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Lunyr Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Lunyr cases to be “the eventual fate of knowledge sharing”. Find out how the platform expects to change the knowledge ecosystem today in our review.

What Is Lunyr?

Lunyr, discovered online at, is a distributed knowledge sharing platform that incentivizes users to contribute and share knowledge with others.

You share knowledge to the platform by creating or editing articles. Those articles are posted onto a decentralized base of knowledge – like the thought behind Wikipedia. Your information undergoes a companion review process. If your associates approve the substance, it gets distributed and you get rewarded.

By and large, Lunyr cases to be “the starting point of the Ethereum network for obtaining dependable, precise information.” It’s a knowledge-driven decentralized app (DApp) in view of the Ethereum ecosystem.

lunyr homepage

How Does Lunyr Work?

Lunyr considers itself to be the knowledge base without bounds. It’s a decentralized app based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are incentivized to contribute to the platform, and anybody can earn rewards for contributing their information and knowledge to the platform.

Like other blockchain advancements, Lunyr additionally guarantees to be control safe. There’s no concentrated expert that is fit for censoring information. There’s no focal administrator: it’s a decentralized, self-governing association where the community settle question and quality issues.

Here’s the fundamental procedure of posting knowledge on Lunyr:

Share Knowledge:

Create or alter articles and contribute to Lunyr’s decentralized base of knowledge.

Get Peer Approval:

Submissions that pass peer review get distributed and rewarded.

Claim Rewards:

Claim CBN, LUN, and HNR tokens from smart contracts. Users can use LUN to promote, and use HNR for accomplishment rewards.

The long-term goal of Lunyr is to build up a knowledge base API that engineers can use to make cutting edge decentralized applications in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, increased reality, and that’s just the beginning. To begin, Lunyr will assemble itself as a starting point of the internet for finding dependable, exact information. In spite of the fact that the Lunyr site never says Wikipedia, the company’s idea is by all accounts like a decentralized adaptation of Wikipedia.

From a specialized standpoint, Lunyr will use IPFS to store data on the platform. Lunyr won’t possess the substance, and all Lunyr substance can be openly redistributed, reused, and based upon by anybody.

How does Lunyr plan to prevent malevolent or inaccurate data from being added to the platform? All Lunyr submissions go through a required associate review process. If they’re not approved by the group, they’re not added to the platform. Lunyr claims this implies any spam, counterfeit, or malignant substance will be rejected. Any users who submit contributions will be required to peer review other substance.

lunyr uses

Lunyr Features

Lunyr publicizes the majority of the following features:

Free Information:

Make or alter articles; contribute to a decentralized base of knowledge. Lunyr never possesses the substance. It’s free for anybody to use, and it’s put away using IPFS – which implies the knowledge is situated the world over and is never kept in a concentrated area.

Restriction Resistant:

Like other decentralized platforms, Lunyr will be restriction safe. Brought together experts don’t control the platform, and they can’t stifle information by removing it from the platform.


There’s no focal administration at the core of Lunyr. Instead, the community settle any debate and quality issues. It’s a decentralized, independent association (DAO).

Incentivized Contribution:

Not at all like Wikipedia and different platforms, Lunyr rewards users for their contributions. For all of information and knowledge presented by users that passes the associate review process, Lunyr will give tokens.

Incentivized Peer Review:

Earn rewards for peer-reviewing the platform and helping Lunyr develop.

Zero Downtime:

Lunyr is based on the Ethereum blockchain, so it’s constantly available with no downtime.

lunyr working


Who’s Behind Lunyr?

Lunyr is driven by Arnold Pham (CEO), Andrew Tran (COO), and Christopher Smith (CTO).

The name of the company, coincidentally, is articulated like “Lunar”. Lunyr is situated in Santa Clara, California. The company was established in 2016.

Lunyr Tokens

Lunyr tokens, or LUN, are used to put ads on the platform. They work as a component of the incentive framework to drive contribution and associate review. LUN tokens use the ERC20 token standard.

Lunyr Coin – The Company

Behind the cryptocurrency Lunyr is the company of a similar name, Lunyr, which essentially advances the development of the decentralized knowledge database Lunyr. The organizers are Arnold Pham, Andrew Tran and Christopher Smitch, who likewise assume control over the administration.

Likewise, Greg Colvin, Alex Leverington and Grant Fondo are three counsels in the company and in addition their own development team.

Lunyr Coin-The Vision

Lunyr is a knowledge construct situated in light of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain that rewards users for checking and sharing information with Lunyr Coins. The point is to end up the essential contact point for researching legitimate information.

