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ION Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Ionomy is a versatile gaming community with various applications for Android and iOS. Find out everything you have to think about Ionomy and the ION cryptocurrency today in our review.

What is Ionomy ION?

Ionomy is a gaming platform made by Ionomy Studios. The studio makes versatile diversions, at that point rewards focused gameplay using an advanced currency called ION.

You can treat ION like some other advanced currency. Gamers get half rebates on Ionomy Studios diversion things when buying with ION, for instance. Investors can exchange, hold, and execute ION.

The studio’s has a few noteworthy recreations discharged or in development, including an iOS and Android application called “The Moon or Bust”. It’s an arcade style amusement where you evade planes and satellites, at that point gather fuel and catalysts en route. The first to the moon wins.

The platform was reported in April 2016 by means of a discussion string.

By and large, the center objective of Ionomy is to make it less demanding for developers to add money related incentives to their premium or freemium recreations.

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How Does Ionomy Work?

The Ionomy platform spins around a computerized currency called ION and a platform called PWR-GRD. ION is depicted as a cryptocurrency “devoted to portable gaming, and in particular… for any individual who cherishes the internet, diversions, cryptocurrency, earning, and everything fun.”

PWR-GRD is a full-benefit suite that enables developers to assemble incredible amusements “from creation to community.” It helps developers setup ION-based incentives, for instance, including crowdfunding, money rewards, in-diversion monetary forms, genuine cash trading, integrated advertising, and gameplay examination.

As reported in April 2016, there was an initial coin supply of 10.9 million ION tokens. 3.4 million ION tokens were participation incentives given away by The remaining tokens were given away through the ICO (5 million ION) and through bounties (2.5 million).

ION has a normal block time of 70 seconds. The blockchain has a normal transaction expense of 0.0001 ION (paid to masternodes).

Today, the Ionomy ecosystem can be dense to four center parts:


Ionomy Studios expects to make amusements that reward focused gameplay using ION tokens, because, as the official site explains, “diversions are more enjoyable with ION.”


Gamers get half rebates on Ionomy Studios amusement things when using ION tokens. Gamers can deal with their ION adjusts through the wallet, allowing them to effectively exchange and hold their digital currency.


ION tokens control Ionomy Studios recreations. Additionally, diversion developers can make custom tokens for their in-amusement currency under the image RMT.


Ionomy has a toolset that enables clients to crowdfund, adapt, and advance diversions in the ION Ecosystem.

As of February 2018, Ionomy’s network has 500+ dynamic hubs generating 22.1 ION for every day, which works out to about $2000 USD every month.

ion features

Ionomy Games

Today, Ionomy has various amusements in its ecosystem, including the greater part of the following:

Crypto Gravity (iOS and Android)

Ionomy is depicted like “Super Mario in Space”. It’s a great action platformer-style diversion where gravity mechanics are combined with basic touch controls. Gamers can contend with other Ionomy players in week by week competitions where they can win remunerates in the type of ION. “Bounce and shoot your way through the universe to reestablish the energy of blockchain to the general population”

To the Moon (Beta)

To the Moon gives you a chance to manage your rocket from the earth to the moon while avoiding planes, rockets, space rocks, “and the occasional whale.” Simple tilt controls give a diversion that is anything but difficult to learn, difficult to ace. You can win moves up to your ship to make your trek faster, consume less fuel, or both. There’s additionally a “Plant the Flag” challenge where gamers can gain a reward. The primary gamer to achieve the moon will get a big prize. To the Moon is at present in beta.

UrbanWords (In Development)

UrbanWords is depicted as “a word amusement for grown-ups”, kind of like Cards Against Humanity, “but significantly edgier and more dark. Gamers see definitions from Urban Dictionary, at that point need to find concealed trademarks in a word look. As the words get logically more dark, players can open hints with in-application buys.

Ionix (In Development)

Ionix is a basic touch diversion that prizes speed and exactness. It’s intended to be addictive and direct. Gamers need to associate ions floating on their screen by matching hues together. Players race against the clock. You can play only for entertainment only in arcade mode, or go up against different gamers to win significant rewards in a positioned coordinate.

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Who’s Behind Ionomy?

Ionomy is driven by Adam Matlack (Chief Strategist), Richard Nelson (General Manager), Jordan Smith (Developer), Mitchell Cash (Developer), and Fornax A (Developer).

The authority site records a registration address in the Seychelles.

The ION coin is a digital money in view of a decentralized block chain. The community is compensated with ION coins for participating in the evidence of-stake process (PoS).

However, ION Coin rewards dynamic individuals instead of individuals who are as of now invested in the currency to forestall mishandle by stock exchanges and inactive clients.

In addition, ION depends on a static reward system with the goal that the reward for exercises is proportional to community participation.

This ought to fortify decentralization and a solid network. Moreover, ION depends on quick and private transactions.

ion team

What is behind the ION Coin?

ION considers itself to be an intelligent solution for organizations that emphasis on the development of diversions.

ION Coin is intended to make more prominent incentive for developers, players and investors. Ionomy defines three columns that are applicable for advance arrangement.

The principal mainstay of the currency is the recreations zone. The modified recreations ought to be fun and reward the players.

All players vie for prizes paid out in ION Coin and reach different clients. In addition, points are gained that can be utilized as a part of the ION Store. The second focal column is the social angle. Ionomy centers around the development of social parts in the currency, with the goal that the client profiles are unmistakable and conceivable outcomes for networking exist.

