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Huobi Review – Cryptocurrency Exchange

In this review of Huobi, we are going to investigate a standout amongst the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges with establishes in China.

The exchange has developed significantly since at that point and is one of the go-to platforms for merchants to get their hands on probably the most promising Altcoins.

We will endeavor to answer this by taking a profound jump into the exchange and give you everything that you have to know. We will investigate the advantage scope, bolster, fees, platform, bolster and various different components for you to consider.

We will likewise give you a diagram of how to take advantage of the Huobi platform should you use the exchange. So, how about we hop right in.

huobi homepage

Huobi Review

The exchange is a backup of the Huobi worldwide gathering. The last was established in 2013 by Leon Li and was one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in China. Huobi has its head office in Singapore and began off with just 10 workers.

Since the founding, the exchange has developed as the markets have encouraged. They have extended volume to end up the world’s fourth biggest cryptocurrency exchange and have set up workplaces in Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Korea. They have developed to more than 1,000 workers.

What is Huobi?

Huobi is a moderately prevalent exchange with the eleventh greatest trading volume on the market. It has figured out how to change from a neighborhood Chinese exchange that appeared on a market in 2013 into a worldwide platform after a year ago’s boycott in China. In 2017, Huobi began operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea while being available in excess of 130 regions. They are additionally developing the new Huobi Pro exchange where you can exchange the dominant part of base coins and in addition different altcoins that have achieved the required level of liquidity (read Huobi Pro exchange review for more points of interest). Over that, it has as of late propelled another mining pool for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash holders.

Is Huobi safe? Starting at 2018, Huobi has never been hacked, but ensure that you empower 2FA and Huobi API.

Huobi Token

You definitely know that the Huobi exchange endeavors to be innovative and constantly extends the extent of its services. Their local token Huobi (HT) is yet another innovation which has as of late a consistent development in price. Huobi didn’t complete an initial coin offering (ICO). The best way to get HT is to buy an alleged ‘Point Card’. The measure of tokens straightforwardly relies upon the quantity of points in your bundle (Huobi users get tokens for nothing). Your Huobi token can be used to pay for trading fees (comparatively to Binance where you get half rebate with BNB).

It merits mentioning that Huobi uses 20% of its trading benefit in to remove HT from dissemination and keep it in a hold for a go down in case of a hacking assault when a generous measure of funds can be stolen. Huobi coin can be exchanged against every one of the three base coins.

Huobi Fees

While the span of the exchange and the range are imperative considerations for the dealer, the most essential criteria comes down to the effect on their wallet. Exchange fees are once in a while what can represent the moment of truth a dealers experience and productivity.

Keeping that in mind, Huobi’s fees appear to be the absolute most sensible and clear in the market. They work in a comparable manner to various different exchanges in that they have creator/taker charge plan.

Withdrawal Fees

Huobi additionally applies what they term a “withdrawal charge”. However, what this is really is only the cryptocurrency network expense or “mining charge”. This is predetermined by Huobi but one expectations that it will enigmatically track the genuine cost of mining.

To give you an unpleasant indication of these fees, here are the withdrawal fees (per ask for) of a portion of the best 10 coins in market top.

Bitcoin: 0.001-0.001

Ethereum: 0.01

XRP: 0.1

Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001

EOS: 0.5

Litecoin: 0.001

Crypto Asset Coverage

Something else that Huobi is notable for is the scope of cryptocurrency resources that they offer. They appear to have a dominant part of coins in the best 10 of market top expect it appears as though they don’t have Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA). Why these coins are not included is very surprising.

However, they have no less than 50 different coins that you can exchange on the exchange. Truth be told, for a good few of these coins, Huoubi makes up a sizable piece of the volume. This implies they have some really healthy request books and you will find the most liquidity on the exchange.

They additionally have a helpful review page where they take you through each coin with a genuinely intensive portrayal of the coin. They likewise give you a scope of links to the project being referred to.

Huobi Withdrawal Limits

Huobi is one of those exchanges that you can use without handing over KYC archives so as to run an account. However, this implies they will put limitations on the sum that you are allowed to pull back within a period/time.

Huobi Login/Singup

If you need to make an account and begin trading at Huobi, at that point you should make a beeline for their information exchange page. Huobi just requires a working email address keeping in mind the end goal to first make your account. You can see the information exchange frame below.

Information exchange Form at Huobi

We discovered it somewhat unusual that for an initial unknown account that they required your nationality as no different exchanges require this. However, if you will be verifying then this does not by any stretch of the imagination make a difference in the end.

When you have finished the frame they will send you an email with the verification code that you should use to log back in. At that point Huobi has a really accommodating beginner’s guide that will take you through everything on the platform.

They will highlight every one of the exchange features and afterward give you a short outline of what they are precisely. We have not seen something like this in different exchanges and discovered it very refreshing for those brokers who are as yet trying to find their feet.

huobi eco

Huobi Main Features

  • Lesser cost when trading digital resources
  • Unrivaled arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage diminishes the cost of funding, increases fund use effectiveness and abbreviates transaction time
  • Opportunities to capitalize and exchange virtual resources

The Company Behind Huobi

Huobi is the greatest digital cash money in China. The company, set up in September 2013, has developed into the bitcoin trading platform in China and has built up an entire esteem chain that spreads programming and mining identified with digital cash. The site was set up by business person Li Lin, who found bitcoin ideal for another company project because of close relationship with cash, high passage boundary, and repetitive use.

