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Havven Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Havven is a decentralized payment network that means to enable users to diminish their introduction to unpredictability in the cryptocurrency industry. Here’s our review.

What Is Havven?

Havven, discovered online at, interfaces security holders with individuals who require low instability, which makes an incentive-based market for dependability. Insurance holders are rewarded when users execute in the stablecoin, compensating them for staking the framework.

Havven was established in 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

By and large, Havven comprises of a decentralized payment network and a stablecoin. Stablecoins are a cryptocurrency outlined specifically for price solidness.

Havven needs to make a decentralized payment network based on a stablecoin equipped for capturing every one of the advantages of a permissionless framework while likewise eliminating unpredictability.

havven homepage

How Havven works

The Havven platform uses two tokens to accomplish dependability. The estimation of the havven token, which was sold in the token sale, gives the security to the platform. The nomin token is a stablecoin sponsored by the estimation of havvens, and is issued by havven holders who bolt up their havvens as insurance.

Any transactions worked with nomins distribute fees to havven holders, who are rewarded for controlling the supply of nomins to give a steady estimation of $1. As more individuals use nomins for transactions, the estimation of havven tokens will increase because of the higher fees created.

havven working

How Does Havven Payment Network Work?

Havven intends to take care of one of the most concerning issues in the cryptocurrency industry: instability.

Holders of Havven tokens will have the capacity to issue an optional token denominated in US dollars. This will bolt the estimation of the stablecoin to the USD. Here’s the way it works: the individuals who use the stablecoin pay fees to the individuals who collateralize the network, compensating them for the dangers of providing guarantee and steadiness. Through this framework, insurance suppliers control the cash supply, and fees are distributed in view of every individual’s adjustment execution. Havven uses this framework to reward the individuals who supply soundness while charging the individuals who request security. The final product is an adjusted stablecoin ecosystem.

Havven accomplishes this structure using two linked tokens:


Nomin is the stablecoin of the Havven platform. The supply of the stablecoin skims. Its price as estimated in fiat money ought to remain stable. The token is intended to work as an unrivaled medium of exchange. In this manner, notwithstanding price security, Havven ought to energize satisfactory Nomin liquidity.


Havven is a token that gives insurance to the framework. It has a static (unchanging) supply. The market capitalization of Havven mirrors the framework’s total esteem. Responsibility for tokens gives the privilege to issue an estimation of Nomins relative to the dollar estimation of Havven put into escrow. If a user wishes to release their escrowed Havven, at that point they should first present the framework with the amount of Nomins beforehand issued. Havven tokens are being released through an ICO from February to March 2018.

The intrinsic estimation of the Havven token originates from the fees created in the network it collateralizes. This makes a type of agent cash in which there’s no prerequisite for a physical resource. This evacuates the issues of trust and custodianship. Essentially, Havven token holders will get transaction fees according to their steadiness contributions to the network.

Initially, the stablecoin will hold its esteem in respect to the US dollar. Later on, however, the company may bolster extra sorts of stablecoins.

Here’s the procedure separated in a well ordered manner:

Stage 1) Alice takes an interest in the token sale, sending 5 ETH (worth $5,000 USD) to the smart contract

Stage 2) The token sale closes, and the estimation of the Havven guarantee pool is built up, with each Havven worth $0.50 USD

Stage 3) Alice gets 10,000 Havven tokens toward the finish of the sale

Stage 4) The framework just allows 20% of the estimation of Havven to be issued as Nomins, which implies there’s a cradle of 80% against price changes; this is known as the “collateralization proportion”

Stage 5) Alice escrows her Havven, and 1000 Nomin stablecoins worth $1 USD each are kept into the Nomin pool

Stage 6) Alice’s Nomins are sold by the Havven framework for ETH, and the ETH is kept into Alice’s wallet

Stage 7) Another gathering, Bob, buys Nomins and sends them to his companion Carol; during the exchange, a little transaction expense is gathered by the Havven framework and sent to Alice and other Havven holders

havven features

Advantages Of Havven

For what reason do we require a steady coin? By and large, the objective of Havven is to make a stablecoin that can be used as a solid holder of significant worth for international cash exchanges and payments. A portion of the specific advantages include:

Trading on decentralized exchanges

A unit of account for forecast markets

Funding token sales

Abroad settlement

Online retail

Secure store of significant worth

At last, cryptographic forms of money have gigantic esteem and potential. However, few individuals are happy with putting everything they possess into digital forms of money. One of the most serious issues is unpredictability. Havven means to take care of that issue in a novel manner.

Who’s Behind Havven?

