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LeadCoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

LeadCoin is a decentralized lead sharing network that means to be the eventual fate of web marketing. Here’s our review.

What is LeadCoin?

LeadCoin, discovered online at, gives you a chance to share leads in real-time. The company empowers businesses to offer their unused leads and buy hot leads from different businesses.

With LeadCoin, sellers naturally share their unused leads in real-time. Transactions are overseen by LeadCoin’s matching algorithm, which breaks down and coordinates leads to buyers. Leads that didn’t coordinate one business may be the ideal counterpart for another.

Sellers get an incentive for their unused leads, leads find the correct arrangements, and buyers can buy hot leads. Everybody wins.

The platform is being created by a company called Webydo. That company discovered 97% of their leads were going unused. Instead of wasting these leads, Webydo, a Tel Aviv-based company, chose to make a marketplace where they could pitch unused leads to interested buyers. That is the way LeadCoin was conceived.leadcoin homepage

How Does LeadCoin Work?

LeadCoin is based on a decentralized network. That network’s goal is to give a real-time supply of hot leads. The network just features leads that have a quick requirement for a specific arrangement. Accordingly, buyers can contact these leads knowing that they’re inspired and significant to their business.

The framework features verified contact info and an analysis of the leads’ specific needs, ensuring buyers are getting the leads they’re looking for.

There’s likewise a lead matching algorithm that helps coordinate the correct leads to the correct buyers, at that point recommends buyers or sellers in light of hunt parameters and history.

Businesses on LeadCoin can pitch their unused leads to each other, creating a decentralized network that doesn’t rely upon a go between.

The whole platform is based on blockchain technology, including Ethereum smart contracts. Smart contracts ensure secure transactions in view of the parameters set by the businesses themselves. Blockchain additionally ensures straightforwardness: buyers and sellers have a straightforward open history, including their ratings and subtle elements of every single past transaction. This guarantees the two sides can verify each other’s validity.

leadcoin network

Use Cases for LeadCoin

Numerous websites and organizations burn through cash to pull in rush hour gridlock to their websites. LeadCoin’s website reports that businesses spend about $200 billion every year attracting movement to their websites. This spending has consistently become in the course of recent years. Any business that burns through cash attracting movement to its website can profit by a platform like LeadCoin.

A portion of the proposed use cases and target industries for LeadCoin include:

Real estate


Website building

Food services


Local service suppliers



leadcoin use cases

LeadCoin’s Architecture

LeadCoin’s platform depends on the following technology stack and features:

Ethereum Smart Contracts:

Smart contracts deal with all occasions involving the transaction of leads.


IPFS, or Interplanetary File System, is a decentralized document stockpiling network operating with no single points of disappointment and no reliance on geographic or political domain.


Whisper gives real-time buyer-seller (P2P) correspondences over the Ethereum network.


Libp2p is a particular and expandable networking stack powering the market hubs.


LeadCoin uses the Electron open source library (from Github) for building cross-platform work area applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s a combination of Chromium and Node.js into a single runtime.

React Native:

React is a framework for building local apps.

leadcoin eco

Who’s Behind LeadCoin LDC?

LeadCoin is being made by Webydo. Webydo saw extraordinary potential in sharing the huge number of unused leads that their web marketing endeavors created (97% of their leads were going unused).

LeadCoin and Webydo are driven by organizer Shmulik Grizim. Other recorded team individuals include Samy Goihman (COO) and Eyal Rosen (CMO).

The project started a private crowdfunding stage Q4 2017. Development of the platform is planned to happen all through 2018.

Webydo and LeadCoin are headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a R&D office in Gibraltar.

The Opportunity

Google and Facebook as of now dominate PPC advertising. According to the Statistics Portal, Google created over $79 billion in advertising income and Facebook produced over $26 billion in 2016. With a normal of 17% yearly development for Google and 54% yearly development for Facebook, the aggregate advertisement incomes for the two organizations will unquestionably top $100 billion in 2017. While businesses invest huge totals of cash to procure new clients, a vast lion’s share of them remain unsatisfied with their resulting leads. This disappointment opens the entryway for businesses to work with another strategy for buying real-time leads.

