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Jibrel Network Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Jibrel Network gives conventional financial assets as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Find out how it functions today in our Jibrel Network review.

What Is Jibrel Network?

Jibrel Network intends to “tokenize everything” by providing monetary standards, values, wares, and other financial assets and instruments as ERC20-agreeable tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

These assets are recorded as CryptoDepository Receipts, or CryDRs, which are used for transactions on the Jibrel Network. The network denominates these tokens in Jibrel Network Tokens, or JNTs. For instance, a USD CryDR holds $1 USD worth of JNT.

Users can use fiat CryDRs for settlements, worldwide payments, trading, and hedging. CryDRs can likewise be used to make computerized and decentralized financial instruments – like bonds, items, obligation instruments, and securities.

The initial step for Jibrel Network is to take off “jCash”, which are CryDRs representing well known worldwide monetary standards. USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, AED, and CNY CryDRs will all be accessible through the platform.

You can buy CryDRs whenever using Jibrel Network Tokens (JNTs) from the Jibrel DAO. jCash is relied upon to dispatch in November 2017, with the JNT token sale taking spot all through September and October.

jibrel network homepage

What Problems Does Jibrel Network Seek To Solve?

Fundamentally, Jibrel Network expects to tackle an indistinguishable issues from other financial trading organizations based on the blockchain. By bringing financial instruments to the blockchain, Jibrel Network expects to tackle issues like high expenses and moderate exchange times.

Besides, Jibrel Network likewise needs to make it simple for users to store, send, and get value in their nearby monetary forms with close to zero charges. You don’t need to exchange any digital assets on the Jibrel Network platform. You can simply use it to move fiat monetary forms in a more reasonable manner.

One final issue that Jibrel Network tries to explain is that it enables decentralized organizations and funds to diversify into conventional assets. These gatherings can buy asset-upheld CryDRs.

How Does Jibrel Network Work?

Here are the center highlights of the Jibrel Network ecosystem and how they function:

Open Blockchain:

Jibrel Network will use an open blockchain for the not so distant future (Ethereum) until full cross-chain correspondence is possible. Numerous new companies use an open and secure blockchain for early forms.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Jibrel Network enables users to exchange digital forms of money for fiat monetary standards or asset-sponsored funds. Whatever you’re trading, you can without much of a stretch change over it between crypto and fiat on the Jibrel Network platform.

Fastened Tokens:

All asset-sponsored tokens on the Jibrel Network will be genuinely supported by genuine assets. For each conventional asset held, a fastened token will be minted. If that asset is sold, the fastened token is devastated.


Guarantors are expected to guarantee fastened tokens retain their value.

Application Layer, Libraries, and Templates:

Once a fastened token is built up, designers can make applications that use those fastened tokens. Applications could include payment processors, wallets, and trading platforms.

Expenses and Charges:

Here’s what the Jibrel Network whitepaper needs to say in regards to the platform’s expenses and charges: “Transferring responsibility for digital and conventional assets have related charges and charges that should be accounted.”

jibrel network features

Who Is Behind the Jibrel Network?

The Jibrel Network is an initiative from Jibrel AG and Qubist Labs Inc. The first of these is enrolled within Zug, Switzerland. Qubist Labs Inc. is a New York-construct company focused in light of blockchain development. The team behind Jibrel Network has involvement with financial administrations, smart contract development, and blockchain development.

jibrel network team

What Issues Does the Jibrel Network Address?

With the Jibrel Network, issues like moderate exchange times and high expenses related with conventional banking can be expelled. Instead, users will have the capacity to use crypto-fiat tokens to store, send, or get value using their neighborhood currency with no expenses by any stretch of the imagination. The team likewise feels that decentralized funds and organizations can help diversify conventional assets.

What Are CryDRs?

CryDRs, or CryptoDepository Receipts, are a critical piece of the Jibrel Network. These tokens speak to a conventional financial asset’s value but have the denomination of a Jibrel Network Token, JNT. For instance, a USD CryDR has one dollar of JNT.

These CryDRs highlight worked in smart control, which is an arrangement of true directions and standards written in strength code at that point conveyed using the Ethereum blockchain. This smart direction basically enables CryDRs to be both decentralized and take after the controls and principles found in this present reality that apply to assets.

The applications for fiat CryDRs are broad. They can be used for trading, hedging, worldwide payments, and settlements. You can likewise use them to make decentralized and computerized financial instruments, for example, securities, products, bonds, and obligation instruments.

What Is jCash?

jCash will be Jibrel Network’s first rollout of its monetary forms for CryDR. The network will offer CryDRs of USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, and AED. You will have the capacity to buy CryDRs with the JNT on the Jibrel DAO. Later on, Jibrel would like to offer a substantially more extensive scope of products, monetary standards, subordinates, and securities.

What Is the Jibrel Decentral Bank?

Using the Jibrel Decentral Bank, otherwise called the Jibrel DAO, users can exchange their JNT tokens for CryDRs. They have the decision of redeeming CryDRs for their underlying value in the type of JNT or minting new CryDRs with their JNT.

