly if you used Bitcoin. Using Potcoin will make it speedier and less expensive to buy. The dispensary or pot store will likewise rather have it along these lines because it is less demanding to change over your Potcoin into cash in your financial balance by basically transferring it to fiat money through one of the exchanges.

How To Buy Pot?

While reading this review you must be thinking about how to buy Pot. This section will help you to know how to buy Pot. First of all, you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At the moment, you can make use of Cryptopia to buy it.

PotCoin Conclusion

PotCoin is a digital cash provided food towards the marijuana industry. It initially propelled as a fork of Litecoin-QT, but has since executed POSV, among different upgrades. Today, vendors around the globe acknowledge PotCoins in exchange for items or services. The money is one of a few monetary standards mainstream within the sanctioned cannabis community.

To learn more about PotCoin or buy PotCoins from an exchange today, visit online at

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