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Loomia Review – ICO Guide

Is it true that you are ready for making the best investments? It can be entirely difficult to know which investments can make you more benefits when you have such a significant number of choices, so you need to really assess the majority of your decisions a long time before deciding.

To more readily help our perusers in the undertaking of continually finding the most beneficial investments, our blog dependably reviews the best investments for our perusers and today our subject is a company called Loomia.

What Is Loomia?

Loomia is a company that gives heating, lightning and contact sensitive technology. What does that need to do with cryptocurrency, however? All things considered, they are having an ICO soon and they plan to use their technology to incorporate a data gathering business within their products.

This isn’t really something new. Organizations are increasingly interested in the business of huge data and Loomia is simply one more company that is interesting in monetizing their products for them and their clients, which can pitch their data to organizations.

Loomia is embarking in this trend at the present time, being an interesting alternative for investors that need to enter in this market.

loomia homepage

How Does Loomia Work?

The company’s products are tech-based accomplices to be used in clothing. They can make your shoes hotter, for instance. Because garments are something that are with all of you the time, they can without much of a stretch accumulate a great deal of data about how an individual demonstrations, so they can give significant information to markets too.

Because of this, Loomia sees the opportunity of monetizing this data. With a gadget called Loomia Tile and the technology in Loomia’s garments, users can assemble the data and after that offer it as they need. The company needs to empower users enabling them to offer their own particular data instead of gathering and selling it for itself.

The majority of the transactions will be totally anchored by means of smart contracts that will be put away in the blockchain. Along these lines, individuals can really be guaranteed that will exchange their data for cash in an exceptionally secure manner.

The company already has a 3-year plan about how to direct their business, expanding from data gathering to different frameworks like using their products in non-clothing material like autos developing new frameworks.

loomia data

How To Invest In Loomia?

To invest in Loomia, you should buy their TILE tokens. To buy this tokens, you should use ETH, so if you have some other of cryptocurrency, you should exchange it first.

There is as yet not a settled price for the token unit, but rather it was said by the company that the ICO will begin with a markdown rate of 30%, so if you are interested in this current company’s business, you ought to invest in it when can if you need to pay less.

The ICO is critical for securing the funds for the company’s future, as they don’t have their funding yet for their 3-year plan and the funding will assist them with achieving it.


Loomia’s center idea rotates around revolutionizing character verification and individual data recording. Its technology utilizes multifaceted verification to maintain the integrity of an individual’s character, and its integration into clothing monitors individual and physical data for whatever length of time that a user wears the integrated clothing.

There are three center parts to the Loomia’s framework:

Loomia Electronic Layer

Loomia Tile

Loomia Tile Platform

The Loomia Electronic Layer is a little circuit framework that will be put inside users’ clothing. Once executed, it will be in charge of recording data about its user and his/her physical condition. Cases of followed data include temperature, recurrence of use, condition and so on.

The Loomia Tile relates the data assembled by the Loomia Electronic Layer to a specific user. Various individuals can share a Loomia Tile to spare their data, but because of the Tile’s fingerprint confirmation, users can’t get to anybody’s data but their own.

The Loomia Tile Platform is programming that allows users to transfer, oversee, and spare the data gathered by The Loomia Tile. Individuals would then be able to pitch this data to researchers, data accumulation focuses or different members in the Loomia eco-framework in exchange for Loomia tokens.

The whitepaper is for the most part apt and presents the Loomia recommendation unmistakably. One shortcoming is its inability to expound on Loomia’s potential use cases within industries other than those it focuses in its roadmap.

loomia platform


The Loomia roadmap does not have any hard dates recorded for its points of reference, but it gives a foreseen time span for the culmination of its product.

A large number of the points of reference recorded for the following six to year time span involve developing fundamental mechanical innovations urgent to Loomia’s model. These include the Loomia Electronic Layer and Loomia Tile connect technology, integrating the Tile’s data storage, developing the LEL’s tangible technology, creating a straightforward data exchange, and designing a token wallet.

A few years not far off, the team has more eager goals in mind, including multi-work product tracking with the LEL and Tile, a character scoring framework, and non-textile application of Loomia to different industries (e.g., car and furniture).

loomia roadmap


A study of the Loomia team shows some significant ability.

A 2013 Thiel Fellow, Loomia’s author Madison Maxey has developed delicate circuits for MIT, holds two e-textile licenses, and has finished a residency at The School of Visual Arts and Google Creative Labs.

Ezgi Ucar, executive of product development, holds a M.S. in industrial engineering and a MFA in Design and Technology. Her work has been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Hall of Science, and various colleges.

All of the team individuals recorded on Loomia’s website have solid LinkedIn profiles, and the more prominent individuals have extensive profiles listing their qualifications.

The team shows quality top to bottom over an extensive variety of innovative, imaginative and business ranges of abilities.

loomia team


Loomia’s token (TILE) is an ERC20-agreeable token. The token will be used for purchasing data through the Loomia marketplace. Also, organizations can use tokens to obtain general utilization data of a product on the Tile Platform. Outsiders can use TILE as a door to the Tile Platform.

Users can likewise swap their TILE for STORJ or BNT token using Loomia’s token change smart contract. This will allow users to change over their cash without having to use an exchange and, subsequently, faciliate access to STORJ’s storage platform to reinforcement their data or use BNT to swap for different coins, for example, Gnosis and Stox.


Neither the website nor the white-paper exhibit any formal data about what level of the ICO contributions will be designated towards marketing.

Then again, prominent media houses and business distributions have been taking an interest and reporting on the Loomia project, with scope from Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, New York Magazine and BlockchainNews.

The team maintains a functioning Telegram station, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Medium blog and GitHub storehouse.

loomia eco


As of now, LOOMIA has working models of the LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL) integrated with apparel. Specifically, LOOMIA has shown the use of LEL inside a boot, where the LEL is used to produce warm and also gather data. LOOMIA additionally plans to make a data exchange or online marketplace where consumers will have the capacity to buy/offer/share biometric data. Another product, the LOOMIA TILE (not to be confused with TILE tokens) is a gadget that will go about as a center where biometric data will be gathered in one place. The LOOMIA team wishes to fill in as a B2B association, where the market for data accumulation is thriving.

Use of Blockchain

TILE is an ERC20 consistent token protocol. LOOMIA will actualize a smart contract that will empower TILE tokens to be exchanged for STORJ tokens keeping in mind the end goal to use the STORJ platform without straightforwardly holding STORJ tokens. The STORJ platform will be used to store the biometric data that is gathered from the LOOMIA product. TILE tokens will be used as cash on the TILE platform which gives access to services, for example, the data exchange. The platform plans to focus on the wearable tech market, which as of now is in its beginning periods. A significant part of the estimation of the LOOMIA platform originates from the capacity of users to pitch their data to different gatherings.

loomia blockchain


It is expressed that the LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL) is made to consent to industry principles. The specialized specification sheet for the proposed product is available and includes information, for example, scraped spot opposition, thickness, operating temperature range, and significantly more. LOOMIA will incorporate KYC into their token sale.

Loomia Conclusion

It would seem that Loomia could be an interesting investment for individuals interested in data gathering. With a good business plan and a reasonable vision of the future, it would appear that Loomia is a company that is really arranged to win.

There are no unmistakable warnings about this company, so you can be guaranteed that the investment will be alright for you. Because of this, don’t fear investing in Loomia, the main that could, indeed, go wrong is the company not being totally effective with their future plans, but rather nothing indicates that this will happen.

If Loomia resembles an incredible investment for you, don’t hesitate to invest and you will most likely get a good rate of return.

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