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Ink Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Ink Labs Foundation?

Ink is developing a platform that offers blockchain-based arrangements, including copyright administration and a blockchain-as-a-service framework that gives developers access to a profoundly adaptable engineering that it calls “sovereign consortium blockchains.” The company is likewise issuing its own cryptocurrency, the INK token, which will be used all through its platform. While the company appears to have built up an intense platform, its site and whitepaper are regularly indistinct and missing critical subtle elements, but its vast international user base recommends this is just the result of poor interpretation.

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How Does Ink Protocol Work?

The main point of Ink Protocol is to create a favorable situation for an international marketplace. The company plans to combine its current destinations, for example, Craigslist or Listia while helping them use their apps for making payments.

The Ink Pay App will be discharged to the market not long after the Ink Protocol ICO is finished. This will enable buyers and dealers to execute perpetually on different online destinations.

How can One Invest in InkProtocol?

To invest in this new cryptocurrency, you have to buy XNK tokens during their upcoming ICO. The pre-sale of these token began on 22nd January, but you are encouraged to enlist ahead of time if you are willing to take part in the main ICO which will begin on first February 2018.

Users will have the capacity to buy XNK tokens using the ETH.

Advantages of Using Ink Protocol

  • Buyers/merchants will use their notorieties to exchange on different platforms
  • Notorieties will be transferable from different marketplaces around the globe.
  • Buyers/venders will be known effortlessly
  • Users have the ability to shield their notoriety because they claim the data
  • Users’ history and notoriety are blue pencil evidence
  • Users can appreciate bring down fees because are not gaining monopolizing users notorieties.

Ink protocol will likewise control payments in light of the Escrow Smart Contract in view of Ethereum. Whenever you buy a thing, the cash is held in the escrow account until the point that the buyers affirm that he is going to convey.

Ink Labs Foundation Team

Ink is being produced by a vast team. While the company is legally situated in Singapore, its team hails from everywhere throughout the world, and has many directors, developers, and investors situated in Russia, east Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The company’s English-dialect whitepaper battles in a few areas to altogether depict the service’s highlights, but the service appears to have a hearty base of adherents, so it’s presumable that its assets are composed all the more plainly in different dialects. Between its Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram pages, the company has a huge number of social media adherents, and it has pulled in no less than 20 accomplice associations from all around the globe.

Ink Blockchain Assets Trading Protocol Technology

Ink’s essential item is a platform that substance makers can use to control their work’s intellectual property rights and be genuinely adjusted. While it says in passing that substance makers will be paid using the platform’s INK tokens, it doesn’t depict how this adaptation functions, what kind of platform is used to distribute these works this works, or even what kind of works are acknowledged.

The company has additionally discharged a beta variant of InkStone, a blockchain-as-a-service platform. InkStone is available for programming developers, who can use it to make intense blockchain services without specifically managing the back-end.

Both the intellectual property platform and InkStone use the company’s “sovereign consortium blockchain” framework, which enables applications to get to an effective, adaptable blockchain without the need to maintain their own. It is a focal blockchain associated with a network of littler ones running parallel, allowing the framework to scale up considerably more effectively than through a single blockchain.

This design is all the more normally called a “sidechain.” The company asserts that it has engineered an especially proficient protocol for communicating between these networked blockchains, allowing divergent applications to rapidly get to the focal data for copyright verification or different services.

ink overview

Ink Labs Foundation ICO Details

A sum of one billion INK totens will be discharged, with just 50% of these being discharged to the general population. The company’s whitepaper portrays it as an utility token that will be used over the platform; some use cases depicted include paying substance makers for their work, and registering and verifying users’ IP addresses.

The token depends on the QRC-20 standard, meaning it holds fast to the gauges defined by the Qtum blockchain. The company doesn’t specify anything about its know-your-client measures, or insights about uncommon rights related with possession.

Strangely, the company’s site and whitepaper specify no dates for an ICO, and give few insights about its accessibility on financiers or exchanges. However, an official statement distributed on Yahoo! Finance gives these points of interest: the ICO occurred in November 2017, and it is being exchanged on a modest bunch of open exchanges. A blockchain adventurer and wallet service are available through the company’s site; at time of writing (March 2018), INK tokens are worth $0.10 each, and about 13,000 addresses have finished more than 37,000 transactions.

Ink Protocol ICO Overview

Online marketplaces are presently an ordinary aspect of the advanced world. Hundreds of a great many individuals use destinations like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to buy and offer products. One of the real issues when conducting online transactions is trust between buyers and venders. Online marketplaces advantage from frameworks in view of notoriety to encourage buyers and merchants choose whom to execute with. But on locales which utilize notoriety based ratings, users don’t have responsibility for claim notoriety. Consider the possibility that notoriety was claimed instead by the users themselves and could be flawlessly transferred crosswise over marketplaces. The Ink Protocol ICO proposes an approach to do only this.

