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PIVX Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

PIVX takes the best features of DASH and includes a couple of one of a kind features. The cryptocurrency utilizes a protection convention called zk-SNARKs or zero-learning proofs which is likewise utilized as a part of Zcash, Monero and DASH. It is like ZCoin in that it likewise utilizes a custom variant of the Zerocoin convention. It has a discretionary component to send private coins. Clients can send partial sums and send coins specifically to a receiving wallet. In this sense it is a half breed between DASH and ZCoin, incorporating security and Proof of Stake (PoS). It is guaranteed that PIVX is the main Proof of Stake cryptocurrency (PoS) that has actualized the whole arrangement of necessities as set out in the Zerocoin whitepaper.

PIVX Homepage

The Zerocoin Whitepaper

Zerocoin is a cryptocurrency that was proposed in a paper by educator Matthew D. Green and two graduate students. Its point is to broaden the Bitcoin convention with genuine unknown transactions. In this sense, PIVX has better protection features looked at than Bitcoin.

What Are the Benefits of PIVX?

PIVX is more vitality productive than other Proof of Work (PoW) cryptographic forms of money because of the PoS agreement instrument. There is likewise a network of masternodes that maintain the PIVX blockchain. Masternodes oversee the network and can vote on choices regarding future development of the coin. There is likewise a self-funding treasury that discharges funds for new development of the PIVX blockchain.

What Features Make PIVX Different From DASH?

Instead of being based on a PoW calculation like DASH, where miners need to spend PC assets to verify the blockchain, the PIVX calculations depends on PoS. PIVX is likewise totally different to other protection coins like Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC) in that it doesn’t expect mining to create new coins but holders gain a stake or reward for just holding PIVX in a wallet. Verification of Stake is a technique for distributed agreement. Holders of PIVX are compensated for having the coins in their wallet. Another awesome element of PIVX is the see-saw calculation and Instant Transactions using SwiftTX.

DASH versus PIVX

What is a PIVX Masternode?

A PIVX Masternode needs 10 000 PIVX to be secured a wallet on the server as guarantee. Masternodes gain rewards for offering administrations to the PIVX network. The idea of the masternodes idea is that they should be completely decentralized and trustless. The prizes to masternode holders are marginally higher returns than to wallet holder who stake PIVX for rewards. These prizes are variable and are determined by a see-saw calculation.

What is The See-saw calculation?

This custom calculation is a sharp reaction to networks that turn out to be excessively masternode overwhelming. This prompts issues identified with administration. With DASH masternode proprietors have voting rights and more prominent control over the network. The more masternodes somebody has the more influence they have over choices. This makes influence more unified and that entrance to owning a masternode is just available to a chosen few. The see-saw calculation of PIVX checks the measure of masternodes in contrast with the measure of PIVX staked at a similar minute. If the measure of masternodes is an excessive number of then the calculation alters the prizes that are discharged to masternode proprietors. They will gain less rewards. This is to incentivize masternode proprietors to rather stake coins and surrender voting rights. In this sense there is a more noteworthy decentralization of voting rights and a more noteworthy distribution of PIVX holders. Not at all like most digital currencies, the supply of PIVX is boundless.

PIVX Updates

What is SwiftTX?

PIVX’s SwiftTX is close instant transaction times where transactions are affirmed within seconds. This is proficient through the network of masternodes and transactions needn’t bother with various affirmations like Bitcoin before it is spendable.

For what reason Does PIVX Have An Unlimited Coin Supply?

Not at all like Bitcoin which has a most extreme coin supply of 21 million Bitcoin, PIVX does not have this farthest point. The reasoning behind this is while Bitcoin is to a greater degree an advanced resource, PIVX acts like a computerized currency. The supply of any currency should increase and be liable to inflation. This is called quantitative easing in the focal banking world.

The PIVX supply will increase by 5% every year. The reasoning is that individuals will be incentivized to execute with PIVX, not hold it. It won’t increase in esteem but be deflationary like fiat currency. Instead of a national bank benefiting from the currency depreciation, the new coins that are produced are come back to the masternode and wallet holders through PoS rewards. This advantages the community straightforwardly. The prices of masternodes won’t soar in future and really be moderate which is a special reward.

How to Buy PIVX?

You are not ready to buy PIVX with “Fiat” currency so you should first buy another currency – the most straightforward to buy are Bitcoin or Ethereum which you can do at Coinbase using a bank exchange or charge/Visa buy and after that trade that for PIVX at an exchange which records the token.

Ensure you utilize our link to information exchange you will be credited with $10 in free bitcoin when you make your first buy of $100.

Coinbase Website

You can buy PIVX on the following Exchanges:


What Is the Roadmap for PIVX?

The development team is occupied with implementing the Zerocoin convention into deterministic wallets for PIVX. This convention is named zPIV. An extraordinary and one of a kind component of zPIV is that your wallet adjust can be veiled. This is extraordinary for security and for deterring potential programmers from stealing your funds. It is likewise a totally one of a kind component to just PIVX.


Is zPIV A Different Coin to PIVX?

No, zPIV and PIVX are a similar cryptocurrency. The zPIV convention pools the private transactions on pIVX using zero-information proofs.

What is a Deterministic PIVX Wallet?

