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ONe Network Review – ICO Guide

What Is ONe Network?

One is another social network that is intended to help bring back security, flexibility, and control to the individual users. The main motivation behind this is to enhance the social experience that has been disintegrating through the span of the most recent couple of years in terms of social media. Its a dependable fact that many individuals are having their security invaded or totally decimated when looking at issues like those happening with Facebook at this moment.

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How ONe Network Social Media 2.0 Secured By Blockchain Works

One is a blockchain technology-based platform that is focused principally around digital forms of money. You’ll be able to change the manner in which individuals interact with each other on social media. The point is to make the procedure of social media more secure through a self-governance and in addition individuals individual responsibility for.

The design is that social media is the staple of the present digital world and is in charge of generating many billions of interactions consistently. The issue is that the majority of the channels here these things happen are worked by organizations who have their very own plan within reach. They use their motivation loaded with interest outside of the user for their very own data gathering. Furthermore, they use obscure dialect in their terms and conditions contracts to keep individuals in the dark about what is considering to be genuinely open and what is considered to be secret with regards to the present social media channels. One will viably enable individuals to control their own private data on another level like never observed.

Onebit Token is an ERC20 consistent token that can be used within the company’s ecosystem to reward content makers and furthermore users. To really learn about the platform, make a beeline for the company site and download the WHITEPAPER, it has all the specialized schematics you have to comprehend the framework.

Open and private channels and also visit are available with the company. At the point when One’s framework is finally released, it will incorporate multi-wallet abilities with clocks too. There will likewise be namelessness to ensure your data is sheltered while using the platform.

Encryption is one of the most imperative parts of the platform also. On the marketplace, you’ll have the capacity to profit by content rewards intended to be used as incentives. There is additionally a deliberate promotion platform, intended to be used for individual distribution.

one network token

ONe Network OBT Token ICO Details

The general population at ONE allude to it as an ITO instead of an ICO. No real difference between the two, aside from in semantics. As in ITO remains for Initial Token Offering and ICO remains for Initial Coin Offering. The cost of the token is $.020 per token starting at now, with the expenses per coin in the long run aiming to hit $ Pre-ITO for the company begins in just once again 15 days. Pre-Sale for the token is determined to a layered contribution reward structure.

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Who Is Behind ONe Network?

The team is comprised of nine individuals from around the globe. Every one of them has a verified LinkedIn profile which is tremendous. The team is going by John Hoelzer, the organizer and CEO of the company. He has a BS from the University of Texas in Biology. He’s solitary the leader of the accomplished association. Whatever remains of the team is comprised of originators, software engineers and other comparable business/tech minded partners. As expressed previously, they each have a LinkedIn Profile that has been verified to guarantee they are who they say they are. The main thing I couldn’t find was the address to the company home office, something that is normally simple to find on reliable associations.

one network team

Arrangement offered

ONE is the most recent social media platform offering devices to maintain your protection and security. In view of the blockchain technology, it expects to reform the social media of today. The main focal point of the platform is security, flexibility, and control of the users’ data. Providing them with the best answers for their data and security insurance is a definitive point of the platform.

Giving the users a decision to make their profile open or keep it private, it encourages control to the user about the desire to use their quality on the social media. Consent and investment of the users is the prime significance on the platform. There is a possibility for the users to pick if they wish to be a piece of the advertising network. What’s more, after the consent of the users, additionally move will make put on the platform. For those, who wish to partake in the advertising network, they will be rewarded with the ONEBIT Tokens.

onebit roadmap


Ronald Chernesky — CEO

Andrew Freedman — CTO

Justin Jovanovic — COO

Tarryn Valle — Financial consultant

Clayton Lambert — Full stack designer

ONe Social Network Conclusion

At last, One Social Network is still in beginning times of development. It’s too soon to perceive how powerful they will be or if they will even have the capacity to achieve what they’ve embarked to do. But generally, they appear to be a real team that has been verified, something that in itself is profitable. If you need to invest with One Social Network, I would prescribe holding off before making any real investments. At any rate connect with the company, so you can address one of the team individuals yourself. You can join the whitelist for the company and also interface with them on Telegram or through their help email at the company site,

one network allocation

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