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How to mine Bitcoin: An ultimate guide for beginners

bitcoin mining

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency and overall installment framework. It is the primary decentralized advanced cash, as the process works without a bank or single overseer. The system is transparent and exchanges happen between clients to clients specifically, without any third person.

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency cash that was made in 2009 by an unknown person using the false name Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions happen without any third person’s interruption. Bitcoin Blockchain can be used to buy things in the internet space, search for furniture and buy Xbox applications, a cluster of website offer you products in exchange for BTC. In any case, the main motive of this process is getting rich by trading it. The cost of BTC took off a great high in 2017. So, you might want to know how to mine Bitcoin for getting a good and decent profit with your findings.

Owning Bitcoins

Bitcoins are secured in a “wallet,” which exists either on the cloud or on a user’s PC. The wallet is a kind of digital budget managing platform that helps individuals to trade or sell Bitcoins, pay for stocks or spare their money. Not like all the other currency management applications, Bitcoin wallets are not secured by the FDIC.

the cloud mining platform for bitcoin

How to mine Bitcoin: What is the process involved?

BTC can be earned by Bitcoin cash mining which requires high-performance CPU which is also called a GPU. Further, it’s explained in more depth about BTC Blockchain for a beginner. Today the level of difficulty is way higher for an individual to actually start earning Bitcoin. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, however, it’s not the old easy business it was in the beginning. In the case you need to know how to mine Bitcoin, there are several steps you have to take. One is considerably more time consuming and more capital consuming in comparison to the other, however, the potential prizes are far greater and noteworthy.  So in reality when it comes to actually purchasing BTC or Cryptocurrencies, you should know that nothing on the stage of digital currencies is ensured. Any speculation could be lost, so ensure you do your research and learning before taking out your credit card.

How to mine Bitcoin?

There are several methods of Bitcoin mining of which mainly Cloud Mining is popular; Personal Bitcoin mining has become rare nowadays. There are numerous amounts of companies that help you in this process; there are different ways that includes difficult calculations in the Bitcoin mining process. Before users actually learn how to mine Bitcoin they need to know that in this world of hardware prices fluctuations and Bitcoin difficulty rising exponentially, there’s no such guarantee of a profit after all that hard work, which makes this business riskier than even actually buying Bitcoins. Nobody can assure you that these coins will be more valuable in the near future than they are today but buying BTC will certainly give you something equally valuable to your money immediately. These things are certainly the most important in consideration before you go down to the path of learning Bitcoin mining and creating Blockchain for your transactions.

how to mine bitcoin

What is Personal Mining?

Personal mining has become nearly extinct today cause of the cost it takes, the difficulty of calculating problems with calculators is hectic, so a beginner must probably have a vast knowledge about this before investing. Despite the fact that you can mine selective Cryptocurrencies with several types of equipment, extracting Bitcoins in 2018 requires powerful equipment assembled using application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips made specifically to mine. They are not recommended to purchase or run. As a result of the high costs included, generating Bitcoin yourself is just recommendable in consideration that you have tight access to powerful and comparably cheaper electricity also a powerful system capable of Bitcoin mining. Before investing your resources into any equipment or mining setups, it is important you set up a Bitcoin cash mining minicomputer to check whether you can really make benefits of all difficulty, calculations and costs considered.

Step 1: Hardware Choosing

Here if you have made your decision for earning Bitcoin, you have to get yourself an effective ASIC mineworker. Most of the time the advanced technologies are assembled utilizing similar chips of different power supply requirements, however, some are more effective than others. The most popular at the platform of how to mine Bitcoin is Bitmain’s AntMiner S9, which is as of now valued at $2,320, yet new updates aren’t forwarded for over a month. Other, firms charge a much higher rate comparably and are probably not proved to be that effective. Second-hand equipment is another alternative; however remember that mining equipment can wear out quickly, so there is no guarantee that your bargained deal will keep going sufficiently long to make a benefit for you. You can also settle for a older equipment or the GPU you have on your gaming rig, however once more, there’s no assurance to what extent it will last and as Bitcoin mining difficulty expands, they may never again have the capacity to work sufficiently to generate Bitcoin for you at the same rate.

Step 2: Choosing Mining pool

When you have your equipment and its all setup, you are prepared to go. You have to choose whether you need to mine Bitcoin personally or on a platform of a pool where there are other miners as well. Doing it yourself independently from anyone else could mean more noteworthy prizes (extracting rewards are around 12.5 Bitcoin at the present difficulty level) yet in a kind of situation you get unfortunate or don’t get the needed amount of hashing power, you could go on Bitcoin mining for months or even a year without earning the right amount of Bitcoin. Being a part of a pool confirms more regularly, but considerably smaller prizes are awarded in comparison to the number of efforts you contribute. In exchange, you’ll have to pay a part of your income to the collective group of people involved. Choosing a mining pool goes past the extent of this article, however getting the job done is your responsibility. More or less, joining a popular, low-expense pool is arguably the most recommended option, yet you may have particular needs but only some of you will make the profit.

