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Ontology Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Ontology?

Where most blockchain projects normally focus in on a specialty with laser-like accuracy, Ontology finds its burgeoning an incentive in diversification; enabling businesses, individuals and institutions to make their modified trust networks finish with identity verification, information trades, system administration conventions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Chinese huge points to the inadequacies of current incorporated trust networks, who endure on account of an undiscovered information esteem, bulky and ineffective identity verification and weak security insurance.

One may think the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica adventure has satisfactorily determined these nails into the coffin that is the worldwide concern for human rights.

In the light of this tragic security break, Ontology would maybe consider itself to be a knight in shining defensive layer; allowing associations as significant as Facebook to take advantage of the Ontology Network to build up trust.

Odious information breaks aside, Ontology handles the chasmic discontinuity of our groups’ trust instruments.

For example, where one school may utilize a certain method to identify its students, another will utilize an altogether different convention. These chasmic partitions result in security breaks, powerless notoriety frameworks, information trade issues, and inefficient identity verification.

While the trustless, changeless blockchain is perfect for storing sensitive information, for example, character information, businesses are floundering at their inability to integrate the puzzling technology; and Ontology is offering an exit plan. Offering a weapons store of instruments sufficiently sizeable to furnish the Spanish Inquisition, Ontology enables clients of numerous kinds to manufacture a decentralized trust framework that fits their association’s specific needs.

To give a genuine case of Ontology Network’s utilization, given us a chance to think about a medicinal setting. Patients may have their characters and particulars recorded by their specialist, all synchronized on the blockchain for drug stores or insurers to note — both of which can administer pharmaceutical or administrations in a small amount of the time with no plausibility of unfairness.

While there has been a tempest of interest in blockchain, it is certainly an extend to imagine bureaucratic governments, moderate financial institutions, and paper-pushing businesses painlessly integrating the new technology in a pre-blockchain world worked around directions and consistence.

To this end, Ontology manages its own, completely NEO-independent network of blockchains; a reason assembled decentralized record framework with security conventions and savvy gets, all planned with the express reason to meet an enormous business scope.

All things considered, NEO and Ontology have a corresponding and commonly useful relationship. Should an Ontology-based business wish to have a token sale, they may acknowledge NEO for contributions (much similar ERC20 and Ethereum). To furnish a proportional payback, Ontology offers an incentive to NEO, serving as a mediating biological system.

Ontology Homepage

How ONT Works?

Noting that Ontology and NEO are inextricable as the Pope and the Vatican, it should not shock anyone that Ontology’s tokenomics take after NEO; to whom constancy is promised liberally in the type of 10% of all ONT tokens being gifted to the NEO Council.

The specialized community is the center quality of open chain projects. Ontology has put aside a 10% ONT token distribution as incentive for the specialized community. This is the biggest extent held for a specialized community in any open chain project.

The premined ONT is a NEP-5 token utilized for voting and administration within Ontology Network-whereby holders can vote on real choices.

Ontology Scenario

Ontology Airdrop

As a feature of a prizes design, Ontology airdropped 1,000 ONT tokens to everybody who agreed to accept their pamphlet.

In light of ONT’s galactic achievement, Ontology may well have instigated the world’s most bountiful abundance program.

Of the hypothetical greatest of 1 billion ONT tokens, 20 million were airdropped to holders of NEO in March 2018, and as an extra reward, 1000 tokens were granted to any community part so fortunate as to join to their bulletin (worth more than $4000 at time of writing).

While most missed the chance to board this fortune loaded vessel, NEO hoarders have the opportunity to guarantee ONT tokens, for all are naturally issued 0.2 ONT per NEO (of which half is bolted).

While Ontology’s token has risen rapidly to acclaim, the network, indeed, uses a double token economy, with its ONG (Ontology Gas) token standing in the shadow of its observed ONT sibling.

Ontology’s likeness NEO’s GAS, ONG is the utility token of the network — helpful for center fundamentals, for example, exchange, triggering and deploying smart contracts, network stockpiling, and the sky is the limit from there. By and by reminiscent of GAS, ONG’s 1 billion tokens will be created more than 22 years, with all tokens spent within the network being distributed to ONT holders.

