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Nexo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Nexo Bank?

Nexo Bank, discovered online at, is a crypto overdraft framework that enables clients to abstain from selling their crypto. You can utilize your crypto as security, at that point pull back money. You maintain access to your cryptocurrency – and the upside of your crypto holdings. In the meantime, you can get to the estimation of your crypto resources.

Nexo is an item from Credissimo. Since inception in 2007, the company has allowed $120 million in credits while collecting $155 million in real money. The company is evaluated by Deloitte. Credissimo propelled Nexo in 2017.

Nexo Vision

How Does Nexo Work?

Nexo looks to combine instant loans with blockchain technology, creating the world’s first instant crypto overdraft framework. Clients can make the most of their crypto riches today without selling their crypto resources.

You utilize your crypto resources as guarantee, at that point pull back money.

The objective of Nexo is to tackle the absence of financing for the new computerized economy. To achieve that objective, Nexo will depend on the 10+ years of experience from its founding company, Credissimo, which is viewed as a market pioneer in a few European nations.

Center elements of the Nexo platform include:

  • Open the estimation of your computerized resources
  • Retain resource upside potential
  • Appreciate snappy and helpful access to financing
  • In view of secure blockchain technology

Using Nexo is clear: you can get to the estimation of your computerized resources basically by placing your funds into an Overdraft Wallet. Once your funds are in that wallet, you can obtain an instant overdraft in fiat monetary forms (like EUR or USD) or digital forms of money.

Nexo Platform

What Problems Does Nexo Bank Seek to Solve?

Nexo tries to take care of various significant issues in the present computerized ecosystem. A portion of the issues recorded on the site include:

Sit Value of Digital Assets:

Investors around the globe as of now possess computerized and crypto resources worth billions of dollars that remain sit out of gear. The estimation of those advantages is relied upon to develop to over $5 trillion by 2025.

Nexo Bank means to tackle this issue by unlocking the estimation of computerized resources, allowing customers to obtain an instant overdraft in fiat monetary standards or cryptographic forms of money by placing their advanced resources in an overdraft wallet.

What does the company/project do?

Nexo tries to give instant advances to anyone through collateralization of computerized resources. Clients needing an advance would bolt up their cryptocurrency and promptly get fiat cash to spend in their Nexo Credit Card or in their own bank accounts by means of same/following day bank exchange.

The Nexo credit card is free for Nexo clients and charges no additional expenses. As far as possible is fixing to the market estimation of the computerized resources within the client’s wallet, and the client may pay off their outstanding parity with fiat, a rate sale of the advanced resources in their wallet, or NEXO tokens.

Repayments using NEXO tokens offer the client a rebate off the interest. The Nexo credit card additionally requires no minimum regularly scheduled payment as long as the outstanding parity is within as far as possible.

Nexo’s platform is fueled by their Nexo Oracle framework, which will be in charge of each part of the platform.

Nexo Oracle is a computerized framework that uses huge data investigation, automatic calculations, and expectation models with a specific end goal to direct the Nexo condition and in addition providing examination. It will deal with wallet maintenance, data investigation, computerized notifications, constant resource monitoring, funds distribution and repayment examination for its clients.

How exceptional is the project?

Nexo is sponsored by Credissimo, a Bulgarian FinTech company that has practical experience in instant advances, internet business financing, and bill payment administrations. Credissimo was established in 2007 has tasks in online purchaser lending in a few European nations.

Nexo’s platform has not propelled to general society yet, but rather they will dispatch their essential item (BTC/ETH Overdrafts) one month after their open presale according to their guide.

Here is a rundown of their guide:

Q2 2018

Dispatch instant crypto overdrafts in USD secured by BTC and ETH

Begin M&A procedure of acquiring a FDIC-insured banking institution

EUR currency bolster

Dispatch Nexo credit card

Q3 2018

Extra altcoins/tokenized resources bolster

JPY bolster

KYC/AML mechanization

Dispatch Nexo portable wallet

Q4 2018

Increase most extreme overdraft limits

Second Nexo airdrop crusade

Q1 2019

Finalize securing of FDIC-insured banking institution

Dispatch store accounts

Q2 2019

Installment loans

Increase greatest overdraft limits

Nexo roadmap

What are the tokens utilized for and in what manner would token be able to esteem appreciate?

Nexo is obvious from the begin that the NEXO token will be a security token.

They sort their token as a US SEC-consistent partitioned paying resource upheld security token with utility features.

30% of the Nexo’s benefits will be imparted to NEXO token holders in the type of profits, payable month to month in ETH. NEXO tokens are supported by the underlying resources of Nexo’s overdraft portfolio.

The NEXO token is consistent to the US Securities Act Regulation D Rule 506(c), and token holders will get 30% profits from Nexo’s benefits, payable month to month in ETH and distributed proportionately to all NEXO token holders. As in a security, NEXO tokens are upheld by the underlying resources of Nexo’s overdraft portfolio.

Regarding utility, NEXO tokens will offer holders of the token to get a markdown on repaying the interest on their overdrafts when they pay using NEXO tokens. The extent of rebate isn’t specified. In the long run, clients will likewise have the capacity to collateralize NEXO tokens for overdraft financing on the platform.


The center Nexo team comprises of 14 individuals, with most team individuals holding similarly high positions at Credissimo. The profiles of key team individuals are recorded underneath:

Kosta Kantchev, Managing Partner and Co-Founder – Co-Founder of Cresdissimo, and in addition a Founding Investor and Board Member in two other new businesses.

Georgi Shulev, Managing Partner and Co-Founder – 6+ years of involvement in investment banking, Co-Founder of Consestimate, an open financial assessments platform.

