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MobileBridge Momentum Review – ICO Guide

About MobileBridge Momentum

The MobileBridge Momentum is a genuinely troublesome, rewards based marketing machine that stands to break the marketing mold. The Momentum allows marketers to allot an incentive to each activity that positively influences their sales. Organizations will pay their most significant clients specifically to help grow their business, instead of costly, outsider marketing offices. The MobileBridge Momentum Platform allows the dispatch of 1000’s of individual reward programs, all fuelled by the Momentum Token. Existing loyalty platforms, itself a $4Bn market*, can be supplanted or changed into reward based incentive programs using the MobileBridge Momentum Platform. In North America alone there is $100Bn of unused loyalty points. This squandered potential can be used to change inactive and drilled clients into mark supporters. Industry specialists and prepared marketing, programming and retail pioneers share our vision that this will fundamentally change an industry. Our team has significant involvement in building a portion of the world’s leading advanced items and answers for organizations universally. A self-directed approach minimizes the hazard for any proprietor of the Momentum token.

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One way that a company can construct loyalty in its brands in the marketplace is by appealing to its potential client base by means of marketing efforts. However, as time change customary marketing contrivances are starting to turn out to be ineffective on clients as they are frequently seriously coordinated, lacking individual appeal and in a few instances appear as spam to customers.

The MobileBridge Momentum is a really troublesome, rewards-based marketing machine

By using the Momentum Token or launching their own marked crypto tokens on the Momentum Platform, organizations can not just reward their clients in exchange for their buys and loyalty, but additionally reward consideration, mark support and data insights, while giving the consumer full control of their data. Consumers will have the capacity to effortlessly use and make the most of their cryptocurrency reward tokens, but can likewise exchange their reward tokens into other marked reward tokens.

momentumbridge working

At the core of the Momentum ecosystem is the MobileBridge Momentum Token which is an utility. According to the team behind Momentum, The MobileBridge Momentum platform will bring consumers two things they don’t get today; applicable marketing that is really associated with what they think about, and an offer in the esteem they bring to a brand or retailer.

The Momentum token sale is coming in the first quarter of 2018 and a considerable measure of investors are looking forward to it. Watch out for the Momentum site for more information on the occasion and any conceivable whitelisting openings.

So for what reason should you consider investing in the Momentum ICO, these are my best reasons:

Reason 1 — Existing Company

The Momentum ICO is made by the company Mobile scaffold, it is an existing company and they effectively offer a comparable service to big organizations. The service is demonstrated to work and by implementing cryptographic forms of money in the service they offer it will upgrade the present service because of the considerable number of preferences the use of digital forms of money bring, Security and straightforwardness are two main things that will increase in the service quality.

Reason 2 — Existing customers

Mobile scaffold as of now works with big organizations, these organizations aren’t the smallest one either. This demonstrates Mobile scaffold is regarded and that they as of now fabricate involvement. The 2 biggest customer they at present have are Burger King and Volkswagen. Those are organizations that are perceived the world over.

Reason 3 — Gateway to cryptocurrency

Clients who might earn momentum tokens by investing their opportunity can exchange those tokens for different cryptographic forms of money. Along these lines a new gathering of potential users will be added to the crypto economy. Wish will positively affect all of crypto.

Reason 4 — Loyalty rewards are growing

The estimation of loyalty rewards continues increasing, but with that increasment the measure of unused loyalty rewards additionally increases. Furthermore, this is the thing that the momentum business is about. This is positive, it demonstrates that momentum will work in a growing market.

mobilebridge momentum platform


Q1, 2017

Release of MobileBridge Loyalty module.

H2, 2017

Technology system and blockchain blue-print.

Q1, 2018

Momentum Token Sale.

H1, 2018

Infrastructure development and Proof of Concept.

MID, 2019

Token Alliance.

H2, 2018

Reward Token Storage.

MID, 2018

Link blockchain for User Profile Storage.

Q2, 2018

Useful development commence.

H2, 2019

Mirror/Extend Existing Loyalty Programs.


Store Promotion and Assets.


Loyalty Infrastructure positioning.

mobilebridge momentum roadmap

So what does Momentum offer:

Momentum needs to bring change in how organizations handle their client loyalty exercises and along these lines enhance client relations.

Organizations can use the momentum token or dispatch their own token to connect with the client. This will increase their group of onlookers measure and the insights of that gathering of people.

Clients can earn tokens by investing their opportunity promoting a company. This can be giving insights by answering inquiries, making a buy, leaving a review and that’s just the beginning.

The tokens or should I say reward they gain can be exchanged for cash or cryptographic forms of money or Discounts.

Specialized depiction

The platform will work as follows:

From the point of perspective of the consumer:

Consumers get tokens as a reward for purchasing goods and services, distributing information about the brand or providing individual data. Consumers and use these tokens to pay for goods and services of the organizations. Members of loyalty programs on the platform, get rebates, exchange for cryptocurrency, and so on.

From the point of perspective of business (Partners):

Organizations who buy the tokens of MobileBridge Momentum can move toward becoming individuals and make their own particular loyalty program tokens.

mobilebridge momentum eco

How Does Momentum Token Work?

Momentum Token’s essential capacity is to be used as a loyalty token in frameworks of organizations which need to use token-based incentives. They can be used to reward clients for supporting a certain brand. The company expresses that individuals using comparable items can influence their users to be in excess of 100 times more dynamic on their apps and assemble 40 times more client data.

mobilebridge momentum services

This, the company states, can change the manner in which that organizations think marketing and boost the transformation procedure. The platform can target users using complete data like their area and conduct. This will empower them to advance their offers base on this data and show signs of improvement rate of profitability in marketing.

Additionally, it gives the users will full control of their data. They can pitch it for tokens of keeping it to themselves. This is a good framework because it gives more organization to the users and influences them to trust that it tends to be a good plan to offer their data because they will have the capacity to benefit from it.

mobilebridge momentum features

The cryptocurrency won’t just be used as a loyalty token. They can be used as a money on the platform to pay for services and buy goods or can be exchanged for promotional rewards. The tokens will dependably be the property of the customer and they won’t go to squander if you don’t use them.

How To Invest In Momentum Token ICO?

If you need to buy Momentum Tokens, you should sit tight for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of this company. The general population sale will begin on March 26 and it will last about multi month. The hard top of the sale will be € 42,000,000 EUR and the delicate top will be € 2,500,000 EUR.

The price per token will be € 0.10 EUR (or $0.12 USD) and half of the aggregate supply of tokens, 500,000,000 units, will be sold in the sale.

mobilebridge momentum sale

The Momentum Token ICO Verdict

Is Momentum a good investment for you? It can certainly be. While this isn’t really the most original company on the planet, it has some solid initiative and a good business plan, so there isn’t much shot that this company will fluke and not achieve its goals. The tokens are as yet being sold at an exceptionally shabby cost, so you should opportunity to secure a great deal of tokens and offer them for more cash later.

If you need to use the platform, it can likewise be a good plan to buy the tokens now because they will be more costly later and this will empower you to benefit increasingly when you use them as loyalty tokens for your customers. Because of this, it is obvious to use that the Momentum Tokens can be a good investment for you.

mobilebridge momentum token

Despite everything you have some an opportunity to think if buying these tokens is a good thought for you or not. Because of this, take as much time as necessary and dissect this company to know if this can clearly be a good investment or if you just rather search for a superior one.

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