Havven was established in Sydney, Australia in 2017 by Kain Warwick. Preceding founding Havven, Warwick worked as prime supporter and CEO at Blueshyft (a position he continues to hold). Blueshyft is a network of 1200+ retail stores crosswise over Australia with a cutting edge, extensible technology platform. It’s likewise the biggest cryptocurrency payment platform in Australia, processing several millions in transaction volume.

Other key individuals from the team include Justin Moses (CTO), who is the Director of Engineering and MongoDB and has significant experience designing and deploying high accessibility frameworks at scale.

havven team

What Havven (HAV) expect to be?

Bitcoin does not have a mechanism for progressively adjusting to the changing interest because of its settled money related approaches that shield Bitcoin from degrading and corruption but makes a potential for short-run unpredictability. The most well known cryptocurrency along these lines have a tendency to be a poor medium of exchange and a far more detestable unit.

Digital currencies need to accomplish the price security and unwavering quality to gain across the board achievement and adaption around the globe. With mainstream digital forms of money, the investors don’t have price solidness and dependability. In the realm of cryptographic forms of money, anything can happen depending on the offer or buy activity by holders of coins.

At show, individuals can’t confide in the estimation of the customary digital currencies, for example, Hamster, Crowd Genie, LALA World, PocketInns, Perkscoin enough to acknowledge and hold them with finish certainty the way they can do with Fiat monetary standards like US dollar or Euro.

In view of this, one Australian cryptocurrency new business have thought of a Havven marketplace that offers both a decentralized tradable ICO token and a decentralized backing resource.

Why is Havven (HAV) a great project?

Users requiring price solidness execute using Nomin tokens, which is the settled exchange token of this platform. This token is viably sponsored by its own particular hold token that is known as Havven.

1 – Fees are charged for a transaction that happens on this platform by users who require price steadiness.

2 – The fees are distributed to the pool of nomin token holders.

3 – The estimation of the center resource backing the nomin token increases as the quantity of transactions increases on the platform.

4 – The fees are spread among the pool of HAV token holders along these lines rewarding the individuals who hold the token. A programmed 80% “escrow of HAV” cushion is made into the platform for avoiding a situation where the tokens are quickly sold off.

5 – It will avoid wild instability of this HAV tokens. It is outlandish for one expansive stakeholder to crash the whole market estimation of cryptocurrency by selling his advanced resources without a moment’s delay.

6 – The platform rewards the individuals who effectively partake in maintaining the soundness of the framework. HV framework charges the individuals who advantage from its utility.

7 – The rewards are relatively applied to the dynamic administration of the supply of the exchange token.

8 – HAV made a user-accommodating and marketplace that creates money flows for members.

havven roadmap

How is Havven (HAV) different and superior to other arrangement?

HAV intends to evacuate the issues of custodianship by enabling a novel type of delegate cash in which there is no necessity for a physical resource. It gives a steady money to use and creates money for members who effectively take an interest in maintaining the solidness of the framework.

It is essential for the company to reward the individuals who have confidence in the long-term accomplishment of the Havven marketplace. The marketplace will offer rebates to users who choose to escrow their HAV tokens for a settled timeframe.

The escrowed HAV tokens will get fees via naturally issue nomins tokens. Members will have the capacity to choose a blend of escrow periods. For instance, users may choose to escrow half of their HAV tokens for year and a half and whatever remains of the half tokens issued instantly after the finish of the token sale. This approach will yield the users a rebate of 10% over the entirety of his tokens.

Havven (HAV) Token Price and Token Sale

The sale of HAV tokens went from 28th February to the sixth of March 2018. Buyers who showed interest in purchasing the token before 31st January were anchored a rebate of 30% on the sale price.

The objective for the token sale was to set up the havven pool esteem and to guarantee a reasonable distribution. $30m USD hard top on the sale of the token applied for ensuring the initial pool esteem is significant but still has adequate space to develop as the Havven network develops.

Distribution of Tokens

The supply of HAV tokens for this project was 100,000, 000.

60,000,000 Havven tokens issued to the users during the token sale.

The center individuals and consultants of the team distributed 20,000,000 HAV tokens.

3,000,000 tokens allotted for bounties and marketing incentives.

5,000,000 tokens allotted as association incentives.

The establishment allotted 12,000,000 tokens for managing the on-going administration of Havven.

How To Buy Havven?

While reading this review, you must be thinking about how to buy Havven. Well, the answer is quite simple. This section will help you to know how to buy Havven. First of all you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy the coin and then you can buy directly from the exchanges. At the moment, this coin is available at KuCoin and

Havven Conclusion

Havven uses a double token framework to incentivize and reward users for maintaining the estimation of a stablecoin pegged to the USD. Users get a reward for contributing solidness to the network, and users will pay an expense for taking steadiness from the network (by spending the stablecoin). You can learn more about the project today online at

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