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Komodo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Komodo?

Komodo is an adaptable blockchain solution intended for developers of any level and any industry. The platform is intended to be basic yet intense, offering altered blockchain solutions that are anything but difficult to send and can be arranged to address your issues.

The objective of Komodo Platform is to make a strong environment of accomplices and developers working together to drive the platform forward. The platform propelled with the tagline, “Protecting your security with bitcoin’s hashrate.” It utilizes a fork of bitcoin’s blockchain (Zcash) with another agreement calculation called delayed proof of work. At the end of the day, the Komodo Platform is a fork of a fork of the original bitcoin blockchain.

Komodo Homepage

How Does the Komodo Platform Work?

When you develop on the Komodo Platform, you’re building an independent blockchain. You’re not building a fork, nor are you using Komodo Platform as a parent chain. Instead, you’re creating your own independent blockchain at that point connecting it to the Komodo biological community. Because the blockchain is totally independent, the developer isn’t restricted by the Komodo parent chain.

The Komodo Platform is likewise intended to be particular, which implies developers can pick which Komodo advances they need to empower. In the same way as other blockchain platforms, Komodo stresses security. The blockchain utilizes a delayed proof of work (dPoW) system. Here’s the means by which the official site explains it:

“Komodo’s innovative dPOW (delayed proof of work) gives a security layer that makes reinforcements of your blockchain’s information and notarizes it to Bitcoin’s blockchain, providing even the littlest of blockchains with Bitcoin-level security.”

Basically, Komodo can “reuse” bitcoin’s hashrate to guarantee unchanging nature on the Komodo blockchain.

Komodo will authorize obstructs on the bitcoin blockchain using 64 pre-picked “public accountant hubs”. This anticipates assault endeavors because aggressors would likewise need to change the bitcoin blockchain to alter Komodo – so as long as the bitcoin blockchain remains secure, the Komodo blockchain will remain secure also.

Moreover, Komodo offers security assurance through integration with zero learning proofs.

Eventually, Komodo needs to give developers the opportunity to make their own novel blockchain applications without forcing developers to really fabricate their own particular blockchain starting from the earliest stage. With Komodo, developers can quicken blockchain development by focusing on their application while relying on Komodo’s innovation, support, and administrations.

The Komodo Platform depends on Zcash, and Zcash is based on bitcoin’s blockchain. Zcash’s team originally forked bitcoin and developed zk-snarks security innovation (zero learning proofs). At that point, Komodo forked the Zcash blockchain and included the delayed proof of work agreement system.

Komodo Platform

The Komodo (KMD) Token

Komodo’s token, the KMD token, propelled in February 2017 at a price of around $0.10.

Today, the Komodo cryptocurrency has a market top of $321,000,000 (starting late November 2017) alongside a circulating supply of 103,634,266 KMD tokens. It’s priced at around $3 USD, and positions in the best 35 digital forms of money by market top.

Komodo and Decentralized ICOs (dICOs)

Komodo’s development team has additionally planned “the world’s initially decentralized ICO”, or a “dICO”. That sale started on November 10 with Monaize’s token sale. Monaize is an e-banking platform that plans to extend the financial side of Komodo. Monaize is using Komodo to integrate blockchain payments into their banking application.

Komodo is advertising decentralized ICOs to development teams who need to dispatch a cash while enjoying the features of the Komodo Platform – like a full welcome bundle that includes a white-name wallet and square wayfarer, alongside access to all advances developed by Komodo.

What is the Komodo Platform?

The Komodo Platform is a conclusion to-end blockchain solution you can use to dispatch your own particular independent blockchain or initial coin offering (ICO).

However, the project extends a long ways past that. Komodo likewise includes a decentralized trade and a cryptocurrency anonymizer to enhance the protection of your transactions.


The BarterDEX is a nuclear swap fueled decentralized trade. By using nuclear swaps instead of intermediary tokens, the essential strategy for other decentralized trades, Komodo brings down the counterparty chance.

Decentralized trades likewise generally have issues with low liquidity. To keep this, the BarterDEX produces Liquidity Provider Nodes (LP hubs). The LP hubs help to balance out the market price by buying and selling resources over the spread in the request books.

The BarterDEX can bolster the trading of any coin inasmuch as the coin’s developer associates it to the trade using the right convention.


The Jumblr is an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency anonymizer. You have the choice to utilize it to improve your protection when using the Komodo Platform.

The general procedure to anonymize your funds is genuinely straightforward. The Jumblr takes the KMD tokens from your non-private address and sends them through a group of zk-SNARK addresses. These untraceable addresses expel any money trail from your tokens.

From that point, the Jumblr sends your tokens to another address of your choosing. Your tokens are currently totally mysterious. There’s a 0.3% charge (payable in KMD tokens) to utilize the Jumblr.

The Jumblr is additionally associated with the BarterDEX, so you can add namelessness to any of the tokens you exchange with too.

Delayed Proof-of-Work (dPoW)

The Komodo Platform utilizes a dPoW agreement calculation to maintain the network. Interestingly, the dPoW accord is based over an initial agreement calculation with no confinement on what that calculation should be. The initial calculation can be Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, or some other calculation accessible.

The Komodo team joined their dPoW framework to the Bitcoin PoW calculation because it right now has the most elevated hashrate. The higher the hashrate, the greater security a network typically has.