The Problem

Leads are the fuel of each business; however, almost every business experiences a similar issue which is an absence of reasonable and qualified leads. According to Hubspot, the normal transformation rate for Google Adwords over all industries is 2.7%. These low change rates yield low fulfillment, as just 22% of businesses are as of now happy with their transformation rates. Lead records offer an even lower transformation rate, as leads from such records are totally chilly, having demonstrated no interest.

The Solution

LeadCoin takes care of this issue, by providing a decentralized network where these businesses can buy and offer qualified leads. Businesses will pitch their unused leads to different businesses and will get an incentive in the type of LeadCoin tokens (LDC). Businesses will likewise have a higher change rate as they will buy leads straightforwardly from different businesses in their industry rather than buying guests with no qualification by any stretch of the imagination. These businesses will offer high quality leads in real-time, meaning a seller will release a befuddled lead with a quick need to the buyer. This procedure will be more effective, as businesses won’t need to manage marketing efforts or pipes, saving them time. The greater part of this outcomes in a shorter ROI for businesses who are looking for more qualified leads.

leadcoin platform


Trust and Transparency

Businesses can buy qualified leads from others in their industry through the Blockchain and Smart Contracts which will give trust and straightforwardness. Businesses will pitch leads in real time to each other since they possess unused leads that speak to genuine esteem. Businesses can offer leads and get tokens with which they could buy new leads and bring new clients to their business.

All transactions will be recorded, showing all the required data, for example,


  • A seller’s whole history of transactions
  • A seller’s ranking in light of components, for example, the buyer’s fulfillment

The trust depends on businesses knowing who they’re buying leads from and on the reality the network will expect businesses to just offer high-quality leads, that have just been verified and qualified. These procedures will guarantee that all leads are genuine individuals with quick needs.

A Decentralized Lead Sharing Network

Decentralized and Secure

The network’s engineering focuses on the procedure of onboarding leads into the LeadCoin ecosystem and structuring a transaction between a buyer and a seller. The on-chain framework is cryptographically guaranteed to not approve selling a similar lead to different individuals and guarantees that all leads installed to the Blockchain remain private to individuals not aware of the transaction. Off-chain parts give a dependable method to users to locally available onto LeadCoin’s engineering and sort out the notoriety framework.

Business to Business

LeadCoin will be a business to business network, with no center man. Businesses will basically buy and offer leads, and LeadCoin gives the field to see openings and finish the transactions. The benefit of this sort of network is that no individual seller or lead can get unique inclination or extraordinary benefits. Notwithstanding when new platform administrators join the network and open their own particular hubs they won’t have the capacity to interfere with transactions, so there will be no chance to get for a seller or their leads to receiving need over another seller’s leads.

Adapt Your Data

Businesses and leads will adapt their data by using LeadCoin’s lead sharing network. Consumers can earn LDC tokens by sharing their data with interested businesses. The data is shared through a treat or web shape and is identified with items or services they wish to buy. They will then get real-time focused on offers from the business that purchased their lead. As a lead is being exchanged on the network, and the lead begins receiving offers from businesses, LDC tokens are sent straightforwardly to their advanced wallet.

leadcoin share

How To Buy LDC?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy LDC. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy LDC. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy LDC. You can buy it from HitBTC.

LeadCoin LDC ICO Conclusion

LeadCoin plans to enable online businesses to exploit unused leads. With LeadCoin, businesses can pitch unused leads to a decentralized network of members. The marketplace features leads available in real-time, on-request. All transactions are performed using Ethereum smart contracts and the LDC token. You use LDC tokens to buy the privilege to gain leads from different businesses in the LeadCoin network.

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