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Peur: The Payroll Integration System

Peur is a platform for cryptocurrency which is also known as the marketplace for decentralized economy. It offers help in payroll integration and payment solutions which is a major ask by corporates and big business houses. This method is very popular among the professionals to streamline their payments and payroll related work. It is necessary to keep all the payroll related data safe and available in one location. It eases the work on monthly basis before the salary days.

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What is Peur?

Peur is a new way to revolutionize the payment options and systems. Companies depend on such systems to process salary and other payments to run the business smoothly. Payroll is a big responsibility and should be secured always. Peur has created a platform which would help in payroll related integration and other payment services so that business can run as usual. It is a very sensitive information and therefore cannot be used otherwise. When you look at Peur, it should be secured in all possible aspects to take care of the data. The registered user can only access this information making it safe to use. The cryptocurrency can be converted into the local fiat currency as you may receive Ethereum Tokens along with mobile payments in future. Using this integrated tool of Peur, the companies can streamline their payment options and transfer salaries with least errors and that too on time.

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How it Works?

Peur works on the base of blockchain technology and this helps it to leverage and encourage security and transparency to the users and their data. Hackers can manipulate the platform with ease if it is not under blockchain technology. This technology is a cutting edge in the world of data protection and can be used for immutable ledger which can be viewed by anyone who has access to the platform. If you use an intermediary, then the cost of transactions can go high but with blockchain, you need not use intermediary. It works on the concept of smart contracts which helps to avert any fraud on client and merchant’s data. It is the best commerce trade technology which helps in transparency at any given point. You can use Peur globally via the Peur mobile app and exchange currencies be it crypto or fiat. The blockchain technology also reduces the processing time as it works on the most advanced model.

Benefits of Peur

Peur has many benefits aligned to its name. These benefits make Peur stand apart from the crowd and give it the edge it needs. Being a blockchain it is decentralized and fast to give you simple results in a secured environment. Peur has a token supply in limit to give the right investors an opportunity. Also, it allows for a direct conversion eliminating the third-party exchanges. It is short as well as long term investment option. It has connections with C2C, B2B, B2E, and B2C sectors.

What issues Peur Solves?

The most common types of issues merchants face are the low level of trust among the companies that deal in all such activities. Acquisition of new customers is a huge cost and this makes the merchants take a step back due to lack of services. The wait period for clearance of funds it a big problem. Waiting for your funds to be credited can be difficult. Also, the merchants may be charged almost $50 for every chargeback in case of wrong sale or some issues.

Peur is very interactive and intuitive being a powerful cryptocurrency. It works from your smart phone which makes it easy and quick to conveniently use it. There is no holding period in the transactions. This helps the merchants to receive instant payments. It improves the interaction between the company and merchants. As a merchant, you need not use any cards such as debit or credit or use cash as well. The transaction limit is also not set to give it a great support for unlimited transactions. Every transaction has a maximum surcharge of 2 percent and the membership fees is also not payable. Merchants have an advantage of cashbacks and loyalty programs which can be used on your next transactions to gain from every transaction. You can also do a payment instruction on regular basis so that Peur does not miss any transaction. The payments would be processed post calculation in depth to overcome any misses. All the salary transfers happen once the entries are checked, reviewed and confirmed before processing. Errors can happen in the case of a new employee or while paying taxes. All the transactions are executed via smart contracts to ensure efficiency, fairness and trust. Once all this activity is done, Peur would generate salary slips and reports for reference purposes. These reports help to verify all the payments made on monthly basis from payrolls and bank file listings as well.

What is an ICO?

ICO is an Initial Coin Offering which helps in initial spread of the cryptocurrency. This is an offer made to the investors to gain some early profits when bought in the initial stage. Before the ICO comes the Pre-Sale where tokens are sold and distributed. Each platform has a different token to process payments and Peur has PURC tokens. It has a mobile payment solution which not only accepts PURC tokens for the payments but Ethereum or and ERC-20 based tokens available on the platform. This flexibility lures the merchants to invest into Peur. The platform has the least cost involved per transaction making it more vulnerable for the merchants.

