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MobileGo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

MobileGo is the first mobile gaming platform and store took into account the crypto world. Find out everything you have to know about MobileGo today in our review.

What Is MobileGo?

MobileGo, discovered online at, is a crypto-driven mobile gaming platform and store. The store looks surprisingly like the Google Play store (the UIs are about indistinguishable). At the season of writing, MobileGo had around 300 mobile games recorded in the store. Prior to the finish of 2017, the company plans to grow to offer a large number of games.

The store is intended to rival the Google Play Store and other prevalent mobile gaming platforms. MobileGo guarantees higher income shares (90%, contrasted with the 70% offered by the Google Play Store) and 60 hour engineer payouts (contrasted with the multi day payouts offered by the Google Play Store).

MobileGo accomplishes these advantages using the power of cryptocurrency. The mobile game store rotates around the use of MobileGo tokens (GameCredits or GAME).

mobilego homepage

How Does MobileGo Work?

MobileGo rotates around the use of GameCredits (GAME). GameCredits will pay for all in-game transactions and game payments. They can likewise be found in game, or distributed in coupons.

Later on, GameCredits Inc. will run competitions where winners are paid out in GAME tokens. Other planned features for MobileGo include decentralized player-run competitions, decentralized distributed match play, and a decentralized P2P virtual thing marketplace.

These features will be open from inside the mobile store.

MobileGo Features

A portion of the key features of the MobileGo platform include:

  • Gamification of the platform, where users can earn rebates and rewards through playing games or engaging in gaming-like exercises
  • Decentralized virtual marketplace where players can exchange virtual things
  • Decentralized match play and decentralized competitions
  • 300 games from more than 150 engineers, with the goal of launching 1000 games previously the finish of the year

The incorporated gaming competitions will be controlled by gaming designers on the platform with a specific end goal to advance their games. These competitions will be supported competitions that empower player investment.

mobilego esports

Advantages For Game Developers

Today, game engineers essentially have two options for posting their mobile games online: the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. The two stores take around a 30% cut of gaming income.

MobileGo needs to make a more fair framework for game engineers. By giving game designers more rewards, MobileGo needs to urge more engineers to go to their platform. At this moment, the MobileGo platform takes just 10% of income. Moreover, designers can get payouts in as meager as 60 hours – contrasted with the 60 days you may need to sit tight for the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Another issue is that designers confront long waiting periods while adding new forms to the mobile app stores. MobileGo, conversely, allows speedy and simple integration of SDKs. It accomplishes this by using an integration domain where engineers can transfer their APK record.

The framework checks Google Play for verification, at that point downloads the confirmed APK from that point. MobileGo uses this framework to maintain quality control while avoiding excesses of game updates.

In synopsis, the three center advantages of MobileGo for designers include:

Quicker payouts (60 hours instead of 60 days)

Quicker and more regular updates

Higher level of gaming income (10% instead of the 30% taken by Google or Apple)

MobileGo Tokens

MobileGo’s crowdsale occurred between April 25 and May 24. half of funds raised through that crowdsale were committed solely to market. One of the key marketing systems of MobileGo is to use “installs” through Facebook and Google AdWords, where gamers can install an app straightforwardly from the promotion without navigating to the app store.

As gamers accomplish levels of status in the MobileGo platform, they’ll be rewarded with MobileGo tokens. Gamers that possess or have obtained a certain number of MobileGo tokens might be qualified for the following incentives:

Coupon reward rebates when using GameCredits to buy in-game substance

Free passageway into VIP gaming competitions with real money prizes

Private beta testing of certain new release games in the store

100 million MobileGo tokens were made in complete. 70 million were released through the crowdsale, while 30 million were retained by the MobileGo Foundation. Notwithstanding the half of funds used for marketing, MobileGo will commit 20% for development and 30% for lawful fees, payment processing buoys, and future development.

mobilego token

About MobileGo

MobileGo released its initially brought together competitions by July/August 2017. By Q4 2017, they would like to accomplish finish gamification of the mobile platform, including MobileGo token integration into player profiles, statuses, and rewards.

They likewise plan to dispatch their decentralized virtual gamer marketplace before Q4 2017. By Q1 2018, the company plans to totally integrate decentralized gamer matches and decentralized gamer competitions.

Combined, the MobileGo team has more than 25 long stretches of involvement in game development. Key individuals from the team include title level gamer Sergey Sholom, PhD, who established Datcroft Games Ltd. in 2004.

Other key individuals from the team include Vesselin Peev, Nikola Djokic, CTO, and Maxim Sholom, PhD.

What is MobileGo Coin?

MobileGo Coin is a computerized cash that allows the player of an online game to buy content from the game. These coins can be acquired with credit card or other payment techniques and used for all games effectively online.

Since Google Play and the Apple Store just acknowledge credit card payments, the producer needs to be one stage ahead with different other payment techniques. Any store breaking points ought to likewise not be available on this platform. MobileGo depends on Tidey, Liqui and AllCoin.

