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HotNow review: New ICO with a lot of credibility

As the advantages of Blockchain are more perceived by businesses in several sectors and industries, the boundless adoption of this innovation has concentrated the focus on its most exciting and game-changing part: cryptocurrency. It is equipped for being substantially more than the basic digital currency like Bitcoin; cryptocurrency is utilized by the Blockchain companies to designate the exchanges of digital cash between the stakeholders in their Blockchain community. “Tokenization” is the manner by which we depict this thought: organizations are utilizing advanced coins to drive more important role from the clients other than simply buying. Preferably, all members in any service will be profited from a token exclusive economy. Same is the case with HotNow (a Thailand based Gamified online-to-offline Economy Company)

hotnow review

What is HotNow?

HotNow is an innovative and new platform for shops and promotions with integrated in-application promotional offers. The HotNow Company is based in Thailand and facilitates the merchants and brands to convey exciting and exclusive promotional offers to nearby shoppers and acts as a backup of Axion Ventures – a successful Asian PC and Mobile Games innovator and developers. With vital association with Axion Games, this Thailand based company can revolutionize the whole phenomenon of the mobile promotional discovery platform into a Gamified Network which has mission-based gaming highlights utilizing treasure hunting and domain vanquishing ideas. This tells about the most successful and fruitful genres. This will make a substantially captivating user experience on the app or the platform, which will bring about more prominent monetary advantages for each party on the system of the promotions.

What is HoToKeN and what it can do?

For customers, HoToKeN (HTKN) will be an access giving token to the best promotions and deals a business can offer. For businesses, this thing will be meant to explore the real price according to the demand of the customer. When the approximation of HTKN stabilizes, with respect to both the organization and purchasers, HTKN will be the prominent and prevailing cryptocurrency coin for all transactions in the system. HotNow platform endows and helps merchants in the region of South East Asia with robust, cost-effective, high-efficacy marketing tools and services while promoting and encouraging merchants to transfer some of the extra goods and services to their customer on demand. Due to the impact and reliability of Blockchain and surrounding technologies of the Blockchain, the predictable evolution of HotNow is an expansion of its present real-time marketing app and platform into a token economy. This Thailand based Company has an exclusive location-based service (LBS) already engender profits and increase market experience for partner merchants, and distribute value and great content to its users. The platform will become a system (network) that uses strict open source protocols, Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and flourishing developments in a distributed ledger and other decentralized and secure data structure solutions. Due to the part of this next-step development of its established business model, HotNow will change into a Gamified ecosystem based on a practical access token which is nothing but an ERC20 token and the token is called as HTKN and can be used for micro-transactions. The HotNow token economy will award its participants with HTKN for every monetary activity they perform. This is every action which is made by buyers and sellers that facilitates the growth of HotNow ecosystem.

hotoken system

How is HotNow Unique and helpful?

HotNow employs unique methods in the conception of its system with a prominence on technicalities found in “freemium” video and other game technicalities games which are free but has many in-app purchases. This can increase shop conversion rates and augment consumer experience. Other innovations and discovery include individually-tailored loyalty schemes for cash-based businesses and services that enable merchants to generate business and resolve problems such as creating shared loyalty programs and combining purchasing power. In addition to this, deep analysis of the history of spent data of the consumers can create “credit profiles” for individuals who don’t like creating financial history thereby enabling these consumers to access micro-loans.

HotNow App

HotNow has an official mobile app where you can take full advantage of the new HoToKeN digital economy. The existing mobile app download is increasing every day and in 2017, the app download was as high as 700,000 with more than 400,000 monthly active users. In the HotNow mobile app, the users can discover exciting ships and promotional offers around them. The app is meticulously designed to present the exciting shops in their neighborhood and use their advanced technology to search for the desired places on the go without any hassle. The process of the HotNow mobile app is quick and it makes sure that you don’t miss out on an exciting promotional offer. The HotNow app guarantees no junk content and relies on the keyword to provide you with a super saving combo, exclusive discount offers whenever any deal is available for you.

hotnow numbers

About the HoToKeN token

HotNow is a new yet emerging cryptocurrency coin which is proving itself to generate an equitable and tokenized economy in the retail sector by providing exclusive discounts to the customer and bridging the gap between the merchants and the customers. HotNow is planned to be an exclusive Gamified token economy ecosystem which is constructed upon democratizing cryptocurrency token which can reinvent the process of digital marketing. The intention is to manage the value of cryptocurrency for the customer while augmenting the income for different businesses.

What Problems Does HoToKeN Seek To Solve?

