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Paxful Review

The team behind this project aims to provide a simple, fair and secure platform which allows users to trade value. This site works as a global peer to peer payment logistics platform and it facilitates Bitcoin trades in the similar way that Ebay offers the trading for everyday goods.

This company is based in USA and it was founded back in 2015 by a group of developers who thought of creating a peer to peer marketplace which allowed sellers and buyers to communicate and interact after posting trade offers. However, this site operates as a middleman between interested parties and it also provides a space for the users to interact.

It is a popular option that is used for trading Bitcoin as the site is user friendly and it offers the most expanded range of payment methods that are available online. Well, the payment include credit or debit card, bank transfer, MoneyGram, PayPal and Skrill. However in addition to these methods, users can also choose to buy by making use of any of a huge number of gift cards like iTunes and Amazon. However, these options make Paxful an ideal place for buying and selling Bitcoin.

paxful review

How It Works?

In order to start using Paxful, users will need to head towards the site and simply choose an amount of Bitcoin that you want to buy and your local currency and the amount that you will get in Bitcoin will be displayed then.

After making an account, users will be able to find the available Bitcoin sellers. However, the common search categories are type of currency and payment method.

From here, users will be able to view all the open orders, there will be number of sellers available and the most ideal vendor can be found by taking a look at accepted methods for payment. You will be able to choose minimum and maximum order amount and their price. However, users will also be able to check the feedback rating of seller as well as account history in order to know the suitability.

At the point when a reasonable seller has been thought that it was’ conceivable to begin an exchange by clicking on the “Buy” button. It’s then important to pick the sum you might want to buy and make your buy. This will open up an escrow administration and talk choice that enables you to discuss specifically with the dealer and examine the exchange more detail.

Once the exchange has been finalized and installment has been finished up, you can click “Check as Paid” and sit tight for the exchange of Bitcoin to your Paxful wallet. At the point when this is finished, you can utilize your Bitcoin in any way you need.

Guests to the site who haven’t just made a record will be given another approach to make buys. In the wake of choosing the cash and sum they might want to buy, guests can take after the means outlined so as to finish their buy.

Purchasing Bitcoin by means of Paxful is a significant clear ordeal and the site offers users a wide assortment of approaches to pay, over this, the site doesn’t take any charges straightforwardly from the buyer when they are purchasing Bitcoin. However, the buyer will be charged an expense picked by the vender; and this charge can fluctuate extraordinarily depending upon the installment technique utilized. Paying by gift card regularly brings about the most astounding expenses.

Dealers on the site are charged a 1% expense, there is likewise a little ‘mining charge’ paid by the merchant when Bitcoin is sent starting with one address then onto the next. Like Localbitcoins, Paxful works as a distributed marketplace and uses various key highlights so as to attempt and assurance an abnormal state of convenience.

paxful payments options

Key Features

Paxful enables buyers and venders to execute by means of an amazingly extensive variety of installment techniques. These include:

·Cash Deposits

·Credit and Debit Cards

·Gift Cards


·National Bank Transfer


·Western Union

The site additionally incorporates various highlights intended to help secure trading:

Safety of Funds – Paxful makes a wallet that will consequently store your funds when you enroll for a record. This wallet goes about as an effective method to store and exchange funds on the site. Paxful’s servers are additionally maintained in understanding with the most noteworthy banking specifications.

2 Factor Authentication– Wallets require complex passwords and two-factor validation to ensure security. Enabling 2FA helps keep your wallet secured, and gives an additional layer of insurance against programmers.

An Escrow Service – When trading on the site, funds are held retained until the point when the two gatherings affirm all parts of the exchange. This goes about as an approach to secure dealers and take into consideration smoother exchanges.

Reputation Ratings– Traders are given a ranking in light of their movement, what’s more their trading history and criticism ratings are open for all to see.

Customer Support – Paxful works a far reaching emotionally supportive network and the help team rush to react. Users can contact the help team by means of a scope of choices, for example, coordinate message, email, telephone, and online networking.

Because of its low bonus expense charges Paxful ought to be an ease choice. However, like Localbitcoins, dealers on the site by and large charge more for Bitcoin than the all the more outstanding incorporated trades. On shared marketplaces, vendors frequently produce benefit by somewhat increasing their selling prices. Vendors risk selling Bitcoin to individuals that may endeavor to initiate a chargeback (by means of Credit/Debit Card or PayPal), and accordingly prices are higher over the stage with a specific end goal to alleviate this hazard.

Things to Consider

Paxful works as a decentralized trade and it’s fundamental for users to incorporate certain wellbeing measures when on the site with a specific end goal to guarantee pain free trading. The site has built up a decent notoriety just like a reliable place to buy and offer Bitcoin; however, the wide assortment of installment alternatives accessible on Paxful likewise draw in a decent number of con artists who plan to swindle genuine brokers. Therefore it’s best to:

Check the merchant’s profile and verify that they are reasonable for dealing with. At the point when conceivable search for vendors with a set up account and a high positive criticism rating, records ought to be over a year old, with a rating of no less than 98%.

·Contact the dealer and demand a trade through the stage. Try not to set up outside exchanges with vendors as this invalidates the escrow administration and opens up the likelihood of tricks taking spot. It’s additionally best to stick to communicating through the Paxful message box and abstain from sending messages by means of email, versatile, or SMS.