Specialized Teardown

Adaptability is the name of the pleasure; Ontology uses a flexible engineering making it suitably interoperable — forming NEO, Ethereum, and different blockchains as its establishment.

Metaphysics is based on ‘Ontorand’

Metaphysics is based on its own one of a kind ‘Ontorand’ agreement instrument, a DBFT convention with normal 20-second block creation time and industrial-review versatility.

As productive and ingenious as the Ontorand arrangement might be, the network is perfect with “pluggable” instruments including PoW, DBFT, and RBFT, should some other existing blockchain wish to have an essence of truth using Ontology.

In line with its central goal to change over existing businesses to the blockchain, Ontology’s APIs and SDKs empower engineers to swiftly work out Dapps and utilize them as an administration. This is basic to lowering the barriers to passage for clients of Ontology; enabling designers to take part with no earlier learning of distributed frameworks.

Conventional information frameworks will be first on the list of Ontology’s devotees, taking preferred standpoint of decentralized element administration, secure information stockpiling, key administration, and encoded information examination on an existing framework.

Normally, stable personality verification is a foundation of any trust biological community. The biological community’s Identification Protocol (ONT ID) is pliable by plan, valuable for any institution in identifying a man, association, resource, or physical question.

News and Online Presence

Where most Chinese blockchain projects fly under the radar with minimalistic inscrutability, Ontology wears a cognizant, growing online nearness finish with a youthful, but engrossing website.

On Twitter, the center team posts standard advance updates and declarations, alongside the odd enthused re-tweet — to be specific reviews, referrals, and the general impression of positive belief any blockchain project proliferates. With an inconspicuous group of people of 39,000 supporters, Twitter is the voice for Ontology’s western-contingent.

ontology news

The Ontology Team

Not having to survive the irate scrutiny normal of forthcoming ICO investors, the Ontology team uncloaked itself generally late in the diversion (February 2018).

As the project’s organizer, Jun Li has explored the bracing waters of FinTech and IT for somewhere in the range of 16 years; with various positions of authority at imposing enterprises added to his repertoire (Infosys, China Financial Futures Exchange, to give some examples).

Boasting a CV to intimidate anybody with an ounce of mechanical desire, Li’s captaincy at OnChain is an intelligent progress.

The rest of Ontology’s 40-in number team involves a balanced arrangement of involvement in China’s budding tech scene, with included notes of government encounter (with China’s booming business scene never being too far separated from the state).


As though the backing of Chinese mammoth NEO wasn’t sufficient, Ontology Network has combined various significant associations in its brief but incredibly fruitful history.

Ontology Partners

Early April saw the declaration of the ‘Co-Builder Plan’ — a community oriented effort to progress blockchain infrastructure, with Ontology’s efforts upheld by various overwhelmingly titanic Chinese investment firms: Sequoia China, Danhua Capital, Matrix Partners China, and ZhenFund.

Jun Li, the organizer of Ontology commented:

“We are exceptionally appreciative for the help and trust from Sequoia China, DHVC, Matrix Partners China, and ZhenFund. We will continue to take a shot at the innovative work of blockchain technology and make a world-class blockchain infrastructure and trust-based application environment.”

ontology partners

About the NEO/Ontology Relationship

Last November, a crowd of blockchain enthusiasts and investors gathered in New York City. They came to hear Onchain, a company committed to developing blockchain frameworks, declare the dispatch of the groundbreaking stage, Ontology.

“Not exclusively did we bring the best industry minds together, but the Ontology dispatch conveyed our project to the world stage” CEO of Onchain and NEO fellow benefactor Da Hongfei said at the occasion. “Philosophy and NEO will construct a wide biological community using blockchain and other new advancements to serve the genuine economy. ”

The official site of Ontology records Jun Li as the Founder of Ontology, and his LinkedIn accounts him as the fellow benefactor/boss engineer of Onchain.

However, the crypto community has regularly befuddled the parts of projects among each other. It supposed to be clarified that NEO does not claim Onchain nor Onchain possess NEO. In a Youtube interview, Da Hongfei clears up the perplexity with the organizations parts.