Huobi Advantages

Proficient Security

The gigantic dominant part of client resources that are digital are spared in a multi-signature chilly wallet. Moreover, other online digital resources are secured by different danger control plan.

Security Protection

Offers security assurance that is solid through full features of digital resources.

Site interface

All things considered, if we’re talking about first impressions, at that point we need to factor in the site’s interface. When we arrive on a trading site—or some other site so far as that is concerned—we first take a gander at its interface. Also, the interface of this site looks damn good because it’s very simple to use and responsive. The site is available in two dialects—English and Chinese.

Aside from the interface, we need to see the USP of this gateway. The arrangement that Huobi.Pro is bringing to the cryptocurrency space is very innovative particularly from the point of view of a user. The site let users break down effectively—so if you’re somebody who likes to delve profound into outlines and diagrams before making an investment, at that point this site is for you.

Every one of the graphs on the site are given by TradingView; and, honestly speaking, these diagrams are precise and can make shake strong trading investigations and insights. Additionally, whatever remains of the trading gateway is adjusted intuitively. Here’s one snapshot. (What’s more, in case you’re not a major fanatic of dark-themed website pages, the webpage is additionally available in a white topic.)

A high-liquidity trading site, for example, Huobi.Pro must be responsive regardless, and the team working on this site knows this reality exceptionally well. That is decisively why the site rushes to load and super responsive. The platform is even available as an app for iOS and Android. In this way, if you like trading in a hurry, at that point this trading ecosystem has got you secured.

Initially, the exchange was generally focused on Southeast Asian markets. However, since the boycott by China on crypto trading, the platform has been registered again in the Seychelles. Because of growing administrative weight, the company needed to cut a portion of its functionalities—in spite of that reality, the site still maintains a noteworthy trading volume.

This is one of the first crypto coin exchanges with a 24 × 7 client service bolster. That is not all – this entryway has its own independent assessment framework for cryptographic forms of money. The best part is that if you’re new to the game of crypto trading, at that point you’ll profit by its pre-exchange instructive program as well. The site even builds up an all out investor assurance fund for managing all the true blue investment claims made by customers. In terms of the project’s straightforwardness, it has got its own open-processing progress indicators.

huobi exchange



Aside from the normal crypto-resource exchange, this platform offers a scope of other trading-related services.

A short outline for every one of these services is given below.


This is a subjective model that’ll assess all the existing blockchain-supported resources available in the market.


This is a consultancy service for blockchain new businesses; this service has a great deal of subsections including designing business models, tutoring the development team, and developing expensive vital plans.

Huobi Mining Pool:

As a powerful platform, this network gives its own particular pool that’ll make mining simpler.

Huobi Ecology:

This is much the same as a conclusion to-end partnering ecosystem where this exchange network joins hands with a portion of the leading names in the blockchain space. That way, this platform plans to make the entire blockchain area all the more powerful.

Huobi Capital:

This is an initiative where new influential investments are made, and innovative resource administration techniques are worked to quicken the blockchain’s usage.

By and large, Huobi is one strong ecosystem that has remodeled the idea of the crypto exchange and has even taken this kind of trading to an unheard of level.

huobi secure

HT Token and Its Benefits

HT token (Huobi token) is an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. It is a local token for Huobi Pro and HADAX exchange through which one can get selective advantages. A portion of the exciting advantages that HT token holders appreciate are:

HT token payers can get trading charge rebates (up to half) and get VIP participations.

HT token holders can vote in favor of token listings on HADAX exchange.

HT token gives liquidity. What’s more, they are likewise repurchased by Huobi each quarter to put in Huobi Investor Protection Fund.

Customer Support

Huobi offers help 24 x 7 and can be connected through Zendesk ticketing framework for determination of any issues.

Here is the link for the same.


On the first look, it may appear that Houbi exchange is doing simply like Binance but in my opinion, there are significant differences between the two.

A portion of the USPs of the Huobi exchange that improves it different and from Binance are:

Huobi has HT tokens which can be used for voting and thus decreases the due determination time for Huobi exchange. In this additionally they have a multi-layered scrutiny of projects which gives greater believability to their procedure.

Huobi has promised to buy HT tokens each quarter from their 20% benefits to put in Huobi Investor Protection Fund, which is an unquestionable requirement have USP these days when brought together exchanges are inclined to hacks. This resembles the insurance for the HT token and Huobi users in an unforeseeable occasion.

Membership based VIP enrollment and charge rebates are intended to draw institutional investors. What’s more, a charge rebate feature that doesn’t end following couple of years, as you have in Binance, is without a doubt a great feature.

Also, with a single login secret word on Huobi Pro, one gains admittance to Margin account, HADAX, and OTC exchange which is a good thing for the long-term appropriation of their platform.

Also, Huobi is frequently doing different kinds of airdrops, token listings, well disposed rivalries to incentivize its users which will eventually drive user interest for Huobi. A portion of the cases of the same are: Cheer for the World Cup Win 4 Million SOCs Airdrop, Huobi EON and EOP Airdrop, Win up to 8,000 USDT worth of HT and so forth.


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