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NVO Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

NVO is a decentralized exchange that uses a validator on the SafeNetwork for requests approval. Find out additional about the NVO exchange and wallet today in our review.

What is NVO?

NVO is another exchange found online at The exchange guarantees to be secure and private. It additionally allows for the immediate exchange between wallets without the use of intermediary tokens.

There are two key segments of the NVO decentralized exchange:

NVO Wallet:

An open source wallet for storing crypto-resources. All keys are made customer side and are never sent to any servers.


The validator matches requests and procedures crude transactions. It doesn’t, however, sign transactions or hold funds. The validator keeps running on the SafeNetwork.

NVO is as of now in the beginning periods of development. The company simply declared its ICO. That ICO will see the release of tokens all through the development procedure.

nvo homepage

Advantages of NVO

NVO’s remarkable decentralized exchange guarantees to offer a few noteworthy focal points over the opposition, including:


Assets are secured every wallet’s neighborhood stockpiling, far from any server.


No persona data or private info is given away. Interchanges are anchored by the SafeNetwork.

Resources for Assets:

There’s an immediate exchange between wallets without the use of intermediary tokens.

Full Autonomy:

Users have full control of their benefits at record-breaking, notwithstanding during exchanges.

Store Multiple Assets:

Users can empower “the same number of different resources as they need” through an open plugins framework.

Integrated Platform:

“Being dynamic means we can connect utilities from different projects like XRP fiat entryway”, explains the authority NVO site.

NVO maintains that its decentralized framework doesn’t mean additional work for users. Like most different exchanges, NVO has invested considerable exertion into making beyond any doubt its platform is anything but difficult to use. If you’re acquainted with different exchanges, at that point you shouldn’t experience any difficulty using NVO.

nvo benefits

For what reason Does NVO Use SafeNetwork Instead of a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts and SafeNetwork are two different items. Every one has its very own one of a kind points of interest and drawbacks. For what reason did NVO use SafeNetwork instead of Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are viewed as the perfect decision for self-governing associations because the code is spared in the blockchain and can be run remotely. However, the drawback is the measure of data that can be put away in the blockchain – despite the fact that Ethereum gives more storage room than most different blockchains.

SafeNetwork, then again, is a distributed record stockpiling framework and computing framework that gives resources to the applications and sites worked for it. This condition is more reasonable for the NVO validator because, as the makers of the platform explain, the “size and resources consumption will develop after some time”.

The other preferred standpoint of SafeNetwork is that it “regards the decentralized prerequisites as the data will be safely put away within the network”.

The NVO Wallet

The NVO Wallet can right now be seen in demo frame at the authority site. The wallet is in its beginning times. It’s practical, but doesn’t have numerous features. At this moment, the wallet comes up short on a steady method to peruse the blockchain, which implies the sending feature is inconsistent and transactions can stall out when different transactions are sent in the meantime. However, NVO still portrays their wallet as “a protected wallet to store resources”.

Key features of the NVO wallet include:

At this moment, the NVO wallet stores BTC, ETH, and XRP, despite the fact that XRP requires a deposit first (according to normal)

Users control the private keys in their wallets

The wallet is available on OSX, Windows, and Linux

Multisignature addresses

Addresses administration

Account administration

Offline stockpiling and offline administration

Resources creation and administration

Support for Ethereum tokens

Light hubs

nvo wallet

Various dialects

Wallets will use arbitrary secret word and pass expresses progressively created using the CPU entropy or another supplier of irregular data

Every wallet will create an exceptional user ID used by the validator for request origin and transactions history; this ID will be used to oversee user accounts in the wallet and empower the support for various accounts in a similar wallet; however, the ID will never be used to track users, and individual data will never be asked, gathered, or sent to any third party

These features won’t all be actualized from the very first moment. NVO will execute them at different phases of the development. Full points of interest of the NVO wallet and its planed future development can be found in the whitepaper on page 5.

About NVO

NVO decentralized exchange is worked through two segments. The first one is a multi-digital forms of money open source wallet. All keys are made locally on user’s gadget and never sent to any server. Users control their private keys, can send and get funds, trade wallet, and scramble the wallet with a secret key or seed state. Engineers can create and include new resources through an open plugins framework keeping the wallet lightweight. The second part is a validator facilitated on the Safenetwork. Users will associate with the Safenetwork through the wallet to exchange. An application will coordinate the requests issued by the users and check all transactions and request informations are substantial. Not at all like brought together and semi-concentrated exchanges, there isn’t a wallet acting as a hand-off. Transactions are handled at the same time through a request matching engine starting with one wallet then onto the next. The validator on the Safenetwork will check if the transactions are substantial before being exchanged. The requests are then coordinated and transactions communicated in their particular networks. The validator procedure crude transactions and doesn’t hold any private keys or resources nor would it be able to sign transactions resulting in a trustless decentralized exchange using the Safenetwork to approve orders.

Key Components

There are two key segments to NVO. NVO Wallet, an open-source wallet for storing crypto-resources and validator, a framework to coordinate requests and process crude transactions.

NVO is an extremely interesting recommendation. A Cross Platform de-brought together exchange running on the SafeNetwork (It utilizes a validator on the Safenetwork for requests approval) A half charge share distribution for token holders, (NVOT) paid week after week by means of a smart contract in Ether tokens (NVOS). Well that got my consideration for a couple of reasons and in this compact post I will explain why I think NVO could give a good ROI, turn into a major player in the exchange market and why it’s token NVOT could turn out to be very collectable.

Secure – Assets are secured wallets’ nearby capacity far from any server.

Private – No close to home data or private info. Correspondence are anchored by the Safenetwork.

Advantages for Assets – Direct exchange between wallets without the use of intermediary tokens.

Full Autonomy – Assets are constantly under users’ full control notwithstanding during exchange.

Multi-Assets Storage – Users can empower the same number of different resources as they need through an open plugins framework.

Integrated Platform – Being dynamic means we can connect utilities from different projects like XRP fiat passage.


NVO have deliberately considered that another platform has no real motivation to require a lofty learning bend and it’s one of the component of this project which could see mass appropriation from new and prepared investors. Using previous protocols and outline/organize is one of the signs of effective programming/UX plan and development. iIf users feel great and can explore there’s a good possibility they’ll investigate, use and after that suggest it. Removing the requirement for fuel tokens is a virtuoso move in my opinion and one I anticipate will be duplicated broadly.

Who’s Behind NVO?

NVO’s team includes Yanni Bragui (lead engineer and CTO) and Ton Bi (CEO and prime supporter). Bragui has 14 years of involvement in programming engineering and is a product designer for ERMA, the greatest research focus in Africa for light and streetlights. He’s likewise the head of development of Veserus, a completely authorized cryptographic forms of money exchange.

Ton Bi, in the mean time, has 5 years of involvement in development hacking for new companies. He has already been the project manager for Newnote Financial Corp., an open Bitcoin company situated in Vancouver, Canada.

nvo team


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