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Little Phil Review – ICO Guide

What Is Little Phil?

In 2016, an expected USD 500 billion was given to foundations around the world. To all the more likely go after a segment of these funds, foundations regularly depend on outsider marketing firms for their fundraising exercises. Customary marketing techniques used by these organizations, for example, telemarketing and road canvassing are failing to find footing with Millennials. Besides, a large number of these organizations have occupied with strategies that disintegrate the trust of the public and stain the notoriety of the philanthropy industry.

In an age where we can track the delivery of a pizza or perceive how far away our Uber is, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to track our cash from the minute we give all the route to the cause? Recent college grads expect more straightforwardness and control over their giving, including the capacity to associate emotionally with collectors by seeing the immediate effect their contribution has made. As the larger part of beneficent gifts originate from an aging populace, fundraising approaches need to more readily draw in Millennials or there will be a significant decrease in gifts from the overall population in the following 10 to 20 years.

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The Idea behind the Little Phil Platform

Have you at any point thought about where whether the cash you give to your most loved philanthropy or altruistic association actually gets to the philanthropy?? Or on the other hand possibly what amount of your gift actually can be used by said philanthropy?? I have put forth those inquiries a greater number of times than I want to concede. Trust in philanthropies is at an all-time low, with the millennial age wanting a more associated association with their most loved foundations. Smart telephone apps and Dapps, Digital Verifiable Identity Recognition and the straightforwardness inherent in the present use of Blockchain Technology. This use of the problematic inclination infused somewhere down in the code of todays Distributed Ledger Technology is the thing that todays Millennials interest for their interest in which Charities see any of their well deserved funds. The straightforward approach to giving used by the Little Phil Platform is an advance toward a waste-less method for raising funds for philanthropies. By harnessing the power of Blockchain Technology, Little Phil allows you physically track your gift all the route to your picked Charity. It additionally allows the transaction to be acknowledged by the collector and makes #LittlePhilgoodmoments for its users.

This Project is creating publicity and gaining quality consistently, however, the conventional method for obtaining funds using outsider marketing organizations using old out of date strategies, for example, telemarketing, cool calling, stopping potential benefactors in the road otherwise known as road canvassing, are failing to have an effect on potential Millennial Donators. Recent college grads today require an enthusiastic association with their philanthropies keeping in mind the end goal to see where the funds are actually occupied to. Little Phil will be the change the US $ 500 Billion Charitable Giving Industry needs to be more acknowledged by the Millennial Generation in the United States. Little Phil will use Blockchain Technology to radically change the giving background lost in the present magnanimous transactions. The Little Phil Platform will allow individuals to be more intertwined in a straightforward and secure way, which will have an all the more emotionally worthy cause which resounds within them, while likewise being ready to see precisely where their gift is going lastly have the experience as they share the stimulating delight of donating to a good cause. The Team behind the Little Phil Ecosystem trusts that this benefactor first approach to altruistic giving arrangement will definitely increase overall gave funds that will course those in require. It will be encouraged by stream lined access to foundations which will allow users to interact in another marketplace setting loaded up with donator funds. Benefactors and the apparatuses important to guarantee funds are used all the more proficiently are situated inside the Little Phil Platform by means of the technology used by its Blockchain, the LilPhilChain.

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The Technology Propelling the Little Phil Platform

The Little Phil Platform was based over the Ethereum Blockchain and uses the ERC20 Token Protocol. Specifically, the Little Phil Utility Coin will be executed using the ERC20 Token Protocols Smart Contract feature and can be put away and exchanged to or from any ERC20 perfect wallet. Smart Contracts are verifiable, straightforward, adaptable, quick and cost significantly less than other financial vehicles for esteem exchange inside the crypto universe. Little Phil users give online using conventional fiat money or various digital forms of money, at that point the Little Phil Platform bolts the gave funds into a “Just-in-Time” Smart Contract. The transaction will continue waiting for the execution of the consensus proving algorithm they call “Proof of Impact”, which will be used to verify the sender and collector of the funds.

Once the transaction is approved by the Little Phil Platform, the smart contract is opened and the Little Phil Platform buys the donator’s identical donator’s estimation of the Little Phil Utility Token from crypto exchanges.The Little Phil Utility Token is then exchanged to the giver beneficiary’s wallet, and after that they will have the capacity to change over it to their favored fiat cash using nearby distributed networking services or through various available online decentralized exchanges, however it ought to be noticed that these services won’t be offered or available by or from the Little Phil Platform.

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Issues and Solutions of Current Charitable Giving Systems

There are certain issues inherent in todays Established Charitable Donation Organizations. These issues include, but are not constrained to: costly intermediary costs, an absence of straightforwardness in fund exchanges, obsolete and obsolete fundraising strategies, poor giver encounters, misuse of liberality of givers, emotionally detached hosting Platforms.


Costly Intermediary Fees

Outsider marketing managers, worldwide cash exchanges and operational staffing liabilities inside beneficent associations can take up the larger part of funds raised from contributor continues, which will leave just pennies from every dollar to have an effect on the real cause. Who profits by arrangements like that?? Not the cause that the contributor was expecting to be affected by his or her small or medium or extensive gifts. None of those see the light of happiness in a beneficiary’s eyes after the cause has been funded.

Outdated Fundraising Methods

Studies indicate that more youthful millennial age individuals are passionately restricted to telemarketing chilly calling, physical entryway knocking and other out of date an obsolete technique used by outsider fundraising firms. These Millennial individuals would rather give alone terms. They need to give using well-known present day and open technology that has simple frameworks and capacities to check reactions and distributed offer the substance they’re interested in. The up and coming age of beneficent gifts will never again be physically found some place, just to be put away and held by outsiders.

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Absence of Transparency

When we are living in the seasons of trackable everything, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to track the gifts we work hard in achieving?? At the point when the technology inside of Blockchain based firms can and will deliver the straightforwardness requested by todays donators and throughout the following couple of years, these organizations will deliver as guaranteed. Gone will be the times of consumption swell and wild allowances.

Poor Donor Experience

Who likes to be interrupted while enjoying a dinner with your friends and family?? No one, that is who. The regularly anxious retards in the Millennial Generation, don’t have brains and react ominously to being interrupted with negative encounters as their small moron brains can’t deal with that kind of stress. If Charitable Organizations don’t haul their heads out of their separate asses, at that point no one will be donating to them later on because of how doltish the Organizations have progressed toward becoming. It’s really, really terrible.

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Abuse of Generosity

Hierarchical Charities have no chance to get of validating their fund collector’s legitimacy or their capacity to obtain funds and support from other Organizational Charities. This absence of a tracking vehicle regularly prompts an exceptionally inefficient use of contributor funds. Furthermore, speaking of contributors, they don’t usually get a kick out of the chance to be exploited when they have precisely picked a Charitable Organization to flush with funds. Furthermore, generally react startlingly when looked with this injustice.

Emotionally Disconnected Youths

The greater part of the current Charitable Donation Ecosystems don’t allow their customers to connect with them on essential level. Benefactors never get the chance to see the passionate effect their contributors’ funds make in the lives of the influenced individuals or organizations that get favored with giver supported funds. These unfocused strategies account for in excess of 66% of customer-based complaints from contributors whose funds were misappropriated. Not good.

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The ICO Details

Token Name – Little Phil Coin

Ticker Symbol – LPC

Token Protocol – ERC20

Token Supply – 1.6 Billion

Token Sale – 400 Million

Delicate Cap – 21.5 Million USD

Hard Cap – 400 Million USD

Token Value at Crowdsale – 1 LPC = $ 0.10 USD

Acknowledges: ETH

Token Sale Dates – TBD

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