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Medicalchain Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Medicalchain is a blockchain for electronic health records. Find out everything you have to know about the technology today in our review.

What Is Medicalchain?

Medicalchain, discovered online at, is one of a few organizations seeking to introduce blockchain technology to the electronic health records (EHR) industry.

The blockchain securely stores health records and maintains a single adaptation of reality. Different medical associations and individuals – like specialists, healing facilities, labs, and insurers – can ask for permission to get to a patient’s record from the blockchain. Patients have more control over who sees their data, while healthcare suppliers can give better patient care in view of more precise data.

The blockchain is right now in development. Medicalchain is working with Coinsilium, NHS, Wings, and Hyperledger to bring the platform to life.

medicalchain homepage

Medicalchain Features

Medicalchain offers the greater part of the following features:

Protection And Access Control:

Medicalchain gives users full access and control of their data and how their data is shared. Users have the usefulness of providing different access levels to different users. They would setup be able to get to permissions and give certain suppliers permission to compose data to their blockchain.

Specialist To Patient Communication:

The specialist to quiet platform allows users to specifically associate with healthcare experts. Patients can share their records, get second opinions, and discuss online with medical experts through a secure channel. Users chat with real specialists from anyplace on the planet. In the mean time, specialists get payment for the time went through communicating with patients.

Licensing Health Records:

Users have full control over their patient data on the blockchain. Patients can permit their electronic health records to different gatherings – say, pharmaceutical organizations – for research. Users can likewise set breaking points on to what extent organizations approach this data, and which specific information they’ll have the capacity to get to.

App Development Platform:

Medicalchain will allow outsider engineers to manufacture decentralized apps on the Medicalchain platform. Conceivable health apps could include pharmaceutical appraisals, wearable data interactivity, fat estimation apps, eat less carbs and dietary counsel, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These apps could be taken into account specific user information.

medicalchain app development


The Medicalchain ecosystem rotates around MedTokens. Patients will concede access to their health record to apps where they can be used in exchange for MedTokens.

Advantages Of Medicalchain

Medicalchain expects to offer the following center advantages to patients and healthcare suppliers:

Data must be gotten to by the patient’s private key; even if the database is hacked, the patient’s data will be confused (it’s altogether encoded).

Patients have full control over accessing their healthcare data; patients will control who sees their data and what they see.

Instantaneous exchange of medical data, where each individual from the distributed network of the health mind blockchain would have similar data for the patient; there’s a decreased danger of blunders, and better patient care.

How Does Medicalchain Work?

Here’s the essential procedure used in a Medicalchain transaction and data passage:

  • Data is created. The patient’s wearable gadget could produce data. A specialist could compose a note to the blockchain, or a drug specialist could apportion medicine.
  • The data is scrambled and given a personality that is put away on the patient’s blockchain; this data is sent to distributed storage.
  • Data is asked. The ID on the blockchain is used to recover the scrambled data.
  • The data is unscrambled, at that point showed on the important gadget or application.

Who’s Behind Medicalchain?

Medicalchain is driven by Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, Mo Tayeb, Jay Povey, and Robert Miller Jr.

Development of Medicalchain began in mid 2016 when originator Dr. Albeyatti identified an issue with writing clinical notes on patients being released out of the healing facility and having their care exchanged back to their family specialist. These notes – called “Release Summaries” – contained a generous measure of critical information. This information was normally composed in freestyle message by specialists. Notes are liable to mistakes. Specialists may overlook certain information, or certain information might be unintelligible.

To address this issue, the team made a platform called Discharge Summary. Release Summary is as of now in use at healing facilities within the UK. Medicalchain is intended to be a more fleshed out, blockchain-based variant of Discharge Summary.

medicalchain platform

The Medicalchain Token Sale

Medicalchain tokens, or MedTokens, can be used to pay for hosting and capacity of the record on the private blockchain. Specialists and other healthcare experts will likewise get tokens as a reward for remotely reviewing medical information and providing medical exhortation. Finally, pharmaceutical organizations can reward patients in exchange for accessing certain health information.

The Medicalchain pre-sale started on September 15, 2017. The ICO crowdsale began on February 1.

Company Overview

After the conceptualization of thoughts in 2016, Medicalchain has situated itself as the leading company in digitizing health records. The medicalchain team has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the suggestions that can be made by providing a platform for other advanced health applications to create on.

MedToken Team and Long Term Expenses

The Medicalchain team will recover 34% of the issued MedTokens. This 34% can be separated further as 10% will have officially vested, 12% vests more than 2 years, 12% more than 4 years, 15% to the Founders, 8% towards company development, 11% will be dished to the team, counsels, and early patrons.

