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Pepecash Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Pepe Cash?

Have you at any point contemplated internally, “Damn, I wish I could claim my own one of a kind rare Pepe.”

All things considered, you most likely haven’t, but another person has. What’s more, that somebody chose to use blockchain to transform Pepe into a product.

No joke, there’s a whole ecosystem of Pepe artwork that courses on Bitcoin’s blockchain, and if the price is correct, individuals are willing to pay liberally for a portion of these pieces. Call it senseless, call it a waste, but if CryptoKitties has shown us anything, it’s that esteem is genuinely entirely subjective. For Pepe, this implies small time’s image is another man’s perfect work of art.

pepecash homepage

How Does Pepe Trading Work?

Pepe the Frog first originated in 2005 as an individual from the Boy’s Club, an online comic arrangement by Matt Furie. Since his introduction to the world, Pepe has been co-selected by online networks like 4chan who have extended the Pepe meta as it were, reimagining the character with innumerable spin-offs and entertainments. For the decade and some change that he’s been around, Pepe has turned out to be a standout amongst the most unmistakable images on the internet. Gracious, and Hillary Clinton’s battle marked him as an image of racial domination during the 2016 decision, much to Matt Furie’s overwhelm.

The greater part of this to state, Pepe has had nothing short of an interesting (and combative) ascent to fame, so it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why he has a fan club willing to drop some cash on certified bits of image inspired artwork.

Furthermore, it is craftsmanship. At any rate, that is the thing that individuals from the self-declared Pepesphere will let you know. The Pepesphere is about what you would imagine: the theoretical online realm where the tokenized Pepes are exchanged. Within this realm– all the more specifically,– users can buy and offer their rare Pepes for Pepe Cash, the Pepe economy’s local currency.

Each Pepe is put away on the Bitcoin blockchain in the type of transactions. These bits of craftsmanship are based on Counterparty, so every artwork is recorded onto Bitcoin’s ledger as its own one of a kind resource. In addition every artwork accompanies a capped number of issues, as specialists can make 1, 100, or even 99,999 duplicates of their manifestations depending on their intent. Each piece is included in an arrangement, and every arrangement is the culmination of crisp submissions to the Rare Pepe Directory. At the time of this writing, there are 36 arrangement and the team is working on curating the 37th.

Since the blockchain stores a reference to each piece, the transaction hashes fill in as certificates of genuineness for every artwork. All things considered, at whatever point you buy a Pepe from another user or the directory, you get a token for this Pepe in your rare pepe wallet to certify that you possess it. Of course, you can basically go to the Rare Pepe Directory and duplicate the artwork for yourself without paying, but much like downloading a jpeg of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, it’s simply not the same as unadulterated, bonafide proprietorship.

According to the project’s site, every week, half of the directory’s returns are singed, and I quote, “to Kek for good fortunes. (This make PepeCash deflationary).”

Submitting Pepe Artwork to the Rare Pepe Directory

Possibly you’d preferably contribute than consume. If that is the case, the Pepesphere needs artwork to keep the image economy above water, and the Rare Pepe Directory even has a formal submission process.

Submissions have a tendency to be on an open-shut premise, so if the team isn’t accepting new submissions when you need to drop some new OC, don’t worry– simply be persistent. If they are open, however, you’ll require 200 PEPECASH and an original creation, and you’ll need to follow these guidelines per the Rare Pepe Directory site:


1) Pepe’s must be 400 x 560. They can look like trading cards but it isn’t required.

2) Cards can be vivified gif’s but keep them to 1. 5 MB or less in estimate. Use Compression.

2) Issuance must be LOCKED so your Pepe can’t be inflated.

3) Your Pepe must not be distinct. <—ensure!!

4) Make beyond any doubt your artwork in any event has something to do with Pepe.

5) No NSFW content please. Trying to be keep it light until further notice. (Pepe has alot of awful press). If in question message @nola1978 on wire before creating your advantage.

6) When making your token it must have no less than 100 Shares and max 100k Shares.

7) No sites.. QR codes.

8) Only 1 submission for every day per craftsman. Need to have assortment.

9) Please allow 24 to 48 hours before bothering our specialists about your submission.


