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Leverj Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cryptographic forms of money, and, by expansion, blockchain technology itself, is established on the idea of decentralization. The monstrous levels of achievement of highly well known digital currencies, for example, Bitcoin is to a great extent because of their decentralized nature, which eliminates the requirement for outsiders to encourage trust between individuals performing financial or business understandings or exchange.

In spite of the growing omnipresence of decentralized monetary standards and platforms, one noteworthy part of the cryptocurrency market remains brought together: exchanges. Exchanges are a basic component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and are used by cryptocurrency investors to exchange cryptocurrency tokens, and in addition exchange cryptocurrency for fiat cash.

While cryptocurrency exchanges might be basic, they are likewise to a great degree vulnerable to assaults because of their brought together nature. Keeping in mind the end goal to use a cryptocurrency exchange, brokers and investors are required to move cryptocurrency funds into a hot wallet that, in many cases, is facilitated and overseen by the exchange itself.

This training has prompted the loss of a huge number of Bitcoins and different digital forms of money throughout the years, with high profile hacks, for example, the Mt. Gox hack costing cryptocurrency investors a great many dollars. The issues displayed by brought together exchanges additionally manifest in different structures, for example, Coinbase’s ongoing choice to solidify the wallets of users in Hawaii and different conditions of the US in which the platform can’t meet administrative prerequisites.

Decentralized exchanges nullify the issues displayed by brought together exchanges by distributing the exchange itself over the blockchain, but these arrangements experience the ill effects of issues of their own. Decentralized exchanges generally experience the ill effects of high idleness issues, high expenses, and are unsatisfactory for high volume trading.

Another initial coin offering, Leverj, intends to change this by fusing the best parts of exchange decentralization with a concentrated center framework to make a half breed decentralized/brought together exchange that delivers the best of the two universes.

In this article, we’ll investigate the Leverj ICO and find out how it intends to upset the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem keeping in mind the end goal to enable you to determine whether it merits investing in.

What Is LeverJ?

Leverj plans to combine the best parts of both brought together and decentralized exchanges by eliminating the points of contact every arrangement makes. The Leverj platform focuses on subordinate trading, and expects to give an extensive help ecosystem and a luxuriously featured, streamlined user interface.

The Leverj platform will likewise encourage decentralized personality features, and actualize provable review forms.

leverj homepage

The Mysterious Leverj

What is Leverj? Is it different from other cryptocurrency investments? For what reason would it be advisable for you to invest in this company? These inquiries may trouble you if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency. Leverj is a decentralized crypto-resource trading exchange that mainly focuses on the quality confirmation, upgraded user encounter, and enhanced arrangement of the trading devices. It is one of the first organizations that will encourage the utilized trading of the crypto resources. By doing along these lines, it will open the maximum capacity for both the liquidity of the grave resources and trading community.

Leverj is composed by keeping the expert crypto brokers in mind. Accordingly, you can expect a portion of the created instruments and features for the specialized analysis. A portion of the propelled features incorporated in this framework are Copy Trading, Trade Replays, and Automated routines.

If you are interested to invest in the Leverj, you may require more information about the company, earning potential, company, and the advantages. This is distressfully why I thought of this Leverj review. It will center around all the critical points of interest to take the correct choice.

How LeverJ Works

Instead of decentralizing the whole exchange engineering, Leverj is aiming to make an exchange off between the most alluring and effective components of unified and decentralized arrangements. The Leverj exchange will decentralize security basic capacities, for example, guardianship, while centralizing pace basic capacities, for example, arrange matching.

Who is behind Leverj?

The CEO and author of the company is Bharath Rao. The fellow benefactor and CTO of this company is Nirmal Gupta. Some other mainstream names are Gerry Howatt, Alexandra Ward, and Babu SK. The company uses the blockchain technology for the sheltered, secure, quick, and effective transactions.

leverj team

How does Leverj work?

Leverj does not center around decentralizing the whole exchange design. Instead, it makes an exchange off between the most productive and alluring components of the decentralized and brought together arrangement. This platform will incorporate the speed-basic capacities while decentralizing the wellbeing basic capacities. You can state that it is an awesome combination of the brought together and decentralized frameworks.

Leverj will work on the LEV tokens. At the season of the Leverj ICO, 250M LEV tokens are required to be released. These LEV token will be available to be purchased at a transformation proportion of 1 ETH to 3, 000 LEV. There will be one billion LEV in all out. From the one billion, four hundred million will be available for the buy. Two hundred million will be for the organizers. Three hundred million is saved for the tasks and liquidity. The remaining one hundred million is held for the accomplices.


2018 Q1

– Decentralized ETH/ERC20 spot trading platform

– Hardware key confirmation instant settlement

– Major Cryptocurrency Futures

– Crypto10 Index and Futures

2018 Q2

– Fully decentralized care prospects trading live

– CFD on OIL/GOLD/Top Commodities

2018 Q3

– Price Action Entries

– Trade Replay Videos

2018 Q4

– Managed Trading

– Simulated Trading

2019 Q1

– Historical Data Replay and Trading

– Marketplace

– Plugin Framework

– Social Media Trading

– Single Stock Futures

– Major World Index Futures

2019 Q2

– Automated Strategies

– Enhanced Reporting

– Internationalization

– Encrypted/Anonymous Messaging/Chat/Email

leverj roadmap

The Trading Platform

Both the subordinate market and cryptocurrency market are growing quick. At the point when the subordinate market’s evaluated worth is $1.2 Quadrillion, the cryptocurrency market worth is over $200 billion. Leverj is intended to offer simple and instant access to both these platforms. It will center around the ERC-20 token exchange while implementing real cryptocurrency features, crypto index funds, and the conventional investment opportunities.

The tokens of the leverj will be part into two resources, FEE tokens, and the LEV tokens. The LEV token is an essential token. It will be settled and it will speak to a permit to make transactions on this platform corresponding to the rate ownership of the token supply. The FEE token will be the accounting mechanism to ensure that the privileges of FEE rights are met completely in a decentralized way. Plus, the LEV tokens can be used to stake and get the FEE made relative to the platform volume. Notwithstanding the exchange, these tokens will empower the users to interact with one another.

leverj features

How To Buy LEV?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy LEV. However, the process is quite simple and you will be able to know about how to buy LEV in this section. At the moment, you can make use exchange like IDEX and OkEx to buy LEV.

Leverj Conclusion

The use platform is made with the colossal combination of the best components of the concentrated and decentralized exchanges. If you are interested in the both these exchanges, at that point you can consider spending on Leverj. This platform is user-accommodating and can assist you with getting most extreme advantages while utilizing your cash the correct way.

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