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Minexcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

MinexCoin was made with the objective of enhancing the mass selection of digital currencies. Here’s our MinexCoin review.

What Is MinexCoin?

MinexCoin (MNX), is a decentralized payment framework in view of blockchain technology. Not at all like other emerging digital forms of money that use Ethereum’s blockchain, MinexCoin uses bitcoin’s blockchain.

MinexCoin propelled its initial coin offering (ICO) on May 15, 2017. That ICO went for 30 days, during which an aggregate of 150,000 MinexCoins were distributed.

One of the real selling features of MinexCoin is its low unpredictability. Dissimilar to different digital currencies, whose prices can change uncontrollably, MinexCoin is intended to remain steady and solid throughout the years.

Obviously, most digital forms of money make comparable guarantees – so it remains to be checked whether MinexCoin can satisfy this objective. However, the engineers have officially reported certain supply/request direction instruments (like parking) to guarantee the cash is kept stable.

All things considered, MinexCoin claims that its low unpredictability makes it an alluring methods for esteem stockpiling and a dependable methods for payment. Continue reading to learn more about how MinexCoin plans to be the following enormous cryptocurrency.

minexcoin homepage

How Does MinexCoin Limit Volatility?

The designers of MinexCoin assert that they decrease instability through the framework’s self-ruling calculation called MinexBank. MinexBank is basically a national bank. The national bank uses financial instruments to allow dealers to win from the exchange rate margin without harming the coin’s ecosystem.

Those financial instruments include an online shopping platform, a computerized exchange platform, and an investment platform. As the designers of MinexCoin explain,

“The instruments available at Minex empower you to store your cash securely, go through them with a few ticks, and even obtain ensured incomes by simply helping the framework to remain stable.”

As it were, MinexCoin will have high liquidity and more purchasing power than other computerized resources. Together, these features will constrain unpredictability and guarantee the security of the advantage.

We’ll get more into the investment and shopping features of MinexCoin down below.

minexcoin features

Parking With MinexCoin

Like certain different digital forms of money, MinexCoin gives you “a chance to stop” your coins as an investment. Parking your coins will increase your stock and help to balance out the financial framework. When you “stop” your coins, you briefly suspend a certain measure of coins in your wallet keeping in mind the end goal to get interest payments.

The engineers of MinexCoin guarantee you can procure up to 70% returns for every year for the measure of your stopped resource without losing the alternative of using it whenever.

minexcoin platform

Spending With MinexCoin

MinexCoin gives you a chance to spend money through the MinexMarket. MinexMarket gives you a chance to offer and buy any merchandise and ventures in exchange for MNX. This is a key feature of the coin’s high liquidity.

The engineers of MinexCoin are additionally creating a MinexCoin platinum card to make trading considerably less demanding, which would improve the solidness and estimation of the platform much further.

MinexPlatform gives you a chance to make advanced resources and place them on the essential market. As the MinexCoin site explains, “The platform’s community will turn into the main investor of your project.”

On the investor side of things, MinexCoin allows investors to settle on an informed decision on investments while tracking the estimation of their investments after some time.

In layman’s terms, MinexPlatform gives organizations a chance to offer offers of their company – like advanced tokens or crypto-resources – through the MinexCoin framework.

A key piece of the MinexPlatform will be the Minex Exchange, which is a decentralized online exchange that allows users to unreservedly exchange tokens, monetary forms, and other computerized resources that were made on the MinexPlatform.

minexcoin tech

About MinexCoin

MinexCoin is an upcoming cryptocurrency (MNX) and trading platform with driven objectives. Notwithstanding launching a steady cryptocurrency, MinexCoin plans to make a shopping marketplace, a MinexPlatform where individuals can make other computerized resources, and a MinexBank. The ICO is taking spot between May and June, 2017. Here’s the timeline:

May 15, 2017: ICO begins

June 15, 2017: MinexCoin enters flow, and MinexBank is propelled

1Q 2018: MinexPlatform

2Q 2018: MinexExchange

4Q 2018: MinexMarket

The development team is driven by Boris Shulyaev (CEO and Founder), Ruslan Babych (CTO), and Vladyslav Zaichuk (Lead Blockchain Developer).

minexcoin roadmap

How Does Minex Work?

Minex and its Minexcoin money guarantee to be a steady and viable cash. Here are a portion of the center features of Minex and Minexcoin:

Retains Its Value:

Minex claims that the Minexcoin has a “straightforward and unsurprising approach of controllable instability”, making it a steady resource for retaining purchasing power and forming saves. The coin likewise claims to have high liquidity, allowing users to have full control over their portfolio.

Enlarge The Value:

You can “enlarge” the estimation of your Minexcoin by parking your coins. Parking will incidentally suspend any measure of coins in your own wallet in exchange for interest payments. Minexcoin claims users can win “up to 70% for every annum” for the measure of the stopped resource.

Use The Value:

Minex has a platform called “MinexMarket” where users can buy and offer any merchandise and ventures in exchange for MNX. The Minex market makes trading tasks for MNX simple. It likewise maintains the high liquidity of the coin, because users can instantly spend coins at the market.

Make Value:

Minex allows users to make computerized resources and place them on the MinexMarket. “The platform’s community will turn into the main investor of your project.”

Change over The Value:

The Minex Exchange is a decentralized online exchange where users can uninhibitedly exchange tokens, monetary forms, and other advanced resources made on Minex.


The MinexWallet allows users to store Minexcoins in a basic, safe app. They can offer and stop their coins.

