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ICOVO Review – ICO Guide

The ICOVO platform will bring DAICO to life, which was proposed by the fellow benefactor of Ethereum as an approach to secure investors in ICOs. In spite of the tightening of control in 2018, the ICO market came to $5.8 billion USD in the first quarter of 2018. It likewise outperformed the market size of ICOs in 2017, which was at 3.9 billion USD.

In spite of this amazing development, the current ICOs have three noteworthy issues:

Originators running off with the funds from an ICO

Project grinding to an end because of loss of interest by the authors

The high boundaries to passage for the individuals who will partake in ICOs

What Is ICOVO?

ICOVO intends to be the first ICO platform on the planet that will settle this issue. The platform will make it conceivable to determine the issues of originators running off with the funds. Other than that, it will resolve the issues of projects stopping because of absence of interest by the originators. To accomplish this, the platform will use KYC/AML, whitepaper versioning, and DAICOVO.

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How ICOVO DAICO-Based Initial Coin Offering Platform Works

DAICOVO is a smart contract that depends on the DAICO thought, which was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, the originator of the Ethereum blockchain. This will guarantee that ICO investors are secured constantly. It will be executed by means of the ICOVO platform. Other than that, AML/KYC will be executed for investors and project authors. The whitepaper versioning will use the IPFS and the blockchain will guarantee there are no modifications.

Just the ICO projects, which are pre-approved, and that executes the DAICO will be allowed on this platform. For these projects, the ICOVO tokens called “OVOV” will be issued for a 25% rebate with respect to the estimation of the ETH tokens. To determine the issues of high hindrances to ICO interest, the platform will issue the streamlined “ICOVO App” and “ICOV Web.” This will supplant the MyEtherWallet, which can be somewhat confusing for beginners.

The ICOVO App and ICOVO Web will accompany a simplified UI that is anything but difficult to use by anybody. It will include a wallet that fits in with the ERC20/ERC223 tokens measures. Other than that, it will have a mechanism DAICOVO that empowers refunds to investors by means of a voting procedure. This will guarantee that all that is should have been a piece of an ICO can be gotten to in only one place.

The development of this project began in 2018 and in spite of the way that it is still in development offers have begun trickling in. Project originators have been requesting the opportunity to have their projects facilitated on the ICOVO platform. ICOVO will have its own particular ICO and issue the OVOV tokens around July 2018. Other than that, there will be an airdrop.

Mission: “No ICO, No Future”

ICOs are at the simple center of the ecosystem essential for hatching innovative, blockchain-related new businesses. This mechanism for the future must not be squashed, but rather precisely safeguarded. Accordingly, funds accumulate in projects that give services or technology the idea of decentralization that will turn the specific establishment of the company existing society topsy turvy, instead of where prompt returns are normal. The purpose behind these tremendous investments is because ICO investors are totally different from value investors. They are dysphoric and far fetched about the present condition of society and have a feeling of obligation to make a plentiful future. Twenty or 30-year-olds that immovably comprehend the capability of technology to accomplish this are significant. They clutched Bitcoin, Ethereum, and different AltCoins before the initial price flood, and rounded up expansive capital gains. These aggregates would be difficult to attain by a twenty or thirty-something ordinarily working in the structure of the present society.

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ICOVO is the world’s first and just ICO platform that can complete healthy ICOs. The center of its service is the DAICOVO smart contract, which depends on the idea of DAICO, which was supported by Ethereum prime supporter Vitalik Buterin in January 2018. Every nation’s government is advancing control with a specific end goal to make a healthy domain for ICOs, but this is difficult to accomplish for borderless ICOs using just brought together direction.

We will fathom misrepresentation and decline in project inspiration – the issues raised by ICOs – through the decentralized approach of DAICO. With the mission of having all ICOs use DAICO, the company will build up an open source DAICOVO, which is lined up with the thinking behind DAICO. Also, the company will issue OVO tokens, which will be specific as a cash for procuring ICO investments. Ethereum, which has a high distribution sum and is all inclusive, is as of now used as the main money for acquirement, but we will give advantages to ICO investors for using OVOV for participating in projects on the ICOVO platform. OVOV is the world’s solitary token specific for ICO fund acquirement. Its esteem increases the more solid ICOs are embraced on the ICOVO platform, so OVOV will fill in as an image and index of the health of the ICO condition.

