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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

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What Is Hedge Token Project?

Hedge Project is a platform which has been build to provide protection to your investments by making use of various hedging methods. You can read this Hedge Token Review to see how it works and what people say about it.

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Hedge Token Review

Hedge Project is aiming to develop a platform which aims to help the investors of cryptocurrncy to hedge their investments. This platform allows the traders to hedge investments by making use of products like “Crypto Traded Idices”, CTIs and other instruments.

However, the overall goal of this platform is to allow investors to manage risk exposure. Beyond hedging, this project is also in the process of launching a set of indices for the cryptocurrency market which are professionally designed which include indices which server as a base for the baskets of cryptocurrencies construction.

Well, you must be wondering that how this project plans to help users hedge their investments. Here are some products, strategies and services that are available or being actively working through this project:

Crypto Indices

This projects claims to be developing the first commercial crypto indices which are having official rulebooks. However, indices will include the official bitcoin price index, crypto asset index and a list of top 30 cryptocurrencies. This defined methodology and official rulebook will work according to the official website of this project.

Bitcoin Price Index (BTCCX)

This Bitcoin Price Index will be the first commercial implementation of a single reference price of various marketplaces of BTC which will meet the eligibility criteria of the official website. However, it aims to proved the weighted price of bitcoin across several exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index (CCX30)

This is a top largest cryptocurrencies basket by market capitalization. However, this basket represents over 90% of the total market cap of the industry. It also actively considers the prices across various exchanges.

Features And Benefits

What influences Hedge To project better than picking individual resources? For what reason would you buy index funds instead of buying individual digital forms of money yourself? Here are a portion of the highlights and advantages:

Market Exposure And Diversification:

CTIs enable you to rapidly gain diversified portfolio presentation. This is necessary even though when dealing with the best 30 digital currencies, as a portion of the lowest cryptographic forms of money have low liquidity, which prompts high exchange costs.

Low Costs:

Hedge Project guarantees to offer low maintenance charges, which implies that a definitive cost of investing in CTIs will be lower than investing in a wide range of securities individually. Investors appreciate the advantages of expansive scale diversification as well as low exchange charges.

Single Access Point:

Digital currencies are exchanged on various trades. Some digital forms of money aren’t accessible on certain trades. Hedge Project plans to tackle this issue by providing a single access point.


CTIs, according to the Hedge Project whitepaper, “will be overseen in line with predetermined principles or notwithstanding replicating the picked index.”

Who’s Behind Hedge Project?

Hedge Project is driven by Savo Lovsin (Head Project Manager), who worked for “one of the biggest market-making, arbitrage trading organizations and has Head of Financial Advisory at one of the Big4 organizations”.

Other key individuals from the group include Giovanni Lesna (Product Development), Janez Benedik (Investment Analyst), and Kristjan Dekleva (Investment Analyst).

Hedge Price

If you are looking for virtual monetary standards with great return, HDG can be a beneficial investment choice. Hedge price equivalent to 1.779 USD at 2018-03-27. If you buy Hedge for 100 dollars today, you will get an aggregate of 56.202 HDG. In view of our figures, a long haul increase is normal, the price anticipation for 2023-03-24 is 60.768 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the income is relied upon to be around +3315.25%. Your current $100 investment might be up to $3415.25 in 2022.

Hedge Wallet

Hedge token is famous among people and nowadays more and more people are looking forward to invest in it. However, the only thought that every person is having in the mind is that which wallet can be used for storing Hedge. Well, there is no need to worry about it as far as we are there for you. You can store your Hedge token in MyEther Wallet or you can also make use of Ledger Wallet. However, there are some other wallets like Trezor Wallet, MetaMask and Ethereum MistDApp where you can store your coins.


When it comes to buying or selling any cryptocurrency, the only thing pops up in the mind of any investor is to choose an exchange. However, there are many exchanges working out there in the industry but are always looking for a reliable source. We always rely on platforms which are famous among other users and charge fees that are less than any other platform.

Hedge Token Swiss Incorporation

Hedge project is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, a Fintech-accommodating Industry group, for simple access to key assets and networks. Hedge Projects has deliberately banded together up with, a crypto market-producer and arbitrage industry pioneer, to guarantee close instant liquidity and immediate, free access to crypto markets. Right now, will give information sustain to the calculation of the Hedge Indices.

The Hedge Token Platform will take care of the issues persisting in the crypto markets at present by providing a diversified investment portfolio packaged into a single investment instrument. Essentially, this will help saving time and vitality for investors.

Hedge Token’s Flagship Cryptocurrency Index: Buchman Crypto 30 Index (BC 30)

Buchman Crypto 30 Index is the lead crypto index introduced first time worldwide by Hedge Token Platform.

If you are a broker or investor, there are numerous indices accessible in the share trading system like S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NIFTY , BSE Sensex and numerous others. These indices are made of stocks prices of a few organizations and the capacity of these indices is to speak to the adjustment in market pattern and market energy by reacting to the difference in each stock price.

