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IOSToken Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

IOStoken has overwhelmed the market, and up to this point, few in the community had caught wind of the project.

However, IOST as of now sits simply outside the best 50 monetary standards in light of market top. IOStoken is a blockchain platform from Singapore, aiming to gain certifiable utilization and explain the existing issues concerning adaptability, transaction throughput, and security that right now hinder boundless integration and mass appropriation.

In this IOStoken review, we will tell you about the project, team, technology and token. We should bounce in!

IOSToken Homepage

What is IOStoken (IOST)?

IOStoken spins around the Internet of Services, and expects to give a strong infrastructure to new online specialist organizations. The team behind the project has focused on delivering a high TPS rate, and creating an exceptionally versatile, private and secure blockchain. They also jump at the chance to assert that the IOS (Internet of Service) blockchain is a safe, versatile blockchain that really works.

The team also guarantees that the IOS platform can handle up to 100,000 transactions for every second, which puts it path in front of huge numbers of the more settled blockchains, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Interestingly, IOStoken is based over the Ethereum network; however dissimilar to numerous platforms that work on Ethereum, IOStoken did not play out an initial coin offering (ICO), and raised funds through private sales to institutional investors.

What Problems Does IOS Address?

One of the most serious issues IOS addresses is adaptability with existing blockchain advances and online specialist co-ops. IOS needs to determine issues with brought together online specialist co-ops, including high commission fees, control, misrepresentation, and security infringement. Going back to versatility, IOS sees the wellspring of the issue as the fundamental plan related with current blockchain innovations, specifically the blockchain architectures and agreement conventions.

In their beginning, IOS outlines two specific obstructions to adaptability with blockchain technology. Synchronization is a worry, as full hubs need to download the full exceptional record from the blockchain’s network to take part in verification of transactions. But as the record develops, it turns out to be considerably harder for new hubs to join. Furthermore, they point to proficiency, specifically the way that each participating hub must handle every transaction. They propose allowing adequate verification with only a segment of network hubs as a more productive option.

What Does IOS Do?

IOS “fills the void,” according to the groundwork. The team sees it as cutting edge blockchain technology delivering network infrastructure for an administration situated biological system. The platform gives a decentralized strategy to exchanging advanced merchandise and online services and gives engineers a chance to convey dApps on an extensive scale that can bolster mass measures of users.

What Is the Efficient Distributed Sharding Technology?

One of the keys to IOS’s platform is EDS, or Efficient Distributed Sharding, technology. It drastically parcels the IOS network, dividing it into different subspaces in a secured stochastic process without inclination. It includes scaleout in the type of a flawless partitioning state that can handle various gatherings in parallel. It also includes Atomix, a quick review confer convention that authorizes consistency over the different cross-shard transactions. Finally, it highlighted Bias Resistant Distributed Randomness. This is a successful, secure, and innovative technique for introducing unprejudiced randomness within the IOS network.


The EDS technology depends on the sharding system, which is now broadly embraced. Each shard goes about as a miniature network running its own particular parallel accord convention. This permits accord gatherings to handle transaction subsets in the meantime, significantly increasing the framework throughput even with the quick development of transactions and the network.

IOSToken Tech

How is IOStoken Special?

IOStoken makes use of an innovative Efficient Distributed Sharding Technology, which powerfully segments the network into sub spaces by randomly assigning different hubs to cooperate. This results in a framework that works more swiftly and effectively than a significant number of its rivals.

The project also makes use of a brand new accord instrument known as of proof of trustworthiness (PoB), with this system hubs are approved in view of past contributions and behavioral examples. This framework also incorporates a “reasonableness” calculation that randomly distributes information to different hubs keeping in mind the end goal to help ensure a genuinely decentralized blockchain convention.

IOSToken Team

The team behind this project is also to a great degree noteworthy and is involved profoundly finished individuals who blend top level qualifications with a lot of industry specific experience. IOStoken was established by the group of four of Terence Wang, Jimmy Zhong, Kelvin Tan and Ray Xiao.

They head a team loaded with PhDs and alumni from institutions, for example, Harvard, Princeton, and the University of California, while various team individuals have involvement of working for associations, for example, Google, Deloitte, and Morgan Stanley.

How Viable is the Project?

IOS incorporates various highlights that make it a reasonable choice as an endeavor blockchain; the convention has been created with a specific end goal to help benefit arranged items and services that retain substantial customer bases.

Notwithstanding their sharding technology and agreement component, the IOS team have also used a Hyper Universe Distributed System (HUDS), which goes about as a decentralized, secure approach to store information. HUDS also enables the IOS platform to be used by an extensive variety of different services, which can shift in estimate from a private company venture as far as possible up to a gigantic association like Amazon.

IOSToken Technology

IOStoken also utilizes various strategies went for helping to accomplish adaptability which include Atomix, a quick review submit convention to guarantee consistency among cross-shard transactions, and Scaleout, an immaculate partitioning state for different gatherings handled in parallel. The Bias Resistant Distributed Randomness (BDR) component introduces fair randomness into the network both successfully and safely.

