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IDEX Review – Exchange Guide

2018 continues to see the development of various decentralized exchange platforms and IDEX is another contestant to the market that is as of now making waves. IDEX is an Ethereum based decentralized smart contract exchange that allows for real-time trading and flaunts a high transaction throughput. The team behind the project means to make the platform a standout amongst the most exceptional Ethereum DEXs and to draw in brokers looking to exchange the wide assortment of tokens in view of the Ethereum network.

IDEX Review

The IDEX exchange is a piece of the Aurora project which is an accumulation of Ethereum applications and protocols that make up a decentralized banking and finance platform. The Aurora team plan to give a propelled, open, and stable financial network, that is available to anybody on the planet. Aurora is contained the IDEX exchange, the Boreal stable money, the Snowglobe decentralized exchange protocol, and Decentralized Capital, a digital banking answer for the cryptocurrency community.

idex homepage


Aurora was established by a gathering of cryptocurrency lovers and Aurora Labs S.A., the company is situated in the Republic of Panama. President Alex Wearn holds a double MBA in Finance and Operations and MS in Design and Innovation from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and leads a committed team entrusted with establishing both Aurora and IDEX.

The Aurora team led a token sale that finished on January 11, 2018 and raised an aggregate of 5411.38 ETH. IDEX came into activity soon subsequently and has rapidly started to set up itself and at present creates over $10m worth of every day trading.

Regardless of all in all as of late opening up its platform, IDEX is beginning to pull in a significant measure of users as it allows ERC-20 token holders to rapidly rundown and exchange their most loved monetary forms, with the trading volume on the site right now being dominated by coins straight from their ICOs, for example, Dock, Pundi X, Tomochain, and BABB. The team behind IDEX have profited from the destruction of EtherDelta and have likewise actualized various key features that allow IDEX to emerge.

IDEX Features


The IDEX platform uses a straightforward but very much outlined interface, and incorporates features, for example, TradingView graphs and encoded wallets. IDEX gives a quick and user-accommodating trading background and furthermore uses an off-chain trading engine that works alongside an Ethereum smart contract. The off-chain structure deals with the trading background, while the smart contract controls the funds, exchange approval, and final settlement. This allows users to exchange continuously without having to sit tight for transactions to mine.


The use of a smart contract, a trading engine, and a transaction processing judge, allow for all advantages for be put away trustlessly on the platform and all executed exchange settlements must be approved by the user’s private keys. IDEX likewise makes use of full private key encryption and furthermore allows users to exchange by means of Metamask and Ledger wallets.

Customer Support

A support team is close by to manage any issues, and users can contact the team by using the Contact Form. The IDEX team are exceptionally straightforward and can likewise be reached by means of their Twitter account and Telegram gathering. What’s more, there is a FAQ segment that addresses the most widely recognized issues, and in addition various plainly composed Guides that assistance users to explore the platform.

Trading Options

IDEX gives a good scope of trading choices and users approach supporting farthest point and market orders, without gas drops and the capacity to fill numerous exchanges on the double.


While being decentralized, IDEX gives every one of the advantages of a half breed decentralized exchange framework, and deals with all user transactions. After users approve a transaction, the exchange communicates the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain, and refreshes account adjusts and arrange books in real time. Therefore, IDEX gives a user encounter like a more brought together exchange or a platform using a cutting edge mixture model.

How to Create an Account on IDEX

When you first visit the site, you’ll be welcomed by a fly up message that will give you the choice to “Investigate” the site or to “Open Wallet”. The main page additionally has tabs at the upper right of the screen that allow users to open a wallet or make another wallet.

Open a Wallet

So as to deposit funds into the exchange’s smart contract, you can integrate an existing wallet as of now in your ownership. IDEX gives users four alternatives while unlocking a wallet on the exchange:

Keystore File:

You can transfer your private key by means of a Keystore document you as of now have.

Private Key:

You can enter your private key to get to an Ethereum address you’ve made.


You can sign into your Metamask wallet and integrate it with the exchange.

Ledger Wallet:

You can use your Ledger Nano S on the exchange and make exchanges straightforwardly to and from it.

Using either Metamask or a Ledger Nano hard wallet are the most secure choices as your private keys are not uncovered on the site and are along these lines not helpless to DNS hacks.

Make a New Wallet

To make another wallet on the exchange, you can enter a secret word and IDEX will create a private key and deliver a downloadable JSON File for you to spare.

How to Trade on IDEX

When you have integrated a wallet, you’ll have to deposit funds into the exchange’s smart contract. This keeps your funds safe and allows the exchange to communicate transactions specifically to the Ethereum network. By clicking on the “Equalizations” tab at the highest point of the page you can influence deposits and furthermore to alter the transaction gas price.

idex trading


When you sent your ETH or DAI from your wallet to the exchange you are allowed to make exchanges and use all the charting capacities, and trading features.

