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Mobu Review – ICO Guide

What Is Mobu?

Mobu is an end-to-end solution that gives ICOs a chance to dispatch consistent security tokens by means of the blockchain, and it is additionally a decentralized platform. Mobu addresses the difficulty related with launching an ICO with a security token due to the administrative, lawful, and specialized prerequisites. The platform does this with its entire blockchain solution that plans to take away the worry for cryptocurrency developers unsure about the required methods for offering security tokens.

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Mobu Team

The team behind Mobu traverses numerous callings with extensive blockchain encounter. The CEO, Juan Engelbrecht, has involvement with values and stocks in South Africa and on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Notwithstanding having a cost accounting administration degree and involvement with values and stocks, Engelbrecht was an early crypto and blockchain supporter who has worked hard to combine his interests on account of an appreciation for decentralized tech.

The CFO, Paul Pelser, has a twofold business degree and is a qualified sanctioned accountant with a lot of understanding as an evaluator in the greatest neighborhood industrial maker in South Africa. Other team individuals include Izak Viljoen and Petri van Zyl, the lawful counselors, and Frikkie van Biljon, a specialist PC software engineer.

mobu team

What Problem Does Mobu Resolve?

As said, Mobu expects to handle the difficulties related with creating security tokens and in addition other computerized resources that capacity as utility tokens. This is a significant issue since it can be challenging for developers to create agreeable tokens when the framework for them is so indistinct. There are likewise some legitimate entanglements that impede security tokens. This is especially prohibitive since securities are a multitrillion-dollar market but have been disregarded on the blockchain.

The issue originates from the way that the blockchain allows computerized securities to cross outskirts, meaning they will interact with numerous wards. That, in turn, prompts disarray about which controls and laws must be followed along with the issue of trying to follow those directions. This keeps the industry of securities down since computerized securities are more moderate to exchange and buoy, in addition to more practical than their customary partners.

How Does Mobu Resolve the Issue?

Mobu gets appropriate to the base of the issue by providing a platform that developers can use to dispatch security tokens. Mobu offers the skill expected to deal with different controls and laws, ensuring the consistence of their tokens.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Mobu?

Notwithstanding aiding developers and cryptocurrency organizations with launching their security tokens, Mobu offers a scope of different services. It gives guide access to investors that are verified and completely agreeable with security token firms. As far as possible the securities that are exchanged by these approved investors by means of the use of smart contracts that cover approved consistence focuses and due tirelessness.

The Mobu Solution

With Mobu, investors have the certainty required for resource liquidation through the capacity to leave fundraising when the issuer of the security doesn’t follow their settled upon timeline. Mobu additionally gives investors dividends and voting rights. The platform enhances the general effectiveness of the procedure because of the use of blockchain technology and has concurrences with different banks to anticipate blocking crypto-to-fiat transactions.

How Does Mobu Work?

Businesses who need to raise capital by means of security tokens can use Mobu to manufacture their ICOs. The Mobu platform makes theoretical smart contracts that are then extended to adjust to all security token ICOs. This unique smart contract features the required code for conforming with the Mobu ERC-20 platform, and additionally the MOB20 standard for adapting to the prerequisites and thoughts of Mobu.

mobu working

What Is the Token MOBU?

The MOBU token is an utility token following the ERC-20 standard. Of the MOBU tokens, 80 percent are for fundraising endeavors with another 12 percent saved for the team and solidified for a time of multi year. The rest includes 4 percent of tokens for the guides, 3 percent for the bounty, and 1 percent for the airdrop. During the token sale, there will be a delicate top of 1 million USD with a hard top of 35 million USD. The standard price of the token is 0.15 USD with a reward of up to 20 percent, depending on when contributors partake.

Mobu Token

The token sale will begin on Dec. 1, 2018, at 11:00 UTC and last until Jan. 31, 2019, at 11:00 UTC. Members can buy tokens using ETH, BTC, or fiat. Following the tokens, any tokens that are unsold and unallocated will be devastated. Mobu won’t release any more tokens later on. Investors from the USA who are not accredited can’t participate in the ICO.

What Does the Mobu Roadmap Look Like?