Business and Technical Strategy

Medicalchain will be a platform for other advanced health applications to create on. The Medicalchain team is as of now developing two applications to work with its platform. These applications will consist of a specialist – patient Telemedicine application and a healthcare marketplace. The Telemedicine application will allow users to consult specialists in real time, remotely for just a little expense. The marketplace will offer power to the users by allowing the, to negotiate business terms with outsiders for elective uses or applications of their health data. Medicachain wants to bring more application to the platform adding an incentive to stakeholders.

Medicalchain wants to actualize a digitized healthcare platform to eliminate the flaws in the present healthcare framework today. According to John Hopkins University, medical blunders account for the third leading cause in passings every year with 251,454 passings in 2016. Medicalchain can assume a prominent part in eliminating these blunders. Medicalchain will increase the security dangers identified with patient data also.

Guide Medicalchain

Medicalchain’s plan for the future consists of here and now application testing for Telemedicine, and in addition an overall dispatch set to happen in the beginning of 2019. Medicalchain is as of now occupied with a few community battles to bring issues to light of the project and the advantages of blockchain technology for healthcare users. It is Medicalchains top need to inform users on blockchain technology and how it will accommodate a more secure handling of their health data. Medicalchain trusts that influential users whom witness the advantages of Medicalchain will be the deciding variable for advance patient on boarding. The Medicalchain team will work alongside clinicians to aircraft tester with consenting patients and help suppliers with patient focused on marketing to enhance user reception.

Token Use

The motivation behind the MedToken is to power the Medicalchain ecosystem and go about as a unit of exchange for patients who wish to share their health record to apps.

medicalchain records

Use of Funds

Funds raised through the crowdsale will be distributed as appeared previously. One region of distribution not discussed yet is the 31% of tokens used for community development. Keeping in mind the end goal to build up the community, Medicalchain will use the funds of the tokens to teach others about the project, bring accomplices to its platform, conducting pilots, and sponsoring industry drove events.


The Medicalchain team is a one of a kind mix of clinicians, engineers, and designers. This mixing pot of foundations is indispensable to creating precisely what Medicalchain dreams. The team consists of nine different nationalities, each carrying their own points of view and encounters of healthcare in their own particular nations.


Counselors backing the Medicalchain team originate from different foundations inside of the healthcare segment. Medicalchain has 8 counsels which is on the bigger side contrasted with organizations launching ICOs.


Medicalchain is leading the charge in making a truly necessary change in the healthcare industry. Medicalchain platforms can make it simpler for patients to share information all while feeling secured with the highest level of security.

Medicalchain is developing Telemedicine platforms making it less demanding and more moderate to lead specialists visits. The technology made by Medicalchain could start the invention of wristbands that will contain imperative health records of individuals, so if in a crisis, medical staff can obtain archives.

Medical chain is building a platform for different apps to create off of making it the main company in digitizing health records. Medical Chains guide is obtainable and straightforward.

medicalchain privacy


Medicalchain needs to make a great deal of attention to help early appropriation of the technology. If early adopters don’t care for the Medicalchain platform then it might be extremely difficult to get general society to receive this technology in their lives.

Current State of Healthcare

Healthcare frameworks are slow and difficult to oversee.

Helpless against outside assaults. Illustration: Wannacry assault

Sharing user data is difficult with different industries because the healthcare data scene is fragemented

No incentive to stay up with the latest.

Medicine is being democratized. There is a shift of specialist as of late.

Realize that Clinicians require this user data to settle on informed choices on what kind of treatment a patient needs to undergo. In this way, a patients nature of care can endure because of incomplete medical history. Below is where you can see the measure of passings that happened because of medical blunder:

Hazard management – Patient Safety

A patient would grand be able to or disallow access to his own medical records voluntarily. However, if there is a crisis and the patient is non-responsive, at that point the specialists can get be allowed access by scanning the arm ornament.

Crisis arm jewelery that can be checked to open medical information if the patient is non responsive

Crisis arm jewelery that can be checked to open medical information if the patient is non responsive

Patients name

Next of kin


hypersensitivities and known strategies

How To Buy Medicalchain

While reading this review you must be thinking about how to buy Medicalchain. However, this section will help you to know how to buy Medicalchain and where to buy it. At the moment, you can buy it from exchanges like KuCoin and

Medicalchain Conclusion

There are various organizations seeking to introduce blockchain technology to electronic health records (EHR). However, Medicalchain is by all accounts especially far along in its development. The company has just released a platform at healing centers over the UK. Medicalchain looks to develop that platform. The final product is better patient data stockpiling, better medical care, and a more effective EHR framework.

To learn more about Medicalchain, or to take an interest in the crowdsale, visit online today at

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