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NiceHash Cloud Mining Review

Cloud mining still remains one of the prime trends in today’s crypto currency market. The only problem is that not all cloud mining platforms make the best. The last thing you want is to lose your investment simply because you never had the privilege of working with the right platforms. It is therefore indispensable to work with a platform that guarantees you the best environment, terms, and above all maximum profitability.

NiceHash is among the cloud mining platforms that have managed to operate for a considerably long time while maintaining its reputation and image. This is basically a cloud mining site where both buyer and sellers meet. Under the same platform, you can embark on mining based on the coins that can be mined.

nicehash homepage

The Inception of NiceHash Cloud Mining Platform

NiceHash was founded in 2014 and has been in operation since then. It is nearly 4 years since its establishments. This means that the company has managed to maintain its flow of operations for the said period of time hence fairly proving its legitimacy. You might be asking yourself…is it a scam? Is it legit? Is it safe? Well, there are a lot of things about NiceHash that can help you answer the aforementioned questions. One of the indicators of the company’s legitimacy is its long duration of operation.

The idea behind the establishment of NiceHash is to create a platform that would be of great help in uniting miners, traders, and investors. What does this mean? It simply means that you can embark on cloud mining, you can also sell or buy crypto currency from the same platform. In essence, this is a more diverse platform as compared to others.

There was the need to establish a platform that would be large enough to accommodate as many cloud miners, traders, and investors as possible. This has by far been achieved. One of the things you will realize about NiceHash is that it presents one of the largest algorithm markets ever. This is also alongside the fact that the platform presents a wide range of coins that can be mined. So far, cloud miners have about 23 different coins accessible through NiceHash.

There is also something that cloud mining prospects should know about NiceHash. It applies a somehow new twist of crypto currency mining. This twist revolves around the relationship between sellers and buyers as well as cloud miners. It is possible to buy and sell HashPower which is regarded as the computing power. Your profitability determinant in this case is more based on the HashPower in your possession. Just like the case of trading crypto currency, HashPower can be exchanged for profitability purposes. In other words, this makes the platform even more diverse in the sense that there is an additional mode of trade aside from coin mining, selling, and buying.

Having noted that Nicehash has houses a handful of services under one platform, it comes out clearly that the platform is legit. In this regard, if you are still asking…Is it a scam? Is it legit? Is it safe…then it is time that you got a confirmation that the site is indeed one of the few that are legit.

The Authenticity Details of The Company

In as much as majority of cloud mining platforms operate virtually, there is always the need to know where the company is based, just for the sake of authenticity. You will realize that a considerable number of cloud mining websites do not even have a clear background of their operations, and most people hardly know where they are based. In an instance that you realize that the cloud mining platform in question does not have a concrete background and its location remains unknown, then it is only wise to be cautious.

NiceHash is among the few cloud mining companies that do not hide behind the curtains. It has been proven beyond doubts that NiceHash is a registered company that is based in Slovenia. This means that it is a company that can be traced easily by traders and investors.

Aside from that, you will notice that there is a clearly stated address of the company. It is clearly stated that the company is based in Pot zaBrdom 104, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. This further clarifies that the company is well known, particularly its location. So, is it legit? Is it safe? Is it a scam? All the above questions are answered with a big NO.

You will realize that most cloud mining companies that have some ulterior motives usually do not provide their physical addresses to their clients. All legit companies on the other hand provide their physical contacts to confirm that their intentions are authentic and not ulterior in any way. NiceHash is definitely among the companies that can be confirmed to be legit in the sense that their addresses are well put and that they are fully registered.

NiceHash Customer Support

The reputation of any cloud mining company is heavily determined by the nature of the customer support. It is important to note that there are a lot of operations that take place in a cloud mining platform. This means that there has to be a highly effective customer support to ensure that none of the concerns raised go unaddressed and that all operations remain smooth. Unfortunately, a good number of cloud mining platforms hardly operate a strong customer support team while others do not have any at all. Such platforms end up compromising activities and the profitability of individual’s investment. It is always a great idea to deal with a platform that has a very reliable customer support since that is the only way you are assured maximum profitability of your investment.

One of the things that have managed to put the image and reputation of NiceHash abreast is the highly reliable team under the customer support department. The team is always available to address your concerns at any given time. This means that there is no given time that you will be stranded when embarking on your activities, as long as you are based in NiceHash.