Token Sale and Distribution

The token sale for Peur started on 24 April 2018 and would end on 28 May 2018 post which the unsold tokens would be destroyed. You would need to do a KYC to buy the Peur tokens. You may buy PURC tokens by using Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin as well. In the long term the company also sees to buy the tokens back from the investors at an appreciated value. 130 million PURC tokens are issued for sale and the minimum investment is at 1 ETH making the crowd sale crave for more. The soft CAP is at 2.5 million USD and hard CAP is at 25 million USD and you may buy 1 PURC at 0.000125 ETH and you may invest accordingly.

The distribution of PURC tokens is done in such a way that 65% would be used for sale and 21.5 percent would be reserved for PEUR communities. The remaining tokens would be further distributed in 8.75 percent for development team, while 2.6 percent and 2.5 percent for bounty and shareholders respectively. The fund that would be raised during the sale would be shared in the below form.

50% – Marketing Team

25% – Regulation

15% – Equity capital

10% – Peur Development

If you have registered between 24th to 30th April for the whitelist, you are entitled for 5% extra bonus when you purchase PURC tokens apart from the 10% bonus tokens along with the buyback priority option. Now, you would get 8000 PURC tokens in exchange to 1 ETC. When you register from 1st to 7th May, the additional bonus drops from 10% to 5%. You can purchase 6400 PURC for 1 ETH and you may purchase 0.1 ETH minimum. This means that the whitelist registration bonus would stay the same but the standard bonus and minimum purchase would keep on changing or rather decreasing. As you progress from 8th to 14th May the minimum purchase would be at 0.05 ETH and the bonus to be at 3%. In the next period of 15th to 21st May the bonus finishes off while the minimum purchase remains the same. The final period from 22nd to 28th May the minimum purchase would also reduce to 0.01 ETH, thereby finishing the sale.

Peur can be purchased from the official website during the pre-sale and ICO time. You can also purchase it once the ICO ends from minor and major exchanges. You can buy PURC tokens and store them in the wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens. It is a free wallet and can be used with ease. All you need to do is open a wallet of your own so that the tokens are safe within.

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About the Team at Peur

Joachim M Steffensen has an overall experience of 17 years in information technology, ecommerce and marketplaces companies within Indonesia and Australia. Client commitment and long-term relationships always flourish and this is exactly what Taylah W Klien does as the CFO of Peur. She has the knack to deal with clients who show interest in estates, investment, insurance, education and all sorts of financial products. All these people make Peur what it is and ensure that investors get all types of support that is needed.

Peur has a lot of potential which can help to invest and manage in digital assets and to buy and sell services and products along with currency for in app payments if any. The stages for investment are distributed in various phases and this ensures that the product gets all the success it needs. Every time a new investment option comes into market, there is a high possibility that it would be a scam or as a disturbance. But when it is analyzed by the critics and the experts in the genre, it is found to be good in some points and falls short in a few. But with cryptocurrency, it is easy for us to know which one would go far off. Peur is one such cryptocurrency which has immense potential to travel long and give you the return you need for your investment.

It is easy to invest in a cryptocurrency as it has a different setup to do so. If you are an expert in cryptocurrency then you need not know anything in detail. But if you are naïve then it is necessary for you to know all that you can so that the investment is just right. It can become difficult of you do not understand the basic requirements. The place from where you can purchase Peur cryptocurrency and the place where you can store it. All this is good to know information and you should explore them as much possible.

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Peur is a blockchain technology driven platform which helps to get into the details of digital marketing and allows the payroll interface and other payment options to work in the favor of the investor. If you have been well versed with Peur then you would find it intriguing to know more and invest accordingly. We all wish to learn about the payroll related services as it is the crux of any business. The payments made to the workers and employees along with vendors and other merchants using the payment services is an important part of any business. This importance is delivered by Peur which knows no boundaries and helps to achieve success to all the people who use it. Blockchain technology can be trusted blind folded. You should believe in it as any transaction done using it is trustworthy and does not need any introduction. Merchants and vendors are always on the lookout to get the best available system, and when you get such an interface then there is no looking back. You can get as much insight about it and ensure that you pay the least possible cost for such services. It is a boon to the business society in all the aspects. Almost everyone is looking to invest into it to gain the maximum benefit from it. Peur and its counterparts have ensured that you can make use of other cryptocurrency to work for you using the feature already available with other currencies. You can get all the details about Peur online and through the news and social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and many more. There are all possibilities to grow in life only if you take the right step in time. So, make the most of this opportunity and invest wisely.

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