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Injii Access Coin Review – ICO Guide

Injii Access Coin (IAC) is an advanced money that expects to make a positive influence on the planet. Find out how the coin plans to do that today in our review.

What Is Injii Access Coin?

Injii Access Coin, or IAC, is an advanced token discovered online at

The goal of the cryptocurrency is to advance a more positive world. To do that, IAC will showcase craftsmen’s content, help advance beneficent content, and bolster different causes.

Users can take an interest in the injii Access Coin platform to help a specific philanthropy, bolster a craftsman, or offer their services to different causes. The injii Access Coin can likewise be used to gain passage to injii occasions – including shows – which are booked to occur sooner rather than later over the United States.

Injii’s token sale for IAC tokens happens all through November and December 2017.

injii access coin homepage

How Does Injii Access Coin Work?

Injii expects to decrease the general cost of fundraising by connecting content makers with foundations. Using an open-source communicate platform, injii empowers users to interact, give, and participate in “decentralized content for more prominent’s benefit.”

The platform portrays itself as “a development, a network for social good… worldwide effort without borders, made for the individuals who need to take a standard for what’s right.” The platform needs to “give expectation and opportunity to everybody through the creation and communicate of media content.”

Clearly, that is a ton of flowery dialect. So which solid goals does injii would like to achieve? The company’s whitepaper outlines three center goals:

  • Give content makers a simpler method to contact a large gathering of people while maintaining their content rights and capacity to adapt their work
  • Give deserving foundations a platform where they can raise gifts for their cause without paying intemperate fees
  • Make a platform that isn’t about how much users give, but how much the whole network raises together on a worldwide scale, because “generosity shouldn’t discriminate in light of income,” explains the whitepaper

Generally, the platform plans to oblige a community of individuals committed to philanthropy, including content makers, users, foundations, and patrons. Content makers can interface with dynamic and drew in watchers. In the interim, all content transferred to the injii platform is as yet registered to (and possessed by) the content maker.

The platform will depend on AdShares technology (ADST) and smart contracts. The integration of AdShares implies users are rewarded with tokens in exchange for watching promotions on the platform.

What Problems Does injii Seek to Solve?

Injii looks to take care of a big issue with the world’s philanthropy framework: foundations spend excessively cash on overhead expenses, and a tremendous measure of cash is spent on the cost of raising gifts.

The injii whitepaper explains that Americans gave an aggregate of $389 billion to open foundations in 2016. However, $144 billion of those contributions were spent on the cost to raise gifts. That implies $0.37 of each dollar raised by philanthropies never achieved its cause.

The injii platform means to take care of that issue by cutting the cost of fundraising to zero.

injii access coin

How Does the injii Access Coin (IAC) Work?

The IAC token is an ERC223 standard token that means to open the way to one of a kind occasions and encounters for the individuals who need to get involved in a project. A portion of the conceivable “injii Access Events” include shows, celebrations, recording sessions, online shows, and that’s just the beginning.

Users can likewise spend the tokens on stock (like memorabilia and constrained version gifts) or online/physical content. The estimation of the IAC token is determined by the community.

All funds raised from the injii crowdsale will be used to fund philanthropy advantage encounters (injii Access Events). The company plans to dispatch occasions in the United States and across the nation.

In the mean time, users of the injii platform can earn tokens in the folloing ways:

Engaging with content makers

Voting and rating content makers

Commenting on content

Engaging with causes

Donating to foundations

Raising mindfulness for a cause

Engaging with accomplices and backers

Using accomplice services

Referring loved ones to the platform


Who’s Behind injii?

Injii is driven by originator and CEO Justin Paul, President and COO Robert Varghese, and CTO David Alfonso Castaneda.

Justin Paul has been a bootstrap, startup business person since age 12, when he fabricated sites for neighborhood businesses. Today, he’s devoted to creating items that assistance a huge number of individuals around the world. He’s originally from New York.

Legal Counsel

Certain information put forward in this introduction contains “forward­looking information”, including “future­oriented

financial information” and “financial viewpoint”, under applicable securities laws (altogether alluded to herein as

forward­looking articulations). With the exception of articulations of recorded actuality, information contained herein

constitutes forward­looking articulations and includes.


Injii is the live streaming platform for social good that connects with content makers, causes, and fans. The mission is to empower individuals in varying backgrounds to have a positive effect on the planet.

injii access coin mission

New Paradigm

Customary streaming platforms just remunerate content designers by paying them for site activity or for promotion spots, making esteem age an one­way road that rewards misleading content.

Conventional streaming platforms just repay content designers by paying them for site activity or for advertisement spots, making esteem age an one­way road that rewards misleading content. That is NOT how injii works. Through the integration of blockchain technology,injii Access Coin (IAC) all the while rewards content makers, causes and the watchers for interacting withithe injii community.

Raising cash costs cash

Americans gave an aggregate of $344 billion dollars to open 501(c)(3) associations, up 4.2% from the prior year.

Startlingly, about 37% of these contributions were used to take care of the expense to raise the donations.That implies several billions of dollars that could be used for good are squandered on fundraising because raising cash costs so much cash

Leveraging Interaction to Create Value

Users will be attracted to use injii because of the quality live content and because their interactions on the platform will make esteem through the injii Access Coin (IAC), an Ethereum Network Compliant ERC­223 Token.


Justin Paul Founder& Chief Executive Ocer

Robert Varghese

David Menard

Swan Burrus

injii access coin team

Injii Access Coin Conclusion

The general goal of injii is to use an open-sourced communicate platform to allow users to interact, give, and take part in decentralized content for more noteworthy’s benefit.

With injii, magnanimous giving doesn’t rotate around the measure of one individual’s gift. Instead, injii “is about everybody coming together in real-time to interface through awesome content and get involved in incredible causes.”

The ecosystem spins around injii Access Coins, or IAC, which can concede you access to selective injii occasions. Occasions – including shows – are booked to occur over the United States after the ICO is finished.

To learn more about injii, visit the platform online today at

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