Presently, similarly Buchman Crypto 30 Index looks to speak to the general execution of the 30 biggest digital forms of money worldwide by market capitalization. But it’s restricted to cryptocurrency pricing activities as well as stocks and other investment instruments. Essentially BC30 would be an entire arrangement cryptocurrency and other financial instruments trading and investing. BC30 is the principal leader cryptocurrency index with an official and straightforward rulebook. It is a reasonable underlying for financial subordinates thereof and a base for related indices, allowing dealers and investors to effortlessly gain more profit.

Hedge Token

How BC30 Works?

Overall, BC30 is a very dependable, straightforward and govern based index. This index depends on specific guidelines and there is a specialist index advisory group which handles any unforeseeable and uncertain occasions. Being on Blockchain also guarantees its security and straightforwardness.

In addition to other things, a cryptocurrency needs, keeping in mind the end goal to qualify for addition in the index, enough market value, liquidity, security and solid information nourish from trades. To guarantee adequate diversification and tradability, the constituents’ weight is topped at 20%.

We as a whole perceive the nonattendance of specific trade for every cryptocurrency. BC30 is composed as an optional index, drawing inputs from price sub-indices for individual cryptographic forms of money, whose trading sets are weighted according to their trailing 7d volume.

Key Features Of BC30 Index

BC 30 index speaks to the real part of crypto market by encompassing best 30 digital currencies and their price activities. This index records every last development in their prices and gives specific instruments to forecast their future pattern and force.


The Constituents weightage is held to 20% and by doing so an appropriate diversification over the market is guaranteed with no uncertainties.


BC30 follows certain rulebook which makes it exceedingly dependable and straightforward when contrasted with the customary indices. However, the aim is to make this index usable for each market user as well as by simplifying the rulebook, BC30 is an impeccable crypto index for every broker and investors to forecast future price activity.

Reuters News and Morning Star Network Publishing BC30 Index Alongside S&P 500

As of late, because of their continuous endeavors and capability of the project, BC30 will now be recorded close by S&P 300 index on Reuters network and in addition Morning Star, the famous News networks which covers business and overall current issues. With the listing of BC30 Crypto Index close by major financial market indices will drive more individuals towards crypto space and clearly the investment in crypto part will rise. With the rising notoriety of cryptocurrency, the BC30 index will additionally include incredible esteem and across the board investment in digital forms of money.

If you don’t know about Reuters, at that point it’s a leading news network office internationally working, headquartered in London, England. This news organization covers everything from governmental issues to business issues. It has likewise incorporated S&P 500 index for assisting individuals exchange accordingly.

Listing of BC30 index on Reuters will definitely bring incredible incentive to Hedge Token stage.

BC30 Index Rulebook

BC 30 Rulebook contains the specialized and also fundamental insights about the index. The following information is recorded in this rulebook in incredible points of interest:

  • Index Concept
  • Screening, Inclusion and Exclusion
  • Weighting and Weight Capping of Each Cryptocurrency
  • Index Adjustments
  • Currency Forking
  • Currency Reverse Forking
  • Calculations Methodology
  • Index Dissemination
  • Contact Details.

You can get access to this rulebook by making use of official website.

Fast Facts About BC 30 Index

These are some fast facts about the BC30 crypto index which would uncover its constituents:

Weighting Float-balanced market top

Weight Capping 20%

Recomposition Monthly

Rebalancing Continuous

Constituents 30

Sort Total Return

Calc. Money USD

Calc. Recurrence Minute

Inception Date Sept 24 2017, 08:50 UTC

Base Value 100


After the fruitful ICO Crowd sale, the Hedge Token will now be recorded on hitBTC cryptocurrency trade. In spite of the fact that, it’s relatively affirmed that Hedge Token began trading on hitBTC trade from 20th October 2017. Unquestionably, this will make an incredible ascent in the price of Hedge Tokens (HDG).

For the individuals who have taken an interest in ICO, they can include their tokens with the following contract address and custom details.

Where To Buy Hedge Coins?

If you are wondering about where to buy Hedge Coins then here are few exchanges:

YoBit Exchange – Check User Reviews Here


Hedge has developed a better network for the people and many people are showing their interest in it. However, it has a strong community on Reddit and many people have provided wonderful remarks about it. There are several people who are showing their trust on it. Well, if you are looking forward to put some money in the crypto market then it is ideal to invest some capital in Hedge. It is a long term investment and it will be fruitful in case you are looking forward to make some extra profit from your cryptocurrency investment. As far as we have seen people are happy with this platform.


Hedge Project expects to upgrade the appeal of digital forms of money as an investment. The company intends to create conventional investment opportunities for the cryptocurrency industry – including index funds and crates of the best cryptographic forms of money. They’re calling these investment CTIs, or crypto exchanged indices.

Hedge Project is additionally creating a beginner-friendly stage that expects to make it simple for investors to take part in cryptocurrency markets and buy bins of digital forms of money. However, it is ideal to invest some money in Hedge in order to achieve some wonderful profit in the market.

To take in more about Hedge Project, or to take part in the ICO today, visit the company online at

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