One of the things that have made the relationship between the company and the customer support great is the multiple avenues of contact. The company has established a live chat feature under the website to enable any customer ask quick questions directly to the customer support. Additionally, the mobile contacts are availed through the website, hence making it possible for clients to reach the customer support at any give time. In other words, the different ways in which you can reach the customer support are reliable enough hence keeping you in close contact with the company.

The customer support is always available to answer different questions to maximum satisfaction. For instance, you might want to consult about deposit withdrawal, frequency of payout, or even a hitch with your personal account. The customer support will refer to your concern and have it addressed as soon as possible. One thing you will realize is that the customer support is highly proficient hence with the capacity to handle any concern raised whether on deposit, withdrawals, payouts, technical hitches, and any other issue that may be a hindrance to the process of trading and investing in the platform.

It is also worth mentioning that the customer support operates on 24/7 basis. This means that you can always contact the customer support team at any given time of the day and your concerns will be addressed. Considering that NiceHash operates in different parts of the world, some of which are in different time zones. This means that there has to be a team on the ground ready to address the slightest concern that might rise from the clients irrespective of the time of the day.

A review or two in different platforms confirm that there is indeed a strong customer support team at NiceHash. Actually, a majority of people who have had an experience with NiceHash can confirm that there was indeed great support coming from the team. Some say that they got assistance almost instantly. Others say that their concerns were addressed within a period of 24 hours. In essence, most of the clients their review in regards to the NiceHash customer support, confirming that they are indeed at their best. Hardly can you get a negative review about the customer support, hence confirming that there is indeed something good about them.

The reason behin the establishment of a strong customer support at NiceHash is to ensure that the company does not attract any bad reputation in regards to their services. Additionally, there was the intention of ensuring mutual benefit among traders and the company as well. In an instance where clients are satisfied, the company on the other hand stands to make more gains. So far, the company has managed to win the trust of most clients whose interest is in cloud mining and other related activities. The environment that the customer support has created for the clients is conducive enough to foster maximum benefits for the clients and the company itself.

Coins That Can Be Mined, The HashPower fees, and Starting Cost.

nicehash marketplace

The prime intention of NiceHash is to be as diverse as possible. This is one of the most effective strategies that can help the company reach out to a large number of clients within the shortest time possible. If you are into cloud mining, then you can bear witness that a company that remains highly diverse is always considerable since there are chances of high profitability. You will realize that there are companies out there that do not specialize in too many coins. If you read through a review of some companies, you will realize that some of them only specialize in 5 or less coins as far as cloud mining is concerned. With a diverse number of coins, then it is possible to make a larger amount of gains hence an advantage to traders.

Most of the coins that can be mined at NiceHash are prominent in nature and valuable as well. This means that the potential profitability is high for miners, sellers, and buyers. While there may be so many coins that can be mined, NiceHash considered it necessary to specialize in 23 of them that are of value and that can make the trading experience of clients profitable.

It is important to note that in order to get started at NiceHash, then you must be ready to meet the minimum requirement which is a payment of 0.005 Bitcoin. Note that this is applicable to all algorithms in the market. As long as you have met the minimum requirement, then you will be set to get into the market and mine your preferred coins.

It is also worth noting that there is no bidding contract period applied in this platform. This implies that there is always room for cancellation if you deem it necessary. For one reason or the other, you might consider it necessary to cancel your startup by withdrawing your deposit. You are at liberty to do so at your own convenience. The best part is that cancellation does not cost you any fees. This means that you will not suffer any loss for the simple reason of cancelling your startup. The guiding policies at NiceHash are protective in nature hence you are assured of not making losses or incurring unwarranted fees in the name of faulty rigs or cancellation.