Be straightforward with yourself, did you really anticipate that this project will have a straightforward team? Well it definitely doesn’t, but the unknown individuals do keep a functioning Telegram.

Where to Buy Pepe Cash

Unsurprisingly, Pepe Cash doesn’t exchange on any real exchanges. It’s most dynamic market is the Japanese exchange Zaif, where you can buy it for JPY or BTC. Elective, you can likewise buy Pepe Cash from Tux Exchange for BTC or through Counterparty’s DEX for XCP.

Where to Store Pepe Cash and Your Rare Pepes

The Rare Pepe Wallet (same url as above) has all your stockpiling needs secured, both for Pepe Cash and your Pepe artwork. Book of Orbs likewise features a mobile app as a capacity alternative, also.

pepecash wallet

Pepe Cash Coin – The Cryptocurrency

Pepe Cash Coin is the currency of the “Pepesphere”.

On the company’s platform, everything rotates around Pepe the Frog. 700 million coins are as of now available for use and are fundamentally used to get certificates of advanced artworks.

The idiosyncrasy is that these are Pepe artworks. This works such that a craftsman makes a Pepe artwork. He at that point chooses what number of duplicates there will be. He at that point places certificates for the works of craftsmanship on the platform available to be purchased.

The abstruse here is that the artworks can in any case be duplicated as picture records from the platform whenever.

The main difference is that the individual who copies it, doesn’t get a duplicate of a certificate.

So now when a craftsman makes a Rare Pepe card like so…

The maker can determine precisely what number of duplicates there will be (in this case, 132 Melancholia Pepes and I possess one of them :). Also, this is provable and showable on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Indeed, while you can simply reorder Melancholia Pepe a million times and send it to your companions et cetera, just 132 individuals can claim a Melancholia Pepe card which is certified and carefully marked by the craftsman. Feels good man.

In spite of the fact that the photos can be duplicated as regularly as wanted, the Pepe artworks were unexpectedly portrayed as “rare”.

From one viewpoint, the inventors needed to make a trick of themselves, then again they used the opportunity to make Pepe craftsmanship really rare through their platform.

The reaction is high, resulting in organizations registering quicker development than the competitor Doge Coin. The works of workmanship are made in arrangement on the platform. Every arrangement has between 20 and 40 works of workmanship. There are now 20 arrangement.

The company

There isn’t much to find out about the inventors of Pepe Cash Coin, aside from that they don’t consider themselves important. But it is decisively with this idea of developing a fun currency that they have been so effective.

Its objective gathering is craftsmen, authorities and investors who exchange the currency on advanced exchanges. The platform offers its users the first wallet for collecting craftsmanship. There are additionally week after week card barters.

The company behind Pepe Cash Coin has developed without anyone else, there is no real business objective behind the currency. All things considered, and correctly thus, the market and the community are constantly growing. The pattern goes so far that a Pepe Theme song has been formed.

Pepe Cash Abstract

PepeCash is a CounterParty resource. It is a card simply like alternate cards on the rarepepedirectory, aside from it is alot more fluid. There are around 700 million Pepe Cash available for use right now. PepeCash is intended to be the cash of the Pepesphere. Pepecash is additionally expected to pay your submission charge to get your Rare Pepes into the rarepepedirectory and into the wallets. A few people are likewise working on games and different features that use PepeCash.

pepecash expalined

Final Thoughts

Not exactly a competitor but rather serving a comparable reason, Pepe Cash is continuing Dogecoin’s mission of bringing image level resources into the cryptocurrency realm. Furthermore, Pepe Cash demonstrates to us the lengths that individuals will go to clergyman and adapt specialty societies using blockchain technology.

It additionally demonstrates that individuals are willing to use this technology to confirm and buy/offer bits of advanced craftsmanship. Truly, rare Pepe’s may not be on an indistinguishable masterful gauge from an original Monet or-Miro, but with somewhere in the range of 1,500+ rare Pepes registered in the Rare Pepe Directory, do the trick to state, there’s a functioning subculture that sees all that anyone could need an incentive to make, minister, and flow these artifacts of social iconography.

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