In the long term, Lunyr is to end up the knowledge database for new applications in the field of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and expanded reality.

lunyr vision

Lunyr Coin – The Market Capitalization

Lunyr is exchanged on the market under the image LUN and is as of now cited at a price of USD 6.18 for each coin, with the goal that the aggregate market capitalization is USD 14.1 million. The point of confinement of LUN has been set at 2,703,356 coins, but at present there are just 2.3 million coins available for use.

What’s more, the day by day trading volume adds up to USD 292,000. At the season of the Initial Coin Offering, the market capitalization was approximately USD 5.6 million and the price for each coin was USD 2.4.

The high point was cited on August 12,2017 with an estimation of USD 24 for every coin and a market capitalization of around USD 60 million. Trading right now happens fundamentally between LUN and Bitcoin, which implies that around 62.5 % of the every day trading volume between these two monetary standards is realized.

Lunyr is an Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced reference book which rewards users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and contributing information. They mean to be the starting point of the internet for finding solid, precise information. Their long-term vision is to build up a knowledge base API that engineers can use to make cutting edge decentralized applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and that’s just the beginning.


Current crowdsourced knowledge bases confront issues with centralization, restriction, and inaccuracy


Incorporated frameworks speak to single points of disappointment controlled by focal specialists. Individuals relying on these frameworks must assume that experts won’t abuse their power to forward self-serving plans. However, resisting the compulsion to abuse power is difficult practically speaking for even the most regarded experts. In 2012, Wikipedia deliberately close down for 24 hours to challenge internet robbery laws, preventing individuals worldwide from accessing any information


Unified frameworks are defenseless against oversight. Governments ruling through persecution apply control over residents by prohibiting access to free knowledge. Syria positions among the governments where internet restriction is inescapable. Syria blocks sites for political reasons and captures the individuals who get to them . Beforehand, Syria blocked the Arabic Wikipedia from all Internet Service Providers in the nation, prohibiting even college understudies from accessing Wikipedia


On Wikipedia, numerous articles can be altered by anybody with an internet association. Hence, users can without much of a stretch falsify information. Albeit well known articles with inaccuracies are probably going to be immediately remedied, less famous articles can go uncorrected for quite a long time. For instance, John Seigenthaler, a previous partner to U.S. Representative Robert Kennedy, was erroneously embroiled in the assassinations of the Kennedy siblings on his Wikipedia life story for more than four months.


Lunyr’s innovative platform tackles the issues of centralization, oversight, and inaccuracy found in current knowledge bases.


The Lunyr platform is based over Ethereum and is hence decentralized, restriction safe, and self-governing. No single point of disappointment exists. No focal expert or center man claims or can degenerate the information. The tenets in which individuals interact with the knowledge base and with each other are commonly settled upon and implemented through smart contracts, which are openly verifiable on the blockchain.

Token Incentive System

Ethereum empowers the formation of app tokens, which can be used in an incentive framework to supplant intermediaries. In Lunyr’s framework, tokens assume a key part in providing financial incentives with the goal that the reasonable conduct of individuals brings about basic good. Not at all like in Wikipedia where volunteers must give their opportunity to contribute and approve information, in Lunyr’s platform, contributors are rewarded for their work and are incentivized to continue increasing the estimation of the ecosystem.

Required Peer Review

Drive-by vandalism and debasement are eliminated in the Lunyr platform. Every substance submission go through a compulsory companion review process and are not dedicated to the knowledge base until approved for unwavering quality and precision. A powerful incentive framework empowered by app tokens guarantees that companion reviewers act in the best interest of the ecosystem.

How to buy LUN?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy Lun. Well, it is not difficult as you will need to find the best exchanges to buy it and it will be simple for you to buy a coin. This section will help you to know how to buy Lun. At the moment, you can buy it from Binance, and YoBit.

You can’t buy it straightforwardly for fiat on any exchange. You can pick the best BTC exchange for your district and buy BTC there, at that point exchange it for LUN on exchanges.

Lunyr Conclusion

Lunyr is a knowledge sharing platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform intends to change the way we share information. Information posted onto the Lunyr platform needs to pass a strict associate review process. Users are incentivized with tokens to lead peer reviews, and users are rewarded with tokens when they present associate reviewed content on the platform.

Ultimately, Lunyr is by all accounts a sort of decentralized, legitimate, changeless form of Wikipedia. It’s an interesting idea – in spite of the fact that regardless it is by all accounts in the beginning periods of development. You can learn more about Lunyr today at

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