“To begin with, I have to clarify that NEO and Onchain are separate substances, so Onchain doesn’t claim NEO, or NEO, Onchain. They are independently funded – NEO is funded by the community, and Onchain is funded by an extremely acclaimed financial gathering in China, Fosun. They purchased a great deal of insurance organizations and banks in Europe. So they are partitioned. Second, Onchain profits by the NEO biological system. The item, called DNA, is fundamentally the same as NEO, but it is composed in the Go dialect. OnChain is helping different blockchains and financial institutions to assemble their blockchains with DNA. It’s fundamentally the same as NEO, and later on, with NEOx (the cross-chain convention) everything can be linked together.” – Hongfei

Ontology Trust Network

Chain 1: Verification of individuals, riches, things, and associations.

Chain 2: Verify applications and link them together

Chain 3: Verify and link modules, conventions, SDK’s and API’s

Chain 4: All the different networks chains. This layer capacities to link every one of the chains together.

As expressed in the whitepaper, “so as to address the issues of different industries, the adaptable plan structure is modularized, pluggable, and effortlessly expandable.”

What this implies is that Ontology is attempting to be all around versatile for an extensive variety of capacities. They would like to be the go-to hotspot for verifying the precision and genuineness of things like character or possession. Organizations like Facebook will have the capacity to effortlessly connect to Ontology for trust.

Ontology View

ONT Token Structure

ONT was airdropped to NEO holders in March 2018. From this airdrop, 20 million ONT were distributed to the community by the NEO Council.

There will be a maximum supply of 1 billion ONT tokens which are indivisible, and you’ll get Ontology GAS (ONG) from holding ONT (like how NEO GAS capacities). Philosophy had beforehand granted 1,000 ONT tokens to everybody who joined to their bulletin (which is presently shut).

More breakdown of the token distribution:

12% will go to the Ontology community

28% for institutional accomplices

10% to the NEO Council

25% to the development of the Ontology biological community

10% to Ontology specialized community rewards

15% to Ontology center team.

Where Can You Buy and Store Ontology?

What is interesting about ONT is that it never had an open ICO sale. The best way to get NEO now is to get it airdropped by means of holding NEO on trades or private wallets (must hold NEO by March 1). For each NEO coin you claim, you’ll get 0.2 ONT in two stages (half are instantly tradable, the other half are bolted).

You can store ONT it on for all intents and purposes all wallets when you make them include, hardware wallets, for example, Ledger Nano S and Trezor. It’s most likely best to download a wallet like Neon Wallet that will show ONT as some may not show ONT after the drop. However, you will even now have the capacity to recover the ONT from the airdrop by integrating your wallet with wallets that help the show of ONT.

How To Buy ONT?

There are various places to buy cryptocurrency but you will always need to buy from a place that is suitable and trustworthy for you. You will need to find a reputable place to buy your desired coins easily. However, there are various places but you will surely be able to trust the following:





According to its whitepaper, “sociologists put the quantity of individuals we trust at short of what one hundred”, showing that for the vast majority, it requires some serious energy and effort to trust somebody and become acquainted with them. Philosophy is looking to supplant the current extensive ways we gain trust and bring us forward with blockchain robotization of trust.

Ontology will also cooperate with NEO to overcome any issues between blockchain technology and this present reality. While NEO and Ontology have comparable objectives, NEO spotlights on advanced resources and a worldwide Smart Economy though Ontology centers around trust, character, and information trade and approval. Think of NEO and Ontology like nutty spread and jam. They are commonly helpful and assembled; they make a top notch sandwich.

Finally, the team behind Ontology contains respectable cryptocurrency industry pioneers with an effectively settled history of accomplishment. Also, dissimilar to numerous other blockchain projects, the Ontology team isn’t simply targeting the financial industry. They’re focusing on insurance, government, medicine, IoT, and different industries during its development, making it a wide-scale project with a great deal of potential. With a moderately long haul nearness in the blockchain industry and with an unmistakable vision for the project, it wouldn’t come as a shock to see Ontology work as an inseparable unit with NEO to upset the way we work together.

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