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Nolimitcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

NoLimitCoin is a fantasy sports platform powered by a cryptocurrency called NLC2. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is NoLimitCoin?

NoLimitCoin, discovered online at, is a fantasy sports platform that uses cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. The platform has its own local token, NLC2, which is at present worth about $0.041386 USD with a market top of over $55 million.

The platform was made by No Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC. NoLimitCoin propelled this past summer with fantasy soccer, at that point as of late included fantasy football (NFL) to the lineup. They’re currently launching fantasy hockey, b-ball, and MMA before the finish of 2017, with fantasy cricket and baseball planned to dispatch in 2018.

NoLimitCoin is the advanced money for three separate sports platforms, including Crypto Fantasy Sports, No Limit Fantasy Sports, and No Cost Fantasy Sports.

nolimitcoin homepage

What is NoLimitCoin Providing?

Despite the fact that fantasy sports have turned out to be well known, Bitcoin and different digital forms of money have not had a major effect right now. NoLimitCoin needs to change that, mainly with its specialized features which seemingly make it more appropriate for this industry than some other money on the market. Venturing into this specific business won’t be simple, but it certainly is something worth exploring.

NoLimitCoin’s Specifications

To have a meaningful effect on this industry, NoLimitCoin should emerge. The NL2 cash brags instant exchanges, which is something no other cryptocurrency can offer dependably starting at the present moment. Its transaction fees are additionally rather low, and most exchanges can be finished at a cost of 0.0001 NLC2 or lower, which is a considerable measure less expensive than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Not at all like most different cryptographic forms of money, NoLimitCoin grasps the proof-of-stake algorithm. Users will earn 4% interest for every annum for staking their coins in a good wallet. On the fantasy sports side of things, NoLimitCoin has its own particular overall fantasy sports platform, which solely uses NLC2 to power transactions. This platform incorporates the greater part of the mainstream sports, including football, soccer, hockey, ball, and MMA.

To wrap things up, NLC2 gloats a portion of the lowest rake fees of any fantasy sports platform. Contrasted with the greater part of its competitors, NoLimitCoin’s rake fees are 75% lower, if not more. That in itself is really significant, yet it demonstrates we may see comparable ventures later on. Fantasy sports is a booming industry, and it is just a short time until the point that cryptographic forms of money begin to make their blemish on this industry. Regardless of whether they will be new coins like NoLimitCoin or built up monetary standards presently can’t seem to be determined.

nolimitcoin eco

The Road Ahead

Some enormous developments have effectively occurred for NoLimitCoin. The project effectively propelled its soccer, NFL, and hockey services toward the end of last year. This quarter, b-ball integration will be finalized, and MMA is coming soon too. More sports are upcoming not long from now, including cricket and baseball. If things go according to plan, we will see a local NLC2 check card before the finish of 2018.

NoLimitCoin Features

NoLimitCoin offers the greater part of the following features:


Cryptocurrency, including the NLC2 token, is used to encourage frictionless transactions on the platform.

Exchange Support:

NoLimitCoin is as of now available on different exchanges. You can without much of a stretch buy tokens and begin playing fantasy sports today.

Exchange for Dollars:

NoLimitCoin has a market top of around $55 million, and the coin is fluid versus bitcoin, making it simple for players to get real an incentive from their fantasy earnings.

Proof of Stake Coin:

NoLimitCoin is a proof of stake coin with a yearly reward of 4%.

Fantasy Soccer:

NoLimitCoin first propelled fantasy soccer in August 2017. The platform offers four groups, including EPL, La Liga Spain, La Liga Mexico, and MLS. They plan to offer more groups over the coming months.

Fantasy Football:

NoLimitCoin included fantasy football (NFL) to its offerings in September.

Lower Fees:

While other fantasy sports platforms charge a rake as high as 10%, No Limit Fantasy Sports charges rakes of 5%, dropping to 2.5% in straight on matchups.

Quick Withdrawals:

Withdrawals occur instantly to your NoLimitCoin wallet, and can be handled in less than 60 seconds.

How Does NoLimitCoin Work?

NoLimitCoin expects to go up against mammoths in the fantasy sports space – including FanDuel and Draft Kings. Together, these two organizations claim very nearly 90% of the US market for fantasy sports.

As the NoLimitCoin official website explains, “This successful monopoly has allowed them to charge their player’s extortionate rates for using their platforms.”