An investor can tokenize financial assets by transferring fluid assets to the Jibrel AG Fund situated in Zug, Switzerland, where they are held. Illiquid assets get their securitization by means of JNT for the underlying currency. Any transaction that involves that tokenized asset being referred to will at that point be finished using JNT. Because the tokenized assets are a sort of standard ERC-20 token, users can depend on any ERC-20 wallet to send, get, and exchange their CryDRs.

How Is the Jibrel Network Token Distributed?

There is an aggregate supply of 200,000,000 Jibrel Network Tokens, JNTs. 10% of these, 20 million JNT, were dispensed for the token presale and 60 percent, or 120 million, for the token main sale. The team gets 15 percent, or 30 million JNT, while guides and accomplices get another 10 percent, 20 million JNT. The final 5 percent, or 10 million JNT, is saved for bounties. JNT will be recorded on different exchanges to make it less demanding for users to get.

What Else Should You Know about JNT?

The main capacity of the Jibrel Network Token is purchasing and redeeming CryDRs. It likewise takes into consideration transactions involving value exchanges of securitized off-chain assets. Any exchange of CryDRs uses a little amount of JNT, jGas.

The Jibrel Network made a committed token like JNT instead of relying on ETH or BTC because of their extraordinary unpredictability. It would have been excessively challenging, making it impossible to keep fiat currency liabilities while holding the uncorrelated and unpredictable crypto-assets. By creating JNT, by differentiate, there is a shut framework that can self-adjust.

Jibrel Wallet

The Jibrel wallet is named jWallet and is accessible now for anybody to use at the official website. You can use it to make an address to send or get JNT tokens. You can likewise store ETH, BNT, GNT, KNC, OMG and REP tokens in the wallet.

How To Buy Jibrel Network Tokens JNT?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy JNT? Well, if this is the question that comes into your mind then this section will help you to know how to buy JNT and where to buy it. At the moment, it is available at exchanges like HitBTC and

Does the Jibrel Network Mitigate Cryptocurrency Volatility?

Because of the idea of the tokens within the Jibrel Network, it provides users with stable coins, every one of which speaks to a genuine value while remaining within the Ethereum blockchain. You can use the Jibrel DAO, the Jibrel Decentral Bank, to exchange unstable digital forms of money, for example, BTC or ETH, for stable tokens, for example, the different jCash. Whenever later on, you can exchange the stable jCash tokens for their underlying value, regardless of the price of BTC or ETH around then.

How Does the Jibrel Network Offer Security?

To guard users, all the Jibrel Smart Contracts were examined by New Alchemy, its security accomplice. You can even find a link to the full security review. For encourage security, the financials of Jibrel are reviewed and additionally examined by PwC, its financial transparency accomplice.

What Does the Jibrel Network Roadmap Look Like?

The Jibrel Network has officially achieved a sensible sum. The Limited Alpha adaptation of the network went live on Ropsten in May 2017. In September of that year, it had the presale for the Jibrel Network Token. November 2017 saw the arrival of the jWallet with an open-source permit, people in general sale, and the dispatch of jCash.

In Q1 of 2018, the Jibrel Network discharges its devoted CryDR block pioneer that will enable users to track CryDRs in more detail on the network. In Q3, it will send an institutional-review arrangement that banks and different kinds of financial institutions can use to specifically tokenize then execute using their off-chain assets. In Q4, it will dispatch the Jibrel DAO and the network will begin its full decentralization, known as Project Pinocchio.

jibrel network roadmap

The Jibrel Network Token Sale

Jibrel Network Tokens (JNTs) will be used to buy fastened assets through the platform. The blessed messenger round of the token sale happened between July 25 and August 25, during which time the tokens were sold for $0.15 USD.

General society pre-sale keeps going from September 25 to October 25, where the tokens are priced at $0.20 to $0.225.

The network dispatches on November 27, during which the tokens will be priced at $0.25.

Jibrel Network is issuing an aggregate supply of 200 million JNTs. 10% were sold during the blessed messenger cycle, 20% were sold during the general population pre-sale, 40% are held for the network dispatch, 15% for the team, 10% for counselors and accomplices, and 5% for bounties.

Jibrel Network Overview

Jibrel Network is a prominent ICO, since it is the following huge project of BitcoinSuisse, a particular substance that is completely authorized to work fundraising and some restricted Bitcoin trading for private clients. BitcoinSuisse has aided a few ICOs in the previous months, the most prominent among them being:




That is the reason Jibrel Network is intriguing, for its strong activity with regards to fundraising. Right now, Jibrel Network is the main running ICO from BitcoinSuisse.

What’s more, because Jibrel Network is situated in Switzerland, it is one of the ICOs shut to US-based buyers. Lamentably, the dread of tokens being viewed as a type of unregistered and unregulated securities has made BitcoinSuisse and Jibrel careful about US clients. A crackdown by the US Securities and Exchange Commission is accordingly maintained a strategic distance from, as typically Swiss-based ICOs appreciate overall prevalence.

jibrel network advisors


The Jibrel Network expects to bring conventional assets to the blockchain to exploit the advantages related with decentralization. By offering support for both conventional assets and ERC-20 tokens, it should offer a wide usefulness that can interest users around the globe. The approach of providing security with cryptocurrency is certainly useful for the individuals who see the eventual fate of digital assets but are concerned.

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