Step 3: Right Software

The last section of beginners guide to Bitcoin cash mining includes downloading the correct programs and connecting up your equipment with a safe and secure wallet. There are thousands of various choices, however they all basically similar to each other in one way or another. The actual settings of your process of choosing the right software and hardware will be the result to your decisions so far, yet in the case that you’ve done everything perfectly, you are prepared to mine. Connect your manner to your PC, log in to your pool, start your software and you’re mining.

Step 4: Profit and Loss

From here, the essential thing you can do is managing your numbers side by side to your process. As Bitcoin difficulty goes up, you have to ensure your set up is remaining beneficial. Is it true that you are sufficiently winning Bitcoins to take care of your power costs? Are your Bitcoin excavating equipment’s temperatures remaining sufficiently low that they wouldn’t get damaged or wear out? Is your framework remaining steady as per your requirement and not disturbing your neighbors? If your answer is yes to all of the above subjects then you have to just sit back and watch your Bitcoins rise higher and higher and then probably sell them or exchange them for its same value.

bitcoin mine

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is the act of leasing mining equipment (or a part of their hashing power) and having a third person do the actual digging for your part. The platform cuts the difficulty and using of calculators for the process. You are regularly paid for your investment in Bitcoin regardless of whether the equipment is utilized for mining Bitcoin or not.

In spite of the fact that there is a large number of drawbacks in cloud mining, it requires a considerably smaller investment than personal mining or GPU mining. Similarly, as with general contributing, it’s important for you to do your mining, on the base that there are tons of organizations out there that prove to be the best among others and even the biggest have their loopholes.

Step 1: Picking a mining company

This is the most important thing to do in the process, as the space of cloud mining is so vast and expanding day by day that you can be lost in the search for your ideal company. HashFlare, Genesis, MinerGate, and NiceHash are some arguably best in the bunch of this business.

HashFlare – Check Review Here

HashFlare is one of the best platforms for beginners as it takes least of your investment and offers you more outcomes. The most significant feature of the platform is that the fees associated with the user’s mining process are lower in comparison to other companies which grab the attention of a beginner in this platform for Bitcoin cash mining. The company is also one of the oldest (started in mid-2015) and is a trusted organization in the field. As in any business, if your cost is low the profit will eventually be high which is what the company has been offering since its establishment and lower commission rate. The company also has millions of users registered to the platform

hashflare cloud mining platform

Genesis Mining – Check Review Here

Genesis is another popular and trusted platform used by many users, there are over a million miners connected to the organization that uses the site on a day to day basis. The company was set up back in 2013 and is one of the oldest to feature at the beginning of the crypto-coin establishment. It is arguably the easiest to use platform for all beginners as there is no completion in understanding the stage and reduces a user headache of setting up high power GPU and temperature management and number tallying and in a way eases your way to earning cryptocurrency.

genesis mining platform review

MinerGate – Check Review Here

MinerGate is yet another popular cloud platform which is run by young technicians who were once a beginner and in search to learn Bitcoin mining difficulty and Blockchain. The company offers great technology and makes Bitcoin cash mining an easier task for beginners in cloud mining. The platform also offers great deals to users that are just irresistible, are explained in more detail on their cloud platform. This ease for Bitcoin cash mining has attracted a lot of miners to their space and the company is a platform for million users mining every day.

miner gate pltform review

Step 2: Picking a mining package

The above-mentioned companies offer numerous types of packages to miners, every platform charges you a fixed amount of fees that required for hashing power and computer technology, every organization has a detailed explanation of their charges on their respective platforms. The user needs to select the package in consideration of his investment and returns throughout the process.

Step 3: Select a mining pool

After your selection of a mining package, most cloud mining organizations will request you to pick a mining pool. That is the place you pick a worldwide mining group to join. It’s a technique for expanding your chances of earning BTC through Bitcoin cash mining and it’s a standard practice in cloud and GPU mining. There are advantages and disadvantages of various pools that go past the extent of this article, however, joining a pool can turn out to be your most solid option. Once you’ve finished that progression your cloud mining can start and within a couple of days or weeks, you should begin to see your cloud mining account start to load with BTC.

What Reddit users say about Bitcoin mining?

Reddit is a popular platform for people using the internet to know about things and reviews for any subject through Reddit users. Many beginners visit the Reddit stage to earn information about cryptocurrency with the help of Reddit reviews from the users. The Reddit platform is a very useful and trustworthy organization which simplifies the Bitcoin mining experience to help newcomers.


GPU mining and cloud mining are explained in full details above and each of the above has their respective pros and cons of the mining industry. Using any of the above-mentioned mining platforms can help you start earning BTC through both ways, GPU mining, and cloud mining. These platforms offer users the right hardware and technology needed for Bitcoin cash mining, extracting the stress for the miners of maintaining heavy hardware technology. In today’s generation, these organizations have proven to be useful for miners to earn BTC without any difficulty and great calculations.


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