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Lympo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Lympo?

Lympo is a blockchain based mobile application that is gone for the mobile well being (mHealth) industry, taking favorable position of the two at the same time growing areas. Lympo perceives an issue with the present way we oversee user information and reporting on our well being information, providing solutions that can ideally conquer these issues. A typical quality that Lympo has with numerous other ongoing projects is the capacity to take user information and give it back to the user themselves, instead of letting this important information be given over to huge organizations that at that point offer this information.

At its base, Lympo expects to complete two things – to begin with, it hopes to total user information onto the blockchain rather than users having a wide range of applications with their information being part up among them, and also incentivizing users to connect with Lympo and share in the Lympo ecosystem. To assist this second point along, Lympo has completed a kind of gamification process on their tokens, creating a platform where mentors, organizations, and other interested gatherings can make “challenges” of sorts for users to finish and acquire LYM tokens.

lympo homepage

It’s an interesting system, and it definitely has its focal points – if you’re a well being company looking to accumulate significant user information on, say, heart rates of pregnant ladies during stretching works out, it’s a straightforward assignment to make this test on the Lympo platform and get genuine outcomes.

Lympo likewise has a few different highlights in the pipeline for their platform. One of these is a business incubator program where users can crowdfund new well being related projects with LYM, and additionally a future marketplace where users will have the capacity to spend their LYM tokens on things like games stock and gear. From a calculated standpoint, Lympo is looking to be a full suite solution to answer a large number of the issues of mHealth applications today, and this comprehensive approach is particularly positioned to finish on its guarantees.

Team Highlights

Ada Jonuse

Fellow benefactor of, a platform to find the best fitness coaches, counsel to ETHLend, a decentralized lending platform, blockchain occasions speaker and coordinator, named an emerging European tech star by the Financial Times, Google and other New Europe 100 rundown accomplices. Past experience: VC Labas Ventures (Seattle, U.S.), European Parliament, United Nations. Games: yoga, running.

Dimitra Papadopoulou

Master in blockchain for human services and medicinal research, senior information systems supervisor with involvement with Airbus, Prosieben Media, Accenture and the European Commission, organizer of meHealthX, lead consultant at CGI (Germany) for the general population segment and social insurance in blockchain use cases.

Danilo Carlucci

Startup author, development programmer and marketing master with 6+ years experience. Ex specialist at Google, who drove YouTube’s community endeavors in the UK.

lympo team


Something that I’m a big enthusiast of with Lympo is their “full stop” solution to determine a large number of the issues and downsides of using mobile well being applications. To improve an item, it can’t simply be somewhat better – it should be a considerable measure better. Lympo comprehends this, and they handle a few things without a moment’s delay with this offering. They’re solving the user information issue by implementing the system on blockchain, aggregating the information so organizations and individuals have one place to search for actionable information, setting up a marketplace to buy and buy wellness/well being related products, incentivizing and gamifying the way toward earning tokens and using the application, and putting in the work to fabricate connections with the community. This is precisely the kind of approach that one needs when looking to challenge incumbents in the space – one that completes a ton of things much better, and it gives me a decent level of certainty to see that Lympo concurs.

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Token Sale

Token sale terms are likewise extremely positive in this offering. With an unassuming 20 Million dollar top, it’s certainly not the smallest top we’ve seen up until now, but rather it’s likewise sufficiently low that investors can expect extraordinary profits for their investments. With the whole Lympo marketplace being so subject to the LYM token, even a longer term approach should work out positively for Lympo investors.

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Lympo should do its best to gain traction right on time for their project – I’ve seen an excessive number of projects now have extremely compelling use cases just to miss the mark regarding their objectives due to a botched marketing effort or not having one by any stretch of the imagination. An investment into Lympo is an investment into the fate of the application, and it should be a big achievement or not one by any stretch of the imagination.

To the extent publicity is concerned, because this is to a greater extent a stealthy serene pick, I expect there won’t be an especially high measure of promotion going into this sale. Most ICO investors like to go in on platforms and protocols, and keeping in mind that dapps certainly bring an incentive to blockchain (as I expect Lympo will), they are esteemed far not as much as their more strong partners. Lympo is a platform, but an exceptionally constrained one and extension specific.

Lympo is a blockchain based company that looks to decentralize the wellness and mindfulness industry.

At the point when Does It Start?

Pre ICO sale begins on December 14th , 2017. The total Lympo market place will be up and running in 2020.

What’s Lympo’s Vision?

The Lympo team is guided by the following destinations:

Rewarding Exercise

Through the Lympo decentralized system, individuals get financially remunerated for work out, not at all like the present system where just the wellness company benefits.

Sharing Fitness Benefits with Life Insurers

Lympo expects to empower medical coverage organizations compensate individuals who live solid lives.

Simple Payment for Lifestyle Services

Lympo plans to permit individuals pay for wellness items using the LYM tokens.

Improve Privacy

Lympo intends to control the quantity of individuals who can get to your wellness information online. Anybody wishing to access such information would need to pay you for it.

Take into consideration Data Sharing

Lympo means to enable the individual to gather their wellness information at that point pitch it to inquire about organizations.

lympo working

How Does Lympo Work?