The dPoW technique utilizes two kinds of hubs:

Legal Official Hubs

Ordinary hubs

Like an appointed Proof-of-Stake framework, partners choose legal official hubs. There are 64 public accountant spots up for gets. The activity of these hubs is to legally approve the pieces from the dPoW chain onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

In spite of the fact that the public accountant hubs give an additional layer of security, a dPoW blockchain can work without them. Without the legal officials, transactions can’t be distributed on the initial accord chain, but ordinary hubs can in any case read and approve them on the dPoW chain.


A dPoW network connected to Bitcoin is favorable because it gives any chain using it (regardless of how frail) the security of the vigorous Bitcoin network. Far better, these outsider chains don’t need to pay the Bitcoin transaction charges related with the authorization. They just need to pay charges to the initial dPoW blockchain.

Komodo Services

Decentralized Fiat Currencies (DFCs)

DFCs are cryptographic forms of money that are attached to neighborhood, fiat cash. The DFC innovation uses nuclear cross-chain swaps from the BarterDEX and the dPoW agreement calculation outlined before.

The DFCs principally utilize the European Central Bank to achieve agreement on the price of the different monetary standards. The framework utilizes the price points of BTC-USD, KMD-BTC, and BTC-CNY to determine the transformation rate of any money to KMD.

Komodo Fiat trades

The public accountant hubs record the DFC prices on the Komodo blockchain and the dPoW calculation adds security to the network.

Using this strategy, the platform just needs a fluid BTC-KMD market to play out the trades. This implies your changes are programmed and, generally, ensured.

You can change over 32 fiat monetary forms to KMD tokens and the other way around.

Decentralized Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

The Komodo team has additionally started offering decentralized ICO administrations. You can utilize the Komodo Platform to dispatch your own blockchain and crowdfund your ICO.

You likewise gain admittance to Komodo’s marketing channels, underlying innovation, and experts.

They just host one decentralized ICO at once, however, so the organizations are exceptionally specific. The primary ICO is with Monaize, an e-banking platform.

Komodo Investment

Komodo Team And Progress

Similar to the pattern with a few protection centered projects, the dominant part of team individuals has remained unknown. The 30+ man team is lead by a developer operating under the nom de plume. JL777 already worked on the NXT project and is exceptionally adulated in the blockchain community for his development aptitudes.

In 2014, JL777 established SuperNET, a decentralized community of cryptocurrency development teams. The objective of the community is to “make a unified platform of innovations focusing on the foundation of decentralized conveyance of beforehand incorporated online administrations.”

The Komodo Platform is a piece of the SuperNET umbrella.

The project is a fork of Zcash (a past fork of Bitcoin), but as depicted above, has extended a long ways past that. The main component that Komodo takes from Zcash is the zk-SNARK security innovation utilized as a part of the Jumblr.

Komodo is facing rivalry from all points. As a protection coin, it contends with Monero, Dash, and obviously, Zcash.

Regarding ICOs, Ethereum is the greatest contender. Different coins, for example, Waves and NEO are additionally in this swarmed space. JL777’s past project, NXT, additionally represents considerable authority in ICO dispatches. Komodo is remarkable in that it’s the first to offer decentralized ICOs.

Ultimately, decentralized trades (DEX) are increasingly becoming more aggressive too. EtherDelta and BitShares are two major players in this division while Waves has a DEX too.

KMD (Komodo) token trading


As a KMD token holder, you get up to 5% interest on the tokens that you hold every year. Dissimilar to a typical Proof-of-Stake framework, there’s no compelling reason to keep your wallet online to get your interest. To guarantee your interest and reset the yearly most extreme, you should simply exchange your tokens to another wallet address.

The interest prizes will vanish once the whole supply of 200 million KMD are mined. The team projects that this will happen at some point in 2031.


The Komodo Platform ICO happened toward the finish of 2016, and the team raised just shy of $2 million. Through the ICO, 90 million KMD tokens were distributed to investors, and an extra 10 million were kept by the team for future development and marketing.

The remaining 100 million tokens are utilized to compensate miners in the dPoW framework.

The KMD price has hopped significantly three times in the coin’s history. The main increase occurred in June 2017 and coincided with the first-since forever Komodo introduction. This introduction was a piece of a SuperNET get together in Amsterdam where the team secured the general vision of the platform.

The following price increase was toward the beginning of September 2017. The marketing buildup around a future declaration appeared to be what filled this ascent. After the declaration that Komodo would band together with Monaize for the principal decentralized ICO (dICO), the price dropped and settled around $2.00 (~0.0005 BTC).

This month, KMD has encountered the price bounce seen by most other elective coins and has ascended to a record-breaking high of $12.89.

Future dICO organization declarations and development guide accomplishments could additionally enhance the price.

Komodo Launch

Where to buy KMD

You can exchange Bitcoin for KMD on Binance. To exchange on these platforms, you first need Bitcoin to exchange. You can buy Bitcoin on Gemini and after that exchange your funds to get KMD.

Komodo Exchanges

How To Buy Komodo?

There are various exchanges where you will be able to buy Komodo. However, you will need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with fiat currency and then exchange it for Komodo. So, if you still having a question about how to buy Komodo then you need to visit Binance to get this coin.


The Komodo Platform is an expansive scale project that includes decentralized ICOs, a one of a kind accord calculation, and even a decentralized trade. With such a vast degree, it’s difficult to foresee how effective the project will be not far off.

The team is astoundingly strong, however, and has reliably enhanced the Komodo biological community and hit noteworthy points of reference.

If they can achieve everything that they’ve embarked to, it’s anything but difficult to see Komodo becoming a major name, across the board blockchain solution that individuals crosswise over industries will find profitable.

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