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OKCash Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is OKCash?

Okcash is a decentralized digital money with transactions that have really quick affirmations, making them virtually instant.The Okcash network is decentralized and free from go betweens, giving you back control of your finances and providing a safe network for the majority of your payments.Simply Keep your Okcash wallet (programming) running and you will begin earning day by day rewards on the OK coins you have in your wallet.

The “alright” name got chose to speak to the new brand accurately because it reflects legitimately the coin’s goals and mentality. Alright is one of just 2 words in the entire world that requires no interpretation at all to be comprehended, giving it the potential for mainstream selection without the problem of trying to integrate the new name to different societies. “Alright” is comprehended the entire world over.

okcash homepage

How it works?

New users need to install an OK wallet on their PCs, mobile telephones or IoT gadgets. In this way, their first OK address will be produced.

“You can reveal your addresses to your companions or costumers with the goal that they can pay you or the other way around. This is really like how email works, with the exception of that Okcash addresses should just be used once.”, explained

The OK money network depends on the OK blockchain, a common open ledger. Moreover, all affirmed transactions are included in the OK blockchain, composed

“A transaction is an exchange of significant worth between Okcash wallets that gets included in the OK block chain. Okcash wallets keep a mystery bit of data called a private key or seed, which is used to sign transactions, providing a scientific proof that they have originated from the proprietor of the wallet”, included

okcash platform

Okcash history

Okcash was made in 2014 as Pimpcash. The branding appeared in the long stretch of February 2015 by lead engineer OKtoshi. It has been gaining ground as a very much preferred community based crytocurrency. It is kind of stimulating coin as there’s nothing progressive happening underneath the hood – it’s essentially another proof of stake (PoS) coin, very much preferred these days among littler coins. The cryptocurrency initially began as a PoW/PoS cross breed model but it is presently an aggregate PoS model.

As a PoW/PoS crossover model miners had just 15days to mine coins through GPU’S and altered apparatuses after which the best way to make new coin would be through proof of stake.

Why okcash

Okcash is an open Sourced Cryptocurrency with fast speed and low fees. The way that it’s Proof Of Stake ( PoS) is a good favorable position, its help team is sweet and responsive which is incredibly fundamental . Staking can have eleven halvings and is anticipated to last till the year 2148. This cryptocurrency was a crossover cryptocurrency that began with hostage token mining in November 2014 preceding it changed into a full PoS cash.

okcash multi

Features of okCash Network

Below are a portion of the real features of OkCash

OKCash has one of the speediest transaction times in terms of digital forms of money and can be used to send cash to any piece of the world

Simple to use:

The wallet is direct i.e. easy to use and very much made to make things simple for everybody. They additionally have a good help team that reacts within a brief period.

You can use OkCash to have a site discretely. All you require do is sign into discrete web hosting and make your payment with Okcash.


This coin can be mined using different algorithm. Points of interest of how to mine it was not seen. The by and large advanced link for mining it ( is down. Around 105 Million Okcash could be mined.

This coin is worked such that individuals can earn more coin by basically keeping some measure of cash in their wallets. Subsequent to storing this coin for quite a while they naturally get staked and begin accumulating coin. They could make around 69% every year without buying a GPU machine or any mining gear. Below is a table showing the reward for staking every year.


OkCash can be mined by the use of different algorithms at

Individuals can likewise earn more coins basically by keeping their wallet running. They need some measure of money in their wallets, after which they consequently get staked and begin accumulating coins at around 69% every year without the requirement for any extra extraordinary hardware.

This is an amazingly alluring technique for mining coins for prospective users who won’t not have the resources required to set up specific apparatuses. The rate of rewards for staking is 69% for the first year, 20% for the second, 10% for the third and 6% from that point onwards.

okcash network


The aggregate number of coins available to be mined is 105,000,000 OKCash.

Points of interest OF OKCASH

OkCash gloats a portion of the speediest transaction times over all cryptographic forms of money and can be used to send cash everywhere throughout the world instantly. There are no bank fees involved and the transactions are made over a protected network free from prying eyes.

The greatest favorable position however is the convenience in using OkCash. The main programming that individuals require to send or get cash is simply the OkCash wallet. This remain constant for individuals or businesses, making it to a great degree simple to set up.

User Interface

Before launching an international site, numerous non-Chinese users had issues with verification. There are a great deal of complaints from that period about the exchange refusing the archives from International users without explanation and preventing them from withdrawing their funds.

There were likewise a ton of remarks identified with the embarrassment from March of 2015 when some high-level officials left the company, following the adjustments in the company system from Mr. Xu. The exchange was later accused of inflating trading volumes artificially, with a specific end goal to resemble the greatest exchange in the BTC market.

Different remarks are connected essentially to fates trading, the same number of novices complained about the “solidified” funds not knowing that is a typical practice.


The exchange offers two-factor validation and admin secret word feature which allows setting the recurrence at which the trading demands the watchword.

OKCoin holds 105 percent of the user funds in chilly stockpiling and has a hot wallet which dependably gives enough liquidity. In the case of a hot wallet rupture, there is most likely that the trading platform would effectively assimilate the hit.

There are likewise email and SMS notifications, and the exchange uses PGP encryption in all email correspondence.

As of recently, OKCoin wasn’t hacked, but they endured a DDoS assaults previously.

okcash staking

How To Buy OK?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy OK. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy OK. You will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy OK. You can make use of Bittrex and Cryptopia to buy OK.

OKCoin Review Conclusion

OKCoin is a genuine trading company with an item that is pushing the Bitcoin market forward.


Magnificent liquidity, frequently the best on the planet

Numerous propelled trading alternatives

Low fees


Artificially inflated BTC volume

Here and there remote merchants have issues with verification

With everything taken into account, a fantastic exchange, particularly for Asian users.


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