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Hive Project Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Hive Project?

The Hive Coin project is a platform in view of a blockchain and intended to furnish the user with snappy and financially smart liquidity. The business model spins around factoring, in which a factor or buys receivables that have not yet been settled and afterward deals with the acquirement of the cash.

The more great price is especially important for the calculated, as the receivables are sold at a lower esteem. The dealer profits by the fast liquidation of receivables.

For factoring, the blockchain is used, which likewise ensures add up to security within the framework of the transactions. Additionally, the blockchain guarantees that all account data is anchored by a cryptography framework.

Moreover, all copy passages in the blockchain are naturally eliminated, so it isn’t conceivable to offer receivables twice. To offer potential investors a higher level of security, the blockchain of the hive platform depends on an algorithm that furnishes the market with precise hazard data.

This should empower the hazard for outsiders to be surveyed and convince littler investors of the platform.

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How does the platform behind Hive Coin work?

Hive’s usefulness is isolated into three stages. In the first step, a company stacks its financial data into the blockchain.

  • The financial data is put away straightforwardly and unchangeable through the different hubs.
  • This implies it isn’t conceivable to change the data. In this manner, the company has the opportunity to offer receivables if a liquidity bottleneck ought to emerge.
  • The blockchain adjusts the trust issues of the business world because it isn’t manipulative.

This empowers outsiders to depend on right and reliable data with the goal that selling the receivables brings a common preferred standpoint. Additionally, the framework gives exact data on the business accomplice, with the goal that a superior hazard appraisal is capable of being heard.

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What is the present market capitalization of the hive coin?

The Hive Coin is exchanged on the market under the truncation HVN and has officially finished the Initial Coin Offering. This occurred on September 20, 2017, and brought about a valuation of USD 9.9 million. The price per token was USD 0.024.

Additionally, 375 million tokens were issued. The most extreme token point of confinement of the money is 500 million, which implies that exclusive 75% of the aggregate tokens have been issued up until this point.

Right now, however, the price per token is $0.041038.

The unequaled high was come to on October 20, with a market capitalization of $11.965 million and a price for every token of $0.319.

The lowest level was again on 13 October. Market capitalization around then was US$ 5.384 million, and the price per token was US$ 0.017.

Because of the high instability, HVN is a somewhat precarious money, which may astonish with solid price increases.

HVN’s every day trading volume is around $100,537 78 % of day by day trading is realized by exchanging HVN and Bitcoin. Likewise, around 22% of the exchange is produced by the exchange of Ethereum and HVN.

Blockchain technology is setting down deep roots, and with the effect it has had on numerous industry verticals, there is almost certainly that blockchain-powered services and arrangements can have a lot of effect in the correct use case situations.

One of the territories where this technology can possibly make its quality felt is the financing industry for little and medium businesses, which have a convention of suffering from liquidity obstacles.

With Hive, these issues may turn into a thing of the past.

Considering the kind of liquidity hole that independent ventures typically confront, Hive has thought of in ingenious arrangement that can furnish these businesses with that truly necessary liquidity in the type of advanced cash, and furthermore power investors to produce gainful returns for their investment into the Hive ICO.

This is the kind of arrangement that can definitely turn into a noteworthy lift for independent companies, providing them with enough liquidity to get them off the ground the correct way.

Hive Unique Concept

The development team at Hive comprehend the way that independent ventures can keep running into various issues because of the typical difficulties that they keep running into with liquidity.

Generating the correct kind of liquidity is critical for a private company to find the correct footing, particularly in focused markets, and this liquidity hole has just been in charge of numerous independent ventures to shut down shop, or start thinking about moving towards different endeavors.

Hive takes care of this issue by providing a one of a kind arrangement.

By leveraging powerful blockchain technology, Hive offers businesses to achieve their liquidity goals by offering an advanced money invoice financing platform. This is a platform that can open up another universe of financing alternatives for private companies, all using the enormous power and features of blockchain technology.

With an ongoing ICO, Hive plans to get investors into the overlap, and use the investment to buy the correct invoices from confided in accomplice businesses, in this manner creating new liquidity and helping these businesses conquer any hindrance.

Invoice Financing

The invoice financing industry has been growing at a fast pace throughout the years, and this is one pattern that Hive intends to benefit from with its ICO and business model.

Since the interest for this kind of financing is continually on the ascent, Hive gives a platform to business to exploit this model of financing, but with the power of computerized monetary standards. Blockchain tech has done amazing things in different regions, and can definitely help make this model effective in the long run.

The method of task that Hive rehearses makes them buy miniaturized scale invoices from a confided in network of organizations.

By using these invoice contracts and the input from investors in the ICO, and storing this essential information into a blockchain, Hive would then be able to encourage the inevitable sale of the invoice, generating income for the investors and liquidity for the businesses that are participating in the program.

hive project features

Hearty Management

The blockchain arrangement that Hive actualizes, makes use of distributed ledger technology to give a one of a kind ID to each invoice, allowing for finish robotization of the invoicing procedure. By creating a trading space for invoices, new liquidity can be worked for organizations that urgently require it.

Getting Started With Hive

The site has isolate areas for accomplice organizations to sign in and use the platform, and for investors who need to invest in this interesting business model by participating in the ICO.