The Thailand based company HotNow try to solve a number of major practical issues with its digital HoToKeN token and their HotNow ecosystem. Some of the main identified problems in the retail market include:

  • Consumers are swamped with inappropriate or “location-impractical” promotions, and those clients have understood that it is better to ignore such irrelevant promotions.
  • The population in Asia is young, social, devoted and inspirational as they are ready to spend money, but they are also susceptible to price changes and lack of promotions.
  • Meanwhile, the merchants and service provider have to pay a lot for mobile marketing. The HotNow Company addresses the problem of oligopoly where the market is occupied by a small number of large sellers all over the world. On social Media and messaging platforms, there are only a few major service providers who dominate the space and can change the price of the product whenever they want.
  • The marketing cost for small and medium-sized businesses is prohibitively expensive due to large monopoly by these oligarchies and entrenched companies.
  • There are a lack of proper tools in large social networks and messaging platforms for identifying and targeting “the consumers with high tendency to purchase their product at specific locations and during the best time of the day”. However, there are some advertising platforms which offer this privilege, there is definitely a scope for improvement for these advertising companies as merchants can’t make use of the technical capabilities to its fullest.

HotNow addressed all these problems along with the HotNow app which can be evolved as a great application to solve consumer problem by providing them with the best stores and best promotional offers nearby.

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How Does HotNow ecosystem Work?

HotNow is basically a mobile and web discovery app for shoppers and merchants for getting incredible deals on various goods and services. The main objective is to provide the merchants with augmented control over their marketing strategies and messages while reducing the marketing spend. On the other hand, the shoppers are provided access to exclusive and captivating discounts. HotNow gives a major change in the amount of time required for the customers to search for the relevant goods and services. Both time and money to search for the necessary product and to get impressive discount can be done on the HotNow application. For facilitating this, the Thailand based Company allows the merchants and businesses to establish an enhanced online presence by implementing “billboard-like marketing messages” that too for free. For small premium businesses, the merchants can also distribute extremely targeted marketing messages to appropriate HotNow users.

As mentioned above, HotNow is an incredible app for both shopper and merchant and the app have several hundred thousand monthly supported who use the app. They also more than 50,000 listed merchants who have chosen this Thailand based app for enhancing its online presence. Soon after its inception in 2017, the Company attracted Coffee World which is Thailand’s second largest coffee chain and is its first major client. Baskin Robbins, the renowned Ice-cream chain has launched an exclusive campaign on HotNow where 1000 coupons were given to the clients in as less as 5 days. In short, HotNow allows merchants to promote their service and deliver specialized, targeted and exciting offers to consumers in a particular region or service area. HotNow acts similar to any good ad network but the price and money associated with it are drastically low. Meanwhile, the Users can make use of the exclusive discounts on goods and services by their research and discovery engine which thereby decreases the time and cost of searching. This not only saves money and time but also gives users the capability to learn about businesses, merchants, and shops and the variety of services and promotional event they offer.

how hotnow works

What are the benefits of using HoToKeN HTKN coin?

Well, the deals and promotional offers which can be accessed through HotNow are remarkable but there are other benefits and future scope as well. Here are the best thing about the HoToKeN coin and the reasons why should invest in the ongoing ICO token sale.

  • Merchants endow deals and promotional offers for improving their market share to users while the users pay using a HoToKeN coin.
  • The payment for the marketing and CRM tools are done using HTKNs.
  • HotNow gives a bounty to the users with HTKNs when they help towards the network growth (improving game mechanics, rewards system, and social engagement)
  • Users are entitled to finish “missions” in HotNow where each mission will entail members to carry out a certain activity or a collection of few activities that are supposed to contribute towards the growth and sustainability of the Company platform. The missions are basically loyalty programs which include:
  • Inviting new users to the network and convincing them to become active contributors and accessing HTKN token to help the merchants with the promotion. The user can interact with the company platform promote the app by rating particular merchant or viewing their pages within the HotNow app.

Also, the merchants can receive rewards for the same promotions in the form of HTKN coin. Merchants are also entitled to receive a bounty in the form of HTKN token when their promotions get more attention from the users.


HoToKeN ICO token sale Details

The Hot Token ICO started on January 21 and ended on 20 March 2018. The periods of three months were marked with a rapid increase in the price of HotNow token. During the start of the ICO, the HTKN coin price was at 0.1 USD. HotNow was accepting both BTC and ETH during the ICO token sale and the tokens were launched on stellar. The total supply of HTKN token was 10 billion (10,000,000,000). This was the quantity which was minted for the ICO. There is a hard cap of 50 million USD HTKN for the ICO and combined it was 3 billion USD. A surplus of 500,000 tokens will be locked and kept for the network’s employees while the remaining tokens went to the HotNow’s reserve fund.

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If you talk about Reddit or any cryptocurrency community, you will get to know that on Reddit, BitcoinTalk, etc. the HotNow platform is in a lot of buzz right now. There is a lot of traction going on the Reddit threads, where people are more than excited to use the HotNow platform. Many Reddit users have come down to Cryptocurrency community like BitcoinTalk, Reddit, etc. and expressed their opinion. Many Reddit users feel that this is an evolving platform with a lot of potential in it. In Short, if you are buyers or merchants, the HotNow platform can really help you by saving your precious time and money and there is no point in doubting the website integrity.

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