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LAToken Review – Exchange Guide

LATO, or Liquidity Asset Token, is another computerized asset that guarantees to exchange fluid assets (like a house or car) into fragmentary ownership tokens sold on the blockchain. Here’s our LAToken review.

LAToken was made to be a decentralized trading platform for a wide assortment of assets. At present you can exchange various crypto-sets and a few ICO tokens with your LAToken account. The exchange differs fairly from other decentralized exchanges since it has picked coordinated non-cyclic chart (DAG) technology over the more typical blockchain technology. The decision was made to use DAG for speed and volume, with an exchange anticipated that would have the capacity to deal with monstrous volumes of transactions without delays.

The cryptocurrency exchange has its own token, the LAToken (LA), which is used as the base money for about all the trading sets on the exchange. You are additionally ready to do instant exchange between LA, ETH and VEN.

LAToken is straightforward about its originators, team and corporate structure. The project, which is incorporated as LAT Foundation PTE, was established and is controlled by CEO Valentin Preobrazhensky. It’s additionally remarkable that LAToken has been the essential backer of a progression of seminars known as the Blockchain Economic Forum.

What Is LAToken?

LAToken, otherwise called LATO or Liquidity Asset Token, is a one of a kind blockchain-based approach to get to money from the things you possess. You know how you can use a bank to obtain cash against your house? LAToken gives you a chance to stretch out that idea to your house, your car, your significant painting, and anything else you possess.

As such, with LATO’s marketplace, you can take a fluid asset and offer fragmentary ownership over the blockchain. You get money, and you don’t need to obtain cash or pay interest for it. As the site explains, “you approach significantly more money at much lower costs than you may have realized.”

LAToken lets you tokenize your assets. You can diversify your portfolio while maintaining a low-hazard limit. LAT tokens give you partial ownership of physical assets (like real estate, paintings, and other physical things with esteem) to enable you to diversify your investments.

latoken homepage

The estimation of LAToken is straightforward

Real estate is outstanding amongst other investments you can make, in view of execution in the course of the most recent couple of decades. The site explains that real estate has given a total return of 430% since the year 2000, contrasted with 133% with the S&P 500 and 112% with US bonds.

Investors can appreciate the development of real estate, while you gain access to the money you require from something you officially possess. It’s altogether associated over a blockchain-based marketplace.

LAToken Products

LAToken has four center items, including every one of the following:


The LAToken marketplace has prepared 1000+ home value loans since being propelled in 2013. This was a different item made by the CEO of LATO, but it’s being adjusted for use with the LATO ecosystem.

LAT Wallet:

The LAT wallet was propelled in June 2017.

Liquidity Token:

The Liquidity Asset Token is presently being tried on Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Token Assets Exchange:

The Token Assets Exchange is presently in development.

latoken security

Who’s Behind LAToken?

LAToken is driven by CEO Valentin Preobrazhensky, CTO Danila Simonov, CFO Oleg Belushkin, and Chief of Marketing Ayrana Mongush.

You can contact the company by email at The company is authoritatively registered as LAT Foundation PTE.

How Does LAToken Work?

The LAToken ecosystem, or the Liquidity Assets Token (LATO) platform, is based on an existing home value marketplace, made by the CEO of the company. That marketplace has encouraged 12,000 home loan offers and in excess of 1,000 arrangements from 7 banks and 25 investors in the previous a half year.

Members will interact with the marketplace using the LAToken wallet. Members can use the wallet to make partial assets.

To make a fragmentary asset, proprietors make an Asset Token, at that point buy Proof of Asset service. At that point, they list the token on the LATO marketplace.

What’s more, an Asset Token backer can buy insurance or different instruments to make the token more alluring to investors.

Using the LATO investment terminal, investors can exchange and deal with their assets portfolio. The terminal offers trading capacities, access to tenable assets data put away on the blockchain, and in addition asset portfolio examination devices.

If you need to make LATO assets on the blockchain, at that point you’ll have to pay a charge in LATO tokens.

Trading Accounts and Conditions

Intended as a multi-asset decentralized trading platform, LATOKEN right now allows trading in various crypto sets and ICO tokens. The platform depends on DAG technology (coordinated non-cyclic diagram) intended to process high trading volumes in minor seconds.

