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Indahash Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Indahash intends to tokenize the “influencer” industry, making it less demanding for online personas to interact with brands. Find out how Indahash works today in our review.

What Is Indahash?

Indahash, found online at, is a marketplace that associates social media influencers with brands. The platform as of now exists, and it’s one of the biggest such marketplaces on the planet. However, the company is planning to decentralize its marketplace and make a crypto-economy, which is the reason they’re launching a token sale in November.

The company’s mission is to tokenize the whole influencer industry to comprehend significant issues between brands, influencers, and their gatherings of people.

The influencer industry is a quickly developing industry. You’ve likely observed social media big names promoting irregular items. Do you ever consider how that voyager you follow on Instagram can manage the cost of her lifestyle? Regularly, these individuals get paid to market items online. They’re “influencers” because they can influence a significant segment of the internet – their group of onlookers.

On account of that, Indahash needs to associate influencers with brands through a decentralized marketplace and an advanced token.

Indahash isn’t only a pipe dream: it’s a real, working app that is as of now used by brands and influencers around the globe. Indeed, Indahash is at present the greatest international platform for influencer marketing efforts, according to the whitepaper. They have a network of 300,000+ influencers and more than 400 customers, including Fortune 500 organizations.

indahash homepage

How Does Indahash Work?

Indahash needs to make a crypto-economy with Indahash Coins. These coins will course between three gatherings, including brands, influencers, and crowds.

The brand uses the Indahash Coin to pay for marketing efforts with influencers. At the point when the influencer gets the Indahash Coin, they can exchange it for a brand’s items and get rebates when shopping, along with early access to curiosities.

Influencers can likewise make their own particular tokens in light of the Indahash Coin, at that point energize course of that coin within their gathering of people. The influencer’s group of onlookers can use gathered tokens and exchange them for restrictive activities that the influencer has made for the community. For instance, the influencer may plan a “meet and welcome” for fans in exchange for a certain number of tokens, or send marked prizes to their community.

Fundamentally, here’s the manner by which it works for every one of the three gatherings involved in the Indahash platform:

For Brands

Brands pay Indahash with fiat cash or IDH coins for advertisement crusades (which Indahash will send to influencers)

Brands can acknowledge cash from influencers in exchange for early-get to items and services

For Influencers

Indahash pays IDH coins to influencers in exchange for advertising efforts

Influencers can offer IDH coins to Indahash or on exchanges

For The Audience

Group of onlookers individuals can be rewarded for following an influencer when influencers make their own particular tokens

Fans exchange tokens for customized and selective interactions with influencers, including contraptions, meetings, and social exercises

indahash influencers

About Indahash

Indahash is one of the world’s biggest platforms for influencers and brands. The company is driven by CEO and prime supporter Barbara Soltysinska, who had the plan to computerize the joint effort process between influencers and brands. Soltysinska made Indahash has an invitation-just network in 2015.

The company developed rapidly all through 2016, opening workplaces in Warsaw, London, and Berlin. In the long run, they pulled in brands like Huawei, Pepsi, Lay’s, L’Oreal, and numerous others. Today, their whitepaper records Heinz, MasterCard, Subway, McDonald’s, Red Bull, Nestle, Ford, Volkswagen, Samsung, Adidas, Merck, T-Mobile, and numerous other significant names.

In 2017, Indahash opened workplaces in Singapore, New York, Dubai, and Johannesburg. Today, they work in 70 markets the world over.

The company authoritatively goes by the name IDH Media Limited.

Step by step instructions to Use Indahash

Here’s the fundamental procedure of how Indahash works for an app user:

Stage 1)

Influencers get a notification and apply to join the battle through the Indahash app

Stage 2)

Influencers present a proposition for the content and portrayal

Stage 3)

The photo or video goes to the dashboard and is checked by an arbitrator and the customer

Stage 4)

After approval, posts are distributed and achieve a large number of followers

How Does Indahash Coin Work?

Indahash has an existing, prominent platform set up. So for what reason do they require the Indahash Coin?

The company plans to make a coin that works as “a global money for the social media influencer industry which would turn into the main methods for payment for influencers globally.” It’s an utility token that will prompt the formation of a decentralized crypto-economy.