Generally, Minexcoin is a computerized money that allows users to interact with the Minex platform, which is a full-featured network of items and services based on decentralized blockchain technology. The network guarantees to offer lessened block time and increased block estimate.

As far as favorable circumstances, Minexcoin transactions claim to be path speedier than those of bitcoin. Another favorable position is that Minexcoin is planned with minimum unpredictability. Obviously, various monetary standards guarantee to offer low unpredictability, but not all convey on that guarantee.

minexcoin services

What Problems Does Minex Seek To Solve?

The most concerning issue Minex tries to comprehend is instability. To tackle that issue, Minex will execute various adjustment features into the Minexcoin cryptocurrency.

Obviously, other blockchain organizations have executed comparable adjustment features in the past – and these features aren’t generally effective.

The Minexcoin whitepaper, for instance, says that DigixDAO backs its DGX tokens with a proportional measure of gold physically put away in a vault in Singapore. ChronoBank, then, makes its own particular work market where every LH token is pegged to the normal worth of a work-hour.

The Minexcoin whitepaper trusts that projects like this have “a few fundamental defects”. That is because they’re pegged to a temperamental resource – like gold or a work constrain. In view of that, Minexcoin actualizes a “self-ruling financial framework” that adjusts the money. That framework prompts two center advantages of Minexcoin:

  • Low instability of the coin (within a 5% territory), accomplished self-rulingly through conventional financial apparatuses
  • Unsurprising and controllable yearly development of the coin’s price which corresponds with normal yearly price development figured for an arrangement of most famous altcoins (around 33.6%)

That solidness is made by an association called MinexBank. MinexBank will balance out the exchange rate within a scope of 5% of the earlier day’s closing price. If the point of confinement esteems are come to during this period, at that point MinexBank will change the interest rates for parking payouts, or will intervene to keep the price within the preset range (i.e. they’ll buy and offer tokens).

The Minexcoin Token Sale

There’s an aggregate supply of 19 million Minexcoins, or MNX. 5.5 million MNX coins have been pre-mined. 2.7 million coins were available through the ICO, which occurred in May 2017. 300,000 MNX are available for bounties. 1.5 million are saved for MinexBank’s save fund, while 1 million are saved for designers’ and consultants’ capital.

The coin uses the Mars hashing calculation and has a block size of 2MB, with a block time of 2m45s. The token depends on bitcoin’s source code.

Who’s Behind Minex?

Minex is driven by Boris Shulyaev (CEO and Founder), Ruslan Babych (CTO), and Vladyslav Zaichuk (Lead Blockchain Developer).

The company, MinexSystems Limited, is registered in Hong Kong under partnership enlistment number 2569398.

Cryptocurrencies are an incredibly unstable resource class, where price changes of upwards to 20 to 30 percent are viewed as the every day standard. Given that dealers are becoming more open to accepting crypto as payment, numerous are looking for answers for account for unpredictability in payment.

One project that is looking to handle this issue is Minexcoin, a worldwide payment framework based on low-unpredictability crypto-resources that are managed by a self-governing calculation with strategies demonstrated in customary financial markets. Minexcoin is a low-unpredictability cryptocurrency with an anticipated price development where the long haul estimation of the coin depends on its yearly development of 33.6 percent. With a specific end goal to decrease its unpredictability, supply/request control devices, for example, market interventions and coin parking are used.

minexcoin team


According to the Minexcoin whitepaper, there are two central point that make the cryptocurrency one of a kind:

  • Low unpredictability of the coin (within a five-percent run) accomplished self-sufficiently with
  • conventional financial apparatuses
  • Unsurprising and controllable yearly development of the coin’s price which relates with
  • normal yearly price development figured for an arrangement of most well known altcoins (around 33.6 percent).

The way to Minexcoin’s steady price activity is a self-governing intelligent calculation called MinexBank, which uses “Parking,” an apparatus that works like verification of-stake mining, allowing users to store their coins for a select day and age. This can extend from multi day to an entire year, which rewards up to 70 percent interest.

The other real device that Minexcoin influences to guarantee stable pricing is ‘intervention,’ a where MinexBank buys or pitches Minexcoin to keep the exchange rate within the predetermined range. To accomplish this, there was a premine of 1,500,000 coins that will be recharged through confirmation of-work mining.

The Minexcoin team plans on expanding their ecosystem by incorporating applications, for example, Minex Market, Minex Exchange, and Minex Platform. As of late, the Minexcoin team reported a fruitful Atomic Swap between the Miexcoin and bitcoin chains. This is an initial move towards developing a completely decentralized exchange framework, but it is essential to take note of that there are various specialized obstructions they are yet to survive.

minexcoin project

How To Buy Minexcoin?

While reading this review you must be thinking about how to buy Minexcoin. This section will help you to know how to buy Minexcoin and where to buy it. However, you will need to buy an exchange first. At the moment, this coin isn’t available at many exchanges still you can check this list of exchanges to know more.

MinexCoin Summary

Minex is a cryptocurrency platform with a marketplace, computerized resources exchange, wallet, and different features. The platform rotates around use of an advanced cash called Minexcoin. What makes Minex different from the many comparable platforms available today? The difference lies in how Minex’s cryptocurrency works. You can gain 70% ROI for every year on Minexcoin (during the primary year) by “parking” your money. This money will then be used to balance out the estimation of the coin. The coin’s price won’t change past a 5% territory (2.5% up or down) every day. If the price changes against that breaking point, an administrative body called the MinexBank will advance in to adjust the price.

MinexBank can change interest rates for investors. Or then again, it can take an interest in the market itself, buying or selling Minexcoins to adjust the price.

To learn more about Minex, or to find the platform online today, visit

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