The third focal column is finance, because in addition to the genuine cryptographic money, there is additionally a financial platform that offers investment openings. Dynamic players can win compensates in the recreations like their very own speedier development coins, stimulating both playing and investing.

Transactions are approved by means of the block chain. According to Ionomy, the community ought to do the main work and be compensated by ION Coin. In view of this approach, Ionomy’s team needs to center around developing versatile amusements that are the core of Ionomy.

In addition, the community is urged to enhance the currency by additionally code optimization, which enhances decentralization. With this option, the development of the cryptocurrency can be effectively co-outlined by the community. When the community needs certain highlights, this can be imparted and actualized in a proposition.

These asked for highlights are alluded to as “pulls” and are first actualized in a test situation with the goal that the composed code can be tried for functionality and defined prerequisites. The test stage is trailed by implementation in ION.

What does ION Coin offer?

Behind the cryptocurrency ION is Ionomy, a team of six from the USA. The CEO of IONS is Richard Nelson. The part of the main strategist is incumbent on Adam Matlack. Thomas Le goes up against the part of the leading amusement developer, while Jordan Smith and Mitchell Cash assume control additionally programming. The main contact individual for benefit demands is Colin Adley.

ion coin

What is the market capitalization of Ionomy?

In April 2016, ION’s Initial Coin Offering was held at an issue price of USD 0.20 for every coin.

Right now, ION’s exchange rate is USD 2.23, which implies that the currency has a market capitalization of USD 40.7 million. The day by day trading volume is additionally around USD 1.5 million. An aggregate of 22.5 million ION coin coins are accessible on the market, of which 16.6 million are now in circulation.

Ion and Ionomy

For the individuals who are as yet not comfortable with the main goal behind the currency known as (ION), this computerized asset is into promoting the gaming industry that way creating its own particular little crypto universe that can likewise be arranged as “gamers’ desert garden”. If you are a gamer regardless you haven’t known about ION, it is most likely time for you to look at this crypto as ION is worth more than 2$ for every one unit at the present minute and you can acquire while you are playing amusements on Ion platform.

Winning games and answering to even hardest levels is sufficiently rewarding without anyone else if you are a genuine gamer, but earning while at the same time winning sounds notwithstanding tempting. Because of Ion and Ionomy, numerous gamers’ fantasy is transformed into a (computerized) reality. Speaking of the crypto universe, Ion does not just have a whole gaming platform custom fitted for gamers around the world but likewise claim its own economy, shrewdly named Ionomy.

Ionomy in this way speaks to Ion’s internal economy driven and fueled by ION currency that effectively is spent, exchanged and earned through different rewarding protocols. Within the Ionomy project, all gamers can win rewards given in type of ION coins. The coins they procure through winning diversions on Ion platform can be spent, utilized or exchanged for any fiat esteem or currency, so the reward winners promptly wind up indisputable proprietors of the won coins and they are entitled of spending the earned ION units.

Keeping in mind the end goal to gain the entrance to the platform, you have to invest in ION currency, but since there are no limitations you can make small scale investments which will likewise concede you access to Ion and Ionomy protocols.

With the one of a kind model of blockchain-based decentralized economy that works internally within Ion’s blockchain, ION is said to be an entirely promising coin despite the fact that it is positioned a long ways past best 100 monetary forms predicting that its esteem may ascend move down to its record-breaking high of around 7$, which would likewise contribute to having this computerized esteem climbing higher up the stepping stool of achievement.

ion uses

Ion and the New Partnership

Likely because of having Ionomy as an entirely rewarding and interesting model of the internal blockchain-based economy, this computerized asset has gained another association. The team behind Ion banded together up with Kasey Kahne, which is a quite major ordeal for ION as Kasey is a standout amongst the most renowned symbols in the realm of racing.

Supporting the possibility of Ionomy, Kasey Kahne chose to accomplice up with Ion, which will assuredly soar ION’s an incentive in the following months. The motivation to trust that Ion will probably begin rising in the price again is went down by the way that Kahne isn’t just ready to attract more gamers to Ion’s platform and Ionomy, but can likewise speak to a significant link between a cryptocurrency and the games industry, which would be an immense arrangement for Ion.

The team behind ION appears to have settled on an impeccable decision when they chose to go for the gaming industry as this branch is worth more consistently, having been added another 7% of development to its as of now lavishing incomes of more than 100 billion dollars for each year.

If just a bit of this present industry’s income would to stream into the universe of ION and Ionomy, the price of ION coins would inevitably develop as an outcome. That is the reason the association between Ion and Kahne could push Ion into the market of the gaming in industry and games industry alike. In case you include the way that Ionomy has a protocol of rewarding gamers who are winning diversions on their platform, there are a lot of motivations to trust that Ion may even develop past its unsurpassed high in the following months.

How To Buy ION?

Well, after reading this review if you are looking forward to know how to buy ION then this section will help you. It will help you to know where to buy and how to buy ION. You can read this section to know where you will be able to buy this coin. At the moment, you can buy it from few exchanges but in near future it will get listed on my wonderful exchanges. However, you can take a look at this list of exchanges to buy this coin.

Ionomy ION Conclusion

Ionomy is a gaming ecosystem that is intended to compensate gamers with ION points for their contributions to each amusement’s environment. The more fruitful you are at each diversion, the more ION points you can gain. The more ION points you can procure, the more you can spend on in-diversion things and prizes.

To know more about Ionomy and how its biological system functions, visit online today at

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