Promoters can buy Indahash Coins to run crusades. Influencers can acknowledge Indahash Coins for crusades. Furthermore, their gatherings of people can pay with Indahash Coins to get to select substance, items, or occasions.

Fundamentally, Indahash needs to tokenize the influencer industry. They plan to introduce features like “Pay With Fame”, which will allow influencers to get rebates on items and services from extensive brands along with little and medium-sized nearby businesses.

The quantity of Indahash Coins will dependably be restricted to 400,000,000 tokens.

The team behind Indahash

Indahash is the world’s biggest platform for brands and influencers. The company is driven by prime supporter and CEO Barbara Soltysinska. Barbara has invented, helped to establish and accordingly selling stakes of LifeTube, the immensely fruitful YouTube MCN in CEE. Darek Zielinski is the COO of the platform and Wlas Chorowiec the CPO.

The Indahash coin

The company made a coin that works as a global cash for the social media influencer industry. The coin known as the IDH is the main methods for payment for influencers globally. Promoters can buy IDH and use them to run battles. Influencers can acknowledge the IDH for crusades. IDH coins can be used to paying gatherings of people.

Indahash is one of the biggest influencer platforms. The token sale goes for creating an advanced cash that will be used between the groups of onlookers and influencers in the meantime allowing brands to buy battles/the platform exploits the growing advertising economy to make a marketplace for influencers and brands.

IndaHash are on an exciting mission to tokenize the influencer industry creating an insurgency in terms of brands participation and gathering of people development. The company has a honor winning app which interfaces more than 300,000 influencers from 70 markets with global brands introduces the indaHash Coin.

Except if you’ve been hiding under a stone throughout the previous couple of years, you’ll realize the potential the Influencer market has! Their model involves creating an indaHash Coin dissemination between three gatherings of beneficiaries: brands, influencers and their group of onlookers.

  • Brands use indaHash Coin to run marketing efforts with influencers.
  • At the point when the influencer gets indaHash Coin, he has the likelihood to exchange it for brand’s items and get rebates when shopping, along with early access to curiosities. Influencers can likewise make their own particular tokens and use them to increase their group of onlookers commitment by use of rewards and gamification.
  • The influencer’s group of onlookers can use tokens and exchange them for elite activities, i.e. marked prizes by influencers, shut meetings and social exercises.

You can see a rundown of the customers their comapny as of now works with in the influencer space.

As you can, these aren’t little organizations, infact a significant number of them are fortune 100 organizations.

indahash platform


The grant winning app which associates more than 300,000 influencers from 70 markets with global brands introduces the indaHash Coin. Our mission is to tokenize the whole influencer industry to illuminate significant issues between brands, influencers and their groups of onlookers. Our cryptoeconomics infers flow of the indaHash Coin among these gatherings and makes another kind of relationship and included esteem.


Because of the well-thoroughly considered cryptoeconomics, indaHash Coin can turn into the world-standard cryptocurrency for rewarding all influencer exercises reflecting the estimation of the growing market. With the introduction of the indaHash Coin we need to tokenize the influencer marketing world and settle an extensive variety of issues and difficulties between influencers, brands and fan-bases.


The power of each influencer isn’t just the compass but likewise the capacity to apply a real influence on the opinions, conduct and the buying intent of the followers. indaHash is introducing a framework which would esteem the action of fans and modify the measure of influencer tokens given for certain exercises. Fans who get the tokens will have the likelihood to exchange them for customized methods for interaction with their influencers.


The new feature will change the way marks, both substantial and little, work with influencers by allowing them to get rebates on items and services. This feature will significantly increase the possibility of brands getting real reviews from desirable pioneers.

indahash features

How To Buy IndaHash IDH?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy IndaHash IDH. Well, the process is simple and this section will help you to know how to buy IndaHash IDH. First of all you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like Cryptopia and HitBTC to buy IDH.

Indahash Conclusion

The universe of social media influencer advertising has detonated in the course of recent years. New ages block out pennant advertisements and TV promotions. However, they trust item suggestions from individuals they know – or think they know – like social media identities. Indahash exploits this growing advertising economy to make a marketplace for brands and influencers.

Indahash is now one of the world’s biggest influencer platforms. With their token sale, they intend to make an advanced money that can be used between influencers and their gathering of people, while additionally allowing brands to buy crusades.

To learn more about Indahash and their token sale, visit online today at

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