The base money at the exchange is LAToken (LA), which is a blockchain protocol used on the platform for creating and trading asset tokens.

LATOKEN Advantages

A one of a kind and goal-oriented project

LATOKEN is intended as a multi-asset trading platform, not just a cryptocurrency exchange. It plans to dispatch trading in asset tokens, (for example, real estate, stocks and even fine craftsmanship soon). Tokenizing real-world assets and bringing that onto the blockchain would allow cyptocurrency holders to diversify their trading. The team has effectively tried exchanges of offers of blue chips (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Tesla) and products (oil, gold, silver).

Numerous coins recorded

Aside from its own particular token, LA, this exchange offers trading in extensive variety of digital currencies. The rundown includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, VeChain, Tron, Augur, USDT, TenX, and in addition various less well known coins. When of writing this review, the most effectively exchanged combines on the LATOKEN platform are LA/ETH, REP/LA, and EOS/ETH.

Some info on the company

While numerous crypto-exchanges don’t impart any corporate information to their (potential customers), LATOKEN presents the genuine legitimate element behind it, LAT Foundation PTE, and additionally the team. The LATOKEN Project is driven by CEO Valentin Preobrazhensky, who first began the began the home value marketplace Zalogo.

Decent trading platform

As we specified in the beginning, the online platform given by LATOKEN depends on DAG technology. Its outline is very straightforward and the recorded coins are classified into 4 gatherings: cryptographic forms of money exchanged against LA, ETH, BTC and USDT. Here is a snapshot:


The team behind this exchange claims it has manufactured a 4-layer transactions security framework. It likewise uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which allows you to verify logins with a mobile app.

latoken trading

LATOKEN Disadvantages

No info on fees

We couldn’t find clear information about the trading fees. It appears that such are applied on exchanges and withdrawals. Regardless, there is a half markdown for exchanges with LA.

Registered seaward

Despite the fact that it is clearly a Russian start-up, LATOKEN is by all accounts registered seaward (as according to their Terms of use, the governing law is that of the on the Cayman Islands). Organizations registered seaward for the most part don’t inspire a great deal of trust. In any case, LATOKEN has reported plans to get authorized. To cite the company’s site: “Now we’re working on acquiring every essential permit for a full-scale trading of asset tokens.”

No use available

This exchange does not give utilized trading in digital currencies, which is the case with most comparative scenes. The individuals who wish to conjecture on their prices, without owning them, can open an account with a forex intermediary instead. All agents who offer trading in crypto CFDs give use, and the levels are normally higher than the ones offered by a few exchanges.

Fiat not offered

Fiat cash deposits are not upheld LATOKEN, just the somewhat dubious Tether tokens (USDT – a cryptocurrency apparently sponsored by US dollars). Along these lines, this exchange isn’t exceptionally appropriate for amateur crypto merchants.

Famous altcoins and crypto trading sets not available

In spite of the fact that LATOKEN has recorded a strong number of coins, one can’t exchange Ethereum for Bitcoin, for instance (both being recorded). Also, some well known altcoins are not available at the exchange – Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

latoken platform


An aggressive project with a good hypothetical premise, LATOKEN is a very extraordinary cryptocurrency exchange still in development. We like its straightforward platform, the way that it has recorded a great deal of coins (mainly ERC-20 tokens) and that it appears to center around the security of the framework.

However, there are excessively numerous unanswered inquiries. There is no info on the fees charged by LATOKEN, for instance, which is a noteworthy weakness. Likewise, LATOKEN plans a ton of upgrades, for example, asset tokenization, licensing, lightning-speed trading in a decentralized way by means of DAG technology etc. These guarantees sound awesome, but proving them is another issue.

That being stated, we’d like to remind you that you can likewise exchange Bitcoin and other advanced assets with forex expedites, some of which offers a more secure trading condition, as they are controlled.

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  1. It’s a pure scam!! They are holding my crypto for more than 5 days and canceled my withdrawal with no reason for that. Firstly it was security check, now my whole account is under investigation. I don’t believe they give me back my money! Do not trade here!!

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