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Herdius Review – ICO Guide

Is it accurate to say that you are looking for a good investment platform? There are such a large number of decisions that you can make that it is truly simple to feel overpowered and like you are not finding the correct one for you, so it is anything but difficult to get worn out from the greater part of this.

Try not to be worried about the possibility that that you won’t find the ideal investment platform, however, because our blog has a lot of reviews about projects and destinations that may help you a great deal. Today we are going to review a company called Herdius.

What Is Herdius?

Herdius in an investment platform that is made for individuals that need to buy, offer and exchange cryptographic forms of money online. The platform center around decentralization and offering its users security when they need to make exchanges.

Another point that the company guarantees that will be on their goals is to ensure that the item is proficient and quick. The world is quicker and speedier nowadays, so a platform in which you can invest or exchange with effectiveness and speed can really be helpful now and again.

Beside this, Herdius does not sound altogether different from numerous other investment platforms that you can find online if you search for them.

herdius homepage

How Does Herdius Work?

The platform is as yet not online, but rather it will likely be after the ICO (during 2018). Because of this, we can’t state specifically how it will be, but the company guarantees that security and speed will be two of the most important components that they are interested in improving when they launch this online platform.

Herdius needs to make an ecosystem that will sustain innovation and that will change with time to be better for its users, not being stagnated in time. Blockchain technology really quick, so the company is extremely interested in having solutions for issues that may appear in the close and far future.

Likewise, the company needs to take care of the issue of storing your cryptocurrency private keys. Today, storing them online can be perilous because of programmers, so the company is developing a framework that will really be secure with the goal that the users can confide in the company to understand this kind of issue and don’t have to store their cash offline any longer.

The services of the company will begin to be online during 2018 and the present plans of the company will be finalized until the half of 2019.

How To Invest Using Herdius?

To invest in this company, you should buy their tokens. The ICO is as of now going on at the season of this report and it will go until January 19 except if every one of the tokens are sold before this date. To buy the tokens, you can use ETH. You should buy when you can, as quite possibly you will get rebates if you do as such.

Buyers from nations like the United States, Canada and China are restricted from participating in the ICO, as their enactment keeps them from doing so.

Herdius Blockchain Financial Cryptocurrency Platform Features

Another stellar feature of this framework is that it empowers users to perform different transactions through different exchanges. Further, the procedure for the transaction to occur takes a matter of seconds with the goal that users can get the advantages of their transactions instantly. To additionally effectuate the procedure, the framework likewise includes a proficient sidechain approach – which implies the transactions considerably less expensive also. As the brand explains, the mission of the platform is to furnish users with a highly versatile and performant engineering.

herdius eco

Herdius HER ICO Details

Herdius offers an initial coin offering too. The initial coin offering will begin toward the end of quarter one of 2018 – which implies on the seventeenth of March. The individuals who are interested in participating in the initial coin offering are encouraged to do as such sooner than later so they can secure the advantages of the offering. Further, to guarantee that users encounter the advantages of the coin offering, the platform allows them to register through the site to get refreshes. To register, simply visit the brand’s site and tap on the “get refreshes” link.

Herdius Benefits

There are numerous advantages to be had when one picks Herdius. Here are the main favorable circumstances of this framework with the goal that users know what to anticipate:

  • High adaptability and low affirmation times
  • Cross-chain interoperability and transaction
  • Handles private keys in a protected and helpful way
  • Leaves a positive effect on the whole transaction ecosystem

Obviously, there are numerous advantages to be had when one adds this framework to their trading needs. Not very many platforms are as solid and as effective as this one with regards to performing rapid and effective transactions.

herdius identify




June, 2017

Specialized and Legal work begins


December, 2017

Pre-ICO begins


January, 2018

Development begins


June, 2018

Developer community building


September, 2018

Business community effort is relied upon to begin


December, 2018

Alpha release of chain


January, 2019

We plan to begin security reviews


August, 2019

End user marketing efforts launch

herdius roadmap

Herdius Team

Herdius intends to fabricate a highly performant decentralized financial platform. Using the most recent innovation in distributed frameworks outline, we are aiming to be the cutting edge infrastructure for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. Herdius’ infrastructure intends to be completely distributed, highly performant and secure. Our decentralized exchange encourages trading of every computerized resource – paying little respect to the underlying blockchain. Our exchange gives predominant liquidity and user encounter without go betweens and single points of disappointment, resulting in greater security for you and your private keys! We plan to significantly enhance the user involvement in the token economy. Herdius needs to empower users to execute resources between different chains in a matter of moments. Our productive sidechain approach allows for quick and modest transactions, paying little mind to the tokens’ underlying chain. Our mission is to assemble a highly adaptable and performant engineering that is relied upon to significantly diminish the affirmation times. The Herdius framework needs to give a powerful, productive and adaptable backend for the emerging token economy.

herdius team


The Herdius platform intends to be a cutting edge distributed framework. The design we conceive use probably the most ongoing specialized developments in the space and introduces a few innovative components. We specifically need to plan Herdius in light of the following goals:


  1. High versatility and low confirmation times
  2. Cross-chain interoperability and transactions
  3. Handling private keys in a protected and helpful way

As an overarching configuration commence, we set out to handle these issues without compromising in the realm of decentralization. The result of our research and development endeavors is the Herdius framework as displayed end imagined in our specialized whitepaper. At its center is another proof-ofstake-based blockchain that can likewise work in the part of a sidechain to most different blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

On account of our blocks-of-blocks engineering, we imagine the Herdius blockchain to allow for a much increased transaction throughput contrasted with current inheritance chains. That is fundamental to our goal of building a decentralized exchange that can deal with a wide range of computerized resources, paying little respect to their underlying chain. By building a highly adaptable blockchain that interfaces with different blockchains, we would like to positively affect the whole ecosystem: the present strain on the heritage root chains may be considerably diminished once Herdius is running.

With DIVIWA, we go for introducing a network of secure, virtual wallets. Our DIVIWA wallets will introduce a user-friendly interface to the Herdius chain for customary users and handle private keys in a scrambled and distributed way. Our goal is to finally make handling private keys secure and helpful.

The following pages will give you a best level review of the most essential framework segments, features and their individual advantages as we right now imagine those. For a more nitty gritty depiction, we allude you to our specialized whitepaper which we released alongside this report on our site.

herdius platform

Herdius Verdict

Is this company the correct decision for you? Possibly. Without a doubt, you will require another platform right now because Herdius is as yet not online, but rather does it offer something interesting? To some degree. The plan to offer a sheltered place for storing cryptocurrency keys is an incredible thought and could be the differential of this company if it does, indeed, work as it says it will.

Then again, nothing is really groundbreaking about Herdius. The platform is extremely typical and there are best choices out there, so perhaps Herdius isn’t the best decision.

If you like this company, don’t hesitate to invest in it, but know that there are numerous different organizations and quite possibly there is some other better company out there for you.

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