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Kuende Review – ICO Guide

Technology was created to empower, help and interface us. Our capacity to convey is more powerful than any time in recent memory, but we have never been more disengaged from each other. Social media is an incredible instrument for, but it has made us more detached than what we accept.

Is virtual approval more essential than real life connections? For what reason would we say we are locked in online but clumsy online? We are distant from everyone else together.

But instead, we should use social media he way it use intended, to join us instead of separation us. Why if we returned to what make life uncommon? Sharing real life interactions, feeling more overcome, private and safe.

There is a superior way that is called it Kuende, the social network that urges us to interact with individuals in the physical world more than in the virtual one. To be a piece of networks that offer a similar enthusiasm and qualities, to be interested, to meet new individuals, to roll out a positive improvement on the planet, to be as one and feel real again.

What Is Kuende?

Kuende is the first blockchain energized half and half online-offline social network focused on real world gamified challenges. Gamified Challenges will urge individuals to take part in exercises that prompt real-life interactions and connections.

Obviously, the platform accompanies different rewards for users. There are incentives to make challenges, to take an interest in these interesting challenge, promotion to win if that is conceivable. In the meantime, there will be a few fees if some person needs to take an interest in specific occasions.

kuende homepage

Kuende KUE Token ICO Details

The Kuende ecosystem will be a healthy and prosperous miniaturized scale economy that will empower the Kuende stakeholders to play a functioning part in maintaining and growing the ecosystem. The Kuende economy will be filled by two tokens, the Kuende Token (KUE), and Kuende Points (Kp).

The Kuende Token will be produced during the Token Generation Event as an ERC20 token made for the individuals who support Kuende’s vision. The quantity of KUE tokens a user claim will determine the measure of Kuende Points that they can give while engaging with some Kuende features. Indeed, some Kuende features are available for Kuende users.

Kuende Points will be used to pay for challenge section fees, tips for content makers, to pay at the Kuende Shop (Kshop), for creating supported difficulties, to advance substance, for premium memberships and for in-game buys.

kuende how

Token Distribution And Allocation

The aggregate token supply will be 3,560,000,000 KUE.

The KUE Token Distribution will be as follows:

half Token Sale

20% Founders and Developer Team

15% Community Pool

12,5% Partners and Advisers

2,5% Bounty Campaigns

The funds will be used as follows:

35% Marketing

30% R&D

15% Business Development

15% Overheads

5% Security


Blockchain technology is now disrupting the financial industry and can possibly upset the manner in which most existing tech works. The power of a decentralized, open and scrambled blockchain has started another flood of energy in a tech community, and Kuende predicts numerous new and exciting use cases that advance a more open economy and society. Every one of these features that describe blockchain technology have brought a crisp viewpoint within the Kuende platform. In this manner, future development is focused on finding the most ideal methods for incorporating it, for the advantage of the users.

kuende features


Over the previous decade, social media has allowed us to have worldwide discussion dissimilar to anything’ve ever observed. Out of the blue, individuals can learn anything instantly – investigate new thoughts, attempt new side interests, connect with and stay in contact with loved ones living abroad. As time passed, they could see that the improvement and development of social networks accompanied a cost. Therapists and researchers contemplated and determined that social media is becoming increasingly addictive and, if used as a substitution for real-world interaction, is exceptionally unhealthy.

Solutions imagine a world in which social media sustains and administers to the genuine social needs of its users. An existence where social media makes as much human interaction in real life, as it does carefully. They trust that, for the betterment of individuals and society alike, the two sorts of social interaction are legitimately adjusted. Social platforms ought not just give the way to get associated, entertained and informed, but likewise help protect the estimation of the real-life interaction. They ought to be used to improve instead of to supplant. This is the thing that Kuende tries to give. Using gamified challenges and blockchain technology, look to make a network that empowers dynamic, evolving and socially connected with networks that accumulate in the real world to share their specific interests in rewarding and fun ways. To put it plainly, Kuende will manufacture a substantially healthier contrasting option to current social media networks.

kuende platform


The establishment of is the Gamified Real-World Challenge. Most difficulties will involve a physical area and an activity or moves to be made at that area. Each test is made such that users get entertainment from the experience, henceforth the term “Gamified”. Given the infinite conceivable outcomes of areas, side interests, abilities and moves that can be made in the real world, challenges can possibly make boundless fun and engaging social interactions. In addition, the interest for challenges has just been demonstrated with the prominence of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Harlem Shake and Pokémon Go.

Accomplishments and Badges

To additionally support the fruition of difficulties, will make many accomplishments and identifications that users would then be able to open depending on their level of commitment and the manner in which they interact with the community. In the long run, they will allow organizations to make marked identifications that can be used to advance their battles and urge users to take an interest. Identifications can have numerous plans and emphasess, from totally new marked identifications to updates of standard identifications for exceptional accomplice occasions.



Pre-seed Investment – $120.000. (Alpha and Closed Beta Versions)


Seed Investment – $2.500.000.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Executed Gamification.


Propelled the mobile apps.

Propelled (Beta Version).

Web and Mobile Security Audit.

Get ready ICO.

2018 – Q1

Test Framework.

54.000+ Users.

20.000+ App Downloads.

2018 – Q2

Make, Participate and Vote Challenges.

Test Feed.

GDPR Full Compliance.

Security Audit.

Update Web and Mobile Interface.

Propelled ICO.

2018 – Q3

Integrate with Civic (for KYC Procedures).

Store Kuende Tokens into the Platform.

Against Fraud Mechanism.

Begin generating Kuende Points.

Badging and Reputation System.

Tip Content Creators.

2018 – Q4

Smart Algorithm for Challenge Suggestions.

Registration Feature.

First Kuende Game.

Scrambled Messages.

500.000 Kuende Users.

2019 – Q1-Q2

Kshop (In-app Purchases and Donations).

Interest Based Groups.

Second Kuende Game.

3.000.000 Kuende Users.

2019 – Q3-4

Influencer Profile.

Gathering Challenges.

Live Stream.

Third Kuende Game.

10.000.000 Kuende Users.


Programming interface for Challenge Creator.

Kshop (Digital Goods).

Business Profiles.

Supported Challenges.

Promotion related mechanism.

AR Challenges.

50.000.000 Kuende Users.

kuende roadmap

Who Is Behind Kuende?

Kuende is presently being produced by 24 experts that work all day on transforming the team’s vision into reality. Every one of them have a solid foundation in the blockchain and crypto industry and are prepared to build up the Kuende platform.

Pavel Antohe is the CEO and Founder of Kuende. He is a business person with 6 long periods of involvement in the industry. He studies and estimates the patterns in social media to see openings before any of the competitors.

Dan Tudor is the CFO and Co-Founder of Kuende. He has more than 20 long periods of involvement in business development, finance and administration. He cherishes the Kuende vision and joined the team as senior manager and administrator of day by day activities.

TEodor Pripoae is the CTO and Co-Founder. He is a product engineer with 8 long stretches of understanding. He administers the whole development plan.

Mihnea Rafailescu is the CDO and Co-Founder. He has in excess of 8 yearas of involvement in website architecture and he has energy for outline and gaming.

Other critical individuals from the team are Daniel Bugarin, Alexandru Tache, Razvan Carstea, Cosmin Rusu, Adrian Bogatu, Alisa Laza, Andrei Dumitra, Andrei Florea, Andrei Gherghe, Armando Ducan, and numerous others.

kuende team

Kuende Blockchain Gamified Social Network Conclusion

Kuende is a project that needs to change the manner by which we use social networks. The intention is to move towards a world in which social networks will influence us to have a larger number of interactions in the real world than in the virtual one.

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