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I/O Coin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

IOCoin I/O is another of the most recent cryptocurrency based companies that is claiming to roll out major improvements in the industry. They’re making claims of handling extremely sensitive pieces of information like authoritative documents. It’s an exceptionally bold advance to state that you can be trusted with documents like wills, trusts, intellectual property also like deeds and bills of sale.

Storing private information on the web is vital and IO Digital is also developing software that will protect your identity. This could be in relation to data on private and public perspectives. But will they have the capacity to deal with the requirements of people who invest a majority of their energy online? Numerous new companies make promises, and with respect to whether of not they can deliver sets aside opportunity to see.

i/o coin development

What is IOCOIN I/O Coins?

They offer services that operate on a decentralized network with a PGP like RSA Key Exchange System through an Alias and DNS System. It also allows for encryption when messaging on an AES 256 based platform. Unlike other software in this network it works in 4mb blocks IOC Tx capacity of as much as 4mb each.

The IOC is designed to fuel the DAPPS so that all APIs are completely customized with the lowest fees possible. What’s more, they work on a POS framework too that goes through a private channel of operation. IO digital also promises massive rewards for users that is paid out daily. This is a major warning, there is no approach to ensure a rate of how much you’ll make on a daily rate.

i/o coin homepage

How Does IOCoin Work?

The company is promising to build apps that work on top of the IO coin. What’s more, it’s also upheld by the previous president of IBM Mexico. He was also the president of finance at TomTom. Also, there is a ton of the coin in circulation in works right now with a major market top of $72,804,463. The cryptocurrency is looking like a good investment for anyone in this industry at first glance.

There might be a problem however. It’s looking like the company may not be as reliable as once thought. Truth be told, it may not have a Linux Wallet, so it will require obscure coding that is difficult to work with. It will be completely unattractive to anyone who uses Linux wallets. Furthermore, despite the fact that wallets on Linux have a tendency to have errors when running, they’re still an exceptionally popular approach to store cryptocurrency.

It’s too terrible because it’s going to hinder numerous people who are looking to profit with cryptocurrency and furthermore like Linux. The operating framework does a vastly improved job of protecting privacy then that of normal Windows.

Luckily, most users comprehend the importance of storing cryptocurrencies on a cold storage drive or personal wallet, as opposed to an exchange. At any rate not for a long period of time. What’s more, that is genuine especially if they need to have the capacity to use the money and spend it.

The wallet made by IO doesn’t connect to any nodes starting at now. What’s more, the team is promising they can fix it, but there is no proof of any endeavors to do so starting today. Furthermore, in reality, issues like this are exceptionally challenging. If the team does figure out an approach to correct the situation, at that point it dictates a lot about what they can accomplish. It could transform the company into an exceptionally attractive cryptocurrency company that will make innovations sooner rather than later.

i/o coin overview

Who’s Behind IOCoin?

The team is completely straightforward to the extent the website goes. You can go on the company website and look at the different contributing individuals like Alexander Noordeloos and Nadal Antonioni. They all have held major roles in the tech industry in countries like Mexico. The way that you can go to the company website and see who is working on the project is a major in addition to. Furthermore, especially since one of the individuals is a former president for IBM out of Mexico.

The founder, Joel Bosh even puts himself on the company page. It’s an important angle, if a founder is in hiding, the company is more often than not a trick.

With regards to Cryptocurrency, full straightforwardness is one of the most important traits of a trustworthy business. It’s not a certification of progress, but it shows that the people responsible for the company are not afraid to disclose information about who they are.

Features of the I/O Coin

The team of developers has come with a Proof of Stake System PoS I/O, HTML5 wallet, Android Mobile Wallet with a Point of Sales features and DIONS decentralized usernames that allow the user to send coins easily using a registered username. These are features that are not found in most other digital money.

