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PoSW Review –  Cryptocurrency Guide

What is PoSW?

PoSW Coin is an exciting new Cryptocurrency that has the goal to augment investor ROI by driving increased income through They are rolling out new features, have first class client service, and an extraordinary marketing team that will help drive it to this goal.

The profit plan is one of the main advantages of owning PoSW coins since profits are paid out toward the beginning of every month – these are notwithstanding the coins earned through the 1% stake rate.

The initial market supply of PoSW was capped at 250,000,000. but the team chose to lessen the final supply by burning coins from the designers address. Coins are being singed toward the beginning of every month when the profits are distributed.

The final supply will be just 70,000,000 POSW.

The cryptocurrency industry sees another coin rise each month with different functionalities. POSWallet trusts that staking as a service will be a basic piece with regards to the blockchain ecosystem as it continues to move into mainstream to end up some portion of regular day to day existence.

PoSWallet is a company that spends significant time in the emerging industry of staking, aiming to give users a simple to-use and intuitive interface, which can perform different functionalities and activities that PoSW coins hold. Users can make their account on the platform and fund an extensive variety of wallets.

posw homepage

Why The PoSW Coin?

PoSW coin is the innovations that will empower the platform accomplish its goals. Right now, the company has an association with Ledger, allowing the coin to be bolstered by the Ledger Nano S+ Ledger Blue preparations. The masternodes have likewise been produced and testing is in advancement to execute them to help settle price and give users more ROI with profits bonuses and masternodes rewards.

Different projects on the works include:

Trustless staking with the PoSW coin

Secrecy through PoSW Stealth Mode

Treasury devoted to the development and change of the coins protocol

Center Objective Of The PoSWallet

The possibility of PoSWallet is to accomplish four main things. These include:


Having a platform that combines usefulness of different coins is no joke! The interface should be intuitive as could be expected under the circumstances and simple to use. The platform expects to guarantee that it’s easy to get the PoSW coins and use them


The possibility of PoSWallet is to maintain an exceptionally solid ecosystem within its community in request to make a solid establishment.


By holding the PoSW coins, you will remain to gain profits. Users can even earn more with staking and masternodes.


The upcoming TPoS integration is intended to allow clients to have full authority over their cash and in the meantime allowing outsiders to go ahead and stake coins without having to confide in anybody.

PoSW MasterNode Blockchain Network Roadmap

In request to transform their thought into reality, PoSWallet team has an unmistakable procedure to completely build up their project. Here’s the company’s guide for 2018:

posw roadmap

The company began with Ledger association in 2017 and it prevailing to finish the set-up of PoSW on Ledger Blue items and in addition Ledger Nano S.

The following thought was to grow its team, adding new designers to continue working on PoSW coin’s refresh protocol. The stage was additionally total and incorporation of features, for example, instant + private transactions, TPoS and Masternodes was accomplished.

Following was making of PoSW coin information site, which was additionally entire in 2017. The site point by point tentative arrangements and additionally the guide of the company.

With site prepared and model finished, the time had come to distribute a white paper for the PoSW coin, which was additionally finished.

The last part to be finished in 2017 was PosW 2.0 with included security and refreshed site.

In 2018, the company intends to accomplish 12 things. These include:

Coin swap (TPoS)

Usage of masternodes

HD wallet that allows users to back up their wallet with 12-word seed

Full usage of light wallet

Enabling TPoS staking from Ledger Nano S

Build up a mobile wallet

Center team PR, which includes video meet-ups and interviews, hackathons, and gathering attendances

Lighting network updates

Working with best exchanges

Activating CCPoS (Cross Chain Proof of Stake)

Dispatch outsider that evaluations TPoS dealers, like Yelp or Amazon

Include improved security features, including integration of bulletproof into the PoSW protocol

Key Features

To begin off with, the designers of PoSW are working related to an outstanding crypto hardware company called Ledger. Because of this cooperation, PoSW Coins are currently completely perfect with cool wallets, for example, the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue.

A portion of the key features of the PoSW platform

This platform allows anybody to stake PoSW tokens using only a single open key. Not just that, proprietors of the private key likewise have the choice to “auto distribute” a certain measure of their preferred stake got to an outsider.

Other essential features include:

Masternode Utilization:

Another essential feature of the PoSW platform is its execution of masternodes within its private network. This balances out the price of local tokens, and it gives users higher ROIs on their investments.


The framework incorporates a stealth protocol that allows network members to remain completely unknown.


There is a month to month treasury which gathers funds to additionally create and enhance the coin’s useful protocol.

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned features, all benefits incurred using PoSWallet are paid out to token holders in the type of profits.

How PoSW works

As is likely clear at this point, PoSW makes use of an incentive mechanism called staking to help deliver normal benefits to its clients. To be more specific, profits are paid to clients specifically toward the beginning of consistently. These benefits are notwithstanding the additional tokens that are earned by means of the previous 1% stake rate offered by the company.

Review of the staking model used by PoSW Coin (kindness of

The aggregate number of tokens will dependably be maintained at 70,000,000, and any extra coins will be singed from the dev address in order to adjust the 1% proof of stake earnings.

It ought to likewise be noticed that profits are sent to the wallet addresses that relate with those in which coins were held toward the finish of the earlier month. According to the company’s whitepaper, “the dev PoSW address won’t earn any profits, additionally enhancing the user-acquired PoSW profit ROI.”

In conclusion, profits are ascertained using this numerical equation:

About the project

With PoSW receiving a great deal of business interest as of late, it very well may be gainful for the perusers of this article to learn about the general population running this project.

One of the main individuals behind this endeavor is Petros Anagnostou. Petros is a blockchain aficionado who has been in the computerized domain for about 10 years now. At this very moment, he is involved with other blockchain adventures, for example, as author and CEO. Moreover, Petros likewise works as a functioning investor, broker and ICO counselor.

John Draper is the project’s lead designer. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a cryptocurrency and blockchain master. John has additionally been collaborating with blockchain organizations since the inception of this domain, and separated from working at PoSW, he likewise fills in as the executive of tasks for XSN.

Token Performance

Since its dispatch early a year ago, PoSW tokens have given investors alluring financial returns.

PoSW tokens were introduced into the market on the fourth of January, 2017 at a pitiful price of US$0.001 per coin. During the crypto blast that occurred recently, the cash scaled to an esteem high of US$1.02 on the fifth of January, 2018.

Final Thoughts

With coin staking now saw as a lucrative crypto investment road, it will interest perceive how this money continues to charge in the worldwide investment market. Owing to its solid verifiable execution, it appears as though PoSW is destined for incredible things in the coming months.

However, before making any significant investment in PoSW, users ought to do some research individually, as it is their cash that is hanging in the balance.

If you might want to begin investing in this money, PoSW trading sets are presently being offered on LiveCoin, Cryptopia, and YoBit.

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