So, which are some of the coins that can be mined at Nicehash? As earlier stated, there are plenty of coins that can be mined in this platform. The prime intention of the company is to provided a highly diverse environment that can be used to provide clients with a variety of coins that can be mined. All you need is to choose your preferred coins based on their market value and your investment capital. You will be set to engage in mining once you choose your preferred coins. Here is a list of coins that can be mined at NiceHash:

  • Litecoin
  • Fuelcoin
  • Talkcoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Quark
  • Vertcoin
  • Crypto
  • Vanillacoin
  • SIBcoin
  • Verge
  • Signatum
  • Zcash
  • Pascalcoin
  • Holdcoin
  • DGB-Qubit
  • Vertcoin
  • Maxcoin
  • Digibyte
  • DigitalNote
  • Monetary United
  • Dogecoin
  • Fedoracoin
  • Bitshares
  • Ambercoin
  • Decred
  • Ethereum classic
  • Monero

It is evident that there are a lot of coins that can be mined under this platform. It is important to bear in mind that there are some applicable fees for you to be rendered eligible for cloud mining under this platform. For startup, you can opt to buy 1 of the 3 available packages. The three packages are Bitcoin- SHA256 which provides you with 0.05 PH/S Hashpower for every 24 hours. The startup cost for the package is 0.0091 BTC. The other package is Ethereum- DaggerHashimoto. This one provides you with 0.74GH/s Hashpower  for every 24 hours. The startup fees for this package are 0.005 BTC. The third package is Zcash- Equihash. This provides you with 0.01 Msol/s Hashpower for every 24 hours. The starting cost for the third package is 0.0063 BTC.

You can opt for any of the above packages and you will be set to start mining your preferred coins. It is also important that you understand the mode of deposit before choosing your preferred coins to mine. The bottom line is that there is plenty of coins that can be mined under this platform hence you have the chance foster maximum profitability all along. All you need is to understand the market value of each coin and make your stand. As always, there are chances of making immense returns if you make strategic moves and informed decisions.

nicehash dashboard

NiceHash Website Traffic: A Confirmation of Legitimacy

There is always something that confirms the legitimacy of a given cloud mining platform. In most cases, you will realize that prospective cloud miners pay attention to the number of people already using the platform. This is basically the traffic making way to the website in question. In an instance where a platform does not attract high traffic, the miners always remain with the question on if it is legit or not. Most miners will always keep away from cloud mining platforms that have minimal traffic since that is a direct indication of something queer.

One of the reasons why NiceHash has always managed to attract more clients is the already existing immense traffic in the website. Did you know that NiceHash manages to get approximately 330,000 active miners on daily basis? This is one of the things that have always rendered the platform strong enough, and apparently one of the largest in the world.

With over 330,000 individuals making way into the platform, it only confirms that there is no need to ask yourself…is it legit? Is it a scam? Is it safe? This is simply because the large number of miners confirms the great trust that people have for the company. There is absolutely no way that a cloud mining platform can attract such a number when its image is questionable. It only confirms that you can trade there with utmost confidence.

Contact Time

In most cases, you will realize that companies involved in cloud mining impose contracts on their clients with the intention of ensuring maximum regulation of affairs. While contracts are considered ideal, it does not mean that they are the key determinant of the performance that clients will register. The intention of a contract is to maintain membership for a given period of time and also ensuring that there is maximum regulation of activities. However, contracts can be at times oppressing and may end up denying cloud miners their freedom of executing some moves even if there is no ill motive.

One of the unique things about NiceHash is that there is absolutely no bidding contract between clients and the company. This means that there is no defined contract time that you must abide by. You will realize that this is one of the things that grant miners their freedom. You are free to engage in transactions and make the necessary cancellation without any problem. Aside from that, miners have the chance to choose when to start or stop their activities, whether selling or buying Hashpower. It is in your power to terminate or activate your activities on the platform at any time of choice.

This is one of the things that miners love about NiceHash. They have utmost freedom to undertake their activities without any problem. However, it is important to bear in mind that there is always a team of experts behind the website regulating activities. This simply means that you do not have room to abuse the freedom provided by the company. In as much as you are allowed to do anything that you want, there is a limit that must always be observed, failure to which you might end up being subjected to some disciplinary actions.

The only problem about lack of contracts is that a room for misconduct is created. Some people may be out there with ulterior motives hence subjecting cloud mining individuals to some security threats. Whether you are engaging in Ethereum or any other form of activity, there is always the need to remain safe all along. When individuals are granted the freedom to engage in unregulated transactions, then there are some parties that stand to lose. In addition, when individuals are allowed to reverse or cancel their startups or even terminate their memberships at will, the company itself stands the chance to make lesser gains. In other words, its profitability ends up being compromised.

