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PayPie Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

PayPie needs to be the world’s first credit chance appraisal platform in view of blockchain technology. Find out how it functions today in our PayPie review.

What Is PayPie?

PayPie, discovered online at, is a credit chance evaluation device in light of blockchain technology. The platform means to bring “extreme trust and transparency to the financial markets by introducing the world’s first hazard score calculation in light of decentralized accounting.”

The PayPie crowdsale is booked to dispatch on October 15, 2017.

By and large, the objective of PayPie is to make another credit score-style system based on the blockchain. The company trusts the present hazard score investigation instruments are obsolete – yet regardless they assume a significant part the financial segment. Because of that, how about we investigate how PayPie functions.

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What Problems Does PayPie Seek To Solve?

PayPie comprehends that hazard score investigation is at the core of the financial segment. Put essentially, banks require some sort of independent system that informs them regarding the danger of lending cash to a company. Hazard score examination is at the center of numerous significant industries within the financial division, including financing, consistence, auditing, credit insurance, and the sky is the limit from there.

Notwithstanding the far reaching significance of the hazard score market, the business is loaded with issues. extortion and data control are two of the most serious issues.

Another issue is the use of confined, shut, and detached systems. The present accounting systems are shut systems, which makes it simple for organizations to take part in dishonest practices – like editing monetary records to demonstrate ideal execution, or fudging the numbers in different ways. These are largely issues of twofold section accounting.

That is the place PayPie sees a chance to use blockchain technology – specifically, blockchain’s triple passage accounting system.

How Does PayPie Work?

PayPie plans to take care of critical issues in the realm of hazard score investigation. To do that, PayPie plans to use a remarkable hazard investigation calculation.

That calculation depends on blockchain triple-section accounting, which ensures the hazard score is exact and extortion verification.

The ultimate objective is to make a decentralized accounting platform for businesses that will give ongoing insight into financial data to accomplish 100% exactness for a credit hazard calculation that can be used globally.

By and large, PayPie cases to be the main fintech company to build up the credit chance profile of a business in light of an in-fabricated calculation to always modify it on the Ethereum blockchain, depending upon the adjustments in excess of 150 data points. The final product is that the universe of hazard score investigation will be more effective, enabling live financial auditing, ending copy assignments, speeding up credit endorsements, and improving the general credit scoring process by disrupting the scene of business accounting.

By what means Will PayPie Assess The Credit Score Of A Company?

PayPie plans to use 150+ data points to ascertain an interesting credit hazard calculation for a company. To compute that hazard, the company will fundamentally use “enormous data” identified with a company’s financials. That huge data will be gathered through the PayPie blockchain.

A portion of the 150+ data points will include things like:

Current resources and liabilities, and in addition add up to liabilities and aggregate resources

Working capital

Retained earnings

Earnings before interest and assessments

Net sales

Book estimation of value

Payment history


Income forecasting

Decentralized trust and transparency rating (DTTR)

Social fingerprints

In the wake of analyzing these data points and that’s just the beginning, PayPie will deliver a credit rating. Instead of simply giving organizations a number, however, the PayPie credit rating will “include numbers, proportions, and hues”, according to the PayPie whitepaper. These devices will help lenders rapidly assess the hazard.

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PayPie Tokens

PayPie will list its tokens under the image PPP. the tokens will be founded on the Ethereum ERC20 standard.

PPP tokens are utility tokens that give access to the PayPie platform for certain transactions and administrations. Every PPP token allows the holder the privilege to get to certain administrations – including the buy of invoices and access to the credit chronicles of SMEs.

Then, on the lending side of things, lenders should use PPP tokens to get to the PayPie platform. Tokens can be used to buy marked down invoices, credit scoring data, and ongoing financial data for a specific SME.

There will be an aggregate initial supply of 110,000,000 PPP tokens. 82.5 million PPP tokens are available to be purchased to contributors, while the remaining 27.5 million are kept for the team, guides, bounties, and different uses.

An extra 55 million PPP tokens will be produced and kept as a hold for multi year “exclusively to create organizations and future acquisitions to end up a dominant market pioneer.”

1 PPP token is priced at 0.0011 ETH. The crowdsale is booked to begin on October 15.

Who’s Behind PayPie?

PayPie’s whitepaper portrays its dev team as “an international team with vision, capacity, innovative thinking, receptiveness, administration abilities, marketing learning, and developers coming from different foundations from IT, accounting, finance, blockchain, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

Key individuals from the team include Nick Chandi (Co-Founder and CEO) and Jag Barpagga (Co-Founder and CIO).

PayPie is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Who is behind the company?

PayPie has a place with the parent company SlickPie. This is a cloud-based accounting answer for independent ventures established in 2015 in Canada.

SlickPie’s accounting programming enables the user to record, track, and accommodate income and costs, and compose invoices by means of an online dashboard. The PayPie team has been deliberately chosen and includes an extensive arrangement of specialists with many years of involvement in the fintech industry.