·Explain your necessities however much as could reasonably be expected and feature any issues you may have. Prices will by and large rely upon the installment technique you pick and can shift enormously so make sure to affirm an appropriate price.

·Choose an installment technique that offers you a decent level of security. Gift cards paid for with money are favored by tricksters as they are difficult to track. If you pursue into any issues using a credit or plastic, PayPal, or a bank exchange you will have an additional layer of security.

·Contact client support and make utilization of the discussion if you are experiencing any issues, or have any questions regarding merchants. While the whole procedure is very clear, it’s constantly feasible for users to keep running into issues. Make utilization of the assets accessible.

Paxful is one of the least demanding approaches to obtain Bitcoin and the site makes buying and selling Bitcoin open to anybody with a PC. There are no buying or selling breaking points and users can settle on the measure of identification verification they will use during exchanges. Notwithstanding this Paxful enables users to make buys through the most extensive scope of installment choices presently accessible.

A significant part of the site’s attraction is because of the way that it takes into consideration an extraordinary measure of installment adaptability. However, when using the site, it’s essential to recollect that there are dishonest buyers and merchants on the site whose main point is to trick honest to goodness brokers. This is the main drawback to using the site and the team behind Paxful give broad client bolster, notwithstanding a discussion and asset segment that expect to keep users refreshed regarding everything happening on the site.

For individuals looking to exchange Bitcoin while using administrations, for example, PayPal, MoneyGram, and Skrill, Paxful is the best choice. Likewise, keeping in mind the end goal to profit by more noteworthy adaptability with installment techniques, users ought to be set up to pay above market prices, as vendors charge more for Bitcoin contrasted with the mainstream trades.

Paxful is a mainstream path for individuals to exchange Bitcoin and remains a practical choice for some in the Bitcoin community. The site gives buying chances to individuals who may regularly not able to buy Bitcoin. Thus, it is a decent decision for both new and more experienced brokers. However, Paxful users should make a point to utilize every one of the assets important to verify venders and execute in ways that keep them ensured constantly.

why use paxful

How To Buy?

If this is your first time buying bitcoin, at that point Paxful can walk you through the whole procedure. When you begin an exchange, an accomplished merchant will direct you through the procedure in a one-on-one live talk.

Furthermore, Paxful ensures buyers by verifying and checking venders for your wellbeing. Other security highlights include two factor validation, abnormal state encryption, and professionally examined security.

Subsequent to signing up with Paxful, you can peruse through a choice of offers. Somebody may offer a $100 Amazon gift card in return for bitcoin, for instance. If you utilize Amazon, at that point you can take that offer.

paxful open offers

There are more than 300 different installment techniques in all out, including the greater part of the following:

Gift Cards

Gift card bitcoin exchanges are instant and private. You can buy a gift card with trade out this present reality (you’ll have to spare the receipt), at that point trade it online through for bitcoin. A portion of the bolstered gift cards include OneVanilla, VISA/MasterCard gift cards, and gift cards from Amazon, Target, GameStop, BestBuy, Walmart, and others.

Money Deposits

Paxful offers the best prices on money stores. Exchanges are private and can be finished in short of what 60 minutes. You don’t have to enter ID or financial balance information. Simply stroll over to your nearest branch and store money to the teller. Transfer the receipt, at that point you’ll approach bitcoin in short of what 60 minutes.

Money store strategies include Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, COOP Credit Unions, TD Bank, SEPA, and national bank exchanges.

Online Transfers

You can lead an online exchange for bitcoin without leaving the house. A portion of the famous online exchange alternatives include PayPal, Serve to Serve exchanges, Skrill, NetSpend, PerfectMoney, OkPay, Paxum, and other prevalent online wallets. ID is required for some of these administrations.

Debit And Credit Cards

ID is required for debit and Visa exchanges. You’ll have to transfer your ID and pay a slight premium to the bitcoin dealer. Paxful accepts VISA, MasterCard, or American Express debit and charge cards.

The most effective method to Withdraw Bitcoins From Paxful:

You can withdraw bitcoins from your Paxful wallet to your bank.

Or on the other hand you can send them somewhere else, for example, another wallet (e.g. BreadWallet) or a retailer that accepts bitcoins for installment (e.g.

Paxful enables you to withdraw in either bitcoins or U.S. dollars. It charges no fees for withdrawals.

why use paxful wallet

Security At

Paxful has strong safety efforts set up to shield the bitcoins in your wallet. These include SMS verification, 2-factor confirmation, security questions, and vigorously scrambled servers.

Remember, these measures, which are standard and no more respectable bitcoin trades, aren’t impervious. A capable, inspired programmer can in any case conceivably get into your record. This is the reason I suggest using an off-site wallet for long haul stockpiling of your bitcoins.

But you should hope to pay a little miner’s charge on each exchange. This expense, given to miners on the blockchain, is right now set at 0.0008 BTC.

Does It Have A Mobile App

Well, if you are looking forward to make use of this platform on your smartphone and tablet then you will need to know that currently it has launched an application for Android users. You can easily download this application from the official website or Google Play and make use of it on your phone.

Does It Have Any API?

Yes, it offers an API which can easily be integrated on your website. You can easily download and integrate this API on your website for handling payments.


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