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Media Protocol Review – ICO Guide

What Is Media Protocol?

MEDIA Protocol is a platform that can straightforwardly remunerate content makers for their work, with no go betweens taking a cut or collecting private data. The MEDIA protocol isn’t an app itself, but rather a product development unit that programmers can use to make decentralized apps; one has just been made using the platform.

The gathering has additionally released its own particular cryptocurrency, the MEDIA token, which will fill in as the sole cash used in the ecosystem of apps constructed using the platform.

media protocol homepage

Team Behind the MEDIA Protocol

MEDIA Protocol is the work of a tolerably large team of sixteen representatives. The team is generally youthful, but a significant number of them are highly proficient programmers with astounding instructive foundations. A great part of the team additionally works for, an artificial intelligence company that has effectively built up a few powerful platforms for the marketing and correspondences industries.

MEDIA Protocol’s project has not yet gained much scope from online productions, and the gathering has no nearness on social media beside a Telegram page with less than 30 followers. However, this is reasonable considering that the company is still from the get-go in its roadmap; the platform isn’t expected to be released until the second quarter of 2018, and still, at the end of the day it will at present be a work in progress for no less than a couple of more months.

In spite of the fact that the company still has a low profile online, agents are right now presenting the platform at a few gatherings every month all around the globe.

MEDIA Protocol’s Technology

MEDIA Protocol’s genuine item is a product development pack intended to effectively make the back-end engineering for decentralized apps intended to share media, including videos, music, or content.

Content makers can specifically publish their work, and earn benefits from users if they set up a membership or paywall feature, or from sponsors who gain presentation through the movement they draw. Users can likewise earn tokens for their investment, either as a reward for distributing content over their social networks or from sponsors who give careful consideration. At last, each app that actualizes the protocol will differ in the two its reward framework and its content.

The first app developing using the MEDIA Protocol is called CryptoCatnip; an early form is as of now available on both Google Play and iTunes, but it won’t be completely practical until the point that the MEDIA token is released. The app is totally given to cryptocurrency news.

The platform will likewise include a Content Recommendation Server, which will use the team’s existing ability with artificial intelligence to interface users with content they’d almost certainly be interested in. The framework sounds amazingly propelled, using labels and watchwords as well as a complex engine that can investigate content to determine its point and topics.

All of MEDIA Protocol’s work is open source, so users can examine the code for themselves to verify its security and solidness.

media protocol tech

Product Details

MEDIA Protocol’s work will be published on GitHub, so programming designers interested in using it to make an app will have the capacity to access it for nothing. The association’s site and distributions make no specify of licensing fees.

The gathering states that its MEDIA tokens will be sold in an ICO, beginning with a private sale in the first quarter of 2018 and progressing to a full sale one quarter later, but neither its site nor its distributions offer any insights about the sale’s date, prices, or know-your-client measures.

The main information offered about the token is that it is ERC-20 agreeable with its own blockchain, and that addresses can be spared within the platform for consistent exchanges.

media protocol working

About the project

MEDIA Protocol is a platform in view of Blockchain technology, which is intended to end up more straightforward, secure and simple to interact with all makers, publishers and consumers of content. MEDIA Protocol means to redistribute power from agents to brought together platforms and reward completely publishers and content consumers.

Focal points

The media Protocol ecosystem is intended to give:

straightforward and unhampered structure that will allow makers, promoters, distributors and consumers of content to exchange, make and get rewards without intermediaries and shrouded plans.

A sustainable platform that will screen and bolster every element, with no extra fees and commissions. This approach will allow content makers and publishers to get full rewards for promoting and encouraging their content consumers. Consumers, in turn, will get rewards for their inclinations, consuming either content.

Control between content makers, eliminating the connection between them, while allowing everybody to maintain their part and get paid for their esteem.

A financial platform that will allow to bar every single customary intermediary who earn a great deal of cash in collaboration with the makers, consumers and publishers.

Hence, MEDIA Protocol is an arrangement of standards that are gone for regulating the exchange and exchange of information between different gadgets. Also, these tenets are gone for the settlement of all members in the marketing and advertising industries, building between them an extraordinary stream of significant worth. Using Blockchain technology, MEDIA Protocol will have the capacity to give straightforward, sheltered and significant relations between the media and users, allowing to exhibit the visual favorable circumstances of this framework for all makers, inventors and consumers of content.

media protocol features

ICO and tokens

MEDIA Protocol FOR the full-scale activity of its framework will release media tokens, with which the members of the framework will have the capacity to exchange esteems, which at last can be effortlessly exchanged for Fiat. With respect to the points of interest identified with the ICO, the development team has assigned the first and second quarter of 2018 for the full sale OF media tokens.


Q1 2017

Thought and Research.

Q4 2017


Smart Contract


Q1 2018

Business Paper.

Security and Audits.

App Launch.

ICO Private Sale.

Test Net Launch.

Q2 2018

Main Net Launch.

ICO Public Sale.

Publisher Platform.

Q3 2018





media protocol roadmap


Thomas Graham

Prime supporter

Martin Adams

Prime supporter

James Tabor


Josef Sevcik

Blockchain Developer

Katya Volkova

Head Data Scientist

media protoocol team

The Verdict For MEDIA Protocol ICO

The MEDIA Protocol framework displays an interesting thought, but a few comparative platforms are developing at the same time that it should contend with. Moreover, the association as of now gives frustratingly little information about its ICO, and it appears that it might fall behind on its published roadmap.

The team behind the MEDIA Protocol project is strikingly expert and holds incredible guarantee, but their platform’s prosperity will eventually rely upon the energy and imagination of engineers, and users’ willingness to grasp its internal cryptocurrency.

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