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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

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OEX Review

OEX is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. Its name is by all accounts like the name of the acclaimed Standard and Poor’s index of world’s 100 stocks that have the biggest capitalization. However, the exchange has no connection to this index. It is a crypto-to-crypto trading platform that focuses essentially on the Chinese market. That is the reason disturbing news about its task appear each a few months. The dealers stress over the eventual fate of this exchange because of the serious cryptocurrency trading controls executed by the Peoples Bank of China.

However, right now the exchange task is very smooth. Notwithstanding Bitcoin and Ethereum, it offers its users various extraordinary coins that are not available at numerous different exchanges. OEX creator and taker fees are 0.2%.

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All exchanges have a 0.2% expense applied to them, making it simple to execute beneficial exchanges. Deposits, withdrawals and access to extra services are for nothing out of pocket except if specifically noted


OEX exchange is intended for the assurance of the condition of specialty of security and security services, allowing you to guarantee your account security by using twofold validation


The framework is developed from the beginning execution in mind and delivers ultra-quick reaction and order matching occasions, ensuring that you never need to hold up while submitting orders


Bolster various computerized currencies, switch different currencies and adaptable transactions to meet users’ diversified investment needs.


The Standard and Poor’s 100 Index is a capitalization-weighted index of 100 stocks browsed a wide scope of industries. Every segment stock is weighted according to the aggregate market estimation of its outstanding offers. In this way, the effect of a part’s price change is relative to the its market top or market esteem, which is the offer price times the quantity of offers outstanding.

The S&P 100 is a subset of the more extensive S&P 500 and tracks the execution of the a portion of the greatest stocks in the U.S. market.

In spite of the fact that it may not be as well known as the S&P 500, it remains an imperative benchmark for some cash managers with cash invested in the enormous, blue-chip field. One of the criteria for the inclusion of a stock in the index is having alternatives available.

OEX choices were the original and standard for index choices trading on the local securities exchange. After some time, alternatives on the S&P 500 (SPX) passed them in fame. Making it more regrettable for OEX followers, the figuring for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) unpredictability index, called the VIX, changed from using OEX choices to SPX alternatives in 2003. Brokers can watch the old variant through the image VXO.

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Options Trading

Options give the holder the right, but not the commitment, to buy or offer the underlying resource at a specific price at or by a specific date. In the case of OEX alternatives, it would be the privilege to buy or offer the S&P 100 index. Since an index is certifiably not a substantial thing, OEX alternatives agree to money.

Dealers use OEX alternatives to hedge or theorize on the execution of the huge top section of the stock exchange. Procedures, for example, vertical spreads and chokes, are conceivable with OEX choices similarly as they are with individual investment opportunities.

For instance, a cash manager holds an arrangement of blue-chip stocks but is stressed here and now market conditions could affect it in a negative manner. The manager may hedge by buying an OEX put alternative with a close termination as insurance in case the market drops abruptly. While the portfolio oversaw may not hold each of the 100 OEX stocks in similar extents, the relationship between’s the two may be solid enough that the hedge bodes well.

Trading Accounts and Conditions

OEX is a Chinese Cryptocurrency exchange, which offers some fairly extraordinary altcoins. Their offer has solid and frail sides, which we will investigate in this review.

OEX Advantages

A considerable measure of coins available

There are more than 15 trading sets available at OEX. This is in no way, shape or form as great at the offering available at different scenes, as Bittrex, but is still very strong. Besides a portion of the coins are somewhat fascinating.

Generally pleasant trading platform

Two perspectives of the trading programming are available at OEX. The first is somewhat basic and just offers the generally direct perspective of the best offers and inquires. The second one gives more points of interest and all the more essentially decent charting, in spite of the fact that the volumes are not excessively high as can be seen on the second screenshot below.

Aggressive trading fees

With a 0.20% expense for both the market creators and takers, this exchange is in-line with whatever is left of the industry.

No deposit and withdrawal fees

This is a factor, by which OEX is shockingly better than a portion of the best crypto-to-crypto exchanges. While deposit fees (on coins) aren’t that normal, withdrawals are frequently charged past the standard mining expense.

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OEX Disadvantages

Chinese exchange

The reality this exchange is based and focused towards China is just a negative because of the disturbing news/bits of gossip which leave the nation. Theories on them banning cryptocurrency sites by and large fly up once at regular intervals.

Exceptionally elective coins

Other than Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, the majority of alternate coins upheld at OEX aren’t known. This is a twofold edged sword. While they can possibly appreciate in esteem, the drawback potential is significantly more prominent.

CNY Tether bolstered

The Yuan is spoken to by the CNY Tether token. This is a coin which is apparently upheld by real Renminbi. That being said there is sufficient discussion with the more well known USDT proportionate, to warrant alert with doing.

Most appropriate for Chinese customers

In spite of the fact that an English rendition of the site is available, this is as yet an exchange most appropriate for Chinese customers. We are not certain if the client support will have the capacity to deal with more muddled enquiries in English, if something happens.

Use not available

This isn’t surprising, given the attention on altcoins, but is as yet a negative for a few dealers. Those of you who are interested in trading the main coins all the more forcefully, may appreciate some use. This kind of trading is bolstered by some forex agents.

Such organizations (which we cover all the more every now and again) give the purported Contracts to Difference or CFDs. This instrument isn’t really a coin, but a thing which just follows the price elements of a given resource. This is a typical method to exchange different things, similar to raw petroleum and gold. Some forex intermediaries have focused on developing such frameworks for Bitcoin. Make sure to peruse our guide for more information.


OEX is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, which gives access to some interesting altcoins. Some of them are not unreasonably mainstream in the west and may represent a higher than common level of hazard. This additionally goes for the CNYT (CNY Tether) – an advanced resource which assumed be upheld by fiat cash. Those of you who follow the cryptospace know about the circumstance surrounding USDT. Expecting something comparable is very sensible.

The main hazard involved with all crypto-exchanges is security by and large. While two factor validation (2FA) helps a great deal, the exchange itself can be hacked. This has happened previously and will probably happen again later on. That being said a portion of the forex dealers, which bolster Bitcoin trading, offer considerably higher assurance. However, in order to find the best ones, you should search for all around controlled ones.


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  1. OEX told BitBay that they would list us, then took 3 BTC listing fee and ignores us. So basically, they stole the listing. Can send any proof required including signed contract. It’s been over 6 months now and still no refund. Traders beware, if they are this way with us, imagine what they are capable of later.

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