I/O Coin has been in the forefront in including different features that can be included in the digital money. IONS are a fantastic feature that you cannot easily find in other cryptocurrency and allow you to send and receive payments using a pre-registered name. ION coin is also the first one to come up with genuine remain solitary HTML5 wallet. It was an awesome test to include this feature and achievement is an extraordinary proof how the developing team is dedicated and skilled. Different altcoins, for example, Litecoin, Peercoin, and Dogecoin have tried to come up with HTML wallet but have failed.

i/o coin features


I/O coin features different wallets for different platforms. The Wallets are available for download at their official website. Simply visit the website and download the right wallet that can work for with your platform. The QT Wallet is the most basic wallet of I/O Coin and it is highly recommended to avoid using QT and HTML5 wallet in a similar machine. The QT Wallet has been facing out and will not be developed further. Encourage development will be found in the HTML Wallet.

You can use Bootstrap.dat to quick track the blockchain Sync. Download the bootstrap physically and unzip it before placing it in the Library/Application Support/iocoin (for OSX)’ folder and run the wallet. works also works with windows. Although loading the bootstrap may take a couple of hours, it is the quickest method for syncing your wallet for the first time.
I/O Coin, a cryptocurrency, has announced a final beta test in preparation for the dispatch of its Decentralized Input Output Name Server (DIONS) blockchain redesign.

The I/O Coin team previously made a full-featured HTML5 IOC wallet alternative to the bitcoin-based QT wallet.

IOC has what its developers consider the best of both PoW and PoS technologies.

i/o coin wallet

Speedier Confirmations

Propelled as a X11 PoW-based cryptocurrency, IOC transitioned to unique PoS I/O. The PoS-based IOC used a volume-controlled blockchain that can execute instant exchanges that receive confirmations in under 30 seconds.

With block times of one minute, the I/O blockchain has proven 10 times speedier than bitcoin, according to the company.

In December 2014, the development team proposed a move up to the main IOC blockchain called DIONS. Its completely AES 256 scrambled decentralized name server, data storage, messaging and a decentralized “GPGTOOLS” like framework provides preference over bitcoin, according to the development team.

i/o coin services

Hard-Coded Features In HTML5 Wallet

The DIONS blockchain also provides identity storage, symbol creation and scrambled document storage capabilities transferable among users. Every one of the features are hard coded into a user-friendly HTML5 wallet.

DIONS will have a Skype-like decentralized, end-to-end scrambled “talk” framework with built-in AES 256 encryption. The feature will allow users to send scrambled private messages, and will also provide an option to broadcast messages to a wider audience. The visit feature provides an option for third-party developers to make a censorship-resistant decentralized “Twitter-esque” micro-blogging service.

The DIONS will allow users to store sensitive identity credentials, providing a route for users to deal with their reputation and control their data. The decentralized name framework will be censorship resistant.

Also read: Award-winning I/O Digital makes foundation for blockchain work and charities

i/o coin ecosystem

Decentralized DNS Database

As a major aspect of the I/O Digital suite of tools, DIONS empowers the creation of arbitrary key/esteem pairs. In this way, the I/O blockchain provides a decentralized DNS database. Names can be referenced as domain records by using I/O’s or a third gathering’s APIs. There is no restriction on the form of the DIONS aliases; they can take any arbitrary form and be transferable between users.

DIONS will allow for private creation of aliases and identity storage, so-called “private aliases” that can be made public at will by the user. A private alias will give users an additional layer of privacy at the time of creating an alias. Users will have the capacity to make both public and private usernames for transactions.

The blockchain also oversees intellectual property rights, certificates of authenticity and condition reports. A hash an incentive in an I/O transaction can go about as proof of existence for any digital file, with the timestamp of hash esteem providing an immutable proof. The data storage feature, along with an arbitrary key, empowers users to input data within the HTML5 wallet through keyboard or file upload.

i/o coin platform

IOCOIN I/O Coins IOC ICO Conclusion

This may not be the following prove to be the following Bitcoin, it might be another altcoin that comes and goes. But starting at now, IO Coin is one of the more promising AltCoins on the market. The simple reality that the team behind the coin discloses information, is a good sign.

i/o coin roadmap

There are some other important notes to mention:

For one the IO coin had no premine. It first began as a proof of work coin and soon changed to a proof of stake coin. Other projects had amassed enormous development premines. Some of them as much as half, with IO coin being considerably fairer. The company operates in a way that is more realistic than other coins that can possibly dump their coins, according to some reviews.