Lympo’s working component can be separated as underneath:

  • A health specialist concocts a program that is custom fitted to the user’s needs.
  • The user joins and acknowledges the program.
  • The Lympo network links the two using the blockchain created Lympo coin.
  • The user’s information is sent to the Lympo entryway through the Lympo wallet.
  • If the user meets the set wellness objectives, they are remunerated with Lympo coins.

Would it be advisable for you to Invest in the Lympo Coin?

Lympo coin offers an extraordinary open door for a man looking to profit, while in the meantime keeping fit. A portion of the reasons why you ought to invest in Lympo are:

Exponential Growth of the Health and Fitness Industry

The well being and wellness industry has been growing colossally over the most recent couple of years, with the market anticipated that would be worth $233 billion continuously 2020. This promises you that an investment in Lympo will give you a decent return later on.

You Get Paid for Exercise

Lympo uses blockchain technology to permit you gain by selling your information to your well being and wellness investigate organizations.

lympo marketplace

How Are Lympo Tokens Distributed?

Lympo has 1 billion tokens on offer. 150 million of them are being issued pre-sale. The tokens will have rebates as below:

  • The initial 30 million Lympo tokens will draw in a 20% rebate
  • The following pack of 20 million Lympo will pull in a 10% markdown.
  • Next will be a pack of 10 million Lympo that will be offered at a 5% rebate.
  • Any unsold tokens toward the finish of the ICO will be annihilated.

Who are Brains Behind Lympo?

The Lympo team is comprised of 8 business visionaries all with assorted aptitudes ranging from sports, legislative issues to marketing and advertising. Ada Jonuse and Laurynas Gumbis are the organizers, and they both have involvement in sports business enterprise. The team is educated by some with respect to the best brains in governmental issues, programming engineering and games.

Is there a solid business case for Lympo (LYM) technology ?

Missing Lympo (LYM) code vault:

This is another certain shot technique to spotting an ICO trick. If the company is unwilling to discharge its code to open storehouses, for example, Github, you need to stay away from the ICO.

You can have the wrong impression that Your Lympo (LYM) investment is greatly liquidatable; and that you can money out at whatever point you need, which makes this space very distinctive and exciting. If it’s not too much trouble combine this with your regular individual who sees little of investing and just tosses cash at things. Publicity fills a decent arrangement of gains in crypto’s which includes more risk, as any marketing firm can disclose to you Hype can be purchased or made artificially… .and you get defrauded like a child !!

While evaluating the Lympo (LYM) ICO, the great first question to ask is:

“Do they require a blockchain or a local token for this project?” The appropriate response is no to both, odds are the ICO project is a case of solutionism — crypto for crypto’s purpose — or a trick.

Thinking up an item like Lympo (LYM) , isn’t an indistinguishable thing from creating it. New businesses like Lympo (LYM) , all the time “wear out” when looked with unanticipated issues. Somebody goes bankrupt in the wake of launching his startup, while another person doesn’t dispatch by any stretch of the imagination.

If it’s not too much trouble Note:

Counterfeit ICOs make obscure cases. More often than not, they will assert that they can get immense gains within brief time but can’t back that up with significant claims, or make abnormal cases like they will finally end all the worldwide emergencies in the ICO universe of PCs and digits. In reality, Lympo (LYM) ICO , instead of giving subtle elements of the project for anybody to evaluate and scrutinize, they are more fascinated with projections of a superior future and better market prices and gains.

The primary dependable guideline with regards to investment in new ICOs is never investing in them unless you have seen a working model of their item in action yourself. Approach yourself : is this valid for Lympo (LYM) ICO ?

Lympo (LYM) individuals talk how their token supply will diminish (essential cryptocurrency highlight display in all coins) and the token price will develop. Perceive how fat that rising main concern is. This is all they need – a costly token that will give them a chance to dump and exchange it for Bitcoin.

You can insure your accounts on the Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges for $ 10 USD multi month with

Due constancy is the key with regards to look into in the upcoming Lympo (LYM) ICO and the items they are offering. You can’t simply depend on other individuals’ exploration, remarks, considerations or examination. There are dependably individuals who go off paid promotion content as their examination.

The best thing you can do is to speak with Lympo (LYM) corporate officials involved with the ICO. In many cases, they are glad to give profitable information to enable you to settle on your decision. Continuously know that the general population you converse with at Lympo (LYM) , might not have the best intentions, so attempt to maintain a strategic distance from sales pitches. Instead, center around validating the Lympo (LYM) company’s presence and direction.

Lympo (LYM) ICO will as a rule have an escrow to hold user’s funds during the ICO and after. So watch out for the Escrow members and the escrow conditions. This may spare you some cash. Do you think that the Lympo (LYM) startup is using the best Escrow benefit . Furthermore, if it’s not, it can be a decent indicator about the way that this ICO being a non-legitimate one.

lympo ecosystem

How To Buy Lympo?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy Lympo. Well, if you really want to invest in this currency and looking forward to know how to buy it the you should need to know about different exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At the moment, you can buy it on exchanges like and KuCoin.


Lympo makes me energized. The proposition of having some genuine applications being in use by mainstream users is precisely what we have to bring legitimacy and discernment of blockchain to the majority. Lympo can accomplish this objective, and profit with LYM tokens all the while. The team is average, with a working MVP and a tight guide.

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