In our eyes, MGO is one of the best gaming coins out there.

What is this unique kind of cryptocurrency used for?

MobileGo Coins are used for in-game buys in chosen online games exhibited on the designer’s platform. Along these lines, players can buy specific and significant things in the game and use them for all intents and purposes.

In excess of 150 designers have just offered their games in which this extraordinary type of cash can be used. The credits are acquired with credit card or different methods for payment and changed over into coins in the game.

Mobile Go Tokens are required to reward and advance the dynamic support and faithfulness of players to the platform.  This likewise empowers the use of Smart Contract technology.

This is the best way to make a virtual and decentralized gaming marketplace where gamers versus gamers and competitions are made conceivable.

How is development and marketing financed?

Marketing expenses and branding of the GameCredits Store are financed and encouraged by the issuance of the MobileGo Tokens and MobileGo Crowdsale.


Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are changing the way projects are being crowdfunded, creating another age blockchain-based tokens like appcoins and resources. Despite the fact that ICOs began with Mastercoin’s generally humble entirety of around 500,000 USD, they are presently taking new extents.

As time cruises by, it appears that investors are becoming less attentive with regards to investing in blockchain-based crowdfunds. Presently, it isn’t phenomenal for ICOs to accumulate millions on their first day (or minutes) and that is precisely what MobileGo, one of the biggest crowdfunding efforts in history, has done.

Kicking its ICO off with 4 million dollars on the first day, MobileGo has pulled in finished $26 million (or 6,800 BTC) up until this point, making it a standout amongst the best ICOs ever, second just to the DAO, and the fourth best crowdfunding project in the entire world. Also, the ICO isn’t even finished yet, with five days left until the end.

Facilitated by GameCredits Inc., the MobileGo ICO allows users to exchange a few built up digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, GAME, and others in exchange for MobileGo (MGO) tokens, which will bring a few advantages to its holders and help shape nature of the GameCredit’s Moblie Store, a platform for mobile games with more than 300 games by 150 different engineers.

mobilego platform


The MobileGo ICO won’t just help fund the Gamecredit’s Mobile Store marketing and branding endeavors, but it will likewise gamify the platform using Ethereum-based smart contract, allowing users to contend among themselves in a decentralized way and to earn rewards and notoriety at the same time.

The MobileGo token features a portion of the most recent patterns in the blockchain space, for example, double blockchain capacities and a buyback program that will see the token supply diminish after some time. The double blockchain usefulness allows users to exchange tokens between the Ethereum and Waves blockchains using BlockSwap technology.

However, the main part of these tokens are not their specialized qualities in essence, but rather the capacity they serve within the platform. Despite the fact that the GameCredit’s Mobile Store as of now features its own cryptocurrency, GAME, Ivica Simatovic, CEO at GameCredits Inc, explained to Bitcoinist why a second token is vital.

GameCredits CEO Ivica Simatovic

He stated:

The MobileGO token will be used to give numerous imperative features to Gamecredits Store in view of smart contracts. In this store there will be 2 tokens: 1 for processing (Gamecredits) and another for competitions, betting, virtual market put (MGO).

That, as well as reward clients with rebates, free access to VIP competitions and access to private game beta stages.

“This store will be an exceptional and unique place for gamers where they will get services they can not find in different spots,” includes Simatovic.


In spite of the fact that ICOs are not new, they are certainly one of the new rages in the realm of investment. Not just has the worldwide cryptocurrency market top multiplied in estimate in May alone, a huge number of dollars continued flowing into ICOs like MobileGo, Gnosis, Aragon,etc. with numerous more in the pipeline.

Albeit some have concerns regarding Initial Coin Offerings and the absence of direction or guidelines, ICOs are providing new routes for business visionaries to get their projects off the ground, which wouldn’t be so natural through banks and VC firms.

While without a doubt unfamiliar domain, ICO are shaping the eventual fate of technology allowing engineers to try different things with blockchain technology freely and to fabricate decentralized and trustless applications, which were unrealistic previously.

How To Buy MobileGo?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy MobileGo. Well, first of all you will need to know the exchanges where you will be able to buy it. This section will help you to know how to buy it and where to buy it. At the moment, you can buy it from Cryptopia and HitBTC.

MobileGo Conclusion

MobileGo is a yearning gaming platform that expects to contend with Apple and Google’s app stores. To rival these monsters, MobileGo needs to combine the advantages of cryptocurrency with the across the board prevalence of mobile games. Designers earn a higher income share (90% contrasted with 70%) and appreciate quicker payouts.

MobileGo plans to dispatch player competitions and a P2P virtual thing marketplace before the finish of the year. The company just as of late finished its ICO, which saw the release of 100,000,000 GameCredits (GAME).

Visit to learn more about where this project is going later on.

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