The following enormous advance on the Mobu roadmap is the pre-ICO, which will keep running from Sept. 1 to 15. During the pre-ICO, just ETH and BTC are acknowledged. General society ICO will then occur in December 2018 and January 2019. On March 1, 2019, Mobu will be recorded on exchanges. The beta adaptation of Mobu allowing security tokens will dispatch on July 1, 2019.

On Sept. 1, 2019, the Mobu platform will have the first forex PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) account ICO. This will happen if Mobu raises $10 million. Mobu will keep 20 percent of approved tokens to guarantee an increase in Mobu’s an incentive along with the capacity to add resources to the platform. To the extent the Mobu team knows, this would be the simple first forex ICO and guarantee trustworthiness from forex managers about administration fees, resources under administration, and execution figures because of the blockchain.

Oct. 1, 2019, will see the Gold Mining Company recorded on Mobu, which has effectively communicated interest. Nov. 1 will see the Crowdfarming ICO, which is the first of its kind and will happen if Mobu raises $20 million USD. As with the forex PAMM, Mobu will keep 20 percent of the benefit for project development. If Mobu raises at any rate $30 million USD, it will develop and release an administrative friendly crypto exchange on March 1, 2020.

mobu roadmap

Business and Team Vision

As the cryptocurrency market develops, the worldwide reception of ICO fundraising structures has prompted a blast of new capital arrangement that has outpaced both the seed and funding investment markets. The 86 ICOs that were propelled during the first term of 2018 could raise a mammoth measure of US $3,4 billion in absolute. The aggregate expenses of launching fruitful ICOs are significantly more financially savvy in raising funds than IPOs. However, approximately 98% of these ICOs propelled utility tokens.

The securities market is a multi-trillion-dollar field which remains for all intents and purposes immaculate in the blockchain space. We know that a security token start-up can be a lawful, specialized and administrative bad dream. MOBU is a decentralized composed ICO platform that encourages the release of approved security tokens. There are a few

lawful restraints when a security token is considered. At the point when funds are being raised for a security token a KYC/AML process, a SEC 506 C reg D approval and a FSB CIS CAT 2 licensing in South Africa are required. Each nation has different necessities in enactment in terms of this. By partnering with MOBU, cryptocurrency developers will have the capacity to explore the procedure easily. Imagine unlocking that huge potential through a consolidated, enabling and automatic platform?

MOBU offers KYC, AML and SEC approval, innovative escrow services to ICOs, bank support to investors when fiat is changed over to crypto and smart contract development, and encourages every single different process expected to raise funds. MOBU’s user-friendly platform offers non-tech organizations the opportunity to grow their points of view to dispatch security tokens with insignificant fees, instant settlement times and round-the-clock trading. As a sorted out ICO platform MOBU takes care of the issues of cryptocurrency developers who are reluctant and unsure about every one of the strategies required when offering security tokens to the cryptocurrency community. Different organizations in industries, for example, mining, property development and retail will now get the opportunity to legitimately raise funds by means of MOBU. At the point when a security token is made and issued through MOBU, the token is customized to verify who can buy and offer the token.

The security token confines token holders from trading to any address that has not passed the required verifications. With this prepared in confinement, decentralized and secretly run exchanges might have the capacity to lead exchanges to approved members. The limitations give issuers affirmation that their tokens may be held by approved investors. This fundamentally changes the securities market. MOBU makes a network of certainty and assume that will support monetary and operational productivity. It ushers securities onto another decentralized auxiliary market with insignificant fees, instant settlement times, and all day and all night trading.

Mobu Tokens

The MOBU token is the center utility token that powers the MOBU framework. The MOBU token fits in with a MOBU ERC20 platform and a MOB20 standard. MOBU is an open protocol which implies that MOBU token holders can visit any supporting exchange to buy and offer their tokens.

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Mobu Chain Code

At the core of the MOBU platform are an arrangement of smart contracts. These serve to coordinate interactions between members. MOBU smart contracts are conveyed on Ethereum but could be linked to different platforms.


Mobu is a platform intended to help the ICOs of security tokens. Mobu plans to help developers with the muddled idea of following varying directions when issuing a security token by means of its use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. The project has an unmistakable roadmap and can possibly alter the multitrillion-dollar industry of securities.

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