Ink Protocol ICO Value Proposition

Ink Protocol is a decentralized payment and notoriety framework in view of Ethereum. ​It ​is ​designed ​specifically for ​P2P ​marketplace ​transactions ​where ​trust instruments between ​the ​buyer ​and ​seller are constrained or non-existent. The protocol will initially be conveyed on an existing marketplace called Listia and can be integrated independently ​into any existing outer ​marketplace by means of the Ink Pay App. ​Sellers ​can ​bring ​their ​reputation ​with ​them onto ​multiple marketplaces ​at ​the ​same ​time ​or ​move ​from ​one ​to ​another ​without ​having ​to ​rebuild ​their notoriety from the earliest starting point. ​Buyers ​can ​also ​view ​any ​seller’s ​reputation ​and​ pay ​using ​escrow contracts ​with ​optional ​third ​party ​mediation. ​

​The underlying token of Ink Protocol, XNK, is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC20 ​compatible. The capacity of the XNK token is carrying out transactions on the Ink Protocol platform. For merchants, accepting XNK develops their open notoriety, which enables them to begin selling rapidly on new marketplaces without needing to manufacture notoriety starting with no outside help. Buyers who use XNK can see any vender’s notoriety over different marketplaces and pay using either computerized or human-interceded escrow contracts, in this manner mitigating hazard. To use the protocol on any P2P marketplace website, dealers essentially include their Ethereum address linked to Ink Protocol, which enables buyers to see the online notoriety by means of the Ink Pay application. At the point when a transaction is made, XNK gets sent straightforwardly to the ETH address as payment. Users additionally have the choice of converting their payment to and from XNK using the Ink Pay app if they wish to send and get payment in the type of another computerized currency or conventional currency. What’s more, escrow and outsider debate determination systems are incorporated with the protocol. Go betweens can be in the type of smart contracts that, for instance, check for shipping status to naturally resolve the question.

ink platform

Ink Protocol ICO Team

Hmm Chaung is the CEO and Cofounder of both Listia and Ink Protocol. He established Listia in 2009 and has since then been running the business for almost 10 years. Preceding his prosperity with Listia, Gee established a few other online businesses and furthermore filled in as a Senior Software Developer. He holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

James Fong is President and Cofounder of Listia and Ink Protocol. He has 5 years involvement in PC engineering before founding Listia. He holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.

Ngan Pham has been CTO at Listia for as far back as 6 years and is carrying over his obligations to Ink Protocol. Ngan has been in the product development world for a long time, having spent a large portion of his vocation preceding Listia as a product engineer. He holds a BS in Computer Science from UC Davis.

Guides for the project include Philip Krim, CEO and Cofounder of Casper and Samuel M Smith from ConsenSys.

Ink Protocol ICO Strengths and Opportunities

The team behind Ink Protocol have been running their own particular site, Listia, since 2009. Listia is a ​P2P ​marketplace for ​buying ​and ​selling ​used ​goods and has ​over ​10 ​million registered ​users. Users of the site as of now use an offchain advanced currency, called Listia Credits, for transactions. After launching XNK token, all Listia users will begin transacting with the new currency, giving the token a prompt market for use and transactions. As the Listia marketplace is now generating income, this ought to give a genuine wellspring of significant worth to the XNK token from the get go.

A solid community frames the premise of any fruitful project. The community support behind the Ink Protocol ICO is exceptionally solid. With an expansive gathering of community individuals behind the project, the Ink Protocol ICO certainly has a springboard from which to gain energy and support to encourage more extensive reception of the platform.

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Ink Protocol Weaknesses and Threats

While assessing the use case of a specific token, it is in some cases supportive to use the painkiller versus vitamin similarity. For instance, if another token is introduced that comprehends a noteworthy ordinary issue like lowering power prices, we would allude to this as a painkiller because it addresses a quick and earnest request. Conversely, the arrangement gave by Ink Protocol is more similar to a vitamin, in that the use case stands to possibly make the P2P marketplace ecosystem more helpful, but does not address any earnest request in the market.

As an auxiliary utility, the possibility of Ink Protocol’s mass reception on a P2P marketplace like Craigslist remains exceedingly uncertain. Consistent integration into a notoriety less marketplace certainly plays toward the support of Ink Protocol, but still remains just 50% of the condition. The entrenched user base and culture of Craigslist brings into question to what degree users will all of a sudden change the way they use the marketplace.

With regards to the subject of reception and scaling, associations are a standout amongst the most vital elements to consider. Ink Protocol does not have any associations with P2P marketplaces for pilot projects. While it is obviously leeway that Listia’s user base will all use Ink Protocol instantly upon token discharge, the genuine test is moving past Listia. Without an association set up to encourage this, the street to more extensive selection remains cloudy.

How To Buy Ink?

Well, if you are looking forward on how to buy Ink then you will need to read this section of the review carefully. It will help you to know your needs well and where you will be able to buy it. The best place where you can buy Ink is You can visit this exchange to buy or trade Ink.

Ink Labs Foundation Verdict

While Ink has built up an innovative platform, and its main goal of helping independent substance designers is vital, the company’s services appear to be not well defined by its site and whitepaper. Given the company’s huge number of international users and accomplice associations, it appears to be likely this is essentially the result of harried interpretation; while this is pardonable, Ink must spotlight on better explaining its services to English-speaking buyers to build up a solid user base in these markets. Investors inquisitive about the INK token ought to take in more about how it is used in the platform, and what drives interest for it.

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