IOSToken Ecosystem

Distributed Sharding Technology

The IOS team has focused on versatility and high transaction throughput as unmistakable approaches to enhance the blockchain and state in their white paper that:

The IOS is a cutting edge blockchain technology that gives the network infrastructure to help an administration arranged ecosystem.

IOS also has space for the execution of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart gets that will demonstrate pivotal once the platform is received by existing businesses.

IOSToken Advisors

Over this, IOS has been very much bolstered by institutional investors, and directed a private token sale in January with sixteen organizations openly declaring that they have invested in the IOStoken project. These investors are generally blockchain situated organizations and VC funds gatherings, for example, Matrix and Sequoia.

Is IOStoken Worth Investing In?

IOStoken has pulled in a ton of consideration because of its current execution, however regardless of whether the token will continue to perform well depends a great deal of the development guide.

The MVP private testnet was planned to be propelled in Q1, while the implementing and testing of EDS and PoB are booked for Q2. The arrival of the IOS smart contract archive draft and organization of HUDS are both intended to happen toward the finish of this current year.

While the IOS team has an awesome thought, there is as of now no working model, which can prompt questions in the matter of whether the project can genuinely form into something other than an amazing whitepaper.

Having said that, IOST caused a significant blend once it was recorded on Binance and figured out how to advance toward the best to end up the most exchanged coin by volume on the leading exchange platform.

The token has performed to a great degree well in a brief timeframe, and has also risen significantly in an incentive during a bear market. The computerized token propelled on January 16 and started trading at around $0.02, however, within ten days the price spiked to a high price of roughly $0.12 which gave the token a market top of roughly $927m.

#1 Trading Volume on @binance_2017 and #6 on @CoinMarketCap. Much thanks to you for your help folks. Our prime supporters are going live right on time one week from now to discuss IOST and the technology behinds it on YouTube and Twitter! Stay tuned!


— IOStoken (@IOStoken) January 25, 2018

IOST also accomplished a 24 hour trading volume in overabundance of $770m which saw it beat the larger part of coins on the market in mid January. However, regardless of the sudden ascent in esteem, the token rapidly started to pull back and soon achieved a price of $0.03.

The price of IOST has for the most part changed at between $0.02 and $0.03 and the token is as of now trading at a price of around $0.25. The token retains a market top of around $217m and is at present generating around $50m worth of trading a day.

There are also around 8,400,000,000 IOST available for use while the aggregate supply stands at 21,000,000,000, meaning investors ought to expect a characteristic devaluation in price as more tokens are introduced to the biological community.

The early insights are quite worrying as investors need to attempt to make sense of exactly what prompted a huge keep running up in price and a tremendous measure of trading in IOST. While the project is very much upheld, it isn’t a standout among the most advertised blockchain platforms and really flew under the radar in contrast with projects, for example, Zilliqa, POA, and Wanchain.

Tragically, the IOStoken outline takes after that of a pump-and-dump token and the truth will surface eventually exactly how dependable and sound an investment IOST can be.

IOSToken Partners

VC Investments and Exchange Listings

In spite of the stresses over the Token execution, the project has an awesome team and has pulled in a decent measure of investment from built up substances, for example, Sequoia, Nirvana Capital, and Matrix.

The token is also officially accessible on various leading exchanges with Binance, Huobi, and OKEx all listing IOST, this prompts a lot of liquidity but there is also less shot of the token jumping in price once a noteworthy exchange listing is reported.

IOSToken Exchange Listings

IOStoken has an exceptionally solid community and commands more than 212K Twitter devotees, and 39K Telegram individuals, and the IOStoken Reddit community as of now has a little more than 2,300 supporters.

This looks good for the future, and the team is also open for engaging with its community through their web-based social networking channels and potential investors can stay aware of developments by staying dynamic in one of the gatherings.

IOSToken Exchanges

How To Buy IOSToken?

There are various places to buy this token but you will always need to buy a coin from a place where you will have the peace of your mind and trust. You always need secure exchanges to make a purchase regarding your coins. However, there are various places where you will be able to buy IOST but the most reputable exchanges are:


It’s still ahead of schedule for this project, and the unstable price activity in January has rather unsurprisingly brought about IOST gaining a ton of consideration. Now, much relies upon how well the team can adhere to their guarantees and continue to execute every one of the means laid out in the whitepaper and guide.

Once the buildup fades away, IOST will be left to contend with various Internet Service tokens, for example, IOTA (MIOTA), IOTChain (ITC), and Internet Node Token (INT). In addition, there are also various elite platforms, for example, (EOS), Zilliqa (ZIL), and High Performance Blockchain (HPB) which also gloat great transaction throughput rates.

IOST has built up a decent measure of buildup which is significant in the realm of computerized monetary standards and has a great team that are supported by set up financial elements, however, because of the early instability of IOST, the best wager might be to watch out for the general development of the project and then hop in once it has built up a strong establishment and started to settle.

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