Antoni Trenchev, Managing Partner and Co-Founder – 7+ years of involvement in E-Commerce Strategy and Development and Automoation of E-Commerce Processes. Past Member of Parliament at the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Vasil Petrov, Co-Founder – 16 years of involvement in framework administration, back-end development and design of high-load and full-cycle projects. Already helped to establish and filled in as CTO of a video and internet specialist co-op with more than 150,000 clients.

Nexo’s counsels include Michael Arrington, Founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital, Trevor Koverko, Founder and CEO of Polymath, and Ugo Bechis, 40+ years of involvement in finance and lead SEPA consistence in three different organizations.

Nexo team


Nexo is an open company that has a 10-year history, has tasks in a few nations, is growing and gainful. Not very many ICO projects is sponsored by a company as set up as Credissimo. This shows the capacity of the team.

Nexo is additionally prompted by trustworthy business visionaries in the tech and blockchain space, who can open entryways for the company to look for organizations.

Credissimo has made a choice to utilize Bitcoin to reimburse advances in 2016. The clients who have been using this component would have a considerably less demanding time integrating with Nexo’s platform because they are as of now acquainted with cryptocurrency.

Using cryptocurrency as an insurance for lending has significant potential as it would enable clients to produce liquidity without selling the underlying cryptocurrency and triggering an assessment occasion.


NEXO token is classified as a security token because of its profit paying nature, so none of the present high-volume trades can show it. It is uncertain when trades supporting security tokens will work and create adequate trading volume.

There are various operating blockchain projects focusing on using cryptocurrency to obtain credits, for example, Salt Lending and ETHLend. Nexo will rival them somehow, in spite of the fact that the whole space is tremendous and is sufficiently huge for various winners.

Moderate Liquidation Process

Converting crypto to money today is a moderate and inefficient process. Crypto has a moderate liquidation issue. It can take anyplace from a couple of days to a while to finish liquidation of your advanced resources.

Nexo will enable clients to get to money advantageously anyplace around the globe by means of bank exchange, cryptocurrency, or the Nexo credit card and seize investment openings or address liquidity issues quickly.

Loss of Ownership

Clients who need to get to money from their crypto resources today need to lose responsibility for computerized resources. Clients are compelled to lose possession keeping in mind the end goal to seek after a lucrative investment opportunity or meet a transient liquidity require, for instance. With Nexo, customers can retain 100% responsibility for advanced resources.

Costly and Tax Inefficient

Computerized resources are costly and inefficient for charge purposes. By selling a computerized resource, its proprietor incurs trade and withdrawal charges and ends up at risk to capital gains assess, which implies here and now liquidation a costly and expense inefficient arrangement. Nexo, then again, intends to give moderate, adaptable, and productive crypto overdrafts that don’t incur any assessment liabilities.

Bulky Credit Checks

Normally, accessing unsecured financing requires extensive and bulky credit checks. Simply checking your credit can bring down your credit score. Nexo offers a framework with instant crypto overdrafts and no credit checks.

Absence of Trust and Transparency

Transactions in advanced resources are frequently settled through P2P understandings that need security and straightforwardness on the two sides. Nexo takes care of this issue with straightforward contracts based on the blockchain. You can see the terms of your overdraft shrink by checking the blockchain.

Who Should Use Nexo?

Nexo can be utilized for various different purposes. A portion of the conceivable Nexo customers include:

Cryptocurrency Investors:

Cryptocurrency investors can get quick funding in light of the market estimation of their bitcoin, Ethereum, or other fluid cryptographic forms of money.

Crypto Miners:

Miners can cover the capital costs of mining by opening an instant crypto overdraft.

Hedge Funds:

Hedge funds that have invested in cryptographic forms of money can use their portfolio by obtaining instant crypto overdrafts from Nexo, allowing them to exploit new investment openings.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Trades can utilize Nexo overdrafts to raise vital funds to finance margin lending and trading administrations.

ICO and Crypto Companies:

Instead of selling cryptocurrency raised from an ICO or produced throughout business, crypto organizations would setup be able to an instant crypto overdraft to get to capital without selling their raised computerized resources.

Gamers and VR Users:

Gamers and VR clients execute profitable in-game things. These gamers can abstain from selling their things while as yet using the estimation of these things to obtain a Nexo overdraft.

Instructions to Use Nexo

Here’s the essential procedure you use to obtain an overdraft with Nexo:

Stage 1: Transfer cryptographic forms of money or advanced advantages for your Overdraft Wallet

Stage 2: Receive an instant overdraft

Stage 3: Repay the overdraft at the pre-concurred interest rate and term

Stage 4: Withdraw your cryptographic forms of money or advanced resources from your Overdraft Wallet

Nexo Tokens

Who’s Behind Nexo Bank?

Nexo is an item from Credissimo, a leading European fintech company established in 2007. That company has allowed $120 million in advances since inception while collecting $155 million in real money.

The company is viewed as a market pioneer in the online purchaser lending portion in a few European nations. They’ve handled 1 million+ credit applications to date, with 79,000 advances conceded in 2017. 78% of its activity originates from returning clients. The company additionally has a net income margin of 35%.

Credissimo was established by four business visionaries. Nexo, in the interim, was made in 2017. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

How To Buy Nexo?

There are many exchanges that are working online. However, if you are looking for the answer regarding how to buy Nexo then you will find a huge list of different exchanges that are offering this token. Well, the smartest choice is to find the exchange that is trustworthy among users.  So, if you are looking forward about how to buy Nexo then you will need to buy it from HitBTC.

Nexo Bank ICO Conclusion

Nexo needs to make it less demanding for investors to get to the estimation of their crypto resources. With Nexo, clients can store crypto resources into an Overdraft Wallet, at that point pull back an instant overdraft in fiat monetary forms or different cryptographic forms of money.

To take in more about Nexo and how it functions, visit online today at

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