A portion of the individuals have worked for organizations, for example, Microsoft, Ethereum, GE, the American Blockchain Council, SlickPie, Citrix, Forbes, Bosch, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, Barclays and the Bank of America.

The company’s CEO and fellow benefactor is Nick Chandi, who is additionally prime supporter of SlickPie.

How does PayPie Coin function?

Although numerous organizations are as of now dynamic in the cloud, there is still no simple and reliable route for lenders to get to financial data to furnish them with the liquidity they require. Business data from the ERP programming is still exchanged to PDFs or Excel spreadsheets and after that entered physically into the product.

In this day and age, this procedure appears to be exceptionally obsolete when one thinks about the innovative potential outcomes. This is the place PayPie needs to begin and offer an answer.

The business proprietor stipends PayPie access to all data. PayPie knows clients, providers and representatives or how high the payroll is. PayPie would likewise be associated through a bank live feed and would approach account information.

PayPie will then break down all the above information and numerous other data points to make a calculation for the company’s creditworthiness. With this assessment, the managing executive would then be able to go to his bank to obtain an advance.

However, it is likewise conceivable to obtain an advance straightforwardly from other coin holders by means of the platform. This would then be secured by Smart Contracts.

paypie features

What are the figures for PayPie Coin?

PayPie isn’t the primary approach of this kind on the market and presently can’t seem to stand its ground against since a long time ago settled projects, for example, Experian, Equifax or TransUnion, to give some examples.

Compared with alternate projects, however, PayPie appears to center around the calculation that assesses credit chance as the most critical feature, and this could interest numerous organizations. Then again, however, this could likewise go about as a hindrance.

Many, and specifically independent ventures, might not have any desire to go for blockchain accounting because they are reluctant to uncover their books to the community as it could hurt the business. For example, if a retailer distributes its providers and wholesale prices, contenders could undermine them and remove them from business.

The 55,000,000,000 save coins accommodated organizations are an interesting point.

But up until this point, however, no banks and credit institutions have formally registered or demonstrated any genuine interest for PPP. Paypie is the as a matter of first importance online decentralized platform on the planet, which was introduced for the appraisal of dangers related with credits. It uses the technology of blockchains for the powerful evaluation of such credit dangers. Paypie is one of the prescribed ICO to invest as the project has splendid future and capacity to reform the universe of business financials.

It is planning to assemble an innovative blockchain system, which will reinvent the obsolete investigation instruments. It comes up well with the financial markets with the assistance of its distinct hazard score calculation, which exceptionally depends on the triple – passage accounting. Its organization concerns include Token market, Blockchain news, and Coin gecko et cetera.

The real saying of this platform is to end up a best financial technology company on the planet. It additionally focuses on bringing the shut accounting system into the blockchain, in this way enhancing the financial review transparency.

Smooth Pie of Canada (established in 2015) is the parent company, from which Paypie got originated. Scratch Chandi is the organizer and in addition the (CEO) of this platform. Jag Barpagga is the fellow benefactor alongside Nick. Paypie is being synchronized with Slick pie, so as to use its source code and accounting rationale.

The tokens of Paypie are generally alluded to as PPP tokens. These tokens are used for an assortment of administrations and transactions made over the platform. Every single token holder of this platform is having the expert to get to Paypie tokens.

paypie services

Token specifications

Aggregate sum of Paypie tokens issued for crowdsale is 82,500,000. Various tokens, which will be left unused in the crowdsale will be distributed for the network holds.

The estimation of 1PPP is 0.0011 Ethereum (ETH).

Fund distributions

Level of funds dispensed for the development of the platform is 48%. Level of funds dispensed for the motivations behind business development and marketing is 34%. Level of funds dispensed for operational reasons for existing is 10%. Level of funds dispensed for contingency is 8%.

Novel features of Paypie

  • It is an exceedingly transparent, solid, misrepresentation confirmation and reliable platform.
  • It is exceedingly protected and secure in nature.
  • It conquers every one of the inconsistencies and errors related with the financial perspectives.
  • For an assortment of independent ventures, it offers peer – to – peer lending shots.
  • It upgrades the achievement rate and also the productivity of credit open doors for investors, financial institutions and banking segments.
  • It brings down the expenses and keeps away from deceitfulness.
  • It has an improved efficiency rate.
  • It permits the SMEs’ to make a general record with the assistance of their current ERP arrangements.
  • It lessens the time since it doesn’t involve any back-office staffs or payment processors.
  • It offers an assortment of apparatuses for the evaluation of credit dangers.
  • It maintains a strategic distance from the issue of manipulating data or information

How To Buy PayPie?

Well, after reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy PayPie. Well, we have the answer about how to buy PayPie. At the moment, you can buy it from only two exchanges. However, in order to find the reputable exchanges you can check this list of exchanges to know more.

PayPie Conclusion

PayPie is a company that means to make a credit chance appraisal technology for the universe of blockchain accounting. The company needs to take care of issues in the realm of hazard evaluation using blockchain technology.

For more information about the company and its technology, visit them online today at

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