Based on a review on NiceHash, it is to some extent recommended that there should be a biding contract. This would define the contract time hence reducing room for security threats. A contract time may be defined in terms of length and the activities that will take place all along. Either way, a contract time may work ideally in reducing possible cases of fraud within the company that might end up compromising overall reputation.

Android Nicehash App

In terms of convenience with transaction and monitoring of markets, an app is alwas considered the best. You will realize that there is a lot that can be done through a mobile app. One thing for sure is that as long as you have an android phone, you will be in a position to conduct your Ethereum mining or just any other form of mining at your own convenience.

NiceHash provides you with an app which is meant to allow you conduct your activities right from your mobile phone. The app is designed to provide you with a perfect view of the market hence allowing you to strike your trade right from your mobile phone. It is always very important to have a clear understanding of what the market has in store for you. One thing you should know is that the crypto currency market keeps fluctuating hence reflecting a number of trends. It is only wise to keep monitoring the motion of the market for the sake of making the right moves at the right time. Profitability of your moves highly depends on the steps you make and the manner in which you do so.

The NiceHash android app provides you with the real experience of market trends. From here, you can tell when the value of a certain coin is at its best. You can even engage in dual mining right from this app. Above all, you can mine your coins with the help of the app. This translates into total convenience for traders. It might be at times uncomfortable to embark on cloud mining from your computer always. Sometimes you might want to engage in other activities away from your desk while also doing Ethereum mining. This means that you will suffering inconveniences when walking around with your computer. Note that some of the computers cannot be even carried around.

With the android app for NiceHash, you will be spared that hustle of going around with your computer or even missing some chances that may be of high profitability. This is because the android app is compatible with your mobile phone. All you need is an android phone and you will be ready to embark on any trade from any place of choice. Good internet connection is needed also to ensure that you access your account through the app flawlessly.

Considering that your mobile phone is personal, you can always login into your account and remain as such for as long as you wish. This will be an easy way of checking on the market trends since you will just have to tap on your app. Did you also know that you can engage in dual mining with the help of the same app. Remember that there is a lot of coins that can be mined in NiceHash. This means that you can opt to trade or mine in one or two coins. In other word, dual mining is applicable here.

It is very simple. All you need is to download the NiceHash coin into your phone and access your account. The download takes a very short duration hence you will not have any problem doing the setup.

NiceHash Deposit and Withdrawals

There is always the need to understand the withdrawal and deposit process as required in Nicehash. Upon signup, you will be provided with a new Nicehash Bitcoin address. This is usually made available in your personal account’s dashboard. The address provided is highly instrumental in the withdrawal and deposit processes. If you do not understand the manner in which the address is applicable for deposit and withdrawal, it would be ideal if you consulted the support team of the company.

nicehash wallet

One thing for sure is that you will be required to link your account with your preferred bank. After all, there has to be a transfer of funds from your bank account to Nicehash and back. This is all about deposit and withdrawals. Universal deposit methods can be made using Visa and MasterCard and also other internationally recognized methods that are safe for cloud mining.

If you are a seller at NiceHash, your payments are always channeled through the NiceHash internal wallet address. This means that through the address provided, you will be able to make your withdrawals. Note that you have the chance to make your withdrawal to any crypto currency wallet that you have chosen. From there, you will be at liberty to access your funds through your preferred method including direct transfer to the bank. In any case, NiceHash provides you with a detailed materials on anything that pertains withdrawal as a seller.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer at NiceHash, you will be able to use your NiceHash address to embark on both deposit and withdrawal. The address provided plays the link between NiceHash and your funds source. This means that the transfer will be from your preferred crypto currency wallet, through the address provided, and finally to the NiceHash account.

It is worth noting that NiceHash has always done everything to ensure that withdrawals and deposits are made within the shortest time possible. A review of the platform confirms that there is indeed a lot that the company has done to ensure that there is no delay in providing deposit and withdrawal services. Only on very minimal cases has the company experienced some delays but that has since been addressed fully.

It does not matter whether you are a buyer or seller. One thing for sure is that all transactions are done well to ensure that there are no delays. It is rather clear that the company has done a lot to enhance its funds channel particularly deposit and withdrawals. Considering that there are over 300,000 sellers making way into the platform and there are minimal cases of delays for withdrawal and deposit, it is only clear that the company has a strong mechanism of managing funds.