Invoice financing is a slow procedure and most organizations need their invoices to be paid speedier. In cases like these, the best alternative is invoice factoring. SMEs can securely depend on invoice financing because the invoices which are submitted are from certified business customers. But because the whole procedure requires a lot of manual work, numerous SMEs can’t get invoice factoring from traditional institutions. This is the place Hive ventures in.

Hive’s plan is to use the Ethereum blockchain technology joined by the smart contracts keeping in mind the end goal to make feasible for SMEs to turn “their accounts receivables into tradable resources.”

Each invoice issued will be doled out a specific fingerprint. This will be conceivable by tokenizing invoices and later on distribute them on the separate blockchain. SMEs additionally require incite access to liquidity.

The answer for this is a miniaturized scale factoring pool where the SMEs can offer their invoices. Moreover, the Hive platform will use a demonstrated hazard algorithm which will be “upgraded with restrictive blockchain algorithmic credit scoring.”

An unequivocal factor in the factoring transactions is the aversion of the misrepresentation. An apparatus which counteracts misrepresentation as well as influences speeding to up of the entire payment process conceivable is invoice verification. Hive thought of implementing the blockchain with ERP connectors.

There is dependably a possibility that organizations don’t refresh their financial reports. This is most experienced with regards to little organizations. Hive needs to calculate the data the hazard premium when a creditor chooses to survey the term sheet for financing.

Before tokenization happens Hive uses XBRL in order to exhibit financial data. It is critical for investors to assess investment opportunity for long-term reasons. Keeping in mind the end goal to do this Hive platform will use two center computations, in particular:

hive media

Opportunity Qualification and Risk Assessment

There is dependably a shot of a company going bankrupt. In cases this way, it is an absolute necessity to have a strategy which can foresee before an occasion this like this happens. Consequently, the Hive platform uses the Altman Z-score recipe which is known to be genuinely precise.

The Hive will include more data points with a specific end goal to enhance hazard estimation and furthermore an evaluation of the borrowers. To effectively do this, Hive will find all the more measuring points related weights.

In the entire procedure of either accepting or not invoice factoring, Hive will use a credit scoring model.

Building arrangement on a blockchain has four main favorable circumstances:

Straightforwardness and consensus;

Unchanging nature and in the meantime advanced uniqueness;

Data protection;

Smart contracts.

There will be additionally two more services, to be specific Company Credit Scoring and Automated Auditing, that will give organizations “a chance to make their business and financials more straightforward.”

A smart contract is a critical piece of the entire procedure. The ones Hive uses will follow a particular contract structure. This is an essential detail as it will make the contract reusable as well as simple to redesign.

Hive needs every one of the data which is put away on the blockchain to be secured. The ideal arrangement is the use of the IPFS. “IPFS allows static documents to be put away in a distributed record framework and uses distributed hash tables to distribute the documents.”

In the entire Hive ecosystem, there are in all out four types of support:

Hive Administrator;




On the Hive platform, tokens will be used with a specific end goal to get to the data on the blockchain. It is to a great extent trusted that blockchain technology will reform the invoice issuing process and over that the financial services which depend on it. Sooner rather than later, it is direct to get any up-to-minute financial explanation just with a tick of a button. Hive thinks that “blockchain is the missing link required to accelerate the officially swift reception of this financial mechanism and in the meantime bring crypto investors closer to the real economy”

The Hives Project Benefits

Helps Small Businesses

Various private company have not been not able access loans from various financial institutions and this is the place the Hives projects comes in as they can give little ventures various financing alternatives that they would have generally not possessed the capacity to get to.

The Hives Team

The Hives team has a team that has an abundance of involvement in invoice financing and blockchains. The team has a reputation of delivering on projects and getting the activity done. You can doubtlessly depend on them.

First Platform To Use Block Chain Technology In Financing

Hives is the first platform to use blockchain technology in invoice financing, accordingly they are in front of every other person. In such a focused industry, having a head start is extremely urgent as your competitors will attempt to get up to speed.

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How To Buy Hive Token (HVN)?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy HVN. This section will help you to know how to buy HVN. First of all, you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy HVN. At the moment, you can make use of HitBTC to buy this token.

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Hive Conclusion

By and large, the Hive model looks well-set to accomplish incredible things later on, providing genuinely necessary liquidity to independent companies.

The contributors to the Hive Project are determined to not just becoming piece of a platform that is progressive but additionally one that gives answers for liquidity issues to little and medium ventures. The contributors will likewise be a piece of a multi trillion dollar business that has extraordinary potential outcomes for development.

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4 User Reviews

  1. Hive Project is a blockchain-based platform that provides SMEs with fast and low-cost liquidity. It will help so many SMEs around the world to get the liquidity they need! Fast and easy both for invoice sellers and buyers, live from mid Q3 2018.

    Last awesome deal with Goscoket will generate a huge demand for HVN token!
    – close to $ 7 billion in advance payments made through their platform;
    – $ 200 million in advances are processed every month
    – over 500m e-invoices are verified
    – over 1 million active users

  2. Truly remarkable team and effort has gone into this project, these guys are changing the invoice factoring world and have took monumental steps with two high end partnerships all under one year. This is due to their ideologies, problem solving and blockchain integration which is sweeping all financial sectors one day at a time!

  3. The team behind Hive Project has shown exceptional skill in delivering business deals to secure the promised markets and more. Really enjoying this project.

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