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Smart contracts implementing the DAICO model

Notwithstanding the capacities required by ICO project authors, for example, issuing, selling, and managing extraordinary tokens, DAICOVO offers smart contracts improved for ICOs adopting the DAICO model. For ICO project authors who use DAICOVO to do their ICO on ICOVO Web, the majority of the required work, including token outline, DAICOVO parameter setting, arrangement, and organization, is free. We plan to release DAICOVO as open source.

A smartphone app featuring a wallet improved for ICOs

ICOVO’s iOS/Android features a multi-token multi-account wallet good with ETH and ERC20 tokens in view of the protected private wallet, Wallet organize with the motivation behind enhancing security by storing the private key just in the mobile gadget not online, that has been released and is as of now in use by many, Tachyon, created sans preparation by the CTO Nishimura.

ICOVO App has the one-stop solution for investors and project organizers. Project author doesn’t have to create it anymore.ICOVO App additionally has dashboard features, KYC/AML, Whitelist enlistment, ICO project list integrates with ICOVO Web and Photo ID uploader. Moreover, it includes DAICOVO user interface and has the interface for Decentralized Exchange(DEX) where users can exchange their tokens.

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Lessen Barriers

Two noteworthy issues exist. First, the means vital for investors to take an interest in ICOs fluctuate from project to project and are difficult to get it. Like crowdfunding platforms or securities firms’ sites, the investing procedure should be uniformly streamlined. The way to the solution is a wallet upgraded for ICOs integrating a simple to-use user interface (UI) and extraordinary user encounter (UX). ICOVO will take care of this issue through the ICOVO App. The ICOVO App is upgraded for ICOs with a rundown of ICOs and features the world’s first (as of January 2018) wallet where all tokens conforming to the ERC20/ERC223 norms can be overseen. Anybody with a smartphone can invest in an ICO project through the ICOVO App. Combined with the ICOVO site, which can be gotten to by PC, ICO support turns out to be considerably simpler.

Enhance project sturdiness

ICO projects that neglect to release products or are extraordinarily slow in development in the wake of procuring funds are very normal. Excluding tricks, one reason for such circumstances is the abatement in inspiration subsequent to securing expansive totals. During the time spent developing a totally novel business model or product, issues, for example, mechanical hindrances, gaps in hierarchical administration, the incompetence of the association, or an absence of specialists invariably emerge. With a specific end goal to defeat these, a high level of inspiration to PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action)

day and night is fundamental. Securing expansive funds makes it simple to confuse the ICO with the goal. It is anything but difficult to overlook that collecting funds at a phase with no product releases is the most blessed begin project organizers could request. ICOVO expects to determine this issue by using DAICOVO, which debilitates withdrawal of obtained funds as a singular amount after the end of the crowdsale to guarantee product release.


Q1 2018

ICOVO Project was begun. ICO Platform Implementing DAICO was composed; DAICOVO which is an adjustable smart contract integrating DAICO was planned; Corporate site was opened. Public statements in Switzerland, Singapore Japan were distributed; Preparations for ICO was begun.

Q2 2018

White List enlistment, KYC/AML and CrowdSale will be begun; ICOVO App variant 1.0.0 Implementation for Wallet ,ICO Dashboard and uploader of ID photo will be propelled; Events in Zug , Tokyo and Singapore will be held; ICOVO Web adaptation 1.0.0 execution for ICOVO’s Dashboard will be propelled.

Q3 2018

CrowdSale will be begun and OVOV token will be listed on exchange; ICOVO App form 1.1.0 actualize of DAICOVO will be propelled; ICOVO News Media ( will be opend; DAICOVO version1.1.0 execute of Whitepaper versioning will be propelled.

Q4 2018

ICOVO Web rendition 1.2.0 actualize of management Mypage for drafter will be propelled; ICOVO App form 1.2.0 execute of ICO rundown will be propelled; Co-working space for innovative blockchain-related new companies will be opened in Zug, Switzerland; DAICO adaptation 1.2.0 actualize of parameters setting will be propelled.

icovo roadmap


ICOVO OVO Token ICO Details

Airdrop: May 8

Parameters Of The ICO

ICO: July 17, 2018 – August 7, 2018

Hard Cap: 60360 ETH

Goal: 33533 BTC

Price: 1 OVO = 0.000503 ETH

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