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Liquid8 Review – ICO Guide

What Is Liquid8?

Liquid8 is a decentralized, distributed multi-practical platform in light of blockchain technology. It empowers the worldwide tokenization of real world advantages for digital tokens in the blockchain ecosystem for exchange and lending among community individuals. The platform goes for changing the digital economy by bringing an association between the real world resources and the growing digital economy.

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How Liquid8 Decentralized Crypto Asset Trading Exchange Works

The platform mainly uses smart contracts in its tasks to guarantee that benefits that all transactions in the platform are precisely accounted for with no need of intermediaries. The platform offers a total on-chain and off-chain tokenization arrangement that is consistent and secure for all advantages, along these lines making them extremely reasonable and open by everyone.

The platform is a helpful and simple answer for the obtaining of financial services by the crypto community and for the capacity of crypto resources and tokenized resources in a single platform.

The proprietor of the advantage demands for the tokenization of a real world resource. The platform at that point actualizes an off-chain proof of benefit protocol. After approving the tokenization of the benefit, an electronic understanding is sent and delivered to the backer of the token. An on-chain proof of benefit protocol is then actualized just if the guarantor of the token consents to the terms and conditions expressed out in the electronic understanding.

The platform at that point builds up a Tokenization (SAT) Smart Contract. Members of the platform would then be able to buy the tokenized resources by transferring their own particular cryptocurrency to a Tokenization Smart Contract to be exchanged for the Smart Asset Token (SAT).

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Liquid8 Features

The features on the platform include:


The platform contains a tokenization protocol that allows the digitalization of the proprietorship privileges of real world advantages for allow them be exchanged digitally. Customary fluid resources obtain better liquidity and in the meantime, new companies can without much of a stretch associate with potential funders with no geological limitations.


The platform gives a marketplace on which the tokenized and crypto resources are exchanged among the users of the platform in a distributed situation, which ensures the adequacy and adaptability of the cost of the advantages. It offers the Peer-to-Peer social exchange and the distributed instant exchange.


The platform contains a marketplace for lending services that brings an immediate match between borrowers and banks. The P2P idea of the platform and notoriety rating with premise on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning allows borrowers to get extremely invaluable rates and banks to gain access to a tremendous scope of loan chances to enlarge their own particular portfolios.

Multi Asset Wallet

Users of the platform can without much of a stretch store their tokenized and crypto resources specifically to the available multi Asset Wallet on the platform. The wallets sticks entirely to the digital security benchmarks in this manner private keys are encoded and made available just to the proprietor of the wallet. Recuperation capacities are likewise available to allow the rebuilding of the wallets in new gadgets.

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Liquid8 LQ8 Token and ICO Details

The LQ8 (Liquid8) token is the platform’s utility token that is created on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The token’s uses include:

Payment for all services in the ecosystem: All sorts of transactions made on the platform are paid using the LQ8 tokens that users claim.

Used as airdrop and associates program within the ecosystem. Holders of the tokens are given airdrop rewards, which are distributed quarterly on the platform. Users that allude new users to the platform and regular users of the multifunctional platform likewise get rewards in terms of the LQ8 token airdrop.

As proof of enrollment: The token holders are required to be involved in the platform’s participation program to completely gain get to and have the capacity to be a piece of the services that the platform offers.

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Parameters Of The ICO

Token image: LQ8

Acknowledged payment technique: ETH, USD

Add up to token supply: 700,000,000

ICO: 350,000,000

Soft top: 3,000,000 USD

Hard top: 35,000,000 USD

liquid8 distribution

Advantages of Liquid8 platform


The procedure of tokenizing the advantages is exceptionally user well disposed and highly available to both the users who are experienced and those that are new to the universe of digital resources. Everyone in the whole world can without much of a stretch partake in the ecosystem.


The platform is highly efficient for its users since it uses smart contract technology to dispose of intermediary costs and inefficient administration of the whole procedure.


The platform has taken different digital safety efforts to guarantee security is highly maintained. The measures include biometric identifications, the bug bounty program, and different numerous levels of confirmations. Up to 95% of the crypto resources are securely kept in cool stockpiling.


The engineering of the blockchain is alter obvious and highly permanent. The information of the transactions is available openly and in real time.


The workings of the platform holds fast to the nearby and international Anti Money Laundering and Know your Customer directions constantly.

liquid8 features



Research, POC, Team, White/Lite/Tech Papers and incorporation in Singapore


TGE, Application for financial services licenses in ASEAN Region Launching (work area and mobile) Multi-Asset Wallet v.10


Application for financial service licenses in Asia Pacific and Australasia Launching (work area and mobile) Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.10) Multi-Asset Wallet v.20


European Hub Setup: Management, R&D and application for financial services licenses Launching (work area and mobile) P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.10 Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.20)


Launching (work area and mobile) P2P Lending Platform (Collateral with Credit Line) v.10 and v.20 P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.20

liquid8 roadmap


Liquid8 tries to be a financial services platform that will help overcome any issues between real-world resources and the emerging digital economy with the usage of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Liquid8 will offers an entire off-chain and on-chain tokenization protocol to put the world’s benefits on blockchain. The tokenized resource would then be able to be exchanged and loaned between community individuals within the Liquid8 Multi-Asset Wallet. Liquid8 associates trading parties in any area within an efficient, secure and transparent condition, allowing cryptoto-fiat or crypto-to-crypto transactions in light of commonly concurred exchange terms, with any favored payment strategy. Liquid8 is developing an Instant exchange protocol with demonstrated innovations to empower smart price-optimizing and liquidity access to major brought together and decentralized exchanges for instant transformation between different crypto resources.


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Mykola Vdovychenko

Alex Linenko

Rumen Slavchov

Andrey Korotkov

Prakash Pandey

Benoit Thimister

Harry Choong

May Sukumpeeranont

Michael Lim

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