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Mooncoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide


Moonword is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is basic, reasonable, quick and straightforward that different digital forms of money. The ecosystem uses a blockchain record keeping dialect which is the Moonword. The Moonword is a basic programming dialect that is solely intended for recordkeeping and coding over the Mooncoin blockchain. Mooncoin uses specialized specifications that make it perfect for specifically recording informational transaction onto blockchain. A portion of the advantages of Moonword include low transaction fees, the lightweight blockchain, quick block time and high expense course.

What is the Mooncoin?

Mooncoin(Moon) is a cryptocurrency that is made to be “individuals arranged” and reasonable. It is straightforward, solid, speedier and more straightforward than Bitcoin. The Mooncoin isn’t an unknown coin like other upcoming or existing coin. On their site, they express that the Mooncoin ecosystem isn’t for criminals and overhyped, which implies the main individuals allowed to use the platform are genuine. The coin is incredible for micropayments.

The Moon dialect is produced to compose and execute codes on the blockchain ecosystem. The ecosystem is made ideal because of features, for example,

mooncoin homepage

Mooncoin innovations

Worked in view of future

The features and advantages together with being a basic, straightforward, quick and individuals situated platform make it the best coin for micropayments. With more than 3 long stretches of involvement in the computerized money industry, Mooncoin offers its users the best-decentralized cryptocurrency platform available.

mooncoin future

Mooncoin Coin – The Cryptocurrency

  • The Mooncoin platform is fundamentally intended for making smaller scale payments.
  • It is anything but difficult to use, making it simple for everybody to begin. In the interim, the money has been on the market for more than three years and has continued to create.
  • There will be a sum of 385,000,000,000,000 coins. This is the normal separation from Earth to the Moon and has given the money its indisputable name.
  • Since the cash was first released on the market, yearly inflation has dependably been below 2%. The engineers of Mooncoin Coin have so far actualized two noteworthy projects:”MoonWord” and “SmartLikes.”
  • MoonWord is a programming dialect. It is basic and for nothing out of pocket. With the assistance of these, coins can be sent to your mooncoin address without an outsider being involved or controlling it.
  • The voice is used to encode or record data on the Mooncoin blockchain. Up to 7 images can be used in one activity.
  • The project “SmartLikes” manages the adaptation of “Preferences.” This implies cash can be produced using it, by creating content that is additionally the subject of numerous other individuals’ issues.


Mooncoin Coin

However, it isn’t just SmartLikes that can profit, but likewise the mining of the cryptocurrency. Mooncoin Coin depends on a proof-of-work algorithm and the block time is 90 seconds for each block. Mooncoin is additionally described by low transaction costs and a huge coin supply.


mooncoin likes

Mooncoin Coin – The Company

  • The author of the company isn’t much to state, aside from that he bears the moniker “deaconboogie.”
  • The company’s theory is to build up a user-situated and decentralized cryptocurrency.
  • It ought not be “built up finished” and not open for criminal exercises. Mooncoin appreciates the coordinated effort and development with and from its community, which has a worldwide reach.
  • It needs to furnish its users with a light, the solid and straightforward cryptocurrency that is quicker than Bitcoin.
  • Mooncoin Coin has been planned such that the platform is totally adaptable and users can assemble and build up their projects within the Mooncoin framework.
  • The platform is intended to be an apparatus to help every one of its users in each regard.

With Mooncoin, you can now:

  • Be in a situation to mine.
  • Have selective access to an outsider pool that is trusted.
  • Have block pioneer get to.
  • Be peaceful with regards to forked.



  • Algorithm: Script
  • Maximum coins: 385,000,000,000 MOON
  • Block time: 90 seconds
  • Pre-mining: None
  • Difficulty re-target period: 8 hours
mooncoin specs



  • The release date of the Mooncoin (2014, July 21st) coincides with the 45th commemoration marking the Apollo’s Lunar landing where 11 space travelers securely touched base on the moon. A single coin was released each time a US dollar was spent on the restrictive space program of the Apollo and continued at a 25.4 billion quickened rate.
  • Each block number that depended on this lunar cycle was granted an exhaustive reward of 2x payout.



The Mooncoin pool changes all the time also. In any case, to get a consolidated finish pool list, the following site gives all the information to both the operational and even the known Mooncoin pools also. (

With regards to its arrangement/hubs, DNS is used to do the Seeds. This annihilates the need to play out any manual charges (include hub).

Throughout the years, the interest with respect to this specific coin has significantly developed and it would not be any amazement to see it supplant and fortify DOGE as among the substitute crypto coins that are most gainful in the market today.

mooncoin wallet


The reasoning is to build up a cash that is user-accommodating and appropriately decentralized. It has stringent encryption that has made it harder for criminal activitiy. Mooncoin appreciates it’s brokers and looks for more joint effort and development towards making the money with a worldwide reach.

The plan for this coin is to give a cryptocurency that is solid and straightforward and far quicker than Bitcoin. It has been composed such that it is straightforward and adaptable, that users can without much of a stretch build up their projects within the Mooncoin framework. With only 3 long stretches of activity, they have prevailing with regards to reaching an unmistakable number of dealers and go for spreading ideally path past its normal community following in the coming years.


The organizer of the company isn’t much to state, with the exception of that he bears the moniker “Deaconboogie.”

The company’s rationality is to build up a user-situated and decentralized cryptocurrency. Team not present on site. Looks obsolete needs some Love.

What you can do with Mooncoin ecosystem

If you are thinking of building your blockchain, the Mooncoin ecosystem is verified to offer the best platform for building a Blockchain. The ecosystem was intended to be adaptable, which implies designers and investors can use it to fabricate their own blockchains. Innovative projects on the Mooncoin blockchain hint at what individuals can do later on.

Moonword likewise has a decentralized platform on the ecosystem known as Smart Likes. The platform can be used to adapt your preferences. The point of Smart Likes is to reshape investing. Instead of going a long path from researching organizations and markets to earn, Smart Likes allow you to like and earn if other individuals like what you enjoyed.

All things considered, Mooncoin is an incredible project with a lot of space for different sorts of projects and blockchains. It offers a place where you can send coins to your Mooncoin address and completely control the recording of information process onto blockchain.

mooncoin roadmap


Mooncoin Coin is a cryptocurrency that has some expertise in micropayments.

The related platform is intended to give users simple and straightforward access to the blockchain so they can completely misuse the upsides of the blockchain and earn cash or build up their projects.

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