A deterministic wallet is a wallet that can without much of a stretch be reestablished or reinforcement using a reinforcement expression. This is generally a long rundown of words. The client does not have to know the private key to reestablish the wallet. Since the zPIV convention works with zero information proofs there is no link between the sender and beneficiary. Sending PIVX using the zPIV convention is 100% mysterious and untraceable. This is uplifting news as clients won’t need to keep reinforcements each time they mint new private PIVX coins. This will include future and past reinforcements of any private PIVX minted. Notwithstanding the wallet features they additionally plan to introduce staking of zPIV called zProof-of-stake (zPOS).

PIVX Core Wallet

What is zPOS?

Like staking typical PIVX coins, holders can likewise stake zPIV coins. The benefit of this is they will have the capacity to gain higher prizes. Another square reward framework is recommended that will see zPIV holders gain half more noteworthy prizes than holding typical PIVX coins. To gain rewards, clients must keep their wallets open day in and day out. This makes a greater network of hubs that are instantly accessible.

What Does the Team Look Like?

Since the PIVX coin is a protection cryptocurrency, a great deal of the contributors jump at the chance to keep their characters covered up. Not very many of the real team individuals are recorded on the site. Anybody that is a trusted individual from the PIVX community and is dynamic contributor to the project can requested to be recorded on their site by reaching out on the official DIscord channel.

The economics of PIVX


Since the supply is speculatively boundless, there are two key factors that contribute to controlling the supply.

The main viewpoint is that all transaction charges paid on the network are obliterated, or “consumed”. This implies transaction charges are not paid to masternodes or some other network member. This will help control the supply in some ways.

If PIVX continues to develop in notoriety, at that point there will normally be more transactions on the network, which will prompt the decimation of more PIVX units. This guarantees, in any event to some degree, the supply isn’t totally boundless.

The second point to consider is that the network is intended to incentivize individuals to buy and hold the token. For instance, to set up a masternode, one must accumulate 10,000 units of PIVX. Furthermore, keeping in mind the end goal to take an interest in the proof-of-stake mining, one should likewise buy and hold PIVX.

The amount PIVX is expected to effectively mind your proof-of-stake?

According to this number cruncher, you should have no less than 500 PIV (about $4,500 worth) with a specific end goal to stand a possibility at mining one square for every month, assuming your PC is on 24 hours per day. Staking 10,000 PIVX will net you an expected 43 PIV every month, and running a masternode will gain around 48 PIV.

Thusly, masternodes are not excessively incentivized and proof-of-stake mining is additionally generally similarly productive, with just a slight inclination given to masternodes.

PIVX and the ZeroCoin convention

A year ago, PIVX started offering another rendition of the wallet that is consistent with what’s known as the ZeroCoin convention. Generally speaking, the convention which was made by John Hopkins University understudies, outlines a hypothetical plan for an entirely mysterious and untraceable cryptocurrency framework.

PIVX is consistent with ZeroCoin using what’s known as “zPIV”.

zPIV units are made through a procedure called minting. The procedure goes something like this. The client opens their PIVX wallet, goes to the zPIV minting tab and picks the measure of PIVX they need to change over into zPIV. This procedure devours a little transaction charge.

Minting typically finishes in only a couple of moments. Once the procedure is finished the wallet will contain the measure of zPIV that was minted. zPIV is different from PIVX in that it can just exist in quite certain amounts, much like physical money or casino chips.

For instance, it’s unrealistic to claim or send 1.1 zPIV. Instead, you can just possess 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, et cetera. The purpose behind this limitation is to guarantee that a potential aggressor can’t determine the source or destination of the anonymized cryptocurrency via searching for specific amounts sent or recieved.


The PIVX wallet zPIV minting and control tab

zPIV isn’t its own currency. zPIV units can just exist within the wallet in which they were minted. When you send them, they will touch base as consistent PIV units at the destination. The difference being that the PIV units that touch base at the destination have no immediate association with the wallet in which they originated from as zPIV.

Lamentably, zPIV isn’t great. Minting zPIV requires a transaction expense. Moreover, once units are changed over to zPIV, they are not qualified for staking or for use in a masternode. While the expansion of staking zPIV is on the guide for 2018, it’s not at present accessible. The PIVX team guarantees that once it is accessible, the staking of zPIV units will be more lucrative than the staking of standard PIVX units.

Furthur, tracking zPIV over various gadgets with a similar wallet can be difficult. If you send zPIV from one gadget, your other gadget won’t mirror this adjust change unless you physically duplicate over the wallet.dat again. This is additionally on the rundown of fixes to turn out this year.

Steady development and a brilliant future

Keep in mind how PIVX is collecting some portion of the square reward during each piece? The PIVX team has been doing an excellent activity of making utilization of this financial plan for the furthering of the currency. This includes specialized development, as well as marketing, advertising, and other community outreach programs.

The currency has in excess of twelve significant new features got ready for this year and given the enduring pricing of PIVX units of more than eight dollars each notwithstanding during the various late real market plunges, it’s protected to state that PIVX as an association ought to be great funded for the for seeable future.


PIVX is a cutting edge cryptocurrency that spotlights on decentralization, security and true selection as payment framework. To this end it can deal with quick transactions, is secure and offers the private sending of funds.

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