Comparable circumstances exist far and wide. That is the reason No Limit Fantasy Sports charges a 5% rake instead of the 10% rake charged by other fantasy sports platforms. For straight on matches, this rake is decreased to only 2.5%.

No Limit Fantasy Sports likewise accentuates reasonableness and straightforwardness. Draft Kings and FanDuel allow players to enter numerous lineups, which “allows individuals to use bots to successfully fix the opposition to support them while giving normal players no shot of competing,” explains the official website. Because of that, No Limit Fantasy Sports allows players to enter a greatest of 10 squad decisions (instead of the 500 squad decisions available on different platforms). This gives players a reasonable possibility of winning and makes the use of bots excess.

The NoLimitCoin computerized cash itself is based on a subset of the Peercoin blockchain.

nolimitcoin ecosystem

NoLimitCoin Platforms

NoLimitCoin is the advanced cash used on three different fantasy sports platforms under the No Limit umbrella. Those platforms include:

Crypto Fantasy Sports:

This platform is 100% kept running on cryptocurrency. It’s the unadulterated NLC2 platform, where all transactions are performed in NLC2 tokens.

No Limit Fantasy Sports:

This is the USD-based variant of the platform to enable players to begin in a more well-known condition.

No Cost Fantasy Sports:

This is the free form of the platform. Players can get a hang of No Limit’s fantasy sports games, and take an interest in games without dealing with real cash.

nolimitcoin roadmap

What Problems Does NoLimitCoin Seek To Solve?

NoLimitCoin plans to take care of the greater part of the following issues in the present fantasy sports world:

High Fees:

While different platforms charge fees of 10% or higher, NoLimitCoin has a rake of only 2.5% to 5%.

Confounded Verification:

You simply require an email to verify your account on NoLimitCoin. On FanDuel and DraftKings, you have to supply a government-issued ID, proof of living arrangement, and other information.

Slow Transfers:

Traditional fantasy sports platforms have long withdrawal and store times, including dull PayPal exchanges.

NoLimitCoin plans to take care of these issues using fantasy sports.

Who’s Behind NoLimitCoin?

No Limit Fantasy Sports is financially supported by the T. Strengths Investment Financial Group, which possesses and works 17 hotels. The company is driven by CEO Rafael Groswirt.

Groswirt has 20+ long stretches of involvement in the telecom industry. He established Alliance Payphone Inc. in 2000, developing programming to screen and repair 250,000 payphones across the nation. He additionally created and protected one of the first computerized poker tables.

No Limit Fantasy Sports has likewise gotten some big name supports. Joe Theismann (previous NFL quarterback) and Johnny Chan (poker star) have joined the team as diplomats.

As a component of that organization, players on No Limit Fantasy Sports can seek a “Johnny Chan Package”, where players can win one of four seats like clockwork to play against Johnny Chan for $20,000.

No Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC was framed in November 2014.

nolimitcoin team

What are the advantages of the framework?

The use of a cryptocurrency instead of Fiat monetary forms has the preferred standpoint that the prohibitive gambling laws of the different nations can be dodged.

What’s more, because essentially any money can be exchanged for NoLimit Coin, it’s less demanding for players around the globe to get to. Up to now, fantasy sports betting suppliers have for the most part just acknowledged US $.

The cryptocurrency rises quicker in esteem contrasted with Fiat monetary standards. Accordingly, the more mainstream the platform turns into, the more prominent it turns into, every single potential benefit will duplicate in esteem.

On other Fantasy sports betting platforms, up to 500 squad individuals can enter choices. This allows individuals to use bots to control rivalry to support them. The normal player at that point has no shot of winning.

No Limit Fantasy Sports, then again, is a platform for gambling perfectionists. A greatest of ten administration choices are allowed. This eliminates the requirement for bots, so the normal player has a reasonable possibility of winning.

A further favorable position contrasted with the traditional Fantasy sports betting suppliers are the less expensive prices. Up to now there has been a monopoly on fantasy sports betting, forcing players to acknowledge 10% rake.

However, NoLimit just needs 5% of the stake, or 2.5% for no holds barred games.

How To Buy NLC2?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy NLC2. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy NLC2. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At moment, you can make use of Bittrex, Cryptopia and YoBit to buy NLC2.

NoLimitCoin Conclusion

NoLimitCoin is a fantasy sports platform that involves the use of NLC2 tokens. The platform as of now offers fantasy soccer and football, with more significant sports launching throughout the following a half year.

To learn more about NoLimitCoin and No Limit Fantasy Sports, visit online today at

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