It is also worth noting that there are some applicable fees on different transactions including deposit and withdrawals. However, the fees applicable are not too high hence friendly to the users. Withdrawal to any BTC wallet requires a fee of 0.0002 BTC for amounts above 0.002 to 0.1 BTC. Withdrawal to any BTC Wallet of an amount more than 0.1 BTC requires you to pay 0.2% fees. Coinbase withdrawals of amounts more than 0.002 BTC are free of charge hence no fees applicable. Maximum deposit amount on the other hand goes as low as 0.0005 BTC.

Evidently, there is no much to pay in terms of deposit and withdrawal fees. Above all, the means of deposit are friendly to the user. Even if you wish to engage in dual mining or just normal Ethereum mining, you will be subjected to friendly fees.

It is also worth noting that payout is made within a day upon request. You will not have to wait too long for your payout to be provided. As a matter of fact, most review based articles on NiceHash hail the company for ensuring that the payout process is speeded up. Even with any contract time, you are still treated in the best way by getting your payout on time and also by not experiencing delays in deposit too. This makes it evident that there is indeed a lot to be proud of in regards to NiceHash. Their terms of service are indeed very friendly to the clients and it comes in as mutual benefit cloud mining. Note that there are some alternative options for withdrawal and deposits hence you are at liberty to make your choice.

Reviews From Clients

A good number of clients have taken time to review NiceHash through different review platforms. One thing is that a majority of them feel that the platform is indeed friendly for users and best for beginners. With a majority of positive reviews, there always comes a signal that there is indeed something that can be reaped. This does not come as an alternative platform for Ethereum mining and other crypto currency related activities. It is one of the best pools for Ethereum mining for beginners and experts as well.

A review about NiceHash confirmed that the sign up process is indeed very easy hence creating a nice experience for beginners. It only takes a matter of minutes to have your account running. For beginners, there is absolutely no long procedures that can compromise your understanding or trigger confusion. The process of making deposits was also hailed in the review. It was termed as one of the easiest hence making it absolutely adaptable for beginners.  With an alternative of different deposit methods and a simplified process for each, it becomes an friendly experience.

In another review, it was felt that the pricing as imposed by NiceHash is indeed very friendly to the users. For beginner, it would be unfair to impose strong pricing terms for them. Pricing is therefore considered as one of the reasons why this site is considered best for beginners and also other traders. However, there has been a plea that the fees should be a little lower for the sake of fostering maximum friendliness as far as crypto currency trading is concerned.

The speed of payout was also considered as another key factors for beginners to consider investing in the platforms. Although there are some cases where there might  be delays, the support team does all it can to ensure that payout is made as fast as possible. Pricing as far as payout is concerned is friendly. No much fees will be imposed on you upon requesting for your payout.  One of the main concerns on how it works (NiceHash) is the volume of transactions that can easily lead to inconveniences especially in a moment of system downtime.

Generally, most people who have used this cloud mining platform before appreciate how it works. Some people have however raised some few complaints on how it works. For instance, a review claimed that there are chances of getting confused when starting the process of cloud mining. This is because some of the miners consider the platform as an alternative not knowing that it is a little different from the rest out there. However, this should not be an issue at all. After all, the platform provides a comprehensive list of FAQ on how it works. Everything about pricing, deposit, withdrawal, account creation, and even payout details are fully addressed under this section. In other words, it is very easy for beginners to understand how it works. With a comprehensive guide, it becomes easy to maneuver around even for beginners.

The android app has also been among the key aspects that have been hailed by the many reviews about the company. You will realize that most of the people today operate on mobile phones than on computers. This means that the android app is friendlier in terms of cloud mining and other activities that are supported at NiceHash. The best thing about the android app is that it is fair in terms of pricing. You will not be required to pay anything to get the app. It is as simple as downloading for free and you will be ready to use.

In a nutshell, the image of the company is positive as far as several reviews say. In fact, a majority the reviews are on the side of NiceHash. In this regard, this is a positive indicator that should guide you in making your ultimate decision.


From all indications, there is a lot to appreciate about NiceHash cloud mining platform. Pricing, terms of operation, how it works, deposits, withdrawals, and many other aspects are in full favor of the platform. In this regard, you might want to consider NiceHash as an alternative for your dual mining activities since it has a lot to offer. As always, there is the need to make an informed decision, and this review will certainly drive you doing so.

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