IDEX offers trading sets in ETH or DAI so once you have deposited funds in both of those, you can visit the “Exchange” trading screen to begin trading. You will find in the left segment the trading sets of ETH and DAI so select which you’d get a kick out of the chance to pick and afterward under that is the rundown of tokens available to exchange. Clicking one of these will stack it up and you can see the price outline and profundity graph on the privilege along with other information, for example, last price and 24 hour trading volume.

Trading Screen

To influence an exchange, to search for the Buy and Sell boxes under the main graphs where you can enter your price and sums you wish to exchange. Underneath that you will see the request book which records Asks and Bids to get a vibe of the present trading prices.

Buy and Sell Box

Supported Currencies

As an Ethereum based exchange, IDEX bargains solely in Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Entrenched coins, for example, OMG, BAT, REP, and ICX are altogether supported and more up to date coins, for example, MKR, TOMO, CPC, and HAV. IDEX will continue to give users access to an extensive variety of tokens as the Ethereum network grows and will likewise be a hotspot for tokens that have recently been released after their ICO.

IDEX likewise incorporates the AURA token, the local cash that urges users to stake the coin and help support the network. The AURA token empowers stakers to earn an offer of fees created by IDEX and other Aurora items. By staking AURA, hub administrators will be rewarded proportionately to their rate stake, and half of fees have been distributed to be paid to AURA stakers. Brokers will likewise have the capacity to use the Boreal coin as a payment for trading fees or as a steady base cash.


Market creators or users, who make another request for the request book and enhance liquidity, are charged a producer expense of 0.1%. Takers, or any individual who takes care of a request on the book and takes away liquidity, are charged an expense of 0.2%. Takers are likewise in charge of paying transaction gas fees; IDEX explains the procedure on its FAQs page.

Each exchange costs approximately 140k gas, and gas costs are about 1.5x higher than on EtherDelta but IDEX users don’t go after similar requests and hazard wasting gas. IDEX allows users to drop exchanges without paying gas, as you can drop exchanges on IDEX without paying additional because all exchanges are executed by the exchange. The exchange’s smart contract is accountable for broadcasting transactions to the network, and the exchange can rescind a transaction until the point that it is sent to be mined.

IDEX likewise makes use of minimum request and withdrawal limits. There are minimum request points of confinement of $20 for producers, and $10 for takers. The minimum withdrawal restrict is $1.

Is IDEX Safe ?

IDEX uses various protocols intended to boost security on the platform, and any private keys got to straightforwardly on the exchange are scrambled and put away in program memory and can’t be gotten to from outside of the IDEX app. Moreover, private keys are just gotten to locally to sign transactions and when users sign out; their private keys are decimated from memory.

Likewise, the exchange’s smart contracts keep funds securely bolted until the private key signs a transaction to exchange them. Users can subsequently keep their funds on the exchange without worrying as funds are held in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and are constantly under the user’s control. IDEX can’t process any transactions without users signing permission all together for IDEX to finish them. The team has likewise included an “escape incubate” that allows users to withdraw specifically from the smart contract after a set time of inactivity. Subsequently, regardless of whether the IDEX servers were to end up unavailable users can at present withdraw their funds.

The platform likewise incorporates Metamask and the Ledger Nano hardware wallet, and this includes a key extra layer of security as the two strategies allow users to exchange on IDEX without having to uncover their private keys.

idex trades


In spite of just launching in January, IDEX has immediately settled itself in the focused field of decentralized exchanges and has pulled in a significant number of previous EtherDelta users. The exchange continues to develop in terms of both user numbers and trading volume and makes use of a remarkable transaction settlement model that allows IDEX to furnish its users with one of the smoother trading encounters in contrast with other decentralized exchanges.

IDEX can support real-time trading and a high transaction throughput and the off-chain trading engine and smart contract combine to furnish users with a safe and expedient exchange execution platform. IDEX works at a level of speed and user encounter that is found on more brought together exchanges while additionally providing the security advantages of a decentralized activity.

In spite of this, there are various decentralized exchanges that serve the Ethereum network and projects, for example, ForkDelta, Radar Relay, Paradex, Kyber Network and Ethfinex are on the whole reasonable choices for anybody looking to exchange ERC-20 tokens. However, IDEX is a strong platform with a good level of trading volume and is very much situated to remain in front of its opposition because of it being a well known destination to exchange coins as of late released from tokens sales.

Accordingly, IDEX is a good alternative for anybody looking to buy ERC-20 tokens that might be difficult to find on different exchanges. Keeping in mind the end goal to get to the exchange most safely, it’s shrewd to use the Metamask program expansion or make exchanges by means of a Ledger hardware wallet.

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