Furthermore, there is still a lot of room for growth when compared to other altcoins. The coin will also be distributed at a fair level and rate. Also, once again – they are straightforward. IO Coin has websites where you can see the greater part of the information the entire team developing the framework. It’s probably one of the stronger companies on the market in the industry.

If you really need to get involved in the company, it’s going to cost you multiple five figures. It’s a significantly bigger investment than almost every other company right now, and you could get an enormous ROI. But like any new investment, ensure you do your research before you spend a bunch of money.

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5 User Reviews

  1. To add:
    I/O Coin DOES have a linux based wallet (debian) and also a MacOS wallet.
    IOC also enables stealth transactions as of next week. Create a stealth address and receive stealth payments, This is optional.
    Next to that there are also games being built on top of the IOC Blockchain. Like a shooter game called Uzagi Panzer. (see twitter).

    The I/O Coin blockchain had a fair launch and the team created a foundation (I/O Digital Foundation) to support non-proft development and direct the direction the Blockchain is going.
    So its not a company like this article explains. There is the open source I/O Coin Blockchain and non-profit I/O Digital Foudation.

    The IOC team also announced them teaming up with facilitating the ADM Ecosystem with their Blockchain features and bring Blockchain based applications to the general public.

    IOC is considered to be the most Blockchain technology advanced out there but also one of the most undervalued one. DYOR!!

    • Thanks for your wonderful response. We are happy that you read this article and explained us more. We will surely make amendments and if possible we will try to cover all the advancements of the platform in our NEWS section. We are launching our news section soon. Keep Supporting!!

  2. The article refers to messages in the context of AES encryption, it should be noted that all stored sensitive data is AES encrypted in this coin.

    The coin has DH (Diffie-Hellman) based stealth address payments which run entirely parallel to the ordinary ioc address payments.

    Having followed this project closely, they also have fully functioning multiple channel support for multiple parties to send messages to a single person. This forms the kernel for e.g private group messaging, forums etc

  3. My honest opinion is that atm you won’t find a more ridiculously undervalued gem in crypto. IOC had a fair launch and implemented more features to their blockchain than most money backed projects (ICOs) in this space. IOC had a fair launch – no ICO – to me their work is really impressive.
    Forthermore IOC or I/O Coin is not a company IOC is a 100% decentralised cryptocurrency backed by I/O Digital a non-proft Foundation. Your review is rather negative and in my honest opinion it is time to change habits and support developemt. They did all this out of thin air – remember there was no ICO only hard work out of their own pockets.
    Anyways thx for reviewing I/O Coin,

  4. I like the article but there are a few factual errors. I see the comments are putting that right. Any holder that uses the amazing wallet can stake their coins to earn rewards. There is not a huge promise of rewards but there is a 4% IOC staking reward.
    I think another commenter has pointed out that IOC is not a company as it is truly decentralized, raising funds from community outreach. The community is all volunteers and over 1,000 strong.
    The developers continually provide new updates to the wallets that are full nodes and quite remarkable in their functionality. Wallet support is online 24 hours a day. Wallets are MacOS, Windows 10 and Linux.
    Also the POS doesn’t go through a private channel of operation either. It is a decentralized blockchain that has been running for 4 years now.
    AES 256 encryption is also decentralized, which is a great achievement. This applies to file storage, Skype like messaging that is super secure and all the other functionality that is already operational. All of these features are working and secure and done without any ICO funding. That proves the innovativeness and resilience of the developers.

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